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  1. 45 faculty and staff have tested positive in the past few weeks at our hospital due to socializing with friends outside of work and eating lunch together at work. I'm keeping my circle incredibly tight this winter. My wife and I have two couples we made a pact with to be extra safe and only hangout with each other. We're also going to hangout with those couples one on one so we can socially distance easier. My dad and I are going to watch football outside with at least 6 feet of distance between us. We like to drink brews, so we're going maskless but extra diligent in socially distancing. If we're indoors we mask up. I'm masking up with all my family if we're indoors (and outdoors if we can't socially distance) and we're all going to avoid bigger family get-togethers.
  2. This is a must win game. If we lose and Miami wins, then it's going to be a race to the finish, and our schedule doesn't do us any favors. I'm cautiously optimistic, but this coaching staff has struggled to make the adjustments needed on defense in the past- and Bill is a wizard at making adjustments. Losing this game would leave a sour taste in my mouth regarding the coaching staff. We're way more talented.
  3. It's been suspect this year, but there's also been a ton of injuries to our CBs (White missed a game, Norman has missed multiple weeks as has Wallace). The pass rush has been non-existent outside of last week against the Jets, so that really has strained the secondary. We've also faced a ton of good-to-great QBs- Mahomes, Goff, Carr, Tannehill etc...all of them can do damage with time in the pocket.
  4. Damn is it awesome to see Brady still light it up. As a Bills fan, I was envious of the Pats, of course, but buried deep down I was a bit...appreciative knowing I was watching the GOAT.
  5. I just want to say- if y'all draft Lawrence, keep Douglas, and fire Gase- I think you'll be on the path to something special. Mims and Becton are two good pieces for a youn QB to develop with, and Douglas has a ton of assets to work with this offseason. I know it's tough watching the games now, but there could be brighter days ahead.
  6. So far this season it's Allen pretty easily. It could change rather quickly since Allen has slowed down a bit and Murray has picked it up a bit. I love Murray's upside, though.
  7. To be fair, y'all haven't beaten a worthy team yet outside of the Colts and even their wins are against crap teams, so you'll def be flying under the radar until proven otherwise.
  8. Part of the reason why it takes so long for a vaccine to come to fruition is due to there not being enough test subjects to trial it on. Luckily, with the US's (lack of) response- we're able to expedite the process.
  9. They're not on that level yet. Their defense is suspect, and Mayfield just hasn't proven he's anything more than a game manager at this point. Event that is a bit of a stretch. That being said, if Mayfield can build off of Sunday's game, then they could become dangerous. Still, with their defensive woes and Mayfield's iffy play when pressure starts getting to him- I don't see them going far at all.
  10. Agreed. I work on an ICU in upstate NY (Not an RN or Doctor). We got hit pretty hard back in April. Not to the point we needed field hospitals, but we were on the verge of entering our emergency phase. It was so sad walking through COVID ICUs. It's just not humane. It's something that'll stick with me for the rest of my life.
  11. https://kvia.com/coronavirus/2020/10/25/watch-live-at-5pm-el-paso-county-city-leaders-hold-briefing-on-covid-19-crisis/ Sad times. I can't imagine what those doctors and nurses are going through. Not sure how anyone can witness this crap happen over and over again over the course of 6 months, and still believe we should go back to normal while only protecting the vulnerable.
  12. No one truly knows, but the speculation is he wanted out after losing playing time. Tough pill to swallow. Our O-line has been pretty bad the past two weeks. Next four games are Jets, Pats, Seahawks, and Cardinals. 3-1 should be the goal. 2-2 is acceptable. Anything less is concerning.
  13. I'm so sorry to read this. Really hoping for the best. No one deserves to go through this, especially those of us who are trying our best to slow the spread. Please keep us updated. Fingers crossed she gets better. F*** this virus!
  14. Allen was in 'hero ball' mode for a majority of the first half, then Daboll lost all trust in him for a majority of the 2nd half until the game was almost over. Again, with Josh it's mostly decision making rather than accuracy. He wasn't scanning the field like he was in the first 4 games. He wasn't sticking in the pocket, though, to be fair, the o-line was really bad on Monday. By far their worst game of the season. Part of that is probably due to Allen not picking up the blitzes pre-snap. Just an awful effort on the offensive side of the ball. Allen needs to calm the f down. The defense was bad again. The gave up the run to slow down Mahomes, and honestly- it held KC in check for most of the game score wise, but I have to believe if Buffalo's offense was even the least bit threatening they would've unleashed Mahomes who had a modest game yardage wise, but was super efficient with the throws he had to make. My biggest gripe is the D-line. There's a lot of money tied up in that line, and they're mediocre at best. It's a bit concerning that Beane has yet to assemble a d-line that can consistently pressure the QB while spending a ton of resources there (draft picks + salary). I'm happy he wants to invest in the most important aspect of the defense, but as of right now- he failed at assembling a crew that can pressure the QB. It should also be noted that the quality of competition has increased tenfold compared to last year. No longer are we facing the Mariotas, Daltons, Ducks, etc...of the league. We're playing very strong offenses in the Rams, Raiders, and Chiefs. A lot of defenses look pedestrian against these type of teams. Finally, a trade needs to be made soon. Beane needs to find someone to fill Star's role. We also need CB to cover the slot. Unfortunately, a pass rusher and LB will likely have to wait until the offseason. Hopefully the offense can begin to light it up again because if they start regressing while the defense struggles to find their identity we're going to be in deep trouble in the 2nd half of the season, which actually doesn't look quite as threatening as the stretch we just went through. These past 4 games is likely the toughest stretch we're going to have all season and we went 2-2. Hopefully McD can bring the boys together.
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