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  1. Hopefully they rebound because the NFC South is still wide open. Out of all 4 QBs in that NFC South division, Ryan looks to be the best this season.
  2. Jameis Winston whenever he takes over for Drew could flourish in Payton's system.
  3. Who should be the starter for next week?
  4. This could be a big game for Derek Carr. Raiders win 28-17
  5. Watch Trevor Lawrence return for his senior season.
  6. Falcons have bad luck with injury the last few years. However returning Quinn back this season probably took 2 season off Ryan.
  7. Why did D.K Metacalf fall in the draft again? The guy is a beast of WR
  8. I thought so too. Refs are bad so far tonight
  9. I swear we hold ourselves back more than any team. Herbert shined and had flaws but was clearly more talented. Lynn is playing favorites here.
  10. That was a awful loss. This is a game where we badly missed James. I doubt Mahomes would have had as many open runs if James was spying him. Thankfully we got the Panthers coming in next week and by the looks of it we should win.
  11. Mahomes taking a beating so far. Wish we took the FG earlier. Oh well the momentum is on our side
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