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  1. Notable Stats

    Chandler Jones is the worst trade in Belichick's career. Possibly the whole of Patriots history and yet it still didn't hurt them as far as winning.
  2. Big Ben and Mark Sanchez were close to becoming the first but I wouldn't have given them much credit if they had. They weren't really the main contributors to their team's success. Take Mahomes first start(2017) as a example which is on record his worst performance to date and that was on a playoff team. QBs usually need 2 Full Training camps to get complete control of the offense.
  3. Does Matt Ryan win a Super Bowl before the end of his career?

    There isn't anyone on this site or the NFL that overrates him. He is actually underrated when it comes to getting recognition for his success. Is he Elite? No, unless you consider his numbers for 2016 and 2018 which were top 5 all around. Having Julio as WR doesn't negate you from being a Top 10 QB which Ryan has been since 2015. Stafford is more talented than Ryan but being more talented doesn't equal being better all of the time. Stafford hasn't been entirely without good coaching either since he made the playoffs 3 times and his best chance 2014 vs Cowboys he got sacked 3 times and turned the ball over 3 times. His defense at the time was 3rd overall in points allowed. So I don't see any reason to feel sorry Stafford and gripe about Ryan
  4. Are DEs ends the RBs of Defense?

    Any 2 down player on defense is the RB of defense.
  5. Does Matt Ryan win a Super Bowl before the end of his career?

    I mean if Matt Ryan did ever win a Super Bowl and was a large part of it that would bloster his HOF chances. That's at least something to care about for sake of discussion. Wilson isn't nearing the end let alone the young guys you mentioned. I see no reason why they couldn't. Rodgers unless he has a return to Elite form probably won't win a Super Bowl and be a major contributer to a championship.
  6. Chiefs DT Chris Jones Gets Contract Extension

    I hope this ends the myth of Cap Hell. G.Ms know what they are doing when handing out these contracts.
  7. Can the Chargers sign Joey Bosa already. I'm starting get nervous.
  8. Chiefs Sign Chris Jones >:)

    That's a great deal.
  9. What team unexpectedly collapses this year

    Example: 2009 Denver Broncos or 2008 Denver Broncos.
  10. Super Bowl LV predictions

    Colts vs Bucs 17-12 SBMVP : Philip Rivers
  11. Notable Stats

    BalitmoreTerp said most of what could be said to answer this. Only thing I'll add is that we didn't have the LBs to play with Balitmore because of injuries we were down to our 3rd string and 4th string LBs.
  12. Who will be the best NFC team in 2020-2021?

    Well if they can be reasonable rated this year then a Super Bowl is possible.
  13. If the Season were to happen and not get cancelled at any point during. What are you all expecting to be our record. I've been following alot of the players on Twitter and they seem to be in great shape. I personally believe in Tyrod alot and I think this defense is finally ready to bring it all together and be a real Top 5 core. I have us being a 11-5 wild card team. @Bearerofnews @Mojibwe @Zappaz @Bolts223 @BoltsFan937 @Boltstrikes @Duffman57 @DingoLadd
  14. Number One Pick For These Teams

    That doesn't make sense why wouldn't the Chiefs or Seahawks not trade out when the demand is at its highest? What could you get the day after the draft that you couldn't before? Any stars would need to be worked in the cap and having boat load of high draft picks from a team that probably wouldn't win with Lawrence early on to me sounds more valuable.
  15. Would they have traded for Mack had they drafted Mahomes?