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  1. Thank you for a time and nice career Melvin. Wish you the best on your next team.
  2. I doubt a bills player gets fine on that.
  3. Kelley with the signature L.T hop td.
  4. Lol its blessing to be TE for Chargers. Very great history in that position group
  5. If we don't resign Hunter Henry in free agency and Pitts is the BPA. I could see Telesco nabbing in Top 10.
  6. Same here. I thought if you are a engineering genius, being HC should be child's play. Nope
  7. Manning, Woodson, Willis, Johnson should all be locks.
  8. If the NFL only wants Cowboys and Lions on. Then so be it but let them face each other only. Also please don't ever move a primetime time game like Steelers vs Ravens for a garbage like today.
  9. Tradition should definitely be changed. Patriots, Saints, Packers, Steelers should all have had more thanksgiving GameDay. How in the world did the 2008 Lions get a thanksgiving day game but 2007 Patriots didn't. Tradition only matters in this instance when great teams are playing. Neither the Cowboys or Lions are great right now and thus shouldn't be scheduled for this game.
  10. Stop hiring Belichick disciples.
  11. He's a no nonsense head coach. Tua wasn't getting it done and so he did what Bill would do. If dolphins continue the QB carousel then you have something.
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