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  1. Well with Fields having a great game everybody but the Jags will ask if Fields did enough to pass Trevor... Wishful thinking.
  2. hello all, Viking fan here. Late last March I could see that the Vikings had peaked and looking forward I wanted the team to tank and do what ever it would take to get Trevor Lawerence who I see as the best QB prospect since Payton Manning. That said, the Vikings have been my favorite team since I was 5 years old (1969) and no chance of changing, however, I will have to start paying attention to the Jaguars next year and during the offseason. They are 99.999% probable going to draft my draft crush Trevor Lawrence. They have the most draft capital in next years draft, 1, 21, 33, 44, 65, 97
  3. so the other 52 have nothing to do with it? got it
  4. The Bills swapped 1st round picks and got a 3rd in the 2017 draft plus KC's 1st in the 2018 draft.
  5. Metellus is not a candidate to replace either Smith or Harris anytime soon, if he was he never would have been cut at the end of camp. Safety will need to be addressed in 21 draft because I can't see anyway Harris is resigned unless he takes a pretty big pay cut. Highly unlikely but you never know with the CAP going down.
  6. O'Brian was best of those three, he was really a good QB but he was on the jets... Eason did win 3 road playoff games to get the Pats into the 85 superbowl where they were dismantled by the Bears. Blackledge himself was shocked when he was taken 7th and was easily the biggest bust of the group.
  7. Good drafts for QBs but in 83 6 QBs were taken in the first round an all 6 started for their teams for significant time. 4 of the 6 took their teams to the SB. Widely considered the greatest QB draft of all times. Of course Elway took the Broncos whom he was traded to. 1983 1 1 1 1 John Elway Colts Stanford 2 1 7 7 Todd Blackledge Chiefs Penn State 3 1 14
  8. Maybe not, but it would help this year. Top 10 would be nice but the Vikings would need to trade up for that.
  9. That is the problem with the recent wins and likely more wins we probably will be nowhere near close enough to draft a top QB in 2021. That is why I discussed other options to get the "next" Vikings QB.
  10. I don't care about the past, the question is what is the future? Where is the Kirk replacement/successor coming from?
  11. Yes they do but the Vikes are dropping in the draft as well. I have hope, but I pose the question because after the top 2 QB prospects are gone the rest begin having holes or blemishes. This could be the best QB draft since the 1983 draft but very very rarely are there 2 or more franchise QBs in a draft.
  12. With 7 games left it looks like the Vikings will be out of the top 10, right now they are in a coin flip for #12. That said, they are most likely out of reach of drafting a QB in the first. If so what do they do for QB going forward? Trask is an option as well as Mac Jones but not sure if they are first round material. Another possibility is trading for a QB to get a year behind Kirk and begin coaching him up. Darnold will be on the trade block for sure and could be had probably for a mid round pick. Other possibilities are FA QBs like Winston but you are buying someone else throw aways.Co
  13. Well with the 4th win we are out of the top 10 and probably have no chance at Wilson or Lance now. As it stands now that would leave the Vikings with Trask Jones, Newman or someone else as QB prospects available. My QB big board right now; 1 Trevor Lawrence 6-6, 220 Clemson JR2 Justin Fields 6-3, 228 Ohio State JR3 Trey Lance 6-4, 226 North Dakota State RSO (1 game season)4 Zach Wilson 6-3, 210 Brigham Young JR5 Kyle Trask 6-5, 240 Florida SR6 Mac Jones 6-3, 214 Alabama JR7 Jamie Newman 6-4, 230 Wake Forest SR (Declared/Opted Out)8 Joe Milton 6-5, 243 Michigan RSOI think a
  14. last year I would agree but this year he has cleaned everything up and looks like a top pick, Reminds me of Burrow's senior season. he is very sharp and will be a first rd QB. I has said it before, all the QBs after Lawrence and Fields can be taken in any order.
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