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  1. Bulaga has been a massive dissappointment of free agent. Hopefully he can get that back healthy and get back healthy, we'll definitelly be needing him this season. Storm Norton should hold over fine this week against the Cowboys who are possibly missing their 2 starting DEs.
  2. Looks like a bunch of nothing. Hunter knows its the NFL, which is why he isn't crying about it.
  3. WOW I came in here expecting nothing much but from looking at highlights the hype is real. He looks like Cam did when he was in college, looking like a grown man playing against JV.
  4. I don't know what it is with Tua. He is a good but nothing like the magic he had in Alabama. Hopefully it clicks later down the season. Mac Jones seems to have a veteran mind when playing because his vision is amazing.
  5. Stats Eye Test/Measurement of Talent Accolades What they meant to the game of football.
  6. Offense is humming so far. Love the OL play so far too.
  7. I'm going Panthers. I think Darnold has a great season and I know that defense takes a significant leap.
  8. If the additions they added to their pass rush works out I could see this. Right now though the Bucs are the most overwhelming favorites imo to win a super bowl in some time.
  9. Yeah but CB's who have Jaire type seasons rarely fall off barring injury. I think he established himself firmly in the top 5 last season. If he has similar season this year then I see him in the top 2.
  10. Rattler was a massive dissppointment. He cant have more games like that and be a top pick.
  11. Mac looks the part as far as the safest pick so I'll go Tua, I think he rebounds great this season.
  12. MVP - Tom BradyOPOY - Tom BradyDPOY - Aaron DonaldOROY - Zach WilsonDROY - Jaycee HornCoach - Robert SalehAssistant Coach - Comeback Player - Sam DarnoldAnd just for fun...Super Bowl MVP - Tom Brady
  13. If he has 3 more typical kamara years I think he has a strong case. He needs to put in a 1K rushing every now and then so he can seprate himself from his peers.
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