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  1. What about Hill? Was he not invited? Anyways....I've no idea! I knot Ruggs is supposed to be fast, but I've seen Hardman go really fast so I'll pick him.
  2. I daydream of the o-line and RB's bullying opposing defenses for a bit, and then Mahomes just picking em apart at will. Haha, I LOVE the potential this line gives- assuming the potential translates to the field!
  3. I was noticing this as well, and I love it! This seems to be the type of line I grew up watching...and old school line. This seems like the type of line that Darrell Williams could go off behind, and Clyde too, of course!
  4. I don't watch a lot of Colts games, but it seemed like Marlon Mack was finally starting to hit is stride before he got injured.
  5. He's only 23? Is his knee as bad as Todd Gurley's?
  6. I'm a chiefs fan! I'm pissed at how the bills are handling it though.
  7. Bills are starting to break....lose their cool. Bunch of pansies. I hope you get stomped next year. and the year after.
  8. Interesting. I bet he will be signed rather quickly. Speaking of Keke Coutee, I remember hoping the Chiefs would draft him since he was a big target for Mahomes in college. How's he been for you guys? I remember he was injured a bit?
  9. This is fantastic news! Bell and Helaire! We just need the O line to gel a bit and this offense will be roaring again! I am very excited to see how this plays out.
  10. Let Alex Smith play! Assuming that leg is good to go Smith is the best QB on that roster by far.
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