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  1. Cleveland should just trade Baker and all their recievers and stock up on lineman and running backs. Chubb and Hunt are fantastic.
  2. I always loved Talib! I got to see him play every home game when he was at KU. He was the best player on the field! He had a great career, and the dude is relentless! I wonder if he would consider trying coaching?
  3. Honestly I think the Chiefs should look into him.
  4. oooohhh man I can't wait for the drama!
  5. This seems like a very typical Veach signing....low risk high reward. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't. Maybe Taco works out as a good rotation player...maybe not. I personally think signings like this are fine. Fun to watch play out.
  6. I wouldn't be opposed to that.
  7. I'm loving our picks so far!
  8. This game is great! Let's go offense, let's go retake the lead!
  9. I don't think we are going to get a quality o-linemen or inside linebacker through trade. Run stuffing linemen, however, seem to be devalued currently. We may be able to pick one up much easier.
  10. I wouldn't mind trading for a dedicated run-stuffing linemen or two.
  11. What if we signed Brown, Brandon Marshal, and trade for a run a big run stuffer on the line? Or hell, two run stuffers? Sell out and stop the run. At least if other teams pass the offense could get the ball more often.
  12. Next year's first should be on the o-line.
  13. If Mahomes ankle is giving him trouble he should sit for a week. He's going to get it broken behind this line.
  14. The offense won't be back with a hobbled mahomes and an o-line that looks terrible (granted their are injuries) when mahomes can't move. The starting d-line was down to what, Frank Clark? at the end of the game? Granted its been terrible against the run so far this year. Again. For the 3-4th year in a row.
  15. To be fair I think most of the starting D-line is injured. However, this does give my dream old school run offense some validity. Good o-lines will simply wear out d lines.
  16. Yep. If teams are just gonna move at will on us might as well go down swinging.
  17. Well, the starting D-Line is not playing...
  18. I was just confused about what the hell was going on. I just saw some replays...nothing cheap. We have bad luck with injuries against the colts.
  19. Spags needs to pull out some magic. Some of the suicide 9 man blitzes from the 70s or something.
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