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  1. Not a big fan of the way Alex Smith was talking in that interview. But I also don’t blame him, the man overcame a lot and faced a lot of adversity.
  2. I’m beginning to think JuJu could be a very good fit opposite of McLaurin. JuJu was at his best when he had AB on the other side.
  3. Of the top 4 qbs, I think Trey Lance is the most realistic one to fall outside the top 10. If we were able to trade up and only have to give up our first and 3rd and maybe one other late pick to get him, would you all be okay with that? Looks great as a runner but probably has a lot to learn as a passer.
  4. I am not too crazy about Darnold. On the field I see a lot of Haskins in him. Basically a more mature Haskins. Makes an amazing on the throw run one play, and then throws it right to a defender the next. Maybe in a different system he does better? But let’s not forget he also never lived up to his great freshman year in college either. So you could also say he’s very Jameis Winston like, who we could sign.
  5. With the expected upcoming WR Free agency class this offseason. I really think we should upgrade our receiving core there and use the draft for o-line, TE and linebacker, and maybe QB.
  6. Signing Jameis Winston and Chris Godwin as a pair is my reclamation project hope. But I know I am alone in this wish. I am also biased as an FSU fan.
  7. I love the guy for how he played for us. However, he has not earned the title of being “the guy” for us yet. He’s earned a roster spot and a chance to compete for sure. I would love nothing more than us bringing in another QB for cheap and Heinicke out performing him and winning the job.
  8. If last night taught us anything it’s that o line depth is extremely important. Mahomes having to run for his life against a 4 man rush every play was devastating for that offense. This is why I’m never mad when we draft o lineman. It seems as if that position is most prone to injuries at some point in the season and having solid depth goes a long way. I do still understand the desperate need for a true MLB, QB, and WR/TE.
  9. Taylor Heinicke outperformed Mahomes vs Bucs defense.
  10. If we are not going to get Deshaun Watson or trade up for a QB to be “our guy”, I think we should sign Jameis Winston and let him compete with Heinicke and Allen. I’d much rather prefer signing Jameis and having all of our picks compared to trading picks or assets for a guy like Carr or Darnold, who I don’t think are much better options than Jameis.
  11. I’d be livid if we brought back Kirk.
  12. Can’t root for my team to tank. We almost beat Tampa (who is now in the SB). So I think we made the right move by just trying to make the playoffs for the first time since 2015. I also do not think we should be trading up for any QB in this draft outside of Lawrence, which is not happening. However, if we do trade up... they better be damn sure of the guy they are moving up for, cause a miss on that pick would be detrimental to the roster build we currently have going.
  13. Thank god we didn’t do some dumb offer like that for Stafford.
  14. My 2 man crushes for free agency, pending they actually become free agents are Corey Davis and Malik Hooker.
  15. What’s everyone’s opinion on Jamie Newman? I’ve heard about Kellen Mond in the later rounds, but nothing on Newman. He has some pretty good advanced statistics and his highlights look good (granted everyone has good highlights).
  16. I feel like you could take Gibson off that list and we would still be their best offer, I could be wrong though. And man it would suck to get rid of Payne. I honestly don’t know if I would be okay with this trade. I guess one thing that’d put me at comfort with ridding of Payne is knowing that Ionnadis is coming back and having settle and then Brantley coming back. But man Payne was our best defensive player against the Bucs in playoffs.
  17. My only and final offer for Deshaun Watson: 2021 first round pick 2022 first round pick 2022 second round pick 2023 first round pick And even then I hesitate, because with our luck... he tears his acl or something in first year.
  18. I’m with Taylor made on this one, If you want to improve your running game... you improve your o-line. Doesn’t matter how talented your backs are if you can’t run block. I’d prefer a LT in the first that can help improve the run and passing game.
  19. I’d rather trade for Mariota or go after Winston. At least with those 2 you can maybe get a Ryan Tannehill type career turnaround. These older guys are who we think they are.
  20. I don’t really value him as a top 5 QB in the NFL. I think he’s been overhyped a lot for playing on a bad team. Not to mention he has had 2 reconstructive surgeries on his knees and has a big contract. Don’t get me wrong he’d come in and be the best QB that we’ve had in a very long time. But he’s not a sure top 5 QB IMO. Hasn’t done enough against good defenses to warrant that rating.
  21. Also have my eyes on Chris Olave at our spot.
  22. That really would be hilarious.
  23. I think it would take this years first and second and next years first to get Watson. Which is a lot.
  24. I know this is unpopular opinion. But if Kyle Pitts falls past 12 I say we trade up and snag him. I think that guy is going to be special! But I’m not really on board with the trade down hype. We need playmakers on both sides of the ball when it comes to the passing game. At 19 we take the best guy available for helping the pass offense or pass defense.
  25. Honestly the potential FA class always looks amazing and then a lot of guys re-sign or get franchised, but pretending all will be available... the big names I want are Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay, Malik Hooker, Campbell. Obviously not both receivers, one or the other.
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