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  1. Latest Broncos rumors.

    This is certainly true. You could argue that he's been in the league long enough to know the vast majority of play concepts. However, you could also argue that he won't have any legup with the verbage of the plays, and he doesn't have the physical ability at this point in his career to just go out and make plays on a limited playbook like Josh Gordon can do.
  2. Latest Broncos rumors.

    I know it sucks to trade a guy who's done so much for us, but it's a business. There isn't a (well run) team in the NFL that wouldn't do the same thing. The main issue will be if we don't trade DT and he's stuck on the team for the rest of the year. Regardless of how good of a pro you are, that is going to have an affect on your morale. I could see a team offering a really low pick for DT as basically a 8 game rental. It would have to be a playoff team; Carolina perhaps? I don't see a team giving up anything for Marshall. He carries a dead cap that frankly, isn't worth the production you would get from him even as a rental.
  3. Latest Broncos rumors.

    La Canfora has absolutely no sources in Denver. He's done nothing but slate Elway for the past 5 years; he's just speculating. Sure, teams might be calling, but it will take a huge offer for us to get rid of a player of Harris' ability on a contract that cheap. Klis is saying that DT and Brandon Marshall are available for trade and both of these make total sense. Most of us have said these two will be cut in the Summer, so why not trade them? Rapoport is saying that teams were hoping we'd get beat by Arizona so that Bradley Roby would be available. Still, I wouldn't be surprised to see him get traded either. Barring a massive turnaround in the 2nd half of the season, he's not going to get a big deal from us.
  4. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals

    Well, I said pregame that I hadn't seen much of the Cardinals. After that, I won't be in a rush to again ... My days are they bad. Is it bad that my first thought when we ran that Sanders throwing play was, "why are we doing that in this game as opposed to earlier in the year when it may have mattered?" Still, it was a nice play and a hell of a catch. Overall I really don't know what to take from this game on Offense. The Defense had it won for them anyway. I thought the DL played well early which was important. Zach Kerr and Peko seemed to stand out on the interior, which has been an issue since the Chiefs game. It's always great to see your team blow someone out, but it appears my thoughts are the same as most of you in that it barely even counts against an opponent so poor.
  5. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    2nd Quarter Notes - Massive gain for Gurley on the 1st play of the Quarter. Threat of Woods in motion at the snap of the ball causes hesitation from Ray at DE in our Nickel and Davis at LB. Creates a huge gap for Gurley to cut back into. We then proceed to miss 3 tackles - Rams run the same play but to the other side the next play. It’s another well blocked play, Stewart comes in to make the play but still a 4 yard gain - Missed tackle by Barrett turns a no gain play into 10 yards - People just don’t seem to go backwards when Marshall hits them anymore. Am I the only one who thinks this? - A flat out terrible defensive fill read by Davis on the Gurley TD on 4th and 1. He reads the hole as being the pile of people on the floor, rather than the B gap to the left. Davis would’ve had a chance to make this play had he read the gap right - Didn’t agree with the DPI call on Peters at the time (the fluttering ball one), and I don’t now. It’s a 3 route play and none of them are remotely open. Lucky to not be sacked or then intercepted. I swear sometimes I missing something with blocking assignments. Rams are in their base 3-4 with Brockers at LE, Westbrooks at NT, and Donald at RE. We decide to double Westbrooks with Garcia (RG) and Paradis leaving Donald 1v1 with Leary, who he subsequently wrecks. WHY is someone not sliding the protection to double Donald? Christ. - Nice peel to the 2nd level by Turner for a big gainer on the ground - I actually think the hold against Bolles is a tad unfortunate, to be honest. He’s in decent control and when Brockers goes to turn, he needs to release from the chest and he doesn’t. Aaron Donald had beaten Garcia within a second anyway, as we decided to double Suh rather than Donald. Absolute madness - Case doesn’t spot a wide open Brian Parker (I know) on the next play. Tries Lindsay on a slant from the slot but the Ramsa re all over it - Hold on Garcia. And why? Because we left him 1v1 with Donald again - Rams run the same play they ran twice in a row earlier, but this time they hand it off to the motion WR. The base of this Offense is so simple, but the different plays they run from the same looks make it so difficult to defend - Shelby Harris with maybe the first interior pressure of the game for us - Rams then run the same play AGAIN, but this time they run play action out of it. That’s the same alignment and same blocking scheme with 4 different plays. Amazing. We actually get a sack, though. Simmons doesn’t a great job as the deep Safety in splitting the two routes that are ran and it’s Bradley Chubb who destroys a double team that forces the eventual sack by Miller and Stewart - Bolles fails to get his man on the floor for an attempted to slot screen to Sanders. Case does well to save the play - Case running for his life here in the 2 minute drill. Donald 1v1 vs Leary. ZzZ - Nice block by Hamilton to spring Lindsay on the WR screen (Lindsay motioned out) - The level of incompetence is actually hysterical now. This time we actually do go to double Donald, but the play action is inexplicably coming from the side Donald is on, thus when Paradis goes to double Donald, he runs into Booker and can’t get to Donald ………….. Leary is playing with outside leverage because he thinks he has help to the inside, hence Donald getting in on Case to the inside. It’s a simple read for Case – if Donald is on the same side as the RB for that play, MOTION HIM TO THE OTHER SIDE - Sods law that when we do get it right upfront (by doubling Donald), there’s nobody open downfield. And the same thing happens the next play. Can’t blame Case or the OL for how that drive stuttered. Poor play design and good Defense by the Rams on the back end - THIS is Musgrave’s play call on 4th and 3. One player looking back for the ball. One. On 4th and 3. Why are 3 guys running routes of over 15 yards when it’s 4th and 3 and you’re playing Wade Phillips? You KNOW he’s going to blitz. Atrocious call - It’s Shane Ray who gifts Chubb his 2nd sack in 2 plays, but it’s the play that Ray hurt himself and it’s a dirty play by Saffold. He’s beaten like a drum and he pulls Ray down in a really awkward way
  6. Raiders cut Derrick Johnson LB

