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  1. You could coach for the Cowboys with that gameplan
  2. Sick of seeing passes on 3rd and 1s...I know we aren't the only team to do it but seems like we more often than not do not convert those via the pass
  3. He took himself out after 1st down. The option play was on 3rd...and he had his head slammed into the turf and a defender fall on his neck with his forearm, so he have actually been needing a medical check
  4. It has always been that way. If a player feels like he is worn out and can't give it's his all or is injured in any way, he should be able to take himself out.
  5. With TEs who can't run block out of a wet paper bag
  6. Sua Filo was holding up well but as he followed Cox he tripped over the guy Smith was blocking
  7. Smh...Wentz carhing up our D with these no name, practice squad WRs
  8. I hate when they pull off the gas pedal. Been aggressive and shutting them down all game then decide to let up and let them move the ball on you.
  9. Exactly...where has this team been? Why does it take such adversity and doubt from everyone for them to decide to play up to their talent?
  10. So you want him to just take off and let Gurley see that, adjust and be wide open? Okay
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