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  1. WB strikes again: I get The Trench, I and many others have said how ridiculous such a concept is for a movie even with James Wan at the helm, but New Gods? There goes our only hope of seeing a live-action Darkseid in more than just a cameo. They're really starting to give Sony a run for their money at this point.
  2. He also wrote Dawn of the Dead remake, so that counts, I guess?
  3. Not with James Gunn at the helm. But yeah:
  4. The problem isn't that he isn't an upgrade over our then-current CB2, the problem is that it doesn't upgrade last year's CB2 when the same money perhaps could have on a guy like Breeland (who has experience in the system to boot), Bouye, Butler, Hayward, Veret, Sherman (?), etc.
  5. Why didn't we make a move at Breeland? He has history in this system and he's still an effective stop gap opposite Jaire and shouldn't be too pricey.
  6. They're reportedly looking to do just that. Why they didn't jump on it sooner at the start of free agency is anyone's guess. Surely it'll contain voidable years so they can move on from him in a few years if they see fit?
  7. >Sees Snyder Cut having major success. >Says Ayer Cut isn't happening. >Says SnyderVerse isn't continuing fresh off the hype and Darkseid cliffhanger. Because, of course WB did. But then again, doesn't this more or less confirm what I said about the Snyder Cut not being canon and it's basically just a "proof of concept" cut? Because how can it possibly be (and BTW, "should be canon" and "IS canon" are two completely different things) if Darkseid is never seen or heard from again in any future DCEU films? Or the Justice League as a whole for that matter?
  8. I just finished the last hour of the Snyder Cut I nefariously put off watching until today... holy cow. I'm here to tell you, this movie was worth all the hype and WB bending over backwards to let Snyder show HIS vision, it was f*cking amazing, FAR better than the Frankensteined Josstice League. The reshot scenes from Josstice League (meaning Snyder's original footage) have much more context and meaning, Stepphenwolf actually comes across as a menacing villain to give a sh!t about with motivations that are actually developed this time around, the JL members come together much better and are mu
  9. I'm almost an hour in and it's already a marked improvement on the original. The WW hostage scene alone was done MUCH better in ZSJL, it's almost like reshoots add a whole new context or something. I remember being scoffed at when I said there'd be notable differences in Whedon's repurposed (read: butchered) version.
  10. Here's the Stallone version of Judge Dredd's "I am the law" speech (try not to laugh): ROFLMAO, kinda hard not to laugh at Sly's line delivery. Anyways, I finally got around to watching the first How to Train Your Dragon movie. I don't watch a lot of animated films and even fewer that aren't based on comic book properties, but I had a blast watching it. I'm here to tell you, it's as great as everyone says it is, a treat for viewers of all ages. The animation is top notch, which looked even more dazzling in 4K, but the story is what really grabbed me from start to finish. T
  11. So we'll soon be seeing the return of this awesome intro theme? 😲:
  12. Me, too, I wish it nothing but the best. I'm all for seeing director's unimpeded visions brought to life, though admittedly, this wouldn't have been the version brought to theaters had they stuck with Snyder, being a 4 hour R-rated cut and all. I don't even wholly blame Whedon for the mess that was Josstice League, having to repurpose somebody else's work halfway through production is naturally going to leave it feeling uneven and something of a mess when all was said and done. He's got far bigger issues on his hands, namely being a garbage human.
  13. 'Cause they would totally sabotage a movie they bent over backwards for and spent $70 mil to make just to spite Snyder under Tom and Jerry, of all things. 🙄 No, I totally think these dummies did it by accident. WB has shown time and again they're not very bright: Bungled the DCEU with fail after fail. Wouldn't let Gotham use Joker because "it would be too confusing for audiences" despite the fact that they already have multiple Batmen running across both their film and TV universes and two big screen versions of Joker existing at the same time. Made the AAA Suicide Squad
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