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  1. Sean Payton gets 5 year extension

    Bridgewater and Hill are not decent as passers. The Saints can't rely on those guys after Brees and will be taking a QB after Brees leaves.
  2. Sean Payton gets 5 year extension

    Damn beat me to it. I'm surprised Payton signed that long of a extension. They dont have a capable QB after Brees to win with after next year. I also don't think they can tank to get a top QB.
  3. Payton will be with Saints after Brees.
  4. TNF: Bucs v Panthers

    Cam doesn't look right. Panthers need to take him out of the game if this continues.
  5. Week 1 Overreactions Thread

    Patriots and Ravens are your #1 and #2 seeds and will meet in AFC Championship game. Lamar will be the MVP and have the best fantasy season for a QB ever. Dolphins won't win a game until December.
  6. Sunday Night Football - Steelers @ Patriots

    Could it finally be the year?
  7. Week 1 GDT

    He is Case Keenum with a stronger arm.
  8. Week 1 GDT

    Panthers suck.
  9. Week 1 GDT

    Eric Weddle is gushing blood all over his head. Wtf!!!
  10. Week 1 GDT

    Where is Carson Wentz at????
  11. Week 1 GDT

    Nick Foles is out for the rest of the game with a left shoulder injury
  12. Week 1 GDT

    He got slammed by the KC defender and was holding his arm.
  13. Week 1 GDT

    Foles looks to have hurt his shoulder.