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  1. Because Dolphins crashed to ground zero last year. Jets just crashed to ground zero this year.
  2. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/nfl-draft-order/
  3. Jaguars' Jake Luton has solid start. I envy for fun qb situation.
  4. I don't follow this conversation but whoever has idea that GM has ability to tell HC what to coach a team?
  5. I believe Winston will be FA after this season. Edit: OTC confirmed.
  6. Bills lead Seahawks 27-10. Bogus!
  7. Still don't rule 49ers out for Darnold.
  8. I don't like Kellen Mond but his senior campaign may make the case for Jets' 2nd 1st round pick in case if Jets want to trade out of 1st. Kyle Trash, Mac Wilson, Zach Wilson and Kellen Mond group could make it exciting for trade back into 1st team candidates.
  9. A team has to be aggressive to pull the trade for Darnold prior 21 draft. I doubt it but I am fine with it. Saints have to fix their salary cap first before worrying about qb situation.
  10. Ruckert is sort of TD machine. 24 catches and 7 TDs so far
  11. You talk about after Jets drafting qb right?
  12. TLaw's WRs are more of build up speed and have solid body control. Fields' WRs count on route running. Entering NFL, they will deal with mixed up skill sets in wideout. I don't know what HC wants for offense but I would like to one that runs right routes. Unfortunately, many WRs don't run right route naturally. I am perfectly happy with JuJu and Pitts for either qb.
  13. Problem is both teams are loaded with weapons. Which is actually better at handling limited weapon team like Jets?
  14. First Dak and now Kyle Allen. Damn... It is cheaper not drafting qb. lol.
  15. I wonder about Woody. Will he step in quick or sit back and sip some Americanized tea?
  16. Gase was the last option for Jets. Thinking Johnsons' wanting flashy HC is based on their firing attempts prior to Bowles and Gase's acceptation. JD was happy to accept GM job knowing Gase had no say in team structure. JD with most control in team structure is likely to go with unknown coach that only coaches team. Look at his behavior during FA, we should expect the same thing for HC. Nothing fancy. That is what it looks like but in real life, I have no idea because moronic moves do happen everywhere.
  17. Very much happy if Indiana beat Ohio State and Florida beat Alabama. After seeing Indiana beat out PSU in multiple OT, I thought it must be a fluke. Wow.
  18. Did you use different browser for first time? If so, you have to add ad blocker plugins to that browser.
  19. If Matt Campbell or Jim Harbaugh had no problem with only coaching team like Adam Gase did then Jets should go for it. However, Jets pay JD top dollar despite him being first time GM due to his larger role in Philly. It would be gravely a mistake to hire HC that seeks beyond just coaching because it would fray 3 way relationship. According to SNY, the Johnsons wanted a flashy coach for HC but JD wanted nothing fancy from coach. If true, that shows the Johnsons continue being clueless about football foundation. The problem is Gase is still our HC so none in media offers legitimate ****.
  20. In case if JD draft philosophy (big and fast) of last draft is used again for upcoming draft, so far I only see only Tamorrion Terry as best fit. But damn, his hands are lousy and he doesn't run good routes. There are a bunch of fast WR with adequate height that can better Perriman's spot for Jets. Dunno if he will actually adjust the draft plan but JD only picked one out of thousand WRs during the draft last year.
  21. Interesting... Arthur Smith had his first pro job (defensive quality assistant) and it was under Gregg Williams as AHC/DC. Awkward if he doesn't retain GW as DC. lol Anyway, his simple memoir with GW was cool.
  22. Good News! We don't know any DL.
  23. It isn't entirely GM's job to sabotage the roster for unforeseeable top pick. JD has history with failing to find an effective WR whether his involvement or not in both young and veteran. This guy is joke.
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