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  1. What movie are you watching?

    I saw the new Child's Play on Friday. It was okay(ish), it had some interesting and new ideas and brought a few laughs and Aubrey Plaza is nice to look at, but some of the character scenes were dull. Some of the character choices in this movie are headscratchingly dumb. One major beef I had, in the film's opening sequence no less: Also, I must warn you in advance: this movie is quite graphic and gory. It's not your usual Chucky stabbing people like before, they take the violence to a whole new level in this one. Some of the death scenes are just flat out NASTY! Not quite as bad as Saw (3-onwards, anyway), but definitely not for the squeamish. I also watched the original Carrie yesterday. It's insane how much the 2013 remake copies the original, almost shot for shot, except for the rightfully more gritty prom scene. I know they were limited due to SFX/budget constraints for its time, but there's no way anyone should've made it out of the school alive, all things considered. That's one thing the remake got right, even if virtually everything else is a copy of the original.
  2. DC Movie Universe

    Pretty much this. I'm not one to advocate for R ratings just for the sake of it (I already said Star Trek's supposed R rating makes no sense) nor will it guarantee a good film, but for a movie like this, your best bet is to go all out.
  3. What movie are you watching?

    With all due respect, that's like deciding who the most sane schizophrenic is.
  4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    It's probably Punisher then and/or Moon Knight.
  5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    I wonder who'll be the Marvel Knights character(s). Ghost Rider? Punisher?
  6. DC Movie Universe

    After Wonder Woman and Aquaman (haven't seen Shazam yet), I have SOME degree of optimism for an R-rated Joker, but then the other part of my brain still can't forget them fudging up 4 films in a row and keep those expectations in check. They seem to have hit their stride with standalone movies that aren't made with crossovers in mind, so I'm leaning on the side of optimism for this, but you can never put it past WB to eff up any one of their films after MoS/BvS/Suicide Squad/Justice League, especially since, when they finally start getting things right, they proceed to follow it up by doing something stupid again like announcing a TRENCH movie and potentially rebooting Batman for the THIRD time with years of backstory left to tell on the current iteration and a younger actor conveniently replacing Affleck. Oh, and the rumored Joker plot twist, which I'm sure you've all read about and facepalmed yourself at by now.
  7. Saints sign WR Rishard Matthews

    If the Saints can't keep him in check, he's as good as done in the NFL.
  8. DC Movie Universe

    It's no guarantee that the movie will be any good, to be sure, but it has the POTENTIAL for a better film with this news. A lack of PG-13 limitations for a dark, gritty film like this allows them to really drive the Joker's descent into madness story home and tell the best story possible, if put in the right hands. Look at how good Logan turned out to be after they took the restraints off the character, it's by far the best Wolverine movie, and many will argue that it WAS a better film for it. Same with Deadpool, look how far they were able to push that, and how good it was as a result when it was allowed to be R, much like its comic book counterpart, against the wishes of Fox, no less (Fox originally wanted a PG-13 rating, Ryan Reynolds said no and pushed for an R, which they eventually caved and is the reason we're even having this conversation right now). This vid is a great watch on the matter, it proves how watering down films slated to be R can and has ruined a good number of them (Star Trek is a whole different ballgame as that's a franchise that's pretty much tailor-made to be PG-13): Hell, Origins: Wolverine was originally conceived as a gritty R-rated Weapon X story with the writer from GoT attached, which they canned and started fresh with a new writer and, of course, a PG-13 rating. I get why they did that, but it was a complete mess. The R-rated Weapon X movie couldn't have possibly been any worse than the PG-13 film we actually got. Of course, it's meaningless if you don't have a vision or utilize the extra creative freedom an R rating gives you. The only things that had to be removed from Terminator: Salvation to avoid an R were some fairly modest side-boob shots and a screwdriver stabbing scene, which means it was never gonna be that violent or gritty to begin with, hence why the R-rated Director's Cut is only 3 minutes longer. And AVP:R had a B-movie script with action scenes so dark you couldn't even SEE the added violence/gore.
  9. DC Movie Universe

    Joaquin Phoenix Joker film is officially rated R. We kinda knew this was coming seeing how Todd Phillips has exclusively directed R-rated films and it touches on Joker's dark origin, but I'm on board because this means we get to see the Joker in all his menacing glory. This is a movie where I feel an R rating is actually warranted, unlike the (rumored?) Tarantino Star Trek film, which is supposedly going R just for the sake of it.
  10. E3 2019 discussion

    Wow, Konami brings back a beloved franchise, only to once again kill it. A Contra game that looks and plays nothing like Contra, with hideous graphics and a PANDA BEAR as a playable character? You can't make this ish up. This is the same company that somehow f'ed up Bomberman with a mediocre game on the Switch and the godawful disgrace of a Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Zombies, I mean Survive, and cancelled the hyped-to-the-moon Silent Hills, which was simply unforgivable, so what the hell should I expect from Konami but absolute crap in the year 2019?
  11. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (06/07/19)

    Especially as a first-time director, though like Fant4ish and the new Hellboy, it was probably another case of it being beyond saving with all the pre-production shenanigans, especially since Fox knew this was their swan song for their own X-Men universe. They stopped caring because they're given no reason to at this point.
  12. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (06/07/19)

    He also wrote Fant4****, and xXX: State of the Union and Jumper before that, which was my argumentation at the time for why he's not infallible and it would still end up being the colossal trainwreck all the well-documented production problems led us to believe, and I was right. Boy was I ever, it sucked heavily. It's by far the worst Fox Marvel film and one of the worst CBMs ever made. Literally everything about it was godawful. That said, Dark Phoenix was suffering from similar production issues, so I'm not sure you can lay all the blame squarely at his feet for that, either.
  13. Official 2018-2019 NHL Thread

    So proud of the Blues! 1st-time Stanley Cup winners in back-to-back years, unreal. Historic moment. I had a sick feeling the Blues would choke game 7 after getting blown out at home again and giving the momentum back to the Bruins with the Cup in their arena, glad it didn't happen. Also F Boston. Seeing them lose a championship never gets old.
  14. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    It depends on what kind of R-rated Star Trek he brings. If it's simply a darker-in-tone R, then I guess it could work without feeling "tacked on". If it's increased violence/gore, then it's just violence/gore for the sake of violent/gory. Just like you can't remove violence in Terminator/Die Hard/RoboCop/Alien/Predator/zombie films without it feeling watered-down, I just don't see how you can rack up the violence in Star Trek to R-rated levels without it feeling excessive. And if he just throws in a ton of F bombs, then it's needless swearing that's never been in any Star Trek film or show. This.
  15. Movies & TV News/Buzz Thread

    This is bound to turn some heads: WTF man? As someone who wholeheartedly believes that some franchises should not be anything less than R (Alien, Predator, RoboCop,Terminator, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, etc.), this is BS. Films should have a point and purpose for being R-rated, not be edgy just for the sake of edgy. Star Trek was never an R-rated franchise. How Paramount greenlit this ish (and they DID agree to an R-rated Star Trek from QT) is beyond me. Do they suddenly not care about $$$? If I was Paramount, I'd say hell no and find a new director. Then again, this IS the same studio who thought making a PG-13 zombie movie (!) was a stellar idea. As somebody who harped on them for it back then, it'd be hypocritical of me to praise them now.