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  1. I guess we'll find out now that Stafford is with the Rams.
  2. I would say it's 3rd but only rare occasions only. See 1990s Cowboys OL.
  3. Legion - Season 1 ended on cliffhanger sorta and Season 2 so fat is cramming too much into each episode. David's powers seem heavily restrained as well. Snowfall - A very good show but I wish people dressed more like the 80s. To many of the characters are out of place that you would think its 2010 or something.
  4. So in 2000 you would have rather had Priest Holmes than Peyton Manning?
  5. Love this. Cardinals still need to fix alot more but they probably are making the playoffs now.
  6. Does Brees have the same issues? Or does simply has a better OL 🤔
  7. Wow forget about these two playing. Bethea is a name i haven't heard in a while.
  8. What about birth years by decade. Tom the last 1970s baby in the NFL?
  9. Stop it. I'm a a big Eli hater and he was without question a big part of why they won both SBs. Both post-season runs were fantastic.
  10. Lmao @ the Buccaneers not making the playoffs. Not only do they make the playoffs but they repeat with ease. I've seen this story of doubting Brady and ain't falling for it again. The man was on a new team and tossed 40 + TDs and I'm supposed to believe next season is the beginning of the end? No chance imo Buccaneers don't make it out of the NFC.
  11. I really hope we get a division realignment sometime soon. Some of these rivalries are dead in the water despite the wealth of talent in the league now.
  12. Teal is such a sweet color. Glad the Jags finally got it right. Now if they could just return to the old Jaguar head.
  13. RIP VJax was the best. I hated when A.J let him walk. RIP I'm shocked
  14. Pass. Both Guyton and Johnson are better. TW just isn't tough enough to withstand the hits of the league. I also don't miss his routine drops or running short of the 1st downs.
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