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  1. 1. Kyler Murray 2. Kyler Murray 3. Kyler Murray
  2. Browns trade for OBJ

    OMG the Browns have changed. Playoffs for sure this season
  3. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread *New Version*

    Seattle Seahawks select Blace Brown Troy
  4. Bradshaw wasn't even the best player on those stacked teams. Plus the league had fewer players and the AFC was SIGNIFICANTLY weaker than the NFC. Brady would do just as well with Chuck Noll if not better than Bradshaw did. The 1976 Steelers had a defense that had 5 shut outs in 14 games, anyone could manage that team with that defense and win a Super Bowl.
  5. Raiders shopping QB Derek Carr?

    I guess Gruden showed his hand when he raved about Kyler Murray. Carr to Washington for their 1st and 5th sounds about right.
  6. Chiefs tag Dee Ford - Willing to listen to offers

    Jets and 49ers need a pass rusher. Chiefs should be looking to them for a trade.
  7. Mike Evans maybe on a HOF pace?

    If he continues this pace over a longer period of time he'll get in. There's something to be said about be that good over a ridiculous long period of time regardless if you're a top 5 WR or the 8th best one.
  8. Tevin Coleman vs LeVeon Bell

    How often to better RBs get stuck as the back-up? Maybe he was the 2nd option for a reason.
  9. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread *New Version*

    Seattle Seahawks select Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson
  10. 2011 Draft vs 2014 Draft

    Which draft was better?
  11. Jaguars and Marcel Dareus restructure contract

    How was Malik Jackson last year? Wouldn't mind Chargers getting him on the cheap.
  12. BDP's 2019 GM Mock Discussion!!

    Whoops wrong thread
  13. BDP 2019 GM Mock Draft Pick Thread

    Seattle Seahawks select Yodny Cajuste from West Virginia @vikes635
  14. Worst SB ever?

    It was a uneventful superbowl, that felt like a Patriots win at about around halftime with the only catch being the Patriots weren't their usual selves. Super Bowl 40 and Super Bowl 33 were a snooze.