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  1. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    For me that is an easy Devin White.
  2. Kyler Murray

    I don't want us to get Murray, I think Grier is a better fit. However I wouldn't be devastated if we did. It would already make our offense fun to watch for a year or two.
  3. Redskins release D.J. Swearinger

    I'll say it again.... Derwin James. That is all.
  4. Week 15 GDT: Redskins at Titans

    Draft a qb in round 2 or 3. Have an open competition throughout camp with Rookie, McCoy, Johnson. This way we can draft BPA in round 1. Hopefully a MLB.
  5. Coaching and GM candidates

    I would be happy with Lincoln Riley if he'd even consider it. But Vic Fangio and Jim Schwartz I would also be completely happy with. Just get Gruden and Manunsky out of there.
  6. I'm sorry but if dunny and Moreau are our top two corners next year, then don't even expect us to sniff the playoffs. I don't want Norman back, but if that's the case we need to replace him.
  7. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    While I'm never against us getting a LG. If we're picking top 10 I'm not sure there's any talent at guard worth being picked that high. I really want us to get a future QB. But I would not be mad if we went with a Devin White, Devin Bush, Clein Ferrell, Greedy Williams type player for our defense. A dominant MLB would do wonders for our Defense.
  8. Coaching and GM candidates

    As long as he doesn't back out like he did for Indy. But yeah I wouldn't mind that.
  9. Week 14: Jints

    Agree to disagree. I think Grier will be better than everyone you just named.
  10. It is pretty clear that most of us, if not all of us want a new GM. Also, most of us want a new Head Coach or at least defensive coordinator. With that being said I thought we could have a thread where we discuss replacement options for the above positions. Could also discuss what moves we think they would make with our organization. Personally I would love to see a new GM come from someone in either the Ravens department or Steelers department. At Head Coach, it is a longshot but I would like Jim Harbaugh or Jon Harbaugh. Or an option that most would probably disagree with me on... Lincoln Riley. I think that with a GM from one of those organizations we would probably stick with 3-4 and then if Lincoln Riley is chosen we would certainly draft whatever QB he hand picks in this draft in the first. If one of the harbaughs are Coach I think our first round would be BPA with a qb in a day two pick.
  11. My Way Too Early Mock Draft

    Also I know he's a late round pick so it's not a big deal... but as an FSU fan I say steer clear and far clear from Alec Eberle. He is god awful.
  12. Week 14: Jints

    Take it in the rear for Will Grier! That's my motto for the rest of the season. And hopefully Bruce Allen and at least Greg Manunsky get fired in the meantime.
  13. Week 14: Jints

    "LeTS trADe KylE FulLer BeCauSE MoraUe is BEttEr"
  14. Week 14: Jints

    This will be the first time I don't watch a skins game all the way through. Nobody on our team can play.
  15. Week 14: Jints

    Alex Smith getting hurt doesn't change the fact that our defense has terrible linebackers. Our playcalling on both sides is trash and our practices are weak. And to remind you with Alex Smith we still got blown out by teams that know how to play football and did next to nothing on offense.