    I think what is actually crazy is how Bowman managed to get the 49ers to cut him in 2017. He earned $11 million in that year (despite being pretty poor), whilst the 49ers took a dead cap hit of $9 million in 2017 and $4.7 million this year to cut him during 2017. That is either a significant sign of respect to grant the wish of a player by the 49ers, a reflection on how poor he had become as a player, or the fact that the 49ers are spending so little of their cap that it doesn't matter (probably a combination of the 3).
  7. Tyreek Hill

    I actually think his hands are above average at best to be honest. He's just so explosive and a quick twitch route runner so he creates separation to have a lot of uncontested catches. I've never seen a player with his quick twitch speed but also a nouse for the game. Trindon Holliday could run a straight line as quick, but he had no feel for the game on Offense (and he was smaller). Combine that with how quick he gets out of his routes, he doesn't need to be a contested catch type player. He's destroyed Denver many times in his short career, and I imagine there will be plenty more. Sigh.
  8. GDT: Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals

    Great job on the write up, @Broncofan I would say Arizona is the team I've seen the least of in the last 2 years in the NFL. They tend to play late Sunday games like us, so I can't watch them live and they rarely get primetime games because, well, they haven't been good (like us too). It's a pretty obvious observation, but I am intrigued to see what adjustments we make in our Nickel Run Defense where we've been torched not just this year, but at times last year too. Johnson is excellent on the zone stretch plays that we got killed with against the Rams. That said, from what I have seen thus far in all 22, it appears we played our Nickel against 11 personnel but without playing an 8 man or even 7 man box. This is clearly a biproduct of Brandin Cooks; you don't want to bring your Safeties down into the box because of the fear that Cooks will get deep beyond your single high Safety (or none if we go with an 8 man box in our Nickel). I would expect to see our base Nickel Defense on 1st and 2nd down to be a 7 man box with one of the Safeties coming down. Who that Safety will be is an interesting point. Stewart has the better instincts and before this year, was the better tackler. However, Simmons has the better range to get back from the box and play the deep half if it's a pass. I can't make a score prediction because I really know nothing about this Arizona team. What I do know is Vance is in a no win situation with the game. Win, and it's a win against (from all accounts) a poor side. Lose, and he could well be out of a job.
  9. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Totally forgot we're playing tomorrow. Highly doubt I am going to be able to get any more than the 2nd quarter analysis done before the Arizona game. I suppose I will have 10 days to do them both afterwards ....
  10. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    1st Quarter Notes - Suh and Donald already causing havoc on the first 2 plays we run. 2 runs, 3 yards. Paradis got tossed aside like a ragdoll by Suh on the 2nd play - On 3rd and 7, Case fails to see a wide open Sutton because he can’t see over the onrushing DE (who beat a chip from Heuerman and a ‘block’ from Bolles). Aaron Donald also pushes Garcia right back into Case - Goff had a widddddde open Kupp right down the middle of the field on their 1st play. Brandon Marshall just ran straight into CHJ, leaving Kupp with nobody within 10 yards of him. Downside of a predetermined read Offense like McVay’s; you don’t come off your #1 and #2 read very often - Perfect Cover 1 beat dialled up by McVay on 1st down, knowing we’d be in Cover 1. They have Woods run a deep hook across the keep Simmons in the middle of the field, with Cooks running a post route behind it. That’s a really tough cover for Simmons, but he’s got to stay behind the deep route and come off Woods entirely - On 3rd and 6 on our 8 yard line, we bracketed Everett (TE) with Parks underneath and Simmons on top, whilst also bracketing Kupp with Marshall underneath and Stewart over the top. Left Roby 1v1 vs Cooks at RCB, CHJ 1v1 vs Woods in the slot and Brock 1v1 vs Gurley at LCB. Pass was incomplete forcing to Everett. Decent inside push by Wolfe and Gotsis - We open our 2nd series with 12 personnel and the two WR are Sutton and Hamilton, both aligned to the same side. We motion Lindsay out of the backfield to their side and throw a screen to Lindsay. Pretty poor play recognition from the Rams to not sniff that out - Donald simply abusing Garcia already - Brockers beats Turner to the inside the stuff the run - We’re doubling Suh on every pass play and leaving Donald 1v1 against Garcia. It hasn’t worked yet. Am I missing something here? - Lovely punt by Wadman – 52 yards with no chance of return - Rams WR motion causing havoc for our Nickel run Defense. Woods motions from the left of the formation. CHJ, for some reason I don’t know, gestures to Tood Davis to follow Woods. This basically means we’ve replaced Davis with CHJ in the meat of our Defense. Gurley goes for 25 yards up the gut - Simple curl route from Woods goes for 35 yards. Roby struggles working through the traffic, with 3 WRs being stacked to the left of the formation. He then takes a horrendous angle to make a 10 yard gain a 35 yard one - Zach Kerr with great recognition of the zone run and gets vertical, but his arm tackle misses Gurley and a 4 yard loss turns into a 5 yard gain - That’s a hell of a throw by Case to Sanders for the near TD, but it’s a predetermined deep shot. Technically, there is a Safety help but the Safety shows no respect to either Sanders’ ability to run deep or Case’s ability to throw deep (or both) - Our OL is getting mullered in the run game. Look at where Donald pushes Turner to on this play; he pushes him 5 yards sideways and it isn’t a zone run … - 3rd down and Case can’t see a wide open Heuerman for a 1st down. Sorry, but you’re staring straight at him Case. Throw the ball. Pass pro is good as you can expect in this area of the field
  11. When VJ gets fired

