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  1. Tbh, a strong majority of people will likely have a choice. It isnt mandatory at my hospital, and I havent heard it being mandatory anywhere else. At most, you may have a few businesses require it for their employees, airlines require it (or a mask) for traveling until the virus dies down, and concert/sporting venues requiring it until it dies down. And, honestly, in a capitalistic society- it makes sense that businesses would have the right to do what they seem fit to protect their employees, and even then people still have a choice to quit their job.
  2. They should be able to. Immune compromised people/ those with severe allergies will likely be able get a doctors not to avoid vaccination if their company requires it or to travel. They may need to continue wearing a mask, though.
  3. Well, one nurse who is immune comprised (Psoriatic Arthritis) had a pretty bad flare up likely due to the vaccine. She's going to avoid the second dose since her doctor cannot guarantee the next dose wouldn't be any worse. She's been dealing with swollen fingers and pain for a few weeks now. Hopefully it's not long term, because she made it sound like there's no reversing the damage done. That being said, She and her doctor both have said that COVID would've likely done way more damage to her. Unfortunately, she just can't risk a worse adverse reaction, so she needs to hope that one dose of Mo
  4. I believe some states are using the National Guard, but I'm thinking on a much bigger scale where the federal gov't and states are able to coordinate the military and National Guard to help with any logistical issues we face. I'm not very well informed on what's going on in that regard. Would love to hear from someone who has more knowledge than me in that area.
  5. Does anyone have any knowledge on how well the military would be able to help out with the logistics of vaccinations? My dad, who was in the army, believes they could be a great asset, but I have to admit- he planted bombs and crap throughout his tenure in the army, which was 35 years ago- so I have to believe he doesn't have a crazy amount of inside knowledge on how effective the military would be in that regard.
  6. As @Shanedorf said- could you provide a brief summary? I'm typically game to read an article, but 200 pages is too much for my ADD mind.
  7. My hospital protocol: If you've been infected with COVID you'll have to wait three months before you can get the vaccine. If you're infected with COVID in between doses, you'll have to wait 10 days before getting your second dose. I dont think there's any data on how much worse the side effects are from the vaccine if youve been infected with COVID.
  8. Certainly seems that way. We got hit mildly hard in the spring in my area. We then got absolutely creamed in the fall and winter. Now, we're finally seeing the tides turning in this war. We've peaked, and warm and humid weather cannot be attributed to this turn around compared to last spring. It's either human behavior or the virus is running out of bodies to infect. Hopefully it's the latter.
  9. What a ride its been regardless of the outcome. We have our franchise QB, a great GM, and a very good coach. We're locked in for long-term success unless the unthinkable happens...
  10. Lamar has a lot of love around WNY. People seem to like him even if they don't fully believe in him (I do, btw). Of course, the critics come out of their shadows after Saturday night's performance which, might I add- was in a f***ing tsunami. The deep ball was made completely irrelevant due to the weather. Even the short-to-intermediate passes seemed to be influenced by the wind causing some uncharacteristic drops by both squads. Lamar has his flaws, but I wouldn't judge either QB too harshly in that game. Still, Buffalo has some really athletic LBs which allows them to matchup prett
  11. Daboll (or perhaps Allen pre-snap reads) gets into his own head sometimes and tries to force something that just isn't there. Take two Sundays ago against Indy for example: Indy has one of the best rush defenses in the league so what does Daboll (or, again, maybe it was Allen's pre snap reads) do? Rush the ball way more often than we're used to seeing. At the end of the first half through the 2nd half Allen began airing it out, and Buffalo had more success. Now let's look at the Baltimore game- the wind makes it nearly impossible to throw a deep ball and is heavily influencing even s
  12. J&J will have a very limited supply until March or April, I believe. Not sure about Oxford.
  13. Fauci: Two more Covid vaccines just ‘weeks’ away from US distribution Fauci thinks J&J and Oxford's vaccines could be approved in the next few weeks. That'd be HUGE for supply and distribution. Good stuff.
  14. Well now Pfizer is saying they have reserved doses so I don't know wtd is going on! Havent heard from Moderna, though.
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