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  1. Wentz- 4/10 He has a great O-line to protect him, a good running game and has shown some ability in the past, but damn- he was AWFUL last year. Goff- 3/10 He's in a much worse situation, and was only average in one of the best situations a QB can ask for. Stafford- 9/10 He's in an amazing situation, and has shown he can be a top-10 QB in this league.
  2. BB is also one of the best defensive minds in the game. I don't doubt they're going to have a great defense this year.
  3. I have to think Buffalo's defense takes a pretty big step forward this year mostly due to their schedule and (hopefully) less injuries. Last year they played a ton of good-to-great offenses/QBs (KC, LAR, LAC, LV, Tenn, AZ, Seattle, etc...) while also dealing with a surge of injuries in the first half of the year. This year- at least on paper- their schedule looks much easier as the best offenses they'll be playing are TB and KC, though Houston and Indy are a bit of wild cards as is our division since it's full of young QBs. Of course, things change from year to year, so those mediocre l
  4. I'd support this if NY did the same thing. I'd actually want them to do it based on regions like we've done for reopening. Last I checked my regiond was at 64% of all adults rcving at least one dose. We're doing about 1.5% of the total population every week. The rate for adults vaccinated is def higher than that, but Im not sure how much higher. I think we'd be dropping mask mandates right around July if we followed this plan. Maybe sooner if it lights a fire under people's ***** to get vaccinated.
  5. Be careful, my man. Not only is this dude abusive, but she's pregnant with his child. Tread carefully. Situation's like this can end badly. Also, morally- it's pretty ****ed up to hook up with a woman who is clearly still in limbo with her bf, especially considering she's pregnant. Ive done some crazy **** in my past, so im not throwing stones here. Im just saying- this phase youre going through with this woman will not end well. Hopefully you can grow from it.
  6. The CDC will give their guidance, but it will be on the states to implement rules and regulations, and I'm not sure many of them are going to holdout until we reach that 70-80% vaccinated (entire population) threshold that Fauci was so adamant about reaching. I think at most you'll see states fully reopen but pull what PA is doing regarding masking, which is requiring 70% of the adult population to be fully vaxxed before dropping all mask mandates. I believe PA is sitting over 60% of the adult population rcving at least one dose, so getting the final >10% of adults who are likely dragging t
  7. Yeah, this is sad to see, but to be expected. We're closing in on 60% of adults having at least one dose, and I believe we were forecasting that around 65%-70% of the adult population would be willing to get vaccinated at some point. The next 5%-10% is going to be more spread out as these people aren't in a hurry to get vaccinated. Hopefully states and the federal gov't can give some incentives for those people to get vaccinated quicker.
  8. De Blasio just sais NYC will be fully reopen by July 1st. Aw yeah!
  9. I'm not surprised to see the rate decrease a bit now that those who were in the highest demand of the vaccines are now (mostly) vaccinated. We're now getting to the group who is more likely to drag their feet than actively searching for appts. Our approach needs to alter. We need to make vaccines easily accessible and give younger people incentives to get vaccinated. I think most young people aren't afraid of the vaccine, but they're also not afraid of COVID, so we need to give this group a bit of a nudge to get plucked. And, tbh, we'll be fine if the ship stays steady even if it slows a
  10. I just googled it. Looks like they reference the NY times.
  11. Also, saw this on another forum I venture:
  12. The 7 day average for deaths is at the lowest its been since early Sept, and is lower than most days throughout the summer. The beast is running out of steam!
  13. Nurses are a rare breed. Theyre tough as nails, but some of them are nutty. One of the nurses I work with wasn't going to take the vaccine because she believed they were tampered with at distribution. She actually did get one dose of the vaccine likely due to seeing how awful it was on our unit (we conveted to a COVID ICU), but she didnt get the second dose because she developed COVID arm after the first show (a heavy rash on her arm). The good news is- 90% of our entire hospital rcvd at least one dose, so there wasnt much hesitancy. What pisses me off are healthcare workers
  14. This is an excellent post, and the bolded was brought up by the FDA (I believe). If we didn't have an excellent supply of game changing vaccines- I think the FDA would've made a different decision- perhaps halting it for younger women only. As I've said all along, we are so lucky to have these mRNA vaccines. We'd be in craps creek if we didn't have them.
  15. We're approaching 50% total population receiving one dose in my county. We'll be hitting that threshold just before May. We had a little surge (not sure I'd even call it that) the past month (ICU admissions and deaths went up slightly/ hospitalizations have gone up at a higher rate), but it look to be plateauing. I have to believe this is COVIDs (the pandemics) last jab for a long while with such a high percentage of the community vaccinated + seasonality coming in. I truly believe we're leaving this behind us in June. Obviously variants and the such are of concern, but if nothing crazy e
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