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  1. If Herbert lights it up this season and PFF doesn't have him top 10 then all hope is gone for them. For now #15 is a safe pick. I don't think they had Luck or RG3 in the top 10 after their seasons either.
  2. 1. 1991 Redskins 2. 1992 Cowboys 3. 1994 49ers 4. 1999 Rams 5. 1997 Broncos 6. 1996 Packers 7. 1995 Cowboys 8. 1993 Cowboys 9. 1998 Broncos 10. 1990 Giants
  3. God Tier Best Case Scenario: Chargers return to San Diego and Dean Spanos and his children are kicked off forever. Patrick Mahomes is caught in a major fraud scam and immediately proven guilty and banned from the league. League punishes Chiefs by removing Andy Reid from them. Raiders are found guilty of being actual Raiders. Immediately removed from existance. Denver Broncos trade a record 10 years worth of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd picks to Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers but due to a error all of the picks are given to the Chargers. Aaron Rodgers upon finding out that Broncos traded
  4. I like Romo but their best chance at SB was 2007 and they crapped themselves against Eli and Gmen. I remember everyone had them taking on the Patriots in the SB that season.
  5. + a not so great 2022 QB draft = It. IS. The. Worst.
  6. Do you think a healthy Gurley and 2018 rams could have won? I mean the Titans came up short of a yard and the 2018 team are better than them.
  7. But you dont know who the best teams are until half way thru the season. Did anyone see Buffalo winning 13 last year? What should happen is that the 2nd half of the season needs to be moved more often to give the hot teams primetime. But then again you get teams like the Steelers who start 11-0 before bottoming out who put out bad primetime games.
  8. You mean no team in the history of the NFL could stop them? Or the returning 39 year old led 1999 Broncos with a injured Davis?
  9. What held them back? Isn't the 1991 team better and they don't get mention much either.
  10. Josh Norman was so good even Jay Z said he wasn't normal. Gurley is obviously injury related, he was having a historic season. By midway he turned around rapidly.
  11. If Lombardi's offense clicks and our OL gels I could see Herbert having a monster season. Doubly so if we add Julio to the mix.
  12. I think Brady has 2 more seasons of elite level play left especially with a stacked roster around him. I think they are the favorites easily over any team to make it and win it all. None of the NFC teams have done anything noteworthy and while KC has fixed their OL on paper they havent done much on defense imo to top TB.
  13. Bucs vs Browns in SB 56. Browns lose a 17-3 halftime lead as Bucs win 2nd straight super bowl 35 - 27. MVP Tom Brady 4800+ yds, 44 TDs 9 ints OROY: Jamar Chase 94 rec 1300yds 13 Tds DPOY: Myles Garrett 21 sacks Best Record NFC: Bucs 15-2 Best Record AFC: Browns 14-3
  14. Aaron Rodgers Jim Brown Ladainian Tomlinson Rob Gronkowski Randy Moss Jerry Rice Calvin Johnson Our Theme Song
  15. Waddle or Chase. I'll say Waddle
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