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  1. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    Yeah I elected to keep him. Any thoughts on the roster after this first draft?
  2. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    Trade. Definitely not gonna just release him. I’d at least want a 2nd plus something.
  3. NFL Expansion Draft 2018 // FFDE 18' Sign-Up (6/8)

    Ooo I like that. Determine draft order as a reverse snake of the Expansion draft order? So if you picked #1 in Expansion, you go #8 in College Draft?
  4. NFL Expansion Draft 2018 // FFDE 18' Sign-Up (6/8)

    I appreciate the concern and will adjust it. It’s not just restricted to the players offered up by other teams: current NFL free agents are up for the draft as well. Sure, you’ll be looking at undrafted, unsigned rookies, past-prime vets and practice squad players, but anything to fill up that 53. As we get closer to pulling this thing off, I’d like to get your guys opinion on this upcoming year’s draft class and how/if it should be incorporated. Also, what would you guys think about drafting players from the AFL and CFL?
  5. NFL Expansion Draft 2018 // FFDE 18' Sign-Up (6/8)

    It is! Slowly but surely getting there.

    Fan Favorite: Seattle Seahawks Sub Forum War Room: Yes Seattle Seahawks Cleveland Browns Any Team
  7. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    Double Post: The Defense Targets are up as well. Would love to get feedback from the rest of my Hawkeyes. EDIT: Also, I’ve entertained the idea of jettisoning Earl Thomas or KJ Wright for more cap space.. am I crazy? Weigh in if you want.
  8. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    Would that matter in a tag and trade situation? The Bills have more than enough cap space and DT is a pressing need. Also from what I recall, Pasztor was a better G than T. Above-average starter, according to Browns fans. So I’d envision this line-up: Brown | Glenn | Britt | Pasztor | Ifedi (or Fant/Spriggs) Ifedi will be at least average under Solari’s tutelage. On paper, our O-Line would have potential to be arguably better than it ever has been since Walter and Hutch left (come @ me). I recognize the craziness in that claim, but my point is at worst, our line would be average, considering how strong our left side is. Which is light years of what we’ve had since Okung, Carpenter, and Unger departed.
  9. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    Alright guys. Update. Thoughts on who is being targeted? Cap space? Sorry for the slowness. Still figuring the figures out to see what exactly can be done.
  10. OC Brian Schottenheimer

    And to top it all off, we got the OL coach that’s been making magic for the NY Giants! These are dark times for Seahawk fans.
  11. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    That’s awesome. Sad isn’t it? Two fans see it. Maybe if the answer is too obvious, it’s not the answer.
  12. OPM Seahawks Off-Season (1.6 / First Draft COMPLETE)

