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  1. Hola, just checking in early. I’m here for the upcoming season and more.
  2. Can’t move Djax, he’s locked, was able to pickup and play a WR but am not cutting someone to pickup a RB
  3. Looks like I will be without Aaron Jones and Crowder today, won’t be able to field a full lineup.
  4. To whomever got Robert Tonyan off the wire. I am extremely jealous, I think he is going to go down as the waiver wire pickup of the year.
  5. I agree, I can’t think a fair way to do it. It’s one of those rare situations where doing nothing is the best option at his point
  6. Looks like I’m rolling without a D today seeing the pats game got postponed. I have an empty bench spot I cleared up thinking I could pick up a D this am and play them but it’s not letting me pick anyone up?
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