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  1. Former Chief Mitch Morse C signs with bills

    As always, it depends on the guarantees.
  2. Out of all the Allen throws you can cherry pick from you choose the one where he makes an insane play and the receiver drops a gimme? C'mon bro!
  3. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    I guess if you're going to neglect lyricism and creativity in a diss, then you can spin it anyway you want, but Em flipped everything MGK had to say and got personal with him. Music is subjective, though, so everyone's going to have their own opinion. And I did like MGKs diss, but I saw the forecast when he dropped it, and it played out how I expected it to.
  4. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    I just dont see it. Eminem's diss was way more creative than MGKs. Like, way, way more. The problem with Em is you have to decipher his verse a bit where as MGK it's simple as ****. That being said, Em came with a lyrical onslaught. People are going to underrate it becaus they put Em on this god like level, but the fact is- his diss was really good. Perhaps not upto the standard the people set, but certainly a hell of a lot more creative and lyrical than MGKs verse.
  5. Nasty Nate vs Cool Joe. WEEK ONE GDT

    Haha, you were probably waiting all week to respond to that text. Sad. Last year still stings a bit, eh?
  6. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    Apparently Eminem is about to drop an ether on MGK.
  7. You Hear It First: Hip Hop & R&B

    MGKs response was pretty good. I like that he got personal. It's definitely worthy of a response. That being said, Eminem is a much better MC than MGK, and should be able to eat him up.
  8. Bills cut Corey Coleman; signed by Patriots

    Ohhhh snap! You wrote the truth, tho. Turning a first rounder into a future 7th round pick is not a win at all. Bad drafting, but hey, it happens to the best of them.
  9. Last day at work

    I'd venture a guess that most full time jobs offer PTO. If they dont, then they're behind the times Also, PTO and vacation is something you should negotiate upfront. If they're not going to pay you X amount, then ask for an extra week of vacation to compensate. You really dont have any bargaining leverage until you've been at a company for at least a year. That's why is so important to negotiate before you accept an offer. I have 4 weeks vacation, 5 days of sick time, and a bunch of holidays off. I've only been at my company for 3 years. The pay is a bit below par, so they compensate with great benefits.
  10. I know you're high on Allen. Can I ask why? His accuracy issues and supposed difficulties reading defenses scares me a lot. I hope you're right, tho
  11. Cant say I disagree, unfortunately
  12. I'm struggling to support Beane's decision to draft Allen over Rosen. I hope I'm wrong. What say you FF?
  13. Relationship Advice Thread

    Depends on the boundaries of your relationship, but this is something you should be comfortable with discussing with your wife. My wife and I don't want any close friends from the opposite sex. She had a few guy friends early on in our relationship who acted like her friends but started pushing boundaries, and brought a whole bunch of drama when she shut them down. We decided then and there that we didn't want to deal with that type of drama and made our boundaries. I also ****ed up once in our relationship, came clean about it, and follow some additional boundaries because of it.
  14. God of War (2018)

    Man, that flying elf boss is a real ******. Also, this is the best game I've ever played. It's beautiful, deep, and has amazing combat.
  15. Relationship Advice Thread

    What advice are you looking for exactly? If you like her, then make a move. Denial isn't nearly as bad as most people make it out to be in their heads.