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  1. Today I learned Kerrigan has 95 career sacks. Man I always underrated him more than his numbers say. Also surprising how well Washington has drafted at DL but have no playoff wins to show for it. Ryan certainly has a argument over Smith better sustained career but Smith even for short period was HOF talent with just too much off-the field package.
  2. I'm stunned that they've gone this far with that group of OL. And it's not like they've played well as a group they just gave up 8 sacks but credit to Bengals for pulling through despite the worst OL entering the playoffs. All that though I wouldn't say they're the worst that moniker probably goes to the Giants or Jags.
  3. I hope the Rams can advance and all but I expect Brady will be siked up for a rematch. I got the Bucs winning
  4. Jefferson got snubbed as well as Nick Bosa and for sure Derwin James got snubbed.
  5. Its Rodgers. Back 2 back for Arod
  6. Sirianni has been the best so far. Smith and Staley are close seconds.
  7. He will be remembered as a top 10 all time NFL icon. One whose influence went beyond just coaching and broadcasting. John was a true NFL legend.
  8. Culley is very much underrated. We may have been without half our starters but he out coached Staley all game. Mills is also a ton better than most give him credit for. Texans may not have a ton of stars but once those roll in via F.A and the stockpile draft picks they have. This will be team watch out for next season.
  9. Not a coach but GM Tom Telesco needs to be fired asap. No depth to speak of on this team and possibly now 2 playoff trips in 9 season.
  10. Wow that Army commerical has you thinking you'll be DBZ fighter or something. Never seen a soilder shooting fire rays up into space like that.
  11. So what bench will Jimmy G be sitting on next season? Because he clearly isn't a very good starter for winning team anymore
  12. Nah OT rules are fine. If we scored on our last drive and ran the clock down there wouldn't be a need for OT. Can't blame the rules when 11 players can't tackle a T.E who zigs and zags past every near him without being touched.
  13. They need to snag Bryce Young in the 2023 draft somehow or maybe find a hidden gem at QB. As of right now just build the OL and oh get rid of Joe Judge. I say they will win the division in the 2024 season and be SB contender as soon as 2025 assuming they find a QB these next 2 seasons.
  14. Could we possibly see a Trey Lance sighting if the 49ers score a few TDs this quarter.
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