    I like the idea of our teaming featuring Wilson’s mobility a bit more. Maybe not just strict QB-RB options, but a lot of play-action, roll-outs, option screens, plays were a QB scramble is the secondary read. Utilize a guy like Prosise or Lockett similar to how C-Mac was used. The stress on the short and intermediate will open things up, whether it be traditional smashmouth or shots down the field. Seemed like Shula’s philosophy at Carolina. I could see Wilson having more success in this scheme because he’s a much better short-to-intermediate passer. We’d definitely need a sure-handed big body receiver for a subordinate option, whether at TE or WR.
  13. Hirings OC: Mike Shula (Former Carolina Panthers OC) Yes I’m aware that he was just fired. But he’s fielded consistently potent running attacks (aided by the Panthers’ extremely mobile QB.. something we also have). I feel as though he did the best he could with what he had. When your offense features a TE-playing-WR, a WR-playing-RB? Has featured two RBs past their primes? Hell he gave Ted Ginn a decent season. Come on. Now we’ve got talented players at our skill positions. Shula isn’t a horrible coordinator and he will benefit from the change in scenery. Long as we hit on our OL hire, we’ll be smooth sailing. Other Options Explored: Philly QB Coach John DeFillippo (don’t think he’d come here, but would be my no. 1 choice), Rob Chudzinski, Steelers WR Coach Richard Mann ACTUAL HIRE: BRIAN SCHOTTENHEIMER OL: Shaun Sarrett (Steelers OL Assistant Coach) Mike Munchak protégé. Think he will affect our guys similar to how Munchak turned a poor OL slowly into a decent one, long as he’s picked up a fair bit from his time with the Steelers. Our guys have talent. They just need to be molded. Other Options Explored: Georgia OL Coach Sam Pittman, Husky OL Coach Scott Huff ACTUAL HIRE: MIKE SOLARI ——————————————————————————— Free Agency Notable Walks/Cuts/Trades TE Jimmy Graham, OL Luke Joeckel, RB Eddie Lacy, WR Paul Richardson, OL Oday Aboushi, OL Matt Tobin, RB Thomas Rawls, RB J.D. McKissic, CB DeShawn Shead, K Blair Walsh, CB Jeremy Lane, LB KJ Wright, DE Cliff Avril (Retire) Trade w/Green Bay Packers: CB Richard Sherman | OT Jason Spriggs, Pick 76 (3-12) This one hurts, but we have to get something for him while we can. Salary dump, and we get a potential starter in Spriggs. He’s a back-up OT with no foreseeable path to starting considering GB has their bookends (Bahk, Bulaga). But he’s supremely talented. I believe Sherm will come back and be 80% of what he used to be, which is still a good, reliable piece to have in ones secondary. Trade w/Buffalo Bills: OL Cordy Glenn | DT Sheldon Richardson I believe in the talent of our young DTs. They’re all on rookie contracts. If McDowell comes in and contributes 75% of what we believe he’s capable of, we’ll have a solid rotation of Naz-Reed-Malik. Sheldon is an All-Pro talent but reportedly doesn’t want to be here. Bring in a guy who has been a great starter, when healthy. Popular opinion is that Glenn’s best position was always Guard, which is ideally what he’d be with us. Solidify that left side of the line. Notable Re-Signings DT Sheldon Richardson*, S Bradley McDougald, CB Justin Coleman, DL Quinton Jefferson * Franchise Tag Targets (By Position) RB: Dion Lewis, Jerick McKinnon, Bilal Powell Outlook: I’d be surprised to see any of these backs sign with us, but these are who I believe would pair best with a healthy Chris Carson. WR: Terrelle Pryor, Allen Robinson, Donte Moncrief Outlook: Not likely to bring in any of the guys we target. Outside chance on Pryor, because of his poor year. But looking to bring WRs in on team-friendly deals, and the chances of that with the type of WR we need is unlikely. TE: Virgil Green, Austin Seferian-Jenkins Ourlook: Big fan of us taking on Virgil Green. Great blocker to pair with Willson. ASJ has potential to be a do-it-all TE. May carry a bit of a price tag, though. OL: G Justin Pugh, G Josh Kline, G Andrew Norwell, G Jack Mewhort, G Brandon Fusco, G Alex