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  1. In what order (Colts QB options)

    Sign Phillip Rivers. Reich and Rivers could win you the AFC South. Although it would depend on the Contract. 2nd option would be to move up for the QB your team loves the most.
  2. Senior Bowl

    Jordan Love @6? Yikes that's a reach and I hope it's a smokescreen on our part. I don't believe we have the OL or coaches to develop him
  3. 1999-2019 How Each Franchise Fared

    Lmao the Cardinals made 2 NFC title trips and a Super Bowl. Smh I can't believe we had Drew Brees, L.T, Gates, and Rivers couldn't make a Super Bowl.
  4. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    None. Keep the NFL at 32 teams.
  5. You have to be Top 3 at your position for a period of 7 years minimum. The Terrell Davis rule. SB wins, Postseason wins and accolades all carry wait. MVP being the highest
  6. Raiders Officially known as the "Las Vegas Raiders"

    Same. It's not the same with them playing in Nevada, they are a California team thru and thru.
  7. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    I've got no problem with Russell Wilson winning PFF's or SportingNews or CBS or any other made up MVP. All I better hear at ESPN is Lamar for MVP.
  8. Eli Manning is retiring

    Yep. Brees, Brady, Rivers and Big Ben. The end of 2000s QB golden era. The new OLD guard will now be headlined be Rodgers, Ryan, Stafford, and Newton.
  9. NFL Draft Stage

    Damn that looks amazing.
  10. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    He is borderline top 10 QB and if he improves next season he'll be in top 10. There is something to be said about how cool he is under pressure and that's not something many "game manager" types can do.
  11. I know the Bengals will take Burrow, but...

    In my opinion, some people want Burrow to be a BUST so bad simply because they underrated him as prospect before his Heisman season. The Bengals would be idiots to take Chase Young or any DE no matter how good over a #1 pick worthy QB.
  12. That might be true any other off-season but not a critical one like this. If you look at the free agent pool this off-season you'll see quite a few note worthy OL. Conklin, Williams, etc. They may not work out but we do have some cap opening up and he needs to be a big player in F.A this year. It's not like he can pretend were a contender that can get players on the cheap. I also think Herbert isn't the media plugging in a QB name at 6. He has all checkmarks of a Telesco QB. 4 year starter, well liked among teammates, stats improved every year and generally healthy. He is also a Oregon Duck and the last time the Chargers front office even had sniffing at QB they took their Owner to go see Mariota.
  13. How big is the gap between Mahomes and Watson/Jackson?

    I don't think any QB is on par with Mahomes from a Talent to Production standpoint. Mix that in with the most creative play caller in Andy Reid and you get the best offense in the league. Tier 1A- Mahomes Tier 1B - Wilson, Rodgers, Wentz, Watson, Ryan, Jackson
  14. Want To Win A Super Bowl? Don't Pay Your QB.

    This has be more of correlation than a causation. Plenty of teams with high paid QBs come close and it comes down to coaching. Your telling me bad QB with a low cap hit should beat out the good QB with high cap hit?