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  1. I watched this game and I was unhappy about qb situation. Petty has 2 years under pro and he played like a struggling rookie. Footwork broke down too quick to be an average qb. I can't imagine if Jets played Hackenberg instead. Jeremy Bates needs to go. Dump Morton if he refuses to let his friend go. McCown doesn't require any extra help from coaches so it is natural for Bates the qb coach to spend extra time with Petty and Hackenberg. That is 14 weeks for Hackenberg and 8 weeks for Petty. What the hell have they been? playing cards? I know Chargers have strong defense and Jets' OL being bad but Petty has to show that he is not a pitcher. Downhill throw for 5-9 yards? Jesus!
  2. Browns have many ways to get a qb. I can see John Dorsey going after a veteran. AJ McCarron? Alex Smith? Kirk Cousins? Jimmy Garoppolo? Dorsey never has drafted a qb in the 1st round but his stint as GM was so brief to think otherwise. One thing about Dorsey and Chiefs is Chiefs dumped Dorsey and then drafted Pat Mahomes. Umm. Who knows.
  3. Anything. Just anything. Well, not for S and special parts.
  4. Cousins' contract will be tricky since he is a money man. Because he already is tagged as F-tag twice in career he will always have 44 percent raise from previous season if he is tagged again anywhere. That means he may ask for two things on one contract. 1. Largest guaranteed money upon a signing. It does not necessarily mean front ending contract (base salary). 2. Make sure the final two years of 5 or 6 year contract will be at least 33-35m (base salary) per season.
  5. Do you realize that it is really dumb for Mike Maccagnan to revert to old habit of FA spending after committing to young movement for measly one season? I still have Cousins going to Jaguars. Jaguars want 5 year starter, not one season a time type qb. Cousins wants to play elsewhere. If Cousins is all about money then Browns have a shot. There is very good chance for Hue Jackson to hire Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator. Solid GM and solid OC mean 4-6 years in the book for Cousins. The bonus for Browns is to have many premium picks so they could easily lose one pick for him.
  6. Chubb is tough one to figure out. I still think he belongs to 4-3 DE only. For that reason, Barkley has to be picked before Chubb.
  7. Jets don't require to spend $$$ for fans' sake. I have been reconsidered about my first mock, the one that I had Jets overspent two IOL. I didn't like Jets' OL and I wanted to immediately upgrade the OL. The problems are chemistry and potential FA busts. 2 new overpaid OLs to work with 3 other OL. How guaranteed will the chemistry in a harmony? FA bust for OL is unheard, unfortunately. If Jets want to spend $$ then it will be Kirk Cousins or a bunch of players for right or affordable contract. The combination of them can be done but we will not see Jets signing RB for the price that should cover Cousins' contract (At least partial).
  8. Logan Woodside in 6th round would do. heh
  9. Kacy Rodgers has good history of developing pass rushers. Maudin could be his first Jet edge but he has been struggling since he injured spinal cord. Jordan Jenkins can do anything but finishing something off fast. Jets under Rodgers/Bowles have been disappointing in that department but just don't stop trying to find one.
  10. What is his weight right now? If 265, then Jets have no shots to turn him into Bailey next year. Kind of silly to re-sign him and wait for 2 or 3 more seasons to "acquire" Allen Bailey. By that quote, I mean Ealy being the Bailey version. That is all for prior to contract discussion, of course.
  11. When Bowles signed McCown, he was already penciled as a starter for week 1. So anything that suggests Petty and Hackenberg had shot to beat McCown in ST has no grounds to suggest Hackenberg being either a legit qb or not. Jets held McCown out for almost whole preseason games. As everyone should know that Jets will not open 2018 with Hackenberg as a starter. No argument here. Now, you people have talked about Jackson or Mayfield who could hypothetically save Bowles and Maccagnan's job after 2018. Is that for real? You should know that Jackson, Mayfield and Allen will be picked as a grooming qb for long term. So is Hackenberg. Why bother to use 1st round pick for the same reason as Hackenberg's plan. Additionally, new head coach or general manager or both may want their own qb for 2019 as Mayfield and Jackson are not exactly hot commodities in NFL coaching circle (not scouting part). I don't care about his struggle in preseason game when he played with a bunch of subpar talented players. You think Mayfield would excel behind those players? That is all right if you think so but I don't buy it. Mayfield has played air raid offense in all of his NCAA career. That air raid offense, even though it is a variant of Mike Leach's philosophy, usually runs into a trouble when facing strong man coverage team. Mayfield fared fairly all right against Ohio State, defense featured by Marshon Lattimore and Gareon Conley, last year. He performed brilliantly enough to plant the flag in Ohio Stadium as Denzel Ward being Buckeye's only top CB on the field. Because of that, his performance in playoff would tell us what kind of qb he will be during rookie season. Carrying clipboard? Inactive all the way? Week 10 starter? Firing Bowles is only way to get a new quarterback. Even, it is for Mayfield or Jackson(gagging and vomiting). Bringing Bowles back and us fighting over which one is right qb for Jets sound uselessly divisible. Why don't we create a petition for firing Todd Bowles after this season? lol.
