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  1. Coaching- McDermott is showing himself to be a top-5 coach in the league. If he's not there yet, then he's at the very least a borderline top-5 coach. Management- Beane is also a top tier GM. He drafts well, and develops players extremely well. He's smart in FA. Recognizes weakness, and does everything in his power to address them. Just a great ******* GM. Ownership- Boy, they've sucked for the Sabres. They get too involved some times, but with the Bills- Beane and McD have their full trust, so they just spend money and let them do their thing. Josh Allen- He will likely be a to
  2. heh, that was probably his best pro game, and they were missing a few WRs. I still don't have much faith in him, but it's becoming apparent that Dolphins issues are much more deeply rooted than him.
  3. This is the good stuff! https://twitter.com/sailorrooscout/status/1449008863336861707?s=20
  4. Hung out with a friend last Saturday. She's fully vaxxed. She tested positive for COVID on Wed. I took a test 5 days after exposure, and tested negative. The wifey has had a cough. We thought for sure she caught it, but she also tested negative. She tested twice to be sure. I even shared a smoke with this friend. We literally exchanged saliva, and I still have tested negative. I'm going to test one more time tonight to be sure, which will be almost a week from exposure. Also, her husband who is also vaccinated has test negative, too. We either got lucky, or the vaccines help prevent tran
  5. Also, Fitzpatrick played really good in some of those wins, and also had to come in for Tua and win a game that would've surely been a loss had Tua stayed in. Tua has NOT replicated that level of play that Fitz has in those first few wins. I don't buy the hype either. I also don't think Tua will be much more than a middle of the pack QB or borderline top-10 QB at best. Of course, he could be much better than that, but I don't see it. The defense played a lot of crap offenses to inflate their stats, but got their roofs blown off by Buffalo in week 17. Their O-line is trash and Tua is frag
  6. Ravens/Chargers and Browns/Cardinals are the games I'm interested outside of the Bills/Titans (I'm a Bills fan). Those should be some damn good games. I got the Chargers and Cardinals winning, but they're 50/50s.
  7. Being wrong has never been sweeter. The defense was INCREDIBLE. The front four was getting consistent pressure, and the secondary was on point. Good luck scoring any points on us if the front 4 can play like they did on Sunday night. Oh, and best of all? They played aggressive and laying the smack down on who ever touched the ball. Just note- the Chiefs ran WAY more plays than Buffalo. A lot of iffy calls went their way early on that extended their drives or killed ours on third down. If the refs put the whistles away like they SHOULD, then I'm not sure KC puts up more than 13 point
  8. It's crazy how loaded with talent at QB the AFC is: Mahomes, Allen, Lamar, Herbert, Burrows, Mayfield, Tannehill, etc...then you got some young QBs with serious potential like Lawrence, Mac and Wilson. Crazy.
  9. Chargers, Ravens, and Bills are the teams to beat in the AFC followed closely by the Browns and Chiefs, imo. The parity is real this year, and I don't think ANYONE can claim there's much more than a slight gap between these teams.
  10. If your front-4 can get consistent pressure, you have a middle LB that can seemingly cover the entire middle of the field with his arm span, have one of the best CBs in the game, have possibly the best safety duo in the NFL (and possibly the best secondary in the game), and can create a ton of turnovers- then you've got the recipe to shutting down the Chiefs! Easy peezy
  11. Yup, we play this season on primetime, babbbbyyy
  12. He's back on track. Dude would've put up 400+ yards and more than 5 TDs vs the Redskins had he played the whole game, but it was a blow out, so why risk injury? He was murderous against them. He was good last week, too. One bad INT during the height of the rain storm doesn't sway my opinion one bit. He would've likely hit 300+ yards passing that game, too, had he not been pulled early due to the score. Will he improve more? I don't know. I think he'll always be a top-5 QB in the league. I guess there's potential for him to be unanimously in the top-3 of any given year. Either way, two ba
  13. Italy has produced a new study regarding the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines, and it sounds promising! https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/italy-says-mrna-covid-jab-effectiveness-stable-after-7-months-not-all-2021-10-06/ Nearly 70% effective against infection after 7 months against Delta. Highly effective against hospitalization @ nearly 90%. Quite the contrast from the Pfizer study which stated around 45% effectiveness after 4 months. Could it be dosing intervals? Larger sample size in this study? Italy also has more rules in place; they're not fully back to n
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