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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Agreed. Now here’s another Murray related dilemma... Murray or Mike Williams? Full PPR.
  2. Zero RB Approach - What the Hell Have I Done

    I’m right with you on every thought, especially the conclusion. If prices were lower, I’d definitely make moves. I think my inquiries were misconstrued as moves out of desperation rather than moves to perfect a roster. I’m not concerned. There’s a weakness obviously but talent wise I’ve stockpiled enough to have a shot against anybody, any given week.
  3. Zero RB Approach - What the Hell Have I Done

    A lot of good takes. I think with the limited number of high-level producing RBs, and the greater number of high-level producing WRs... people in my league are getting stingy. James White owner wants Hill, 1 for 1. He also will do Yeldon for Hill lmao. Mixon owner won’t do 1 for 1 on Diggs or Hill. DJ owner won’t trade regardless of the offer. Fournette owner wants Michael Thomas. Buck Allen owner won’t take a Marvin Jones 1 for 1. He wants Hilton. My best friend owns Jordan Howard and he’s infamous for his unfair trade demands. He’s the same guy that wants Hill and Diggs for Kamara. @sammymvpknight @JaguarCrazy2832 @Forge @101Raider @koneraton
  4. Zero RB Approach - What the Hell Have I Done

    Really? That’s a lot to give up man. Two arguable WR1s/high end 2s..
  5. Full PPR. Dynasty. 3 WR, 2 RB, 2 Flex. Starting Line-Up QB: Pat Mahomes RB: Austin Ekeler RB: Tarik Cohen WR: Michael Thomas WR: Tyreek Hill WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster TE: Evan Engram FLEX: Stefon Diggs FLEX: T.Y. Hilton Bench: WR: Mike Williams WR: Tyler Boyd WR: Christian Kirk WR: Marvin Jones Jr. WR: Albert Wilson RB: Latavius Murray RB: Kapri Bibbs TE: Geoff Swaim TE: Austin Hooper QB: Blake Bortles Now, my question to you fellas.. do I hold? Or do I try and make a move for a stud RB? Trade mid-tier WRs for an RB2? Give me examples. Who should I go and look for as a trade target and who would you offer, given my roster? All the guys in my league with stud RBs have astronomical prices. Kamara owner wants Hill and Diggs. Barkley owner is also the Kamara owner and won’t trade Barkley. Gordon owner won’t trade. Gurley owner won’t trade and he’s also the McCaffery owner. Mixon owner wants the world. I don’t know what to do or think. Any and all insight would be helpful.
  6. Trade advice

    Chris Carson and Chris Godwin for Fournette. Half PPR, Half PPFD. Redraft so no long-term concerns here. RBs: Gurley, Lindsay, Yeldon and Fournette WR: Michael Thomas, Keenan Allen, Jarvis Landry, Enunwa, Golladay I understand Fournette will be healthy-ish in a couple weeks or so. But should I get value now before a potential Carson and Godwin breakout?
  7. Bucs extend OG Ali Marpet to 5-year deal

    Worth every penny, when healthy. Just don’t move him to C.
  8. Ask Keyser - 2017 Fantasy Questions Thread

    What do we make of Philip Lindsay?
  9. Earl Thomas Situation (Leg Fracture)

    I fee bad for the guy but this possibility is part of the contract you signed.. You had 1-year left on your deal. Yes, NFL players arguably aren’t given fair compensation. Yes, he deserved more money. Yes, we should’ve traded him and gotten value while we could. And yes, another team may have given him the money he deserved. Everybody acted accordingly. It sucks for ET and I overlook the flipping off cause he deserved to be pissed off. But if he got his extension and then got injured? He’d be getting guaranteed money for years and potentially not playing them... there’s no regret on the Seahawks behalf outside of the fact that we didn’t trade him while we could. As a fan, I really wish it didn’t end this way though.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    Shea Patterson = Tyrod Taylor
  11. Trade advice

    He’s a clear part of the Chargers offense already. He’s one injury away from being an RB1 imho. I’d package Ingram and Coleman for Eckler and a WR, or something. You WRs could use some help but overall your team is fine already.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    I think it’s betwen Haskins and Herbert for the top spot at QB.
  13. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3: 9/15/2018)

  14. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

  15. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3: 9/15/2018)

    I like that comparison. I think Lil’Jordan might be a little more aggressive as a runner but the elusiveness and quickness, body-types... Long as Lil’Jordan keeps developing as a route-runner, he could be what we wanted Cordarelle to be in the pros.