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  1. You're lucky to even still have a team at this point. If this were any other league, you'd be given the death penalty by now.
  2. I don't know, losing a 3rd round pick for the 7th time caught cheating, and 4th time caught illegally filming, not even counting the muting headsets and stealing playbooks, pretty much amounts to a slap on the wrist to me. If this were any other league, they'd be given the death penalty by now. Hell, the NCAA would've given them the death penalty a long time ago.
  3. What movie are you watching?

    I just watched The Lighthouse on Prime Video. I never thought a low-budget drama/horror film starring just two actors in one location (okay, two locations; the outside of the titular lighthouse) could work, but dammit, it did. Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson literally steal the show with ham performances and fun AF characters in a solid descent into madness tale. It's not a movie I would rewatch or own on Blu-Ray, but it was better than it had any right to be given the limited-scale concept. I'm under the impression that most anything with Willem Dafoe is worth watching. Oh and bonus points for the black and white. I definitely look forward to seeing Pattinson as Batman (Battinson), provided he was just kidding about not working out and actually takes the role seriously (one can only hope).
  4. 4th. They got caught filming the Dolphins and Packers, too, which is why they were issued that memo in the first place. It wasn't "creating a new rule" (them filming was NEVER legal), it was reinforcing an already-existing one. They also filmed the Rams' first SB walkthrough, which they've denied, but I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell to you if you seriously believe that. Or the "we're filming a documentary" excuse for this latest round of cheating. They also had a drone fly over the Falcons' stadium during their SB walkthrough, yeah, nothing suspicious about that whatsoever.
  5. If this were the NCAA, they'd be banned from the league at this point, and stripped of all their titles. But this is the NFL where they get special treatment and have no incentive to stop anytime soon, so they won't.
  6. So they get hit with a slap on the wrist after being caught for the 7th+ time. And this is why they continue to cheat.
  7. Unpopular Opinions: Entertainment edition

    Bad Grandpa completely sucked (even the restaurant scene which a lot of people say is so hilarious; sorry, sh!t jokes aren't funny under ANY circumstances) and should be called Jackass Presents: Bad Movie. Okay, maybe that first one isn't so unpopular, but everyone talks up the restaurant skit in the movie as el oh el hilarious. Yeah, no, sh!t jokes are not, and will never be funny.
  8. DC Movie Universe

    And even then, I wouldn't put it past them to muck those up, too at some point. This is WB we're talking about here.
  9. DC Movie Universe

    So WB drop the bombshell that Ben is out as Batman in the DCEU, cast Pattinson as his replacement in a reboot, then announce Michael Keyton is returning as Batman in the same universe where Ben Affleck's Batman exists? I can't understand WB sometimes. I mean, it'd be cool seeing him play Batman again, but it doesn't make sense from a universe's/continuity standpoint. They already muddied the waters enough as it is with a reboot that has no connection to the DCEU. Now they want to give us another Batman.
  10. DC Movie Universe

    For anyone saying "it's essentially the same movie, just polished up", something like only 10% of Snyder's footage was actually used in the Whedon cut, so it's an almost entirely different film. That still doesn't necessarily mean it's any good, but it deserves a second chance as it is pretty much its own movie. It's not like the Donner Cut situation, it's practically all new footage.
  11. Unpopular Opinions: Entertainment edition

    If by "marketing", you mean conning. BW is grossly overshadowed by its fraudulent marketing, the marketing ploy was a complete fraud and the film itself was nothing special. And I know, The Conjuring movies like to play up the con artistery Warren case files as being real, but the difference is, those movies (excluding the spin-offs) are actually good and they didn't play it up hugely in the marketing like BW did.
  12. Unpopular Opinions: Entertainment edition

    I personally find The Blair Witch Project overrated and never understood the hype it gets. It only stood out because it was a big fish in a small pond: the pinnacle of shoddy 90's horror movies that came out during that time. It wasn't even the first of its kind: Cannibal Holocaust was the actual first found footage film. Cloverfield to me is the found footage king always and forever. How sad is it that I'd rather watch some teens talk about their sex/dating lives at some party than pay attention to any of the characters in The Blair Witch Con Job (because that's what it was). That's how lifeless I found the characters, or hell, the whole movie to be. And before anybody calls me a late bloomer who "wasn't around to see the hype", The Matrix is my favorite movie of all time.
  13. What movie are you watching?

    Just got my Director's Cut Blu-Ray of Fearless in the mail earlier today and just started watching it, so glad I picked this up. 10 minutes in and I'm already hooked, this movie has some of the best fighting and choreography I've ever seen. It's been over a decade since I've last seen this (I rented it from Blockbuster back when those were still around, that's how long it was), but it's holding up very well.