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  1. Honestly, I think NY will be in the clear of this soon enough. Obviously cases will spike, especially in the fall and winter since COVID has shown some seasonality patterns, but we're going to pass 75% of adults with at least one dose today. Vaccinations seem to be picking up a bit of speed lately, especially among adults. I was hoping we'd hit 75% of adults with one dose by early Sept, but now I'm hoping we'll hit 80% by then (good news!). Eventually, cases will just become white noise because they will not lead to severe COVID or death at nearly the same rate we've seen in the past. We'
  2. This expert is not happy with the messaging from the CDC and the way the media is relaying the data:
  3. Buffalo doesn't have the cap space and they already have tre-day. Zero chance they're trading for him, or at least as close to zero as you can get.
  4. This issue with this is- it's going to spread abroad way more than it will in the US due to the world being severely under vaccinated at the moment. I know we'd like to cut out all the odds of this thing mutating, but the chances of it mutating abroad seems to be exponentially higher than it mutating here, especially in highly vaxxed areas, which is why I think the CDC should have made their recommendation based on how vaxxed a community is.
  5. I'd have recommended it for lowly vaccinated areas. I know the recommendation is to protect the unvaccinated, but there are areas of the US where hospitals are getting strained again (Florida, Missouri, etc...); that's a problem that impacts an entire community. Also, I have a personal attachment to what those healthcare workers are going through. When you're going through surge after surge- it takes a mental toll.
  6. That's the hope, and is the reason why I think heavily vaxxed areas will get through this surge quickly without a high death toll. NY, for example, is starting at a higher vaccination threshold than the UK did when Delta started surging there, so I'm hopeful we'll get through this one a bit quicker. The only concern is waning immunity among the most at-risk. Fingers crossed immunity is holding strong there.
  7. I have to think well vaccinated communities are close to taking the steam out of COVID. From what I've read- cases are about 3x higher than what's being reported. That would have us at around 33% of Americans contracting COVID. The US has fully vaccinated nearly 50% of the total population. Obviously there's some overlap of those who have been infected also being vaccinated, so if we take 1/2 to 1/3 of those infected by COVID and add it to those vaxxed- we'll be around 60-65% of the country having some type of immunity against the virus. The lowly vaccinated areas are going to have more o
  8. Davis is a COVID denier. Dude was posting mad pseudo science crap on his Instagram stories back in December, so while Davis was posting BS on the 'Gram- I was working a COVID ICU watching as my community (ROchester) got absolutely steam rolled by COVID. We had to flip countless ICUs, place patients in the children hospital, stop elective cases, etc...I saw so many ventilated on my cardiac ICU. It was the saddest ******* month of my life. Bar none. I really, really have no respect for that nitwit after reading the crap he posted. He's a fool who was using his platform to be a detriment to
  9. Diggs is the homie. I will be buying this dude's jersey next. E. Sanders also posted something similar with a proof of vaccination card. Mad respect from this healthcare worker who worked on a COVID ICU.
  10. If true- the bolded is likely due to antibodies waning, but damn- the fact it's still that effective against severe disease suggest the memory cell response is robust, especially considering it's the most at risk who were vaccinated first, which will sway the numbers. It ain't an apples to apples comparison. Have to think the CDC recommends boosters for the immune compromised and extreme elderly soon. Need them well protected for fall/winter.
  11. Lance is in the best position to succeed outside of Jones. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he becomes a franchise guy.
  12. ****. I remember going back for my MBA, and having to take a few vaccines. Once these vaccines have full FDA approval I'm hoping many state/city/county workers are mandated to take it, schools mandate it, and a whole bunch of businesses mandate it as well. I don't agree with gov'ts mandating it. At least not here as it would cause way too many issues, but the US prides itself on capitalism, so let the businesses have their rights! Seems like a fair middle ground to me. If you don't like your business's policies, then move on. I've moved on from jobs due to crappy managers. Lord knows ther
  13. "We don't know the long term side effects...." While they consistently eat processed food and rarely workout...
  14. @ramssuperbowl99 can correct me if I'm wrong here, but that nearly sterilizing immunity we saw in the real world trials early on wasn't going to last anyways. Those tests were done at the peak of the test subject antibodies response. Vaccinated people were bound to start catching the virus and spreading it eventually as antibodies generated from the initial immune response were going to wane. The good news is- the memory cell response (which generate antibodies) seems to be robust, so us vaccinated folks should be able to clear the virus swiftly if we do get infected. This will impact t
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