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  1. I just rewatched my Blade DVD for the first time in ages, it's a fun throwback to 90's comic book films when they started to rebound following the abomination that was Batman & Robin. The opening action scene still holds up great to this day and I loved the dynamic between Blade and Whistler in this one. I feel they had better chemistry in the first movie than in Blade II, which I also loved. And I especially love Wesley Snipes' "motherf*cker's trying to ice skate uphill" line at the end, always a zinger. Oh and it actually did a black superhero justice, unlike the godawful Spawn movie that came out a year earlier. Who would've thought an adaptation of the hottest-selling comic at the time would be complete ish and a no-name property like Blade would actually be good and usher in the CBM heyday we see today? Ironically, New Line did both films.
  2. Told ya they'd go down and score in no time. And 3 straight 2 point conversions. Shocking.
  3. They'll go down and score a TD in a minute, so it doesn't really matter.
  4. Aww man, Lazard could've been gone if only he stood on his feet. Aw well, I'll take it.
  5. 3rd time's the charm. And a free play from ARodg! You BETTER not F that up.
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