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  1. If something like this has to happen. I’d rather have it happen when it did. Now we can get some meaningful reps to his replacements and or possibly bring someone in.
  2. This season is not the season to cut Norman. If we struggle out of the bus... maybe we can trade Norman before the deadline. Next off-season will be the time to let Norman go, free up a bunch of cap space and give the young guys another year to develop. Then we will actually have the ability to replace him either with a draft pick or free agent. I also still think that Norman can be a very valuable asset if our pass rush plays up to their potential and he can jump routes, if he's actually playing off man of course.
  3. Even the common fan knew that Norman is a better zone corner than man corner. He's almost a liability when he's playing press man. Our coaches never want to bend to their players though, it's their scheme or nothing. At least they are consistent I guess.
  4. Chauncey Gardner or Deionte Thompson

    CGJ is more complete imo. But I’d be happy with either.
  5. Draft Day Thread - Day 3

    Chauncey Gardner Johnson or Michael Jordan please. I am going to be mad if our trade back costs us either of them.
  6. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    So many different players that can help our team in the long run with this first round pick. I really hope they don’t screw it up.
  7. EaglesPeteC FF Mock Draft Results - Redskins

    As an FSU fan, I love your pick of Brian Burns. He won’t disappoint as a speed rusher that this team has been in desperate need of for a long time. Also great value and sleeper picks with Alize Mack and T.J. Edwards. Didn’t get my boy Will Grier but overall I’d be ecstatic with this draft. Well done.
  8. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Yeah I think we missed out big time, by not signing this guy.
  9. Zach Brown Released .

    Denzel Perryman resigned with the Chargers. I would've loved him too.
  10. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Hopefully they are just waiting until after June 1st or something. Maybe as insurance if we don't draft an ILB. I'd rather not have him though.
  11. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    As an FSU fan I am all for Burns. He has been a play maker for us on defense since he was a true freshman, he is a phenomenal athlete who plays stronger than his size, kind of like telvin smith.
  12. Washington Free Agency 2019

    We need guards! Quinton Spain would be a really good and young signing for LG. Or we could go with James Carpenter or Roger Saffold if we're looking for a short term fix. Either way I'd be happy, anyone but Lauovo.
  13. Washington Free Agency 2019

    Does anybody have a legit reasoning for why we have not cut Foster, Brown, McGee yet?
  14. Washington Free Agency 2019

    That is a valid point. I am not completely happy with the money, but I am not going to let the contract make me act like Landon Collins is not one of the better safeties in the league.
  15. Washington Free Agency 2019

    The Collins can not cover statement is just giants fans trying to make themselves feel good about not resigning him. I have a good amount of giants fans who watch every game and from the games I saw him play that say otherwise. Sure he is not an elite cover safety but definitely a better cover safety than D.J. He is an in the box safety but I think people are undervaluing what a great in the box safety can do. Landon Collins is a young safety who is going to be a real asset for our defense. The money is hard to look at but it will be worth it and we can make cap room by cutting the guys who do not play worth their pay.