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  1. I’d rather trade for Mariota or go after Winston. At least with those 2 you can maybe get a Ryan Tannehill type career turnaround. These older guys are who we think they are.
  2. I don’t really value him as a top 5 QB in the NFL. I think he’s been overhyped a lot for playing on a bad team. Not to mention he has had 2 reconstructive surgeries on his knees and has a big contract. Don’t get me wrong he’d come in and be the best QB that we’ve had in a very long time. But he’s not a sure top 5 QB IMO. Hasn’t done enough against good defenses to warrant that rating.
  3. Also have my eyes on Chris Olave at our spot.
  4. That really would be hilarious.
  5. I think it would take this years first and second and next years first to get Watson. Which is a lot.
  6. I know this is unpopular opinion. But if Kyle Pitts falls past 12 I say we trade up and snag him. I think that guy is going to be special! But I’m not really on board with the trade down hype. We need playmakers on both sides of the ball when it comes to the passing game. At 19 we take the best guy available for helping the pass offense or pass defense.
  7. Honestly the potential FA class always looks amazing and then a lot of guys re-sign or get franchised, but pretending all will be available... the big names I want are Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, Malik Hooker, Campbell. Obviously not both receivers, one or the other.
  8. As bad as our defense has been today, I will say a lot of it has been bad play calling. I think DelRio has been out coached.
  9. Defense did not show up today. Honestly could be worse if Bucs didn’t drop a few. But of course, our offense plays better than expected and then our top 5 defense doesn’t show up. We need some coverage linebackers and safety’s.
  10. I’d rather go with Jameis Winston or Cam Newton. But I can see why Fitzpatrick would be a better bridge and mentor than those two. Cam would probably be a good mentor but I don’t know about Jameis.
  11. Bucs are going red on pewter which is like a silver color so not red on red. So there is a chance that we will go white jerseys with maroon pants. However, I hope we go white on white, it looks the best and is good for distinction with their colors.
  12. I’ll take the division for a difference of 9 spots. But it definitely makes it not as bad if we do lose.
  13. Now that all the games are done, does anyone have an update on where we pick if we lose and where we could potentially pick if one and done in playoffs?
  14. Man we really needed to beat Carolina, how nice would it have been to just let Smith, Gibson and McLaurin all rest for another week. Don’t be surprised if at least one of them doesn’t finish this whole game. Heinicke will need to be ready, and I don’t expect much from McLaurin.
  15. I only trade him if someone is willing to give a 3rd or 4th. If not I keep him at least one more season to play WLB or for 3 safety formations or even just depth.
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