Boone, RT LaAdrian Waddle, T/G Austin Pasztor Outlook: Low-end starters/decent depth on a budget. Enough splashes made with trades. Much as I love the interior talent (Pugh, Kline, Norwell), a more likely scenario would be investing in a guy like Pasztor or Boone. DL: DE/DT Courtney Upshaw, DE/DT Lamaar Houston, DT Mike Pennel, DE Aaron Lynch, DE Chris Smith Outlook: More of the same. One potential splash in Aaron Lynch; been a fan since his USF days. I love Chris Smith as a pass-rush specialist off the bench. Upshaw and Houston’s position versatility would be nice as well. LB: OLB Keenan Robinson, OLB Emmanuel Lamur, OLB/ILB Mason Foster, OLB/DE Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB KJ Wright, ILB Christian Jones, ILB Will Compton, ILB Sean Spence Outlook: Depth, depth, depth, all at the right price. I like Keenan and Mason as spot starters. Sean Spence has been miscast in a 3-4 his entire career and I have a sneaky suspicion he’d be great depth at WLB/MLB. Jeremiah is an athletic edge setter that I feel could flourish at SLB or even slide down at DE in a racecar formation. DB: CB Kyle Fuller, CB Ross Cockrell, CB Rashaan Melvin, CB Aaron Colvin, S Tavon Wilson, S Eric Reid, S Kenny Vacarro, S Antone Exum Outlook: Here is where I’m looking to make a coupe splash signings. We need to bring in Fuller or Melvin. I prefer Fuller, being that he’s shown more and has the better Draft pedigree. Considering he’s coming off an down-then-up past two years, I feel as though he could come at a fair price. He would be a more than adequate running mate for Shaquil. Colvin will probably be overpriced but I’d love to have him or Cockrell man the Nickel. Both could play outside and survive. ESTIMATED CAP SPACE AVAILABLE (Post Trades & Cuts): $37,994,950 We lose a lot of the Seahawks D as we’ve known it. We keep Earl and hopefully get back a healthy Kam. Cliff retires. We fail to restructure KJ but the possiblity is still there for him to come back on a cheaper deal. FREE AGENT SIGNINGS RB Mike Davis (2-Year/2,500,000) TE Virgil Green (2-Year/$4,500,000) TE Logan Thomas (1-Year/$800,000) G/T Austin Pasztor (2-Year/$5,000,000) DE/DT Courtney Upshaw (2-Year/$4,000,000) DT Mike Pennel (2-Year/$3,000,000) LB K.J. Wright (2-Year/$8,500,000) LB Mason Foster (1-Year/$1,000,000) LB Emmanuel Lamur (2-Year/$1,850,000) CB Kyle Fuller (4-Year/$22,500,000) CB Justin Coleman (2-Year/$4,500,000) S Bradley McDougald (3-Year/$9,000,000) TOTAL: Approx. $24-27 Mil (Structure Dependent) Cap Space Remaining: Approx. $11-14 Million ——————————————————————————— Draft Trade w/ Cleveland Browns: Seahawks Receive: Picks 33 (2.1), 67 (3.3), 119 (4.23) // Point Total: 891 Browns Receive: Pick 18 (1.18) // Point Total: 900 Outlook: Hue Jackson’s possible last hurrah. There’s a fair amount of talent left on the board at Pick 18. They don’t need numbers or depth. If you ask me, and perhaps a few other Browns fans, they’re just a few important pieces away from being a competent team/playoff contender (QB, Playmaking DB, LT of the Future). We get a number of picks in a draft class that I feel is fairly deep. There are a bunch of players that’ll be available on Day 2 that I feel could start for us. We’ve given up too much to try and hit on the top end talent. We trade back and play the value. 2.33 // WR Simmie Cobbs Jr., Indiana This is the pick-the-best-big-WR-pick. It could realistically be Auden Tate or Equanimeous St. Brown. If Sutton were here? Oh my. But he won’t be. And Simmie Cobbs is my favorite left of the big bunch. 3.67 // RB Ronald Jones II, USC Whoever is available between Jones or Sony Michel. One will fall. The thought of pairing Carson with a back like Jones or Michel is a very exciting one. They probably won’t be a tandem the likes of Ingram-Kamara, but it would produce especially behind our revamped line. 3.76 // DE/DT Rasheem Green, USC Guy put up the quietest 10-sack season. He’s a monster in the interior, but has size concerns. Reads a lot like a Michael Bennett’s scouting report. Here is his heir. 4.116 // CB Tarvarus McFadden, FSU We capitalize on his down year. Was talked up as a 1st-rounder a year ago, then a big dip in production -but one could say that about FSU as a whole. Fits our system perfectly. 