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  1. How Important is AB?

    I originally posed a similar question in another thread. I got into an argument with a friend over AB’s importance to the Steelers, and now I want to gauge the opinion of the fan base that would know best. What would the Steelers be without AB? Would the offense function fine without him? Next-man-up, sort of like the situation with Bell? JuJu seems to be a star-in-the-making, but a big part of his efficiency could be attributed to the fact that he’s not the primary threat, no? I understand the question/scenario is vague and difficult to gauge considering it’s been a while since we’ve seen the Steelers without AB. But your history of success are the skill positions, plus Big Ben’s tenure, I’m left wondering. If anyone would like to break down and detail what they think would happen without AB, what he is to the offense, please do.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    Shea Patterson = Tyrod Taylor
  3. Trade advice

    He’s a clear part of the Chargers offense already. He’s one injury away from being an RB1 imho. I’d package Ingram and Coleman for Eckler and a WR, or something. You WRs could use some help but overall your team is fine already.
  4. 2019 Quarterback Class

    I think it’s betwen Haskins and Herbert for the top spot at QB.
  5. 2019 Quarterback Class

  6. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3: 9/15/2018)

    I like that comparison. I think Lil’Jordan might be a little more aggressive as a runner but the elusiveness and quickness, body-types... Long as Lil’Jordan keeps developing as a route-runner, he could be what we wanted Cordarelle to be in the pros.
  7. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3: 9/15/2018)

    Not that it means much, but Sanders was the higher regarded prospect coming out of high school.
  8. How Important is AB?

    What would be more of a hinderance, losing Brown or Bell?
  9. How Important is AB?

    How do you think that offense would handle his absence (knock on wood it doesn’t happen)?
  10. Is Goodwin playing or what?
  11. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Agreed. Much more potential as a conventional passer. But he’s by no means a statue in the pocket.
  12. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Good point. Still, there would at least be offers. I wouldn’t be opposed to my Hawks floating a 1st your way for him. It would never happen though. His place in PIT is one I never doubted. I swear he has these sorts of outbreaks every so often. The verbiage was misconstrued by a lot of people. It was obvious that he was defending himself and not requesting a trade. Interesting question for PIT fans: I had a friend vehemently argue against Brown’s importance for the Steelers (what with the rise of JuJu and the talent of James Washington) and that Bell is more important for the offense. Were Brown to hypothetically be shipped and money made available (obviously the dead money wouldn’t allow for this to happen irl), would you be opposed to allocating that money to paying Bell? I argued against. What with bridges seemingly burned, the success of other RBs that have played in his stead, Bell’s age, touch-total and steady decline in efficiency.. it seems stupid to pay him long-term, if you’re the Steelers. I thought so when he was originally slapped with the tag this year, and even more so now.
  13. 2019 Team Needs

    Seattle: 1. OL - Everything needs to go. Britt can stay at Center if he’s healthy but everyone else... 2. CB - Griffin is a budding stud. That’s it really though. 3. WR - Lockett and 30-year old Baldwin won’t cut it. 4. S - This is assuming we trade ET. McDougald is solid. He needs a running mate for the future. 5. HC/GM - Think it’s about that time.
  14. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    Me scoring over 100 again 😉
  15. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    He had to have said that to purposefully mess with us. There’s just no way he’s that lacking in self-awareness.
  16. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    I could see some contender offering a 1st or 2nd, considering it’d be lower in the round and uh, Hall of Fame WRs don’t grow on trees. Brown, barring health, has a skill set that lasts in this league. I could see him being alright into his mid-30s (not top of the shop but still a productive player).
  17. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    He’d sit in the same space as a Cliff Avril or an Olivier Vernon. Maybe a step below great overall but he’s worth paying money, especially if he stays healthy. He’s showing that this year and has shown that when healthy in the past. Sack each game, few tackles for loss. Just from an eye test it’s obvious he’s one of our few threats on the defensive line. Perhaps Pete is aware that a playmaker at WR isn’t our biggest concern? Having a stud to throw to doesn’t matter if there’s no pocket to step into. Or the fact that Josh Gordon is a potential headache that he can’t take on. Come on that one ain’t hard to figure out. Not to mention Pete screwed the pooch with all those trades last year. If our offensive line wasn’t pathetic, that alone would open up so much for our backs and Russ. I can’t believe I’m making this argument because I very much want the Hawks to start anew. But a complete rebuild? That’s ridiculous. Give Wilson a line that can protect him and maybe he won’t have to play the way he plays. He has the arm talent. 4-5 more years isn’t out of the question. Whoever the new coach/regime is will keep and develop the pieces we have, then add as they fit. We aren’t that far away from being a decent team. We just don’t have a LoB or a Marshawn to compensate for our glaring weaknesses. We’ve never really had a good/great offensive line. As Wilson ages, that can’t be a constant. Get rid of Thomas and Wright while we can get value. Maybe even Baldwin too. Address the damn offensive line, sign/draft some decent WRs and DBs and we’d be alright. Not to make that sound easy. Like I said, our current office hasn’t been able to figure the offensive line part out for a while. Also I’d like to point out the fact we’ve had the absolute worst match-ups the first two weeks. Von Miller, Shaq Barrett, Chubb, Roby and Harris? Then Khalil Mack and the terribly underrated Bears D? They were good before Mack got there. All while Baldwin is out and our patchwork offensive line is learning to play with each other! I didn’t expect to win either of these games lol I’m just happy we competed. The situation isn’t great but we’re not as bad as the Cardinals or the other 0-2 teams.
  18. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    Rasheem and Shaquill have above-average floor with high-ish ceilings. Clark is a great player. McDougald is average. Wagner is top-3 LB. Reed and Naz are average at what they do. The other Griffin brother could be something. If we keep Wright, he’s a step below great. Address our CBs, add a talented Safety, perhaps an interior pass rusher.. our defense is not the major problem. It’s the same thing year after year man. Nearly our entire offensive line sucks and we need a playmaker at WR.
  19. Tearing It Down to Rebuild

    I’ve been saying we need to rebuild for a while. Get rid of the current high-paid players, and build around Wilson and Wagner. We have great supplemental pieces. Rasheem, Shaquill, Frank, McDougald on D... our offensive line (surprise) is still the problem. And we’re lacking a star WR. We need more than Lockett. We don’t need a complete rebuild. Trade Wright and Thomas. Get what we can. Address problem areas. Get a new OC.
  20. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    As a Seahawks fan, I envy your offensive system and your line. We’ll take Schwartz, Morse and the French Doctor off your hands.
  21. GDT: Week 3 - Cowboys at Seahawks - Winner gets Earl Thomas

    1. If you’re still offering a second? Hell yeah. 2. Striking your shin on the edge of your coffee table.
  22. Patrick Mahomes a Football Clinic

    So impressive. Really making the most out of that ideal situation. One of the most naturally gifted throwers in the league. Also really surprised at how well that line is protecting him. Is Cam Erving starting?
  23. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    He had 17 targets. It wasn’t for a lack of trying on the Steelers’ part. Part inaccurate throws, part rust perhaps. He’ll blow up this week or next, and we’ll all go about our business. He’s got that T.O. mindset. Minus the crying and add social media platforms.
  24. The SuperFlex Syndicate (Dynasty Discussion Thread)

    RB heavy baby. Also glad I took that risk on Mahomes.