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  1. '' The movie looks amazing, though. We're in for a treat.
  2. Spoke too soon, LOL. And all he had to do was kick it straight.
  3. And wouldn't you know it? Tavon Young DID end up costing them the game, what a dumbass.
  4. ROFLMAO! Talk about waxes poetic. 🤣 This is why they always tell you to NEVER leave the other team bulletin board material before the game. And the sad part is: the Chiefs deleted that Tweet after getting absolutely humiliated and having egg in their face, but the Bills' Twitter had it screencapped, so it didn't matter.
  5. LOL, the Bills Twitter trolling the Chiefs hard: Priceless. And what's funny(er?) is: KC's Twitter actually deleted that Tweet after getting humiliated, but the Bills Twitter had it screencapped, so it didn't matter.
  6. Who would've thought the Giants and Cowpokes would be a lot more fun and competitive than Raiders-Care Bears?
  7. Don't matter if he's missed 3 straight FGs and an EP, Crosby WILL come through in clutch time given the chance from Rodg. It's his crowning jewel.
  8. No matter what happens, we just choke. Par for the course.
  9. Tails never fails, except when we're about to pull off the choke of chokes (next to 25-3).
  10. Who knew that missed EPA would come back to bite us in the ***?
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