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  1. Last day at work

    I'd venture a guess that most full time jobs offer PTO. If they dont, then they're behind the times Also, PTO and vacation is something you should negotiate upfront. If they're not going to pay you X amount, then ask for an extra week of vacation to compensate. You really dont have any bargaining leverage until you've been at a company for at least a year. That's why is so important to negotiate before you accept an offer. I have 4 weeks vacation, 5 days of sick time, and a bunch of holidays off. I've only been at my company for 3 years. The pay is a bit below par, so they compensate with great benefits.
  2. I know you're high on Allen. Can I ask why? His accuracy issues and supposed difficulties reading defenses scares me a lot. I hope you're right, tho
  3. Cant say I disagree, unfortunately
  4. I'm struggling to support Beane's decision to draft Allen over Rosen. I hope I'm wrong. What say you FF?
  5. Relationship Advice Thread

    Depends on the boundaries of your relationship, but this is something you should be comfortable with discussing with your wife. My wife and I don't want any close friends from the opposite sex. She had a few guy friends early on in our relationship who acted like her friends but started pushing boundaries, and brought a whole bunch of drama when she shut them down. We decided then and there that we didn't want to deal with that type of drama and made our boundaries. I also ****ed up once in our relationship, came clean about it, and follow some additional boundaries because of it.
  6. God of War (2018)

    Man, that flying elf boss is a real ******. Also, this is the best game I've ever played. It's beautiful, deep, and has amazing combat.
  7. Relationship Advice Thread

    What advice are you looking for exactly? If you like her, then make a move. Denial isn't nearly as bad as most people make it out to be in their heads.
  8. CLE signs CB EJ Gaines

    Great signing depending on salary. He's a good number 2/borderline number 1.
  9. BUF WR Zay Jones Arrested in Nude(???) Meltdown

    It sounds like he had his first manic episode tied to bipolar or Schizophrenia with all the news coming out that his family has a long line of bipolar disorder. Poor guy. He seems like a great kid. I hope he gets all the help he needs.
  10. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Damn, that's a lot to give up, but the Jets already have a nasty defense, so adding a potential franchise QB would be great. **** the Jets, tho
  11. Bengals sign Preston Brown

    He wasn't very good last year. Terrible in pass coverage.
  12. Star Lotulelei to sign with Bills

    So how does the cap hit work? Is it just the average salary of the entire deal? That's honestly what's most important to me.
  13. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    Man, **** your semantics! The only thing that matters to me are results, and this dude has barely any pro footage on him. I have little faith he'll ever progress to more than a back-up, but that's why we play these sports...for the underdog who gets his opportunity, grabs it by the balls, and takes his game to the next level.
  14. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    I don't know how people can say he sucks? He's unproven. There's a difference. Odds are he'll never be more than a back-up, but at this point that's all they are- odds, not facts.
  15. AJ McCarron signs with the bills

    Let the bitterness flow through your veins. It's a beautiful ******* thing. I feel the same way about the Jets. Beane is doing s hell of a job thus far. Shored up the defensive line, added depth to the secondary. Just need Lbs, OT, and WRs. Rome wasn't built in a day, though. Can't wait to see where the team is by this time next year. Of course a lot hinges on the QB they draft.