4.119 // DT Justin Jones, NC State Fits our interior line need: a short, stocky, quick interior pusher. We’ve got enough length and run stuffers. We’ve got enough position-variation guys. Rotate him in at the 1 or 3-Tech. 5.132 // WR Javon Wims, Georgia Big fan of Wims. Could go earlier depending on testing. Has the talent, but I think he falls. Lack of production due to playing in a run-heavy offense. Has decent hands and a bit of clutch to him. Could easily challenge for a starting spot in our offense his first year. 5.137 // C/G Frank Ragnow, Arkansas Position versatile. Has good play strength and room to develop in the pass. His biggest concern is injury history. I’m also fine with taking a guy like Isaiah Wynn here, if he were available. 7.200 // QB/WR/RB Quinton Flowers, USF I’d love to make a guy like Flowers into our version of Brad Smith/Joe Webb/Denard Robinson. He’s a playmaker with the ball in his hands. He’s insurance at multiple positions. Develop him everywhere and see if he sticks. 7.222 // T/G Martez Ivey, Florida Athletic guy that struggled during his time at Florida. Take a flier and see if Solari can mold him into decent depth. UFA: K Austin MacGinnis, Kentucky ——————————————————————————— Depth Chart QB: Russell Wilson / Trevone Boykin RB: Chris Carson & Ronald Jones / Mike Davis OR C.J. Prosise FB: Tre Madden WR: Doug Baldwin & Tyler Lockett & Simmie Cobbs Jr. / Amara Barboh / Javon Wims Flex: Quinton Flowers TE: Virgil Green / Nick Vannett / Logan Thomas LT: Duane Brown / Jason Spriggs LG: Cordy Glenn / Martez Ivey C: Justin Britt / Frank Ragnow RG: Austin Pasztor OR Ethan Pocic RT: Germain Ifedi OR George Fant There’s an obvious emphasis on competition and position duality. I feel like with proper coaching, we’ve got guys who can really do it all. The right-side of the offensive line is the biggest question mark, but I’m quite the fan of Pasztor as a starter for us while being challenged by a developmental guy (Pocic, Ragnow, Ivey). I believe Ifedi or Fant will be an adequate bookend to Brown. I could even see a situation where Spriggs starts at RT on account of his talent, or maybe experimenting with sliding Ifedi inside, or Brown over to RT. We’re taking the Saints approach on offense this year: run the ball with two backs that have complimentary primary styles, by can do a bit of it all. Cobbs or Baldwin will be the one. Lockett can be our field stretcher. Wims can be our rich-man’s Brandon Coleman. ——————————————————————————— DE: Frank Clark / Courtney Upshaw NT: Jarran Reed / Mike Pennel DT: Malik McDowell OR Nazair Jones / Justin Jones DE: Michael Bennett / Rasheem Green LB: Bobby Wagner & KJ Wright / Mason Foster / Emmanuel Lamur / DJ Alexander CB: Kyle Fuller & Shaquil Griffin & Justin Coleman / Tarvarus McFadden / DeAndre Eliott / Neiko Thorpe S: Earl Thomas & Kam Chancellor & Bradley McDougald / Tedric Thompson / Delano Hill K: Austin MacGinnis P: Jon Ryan As you can probably see, I’m trying to stray from the barriers of position and base sets. We’ll play Nickel more than anything, with Kam sliding down into the box on run downs or Coleman manning the slot in passing situations. Expect guys like Naz, Upshaw and especially Green, to get a lot of playing time. I would not be surprised to see McFadden usurp Griffin for a starting spot. I’d like to give example to kinds of fun it we could have with the talent we’ve got: RACECAR / SACK ATTACK Clark - Bennett - McDowell - Green - Upshaw Wagner - Chancellor Fuller - Griffin - Coleman - Thomas RUN HEAVY Clark - Reed - Pennel - Bennett Upshaw - Wagner - Wright Fuller - McDougald - Chancellor - Griffin PLAYMAKER Bennett - Reed - McDowell - Green Clark - Wagner - Chancellor - Upshaw Fuller - Thomas - Griffin
  14. Tom Cable Out?

    If Schotty ends up being our OC.. I just hope we hit on our OL hire.