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  1. @ny92mike I'll have to bow out fellas. University is kicking my butt rn.
  2. Could I change my 1st preference to the Bucs? I feel like it'd be more of a challenge.
  3. Favorite Team: Seahawks Sub-Forum: Probably 1. Seahawks 2. Bucs 3. Cardinals
  4. Really hope George Campbell goes somewhere and blows up.
  5. I agree with you 100%, but talent slips through the cracks all the time. Teams might just prefer the Dexter Lawrence’s and Derrick Brown’s of the world. Plus didn’t Raekwon have some off the field issues? He wouldn’t be the first talented Alabama DL to fall either. Call me crazy.. but I’m not exactly stoked on Bosa. Mainly because of the injury history. He’s a terror on the field, but how often is he going to be on the field? I also really need to see how he tests at the combine.
  6. Seems like Devin Singletary is starting to catch the public eye. Better value? Prospect overall? Singletary or Henderson.
  7. With the crazy depth on the trenches in this draft class, and his lack of stat sheet success? I would not be shocked. Every single one of them likely has a place on an NFL roster. So if Quinnen blows up the playoffs like Davis did last year.. he’s going top 2. He has to. The hype will be too strong.
  8. The varied takes on Quinnen Williams are hilarious. Nobody really knows what he is... other than that he’s good. A faster, more technical Jay Ratliff. Why not throw that into the mix. Also still believe Raekwon is a better value later on. Especially if he falls to the 2nd.
  9. From a value perspective, absolutely not. I question the ceilings of Ferrell and Gary and some of the second tier. I feel like they’re all likely to be pretty solid, good-to-pretty-good players. But I can’t imagine Gary or Ferrell as dominant primary options.
  10. What are some opinions on Chares Omenihu? Haven’t heard much on him but I like what I see.
  11. Samuels. High-scoring affair gives him a better chance to score. If you’re on Yahoo, play him as a TE and Miller as a Flex.
  12. Tyler Boyd or Chris Conley? Dynasty Semi-Final! Help! Ayudame! I’m the Hill owner. I’m starting Hill but the possibility of him being just a decoy is frustrating me. Considering how many other Chiefs are out, it makes sense to me that Conley would at least be the second option after Kelce (who the Chargers shut down annually). Boyd has the talent and volume, but the match-up isn’t ideal and his QB is sub-par. Rest of Line-Up: My Opponent’s Line-Up:
  13. Didn’t Amani not even play a ton until this year? Or am I thinking of another Penn State DB..
  14. Hey so McCarthy is for sure going to get fired right?
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