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  1. So hard to react in time to know if they’re gonna slide or not.
  2. And that is why Dalton got hit last time. Never know when the QB is gonna be cheeky and not slide
  3. Kyle Trask is the QB I want. And that’s saying a lot coming from an FSU fan. But I also wouldn’t mind not taking a QB in the first this year and getting an offensive lineman or receiver instead, or Kyle Pitts.
  4. Yeah I was about to be mad if they said Curl had possession of that.
  5. Kerrigan for John Ross and a late pick? I’d prefer we just keep Kerrigan and offer a late round pick for Ross. But maybe the Bengals would want Kerrigan after trading Dunlap.
  6. Chase Young needs to have his coming out party today.
  7. Is it just me? Or did we just watch a QB play the exact same way Haskins has been playing for us. But with less arm talent?
  8. Umbaugh21

    Sam Darnold

    I would prefer going after Jameis compared to Darnold.
  9. There just has to be more to this move. I get it, Haskins failed your test last week of throwing into the endzone on 4th and goal (although not kicking the FG to make it a 2 possession game was the real mistake), but come on man he did not play a terrible game. Sure he played awfully safe and did not do anything special, but at this point we are not competing for a ring.... let Haskins play and develop more and learn the offense and take shots down field using his big arm, worst case he continues to stink it up and we draft a QB in round 1 or sign one and replace him. Kyle Allen is not the answer, a solid backup for injury purposes? ABSOLUTELY, but not the future of the franchise. It is a slap in the teams face to bench a guy who was named captain by the rest of the team. Rant aside.... there has to be something more to this, maybe Rivera had a sit down with Haskins and Haskins immaturity was on full display or there was a disagreement. Regardless as a franchise, we have handled the Haskins situation poorly ever since drafting him and you have to feel for the guy.
  10. The big things to me with Haskins is that he does not go through progressions at all, he just stares down his targeted receiver and even doing that he’s not always accurate. Missed McLaurin for an easy TD with no pressure. Missed Logan Thomas on the overthrow for a pick that changed the tone of the game completely. Over threw on an easy HB screen, these things are inexcusable and might not even be able to be fixed.
  11. This is sad, because he will always be one of the best running backs to ever play. But I understand the move, they are going with youth and more versatile running backs to fit the scheme. Which makes sense as it makes the offense less predictable. They also might be acknowledging that they want to fully test out Haskins this season and go more pass happy, so cutting AP in those regards, makes sense.
  12. Umbaugh21

    Earl Thomas

    https://www.nfl.com/news/ravens-planning-to-trade-or-release-earl-thomas I doubt he would want to come here, but any interest in Earl Thomas??
  13. Jason Wright is purely operating the business side of things. Rivera as of now still has “complete control” of football operation and player personnel.
  14. Umbaugh21


    I hate to say it.... but I do not think AP makes this team.
  15. My only concern about Haskins at this point is him potentially getting a big ego and not being a team leader. But I am definitely rooting for him big time and see all the potential for him to be a great QB. Reminds me a lot of Big Ben.
  16. Well it seems I stand alone on this “debate” haha. We will have to re visit this topic after this season and probably even the next. I’ll admit I’m bias because 1.) I played Safety and 2.) I am an FSU fan. But bias aside I still think Derwin James is a cant miss prospect and a lot of his peers in the NFL would agree with me. A big point I was trying to make is that not having that safety that can cover like a corner (DJ) has been killing us on 3rd downs. While I like Payne and think he’s had an impact, I just feel like we have good depth on the d line and that it’s an easier position to find good to great players.
  17. I know I said when we drafted Daron Payne, that it was a good pick and helped a major need, but that Derwin was the better player and we would regret it. 2 years later, we have a plethora of D-Lineman and are weak at Safety (unless Sean Davis really shows out). So I will bring it up again, did we make the right choice in passing up on a phenomenal athlete that can be rare to find for a NT that never really screamed top 5 in the league potential?? Time will still tell, but as of now... I stand where I did when we made the pick, it wasn’t a bad pick, but DJ would have been the better choice. Having Derwin and Landon at Safety while still having an interior line that boasts Allen, Ionnadis, Settle and Brantley. Not to mention the Ends we have that could slide in on pass rushing situations... I really feel like that pick is one that we missed on. But here’s to hoping that this season and from now on Payne proves me wrong.
  18. I’m all in on RedWolves, anything else and I’ll be kinda sad, just so many puns with the RedWolves name.
  19. Yeah I just saw this on ESPN. Man let’s hope that they figure something out. I need football. Fans, no fans, limited fans, doesn’t matter just football.
  20. He certainly can be the best receiver in the NFCE after this next season. He is going to need help from other players on the offense though to free him up. Because until Gibson or Harmon or someone can establish themselves as a legitimate threat, defenses will key on McLaurin and he will only be able to be successful against weaker defenses. Also keep in mind that we will be using a whole new offensive scheme this year. So there is no guarantee that McLaurin thrives in this scheme.
  21. Toss a 4th and a conditional 7th their way and call it a day!
  22. Rebels. Keep the yellow R, makes sense being in D.C. and being called the rebels, considering we did gain our independence by rebelling the British.
  23. If Manunsky was still our coordinator, I’d have no faith that our personnel would get used correctly. With Del-Rio and Rivera at the helm, I believe that they will utilize our personnel correctly, very excited to watch this defense this year. Hoping that we have a good ground game and we can be dangerous.
  24. Umbaugh21

    5-2 defense

    If we do not trade any of our D lineman before the season, do we run a 5-2 on early downs?? It would make sense to me. It utilizes our strongest position group d line and our weakest position group linebacker only have to put 2 players on the field. from left to right out d line could look like the example below. Young, Allen, Payne, Ionnadis, Sweat. With Kerrigan subbing in. Maybe in some situations even run 5 d lineman with just 1 linebacker and 3 corners. I just hope we utilize our depth at pass rusher.
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