    I agree that getting young guys minutes is the best thing for the team on paper, but the reality is the vast majority of our team won't like it. These players, every single game, are playing for their livelihoods. Every snap they are auditioning for their next job (which comes very, very quick for most). Anyone who thinks that a veteran is going to help coach and progress a young guy taking his place (regardless of whether we're out of playoff contention or not) is kidding themselves. I bet 1 out 10 veterans would do that, and that would only be a vet who has earned a lot of money over his career. In addition, the Coaches in charge (albeit temporarily) are auditioning for their next gig too. Do you think they want to go out and get smashed by 30 points because they played a bunch of kids? It just doesn't happen. These kids have got to earn their playing time in the eyes of the team. That way, when they do play, it's understood by everyone in the building rather than just trying to appease fans who think this is a Madden computer game. Obviously the notable name is Chad Kelly. Well, I think most if not all in the building would understand him being given a chance due to the poor play of the current starter.
  12. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Obviously our run Defense is a mess. This week was a lot more concerning than last week, where we gave up absolutely massive chunk plays on missed tackles and poor contain. This week, it seemed every single run went for at least 7 yards. Our interior DL just kept going East and West on those zone runs from 11 personnel; any Bronco fan should know (having ran them nonestop the entire Shanahan era) that you don't go East and West vs a zone run - you have to get vertical to force the RB into his cut, rather than letting him choose it. That's where having a game wrecking DT (3-4 DE in our base) is vital. People will, and have, pointed the finger at Davis and Marshall but when the LOS gets reset 2 yards beyond the actual LOS within a second of the ball being snapped, it's rather difficult to play LB in the NFL. You have to give the Rams OL and of course Gurley praise; they are excellent on those stretch zones. Case was terrible. I am sorry, but that 2nd half is irrelevant in my eyes. Whey do we have to be down 17 points for him to start throwing deep, sideline passes that our guys actually have a chance of making a play on the ball? Sometimes I think NFL teams overcomplicate the game. If a team is playing a lot of Cover 1, just run go routes across the board and launch it deep to the side of the field that the deep Safety can't get to. As soon as we did that, we started getting chunk plays either via a catch or a penalty. But that said, it was that 3rd down pass to Heuerman that genuinely made me angry. You have a guy who is 6ft 5 being covered by a 5ft 9 corner in a ton of space and Case throws it 5 feet over his head. GIVE. THE. GUY. A. CHANCE. The mentality of, "well it's now a one score game" just about sums up the mentality of this Coaching staff. Did anyone really doubt that the Rams were going to march up the field the next drive for a FG to make it a 2 score game again? Score the TD, hold them to a FG and you've (somehow) got a drive to potentially go and win the game. But no, we take the safe option of basically just throwing it away and taking the FG. Pathetic. Forgetting the yardage totals, our Defense did fantastic to hold this team to 23 points. If you'd have told me that before the game I wouldn't have believed you. It's just a shame our QB gives us no chance to win against any team other than teams that s n a t c h defeat from the jaws of victory like the Raiders.
  13. Looking Ahead - Keep/Cut

    Torn Achilles for Leary, meaning he is basically a nailed on cut.
  14. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    Seam route, your #3 TE double covered and that's where you go with the ball ... Time for the bench now.
  15. Game Day Thread: Rams @ Broncos

    He was being evaluated for a concussion so I guess that makes sense. He's been cleared. Fair play to the Defense for knuckling down, but they will give up when they realise this Offense just can't get us back in the game. Repeat of last year.