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  1. Yup. My cousins hubby tested positive last Sunday. He went to a birthday party with tons of people, though it was outdoors. All the adults were vaxxed including him. No one else has tested positive yet- at least from what Ive heard. Also, my cousin and her two sons havent caught it either, and they likely spent a lot of time together. On the contrary, my buddy's dealer who called COVID a hoax caught it and died. He was a skinny dude in his late 30s to early 40s. His father in law caught it as well and is on a ventilator. My cousins hubby is obese and
  2. Found this slide interesting. You'd have to booster a ton of people to prevent one hospitalization in young adults:
  3. There's loads of potential on the line now- Rousseau, Oliver, Zimmer, Epenesa, etc...I thought Oliver had another great game, too.
  4. As far as I know- the UK has only approved vaccination for kids 12-17 if they are severely immune compromised, so I'd assume most have not rcvd the vaccination. It sounds like they may approve one shot of the vaccine for healthy 12-17 year old children soon.
  5. Very, very good news regarding COVID in kids:
  6. Sounds like that dude caught an STD and Nikki accidentally blew his spot up. Yikes...
  7. Their front 4 on defense put in work. That was the story of the game. They were able to drop a ton of player back and get pressure from their defensive line without blitzing. I don't know ANY QB that would thrive under those conditions. Unfortunately, Daboll rarely ever turns to the running game when the passing game is being stifled. That's detrimental. That being said, I'm not the slightest bit worried. It's week one. I never put much stock into week one performances. And, to be completely honest- the team fell flat on their faces a few times last year as well. That Tenn game and the A
  8. N95s are no joke. If they were fitted properly- I wouldn't worry.
  9. I like the environment that Jones is put into. Not a ton of weapons, but BB will rely heavily on the run game leaving Jones just to game manage early on. Jones easily has the better coaching. The Jets obviously need to prove a lot, but I think there's a lot of potential there. I believe there's a lot of potential with their WR core, and the O-line may be able to provide some good pass protection. Jacksonville doesn't seem like a very good environment for a young QB, though I'll admit- I don't know a ton about them since I'm a Bills fan. I have a bit more knowledge on AFC east teams.
  10. 80% of NY adults have rcvd at least one dose. I'm sure some of those are booster shots. My county is only at 77% of adults with one shot and 65% of the total population with one shot. I really think a community needs to hit at least 70% of their entire population vaxxed + a good amount of natural immunity to really slow this beast down. We've been at 4+% positive for a while now. We've seemed to level off after an alarming rise in cases starting in the middle of July. Delta is an *******, man.
  11. I was really impressed with the way Mayfield closed out the last 1/3 (or so) of the season. In my mind, he was playing like a legit top-10 QB. Going through many QB rankings on the site- it seems many have at the lower end of the top-10, or just outside the top-10, so I must ask- does he cement himself as a top-10 QB? Another year in the same system for once, incredible running game to rely on, good weapons, etc...I think he does it. What say you?!
  12. I believe that study is out of Israel, correct? From what I've read- many experts have taken issue with their data lately. I'd take it with a grain of salt, but would be happy if previous infection caused strong, long lasting immunity.
  13. Also, being a depth player probably forced his hands. It's much harder cutting someone like Beasley since what he brings to the field likely outweighs the competitive disadvantage the team's put into due to him not being vaccinated. McKenzie has a minor role on the team, so he'd be way more likely to get cut and replaced with a similar caliber player who is vaxxed.
  14. Once enough of the population gains immunity via vaccination or prior infection- this will turn endemic. Unfortunately, we're not there yet because Delta is a douchebag, but we're getting closer. I just read an AMA with an immunologist- and he said we'll all likely be infected with COVID at some point. The vaccines will take a lot of steam out of the spread and even more steam out of the severe cases. As we as a population get infected more and more COVID will likely turn into something similar to a cold. There are theories that many coronaviruses that cause the common cold today st
  15. Love this dude, man. I agreed 110%:
  16. They're not testing as many vaxxed players, but at the very least- vaxxed players are not showing symptoms or else they'd need to be tested. Also, this: This trend is something I've noticed from nurses I've heard or known to get infected. The few I've heard of catching it had hardly any symptoms, and confused it with allergies. I did here of someone from my wife's circle having a tough bout with it after being fully vaxxed, but she was in her 60s. The NFL is going to be an interesting case study. That's for sure!
  17. can you post that? I read a rundown (by an immunologist) of the data that was released a few days ago. Apparently it's still 50-60% effective at preventing infection. They didn't have a number for effectiveness against symptomatic infection (i assume that's the 89% you're referring to?) , which is way more important, imo. Still HIGHLY effective against severe cases.
  18. For sure. My brother and sister in law just got vaccinated a bit over a week ago. The entire family was frustrated with them, but they were hesitant for their own reasons. They always planned to get it sometime this summer, though. The good news is- they’re the last of my immediate family (outside of kids) to get vaccinated. Honestly, everyone I know except for my Buddy and his wife have been vaccinated.
  19. I have to wonder if tourists went to Cali for their first doses, or if many people just didn't report back for 2nd doses. They have a big gap between first and second doses. Comparative to Florida. Where as if I look at New York's gap- it's very small. For reference: Florida has a 11% gap between first and second doses Cali has a 12.9% gap between first and second doses NY has a 7% gap between first and second doses.
  20. I was happy to hear that an EUA for 2-5 year old would be shortly after that. Probably sometime early October. The wifey is working with a NICU fellow who thought an EUA for that age wouldn't come until the end of the year or early next year. My son turns 2 in Sept. Aw yeah!
  21. I recommend everyone read this thread. It's full of great information, and gives more evidence that vaccinated folks are less likely to transmit the virus even if infected. Just note- this study compared fully vaxxed healthcare workers who a strong majority were infected with Delta to unvaxxed individuals who were infected with previous (less contagious) variants, so it only adds to the positivity of these results:
  22. I have to say- I really liked what I saw from Wilson from the snaps I saw. There was one where he stood in the pocket, took a hit, and still delivered a nice pass on the money. As a Bills fan, Allen didn't show much in the passing game early in his career, but I always thought he had a chance due to his toughness. He was willing to take a hit to make a play, and do it again and again. That's a trait you can't teach, and it appears Wilson may be similar in that regard. Bodes well for his chances of hitting his potential. The timid ones rarely ever make it.
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