  12. Right. I need to ask you that how are you so sure that alternative prospects would make Jets better than Jets' actual prospects? 32 teams. Too many different system. Too many different coaches. If HC utilizes prospects well, we are happy. If not, we are mad. Because of that, do you blame GM for draft mishap? I know I blame coaching but you?
  13. So should we takae Watson over Adams last year? Damn it. Why on earth did Jets pick Leonard Williams over Todd Gurley (who apparently is only one offensive player that contributes well) OH NO! How idiotic were Jets to draft Darron Lee prior to 3 WRs being taken in consecutive spots? Holy ****! Jets drafted Calvin Pryor instead of Brandin Cook! You damn right. That bad. You stupid punk, Idzik. Is that what you tried to acknowledge us?
  14. 1st round consists of 32 picks so what the point do you attempt to make? Him over Rosen or Darnold? or what?
  15. Mayfield being groomed to replace Phillip Rivers is solid as long as Ken Whisenhunt is with Chargers for good. Mayfield's moxie and guts are no difference from Kurt Warner. Also, Rivers has 2 more seasons left on contract with Chargers. However, is that necessary to push the panic button for 2020 plan? I don't think so, especially their being in top 20. Outside first 25 may be all right for that plan.
  16. Quick Mock. No FA here. After learning that both Rosen and Darnold declared for early entry NFL Draft, Jets didn't bother to make a trade for franchised Kirk Cousins. Browns ended up acquiring Cousins in exchange of 2.33. 1) Jets sent 3 1st round picks and 3.75 to Browns for 1.1. 2) Jets sent 2.41 to Falcons for 2.55 and 3.87. 3) Jets sent 4.106 to Chargers for 4.111 and 6.176. 4) Jets sent 2019's 5th round pick to Browns for 6.161. 1.10- Traded. 1.1- QB Josh Rosen, UCLA. 2.41- Traded. 2.52- RB Mark Walton, Miami Fl. 2.55- OL Tyrell Crosby, Oregon. 3.75- Traded. 3.87- TE Mike Gesicki, Penn State. 4.106-Traded. 4.111- CB Davontae Harris, Illinois State. 5.146- ILB Jason Cabinda, Penn State. 6.161- C Brad Lundblade, Oklahoma State. 6.171- OLB Marcell Frazier, Missouri. 6.176- RB Jordan Chubb, Troy. 7.212- DL Greg Gilmore, LSU.
  17. Elflein has a bad start this year. What odds would we the fans talk about him as 3rd round bust? lol. I don't know if Perine wasn't on Macc's BB but he should be the pick right there even though I am cool with Chad Hansen.
  18. Just make up. lol. I exaggeratedly said his talents can't be missed. That's all.
  19. No Bell all the way. I don't care what sequential plan is.
  20. It does not matter what you and I think. You and I both know Macc will go BPA in 1st. That is why I use EBPA instead of normal BPA. I can't imagine Macc will go with Landry instead of Barkley as BPA.
  21. That statistic doesn't tell you how many same S that have been above average players for many years. Not all S have been that way for straight years. Many S have about 3 or 4 solid years in their whole career in NFL.
  22. Fascinating stuff. WCO usually don't use high pick on RB. However, the recent strategy has changed that. 2017- Leonard Fournette - Jaguars. 4th overall. 2016- Ezekiel Elliott - Cowboys. 4th overall. 2015- Todd Gurley - Rams. 10th overall. Barkley still fits there for Jets as EBPA. Elite Best Player Available. edit. He is the man. https://www.landof10.com/penn-state/penn-state-football-saquon-barkley-nfl-draft-fiesta-bowl-washington
  23. Right. Maccagnan has been scouting and reviewing Darnold, Rosen and Allen since last draft. I am sure he will check out more like Jarrett Stidham and Drew Lock. However, I hope it is not for some ruse ****. lol.
  24. Devin Smith and Macus Maye are the same story. I don't like those picks because I don't consider them being 1st round leftovers. Both had health issues in NCAA and got picked this high ahead of a several 1st round leftovers. Smith failed to make strong contribution for Jets and Maye is about to finish a rookie campaign for Jets. Hackenberg was taken in the middle of 2nd round which is fine but I don't like him as a prospect myself. 2015 - Devin Smith over Dorial Green-Beckham and Benardrick McKinney. 2017 - Marcus Maye over Dalvin Cook and Tyus Bowser. I have no idea how those "1st round leftovers" have turned out but I ain't cheating anything to make a point. Sure, Macc and his company had different big board than mine but the idea of him gambling on talents with injury history over the leftovers is horrendously disturbing. Hell, he should take Sidney Jones for long term consideration. I don't praise Maccagnan for Maye's solid rookie year yet because S position has short life as an above average player.
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