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  1. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    I think a lot of it is just wanting to start afresh culturally. I love Wolfe - he speaks his mind, but him and Chris Harris were constantly trying to compare our new team to the Superbowl team. It's a new team, new guys, new culture. Hope Wolfe has a great year; I think he's a great fit in Baltimore.
  2. Free Agent Frenzy

    I love CHJ and Wolfe but sometimes it got a bit boring hearing them compare our culture to the Superbowl team. It's a new team and it needs a new identity. I think starting afresh is a good thing, frankly.
  3. Free Agent Frenzy

    Wish him the best of luck. He's one tough SOB and I think he could do really well in Baltimore. He's really well suited to that city and that team.
  4. Ravens sign DE Derek Wolfe

    What has control got to do with anything? How many injury prone players suffer their injuries due to things inside of their control? Wolfe has had numerous ailments but neck issues are the most concerning for sure, including surgery in early 2018 I think. They resurfaced again last year but he soldiered on.
  5. Ravens sign DE Derek Wolfe

    If he can stay healthy then he's definitely still capable of contributing. The problem is that he hasn't shown he can stay healthy for a very long time. Should help that he's joining a much stronger rotation than he's had in Denver since we won a Superbowl.
  6. Free Agent Frenzy

    Someone in NFL circles is going to have to explain this one to me ...
  7. Shelby Harris re-signs with the Broncos

    Lead the league in pass deflections for Defensive Lineman last year. Spotrac believed his open market value was $12m a year. Surprised you haven't heard of him, tbh.
  8. FFMD ll 20’ - Denver Broncos Front Office

    WR ILB 3-4 DE (x2) CB OT C OLB The only positions I would say that are off the cards in the first 2 rounds would be QB, RB, G, TE, S and OLB. Anything else could be justified, really (excluding position value, i.e Punter).
  9. Free Agent Frenzy

    I said last year that with our extra cap room, we should be using this on extending guys who we know are going to stick with front loaded contracts. Shelby Harris was a perfect example last offseason; I bet we could've got him on something like 4 years, $20m with say $13m guaranteed. We didn't and have now paid the price. Why not use our space to get Simmons extended? I was surprised we didn't extend Purcell too beyond a 1 year RFA deal.
  10. Signed: DB Will Parks

    He just wasn't getting a look in for us. Kareem Jackson and Justin Simmons is a top level combination and we started to move away from the 3 Safety packages we used early in the year. I will be rooting for him. Great teammate.
  11. Free Agent Frenzy

    Did he roast us in a preseason game? Or was that someone else?
  12. Free Agent Frenzy

    Committed, good tackler, tough, will learn the Defense and the definition of a team player. He's small and pretty slow for a DB so that's why he can struggle in man coverage. He's a great signing at that price. One of my favourite players to root for and he loves his home town.
  13. Free Agent Frenzy

    Wow, Will Parks only got a 1 year, $1.6m deal. Apparently he turned down better offers to play in Philly but still - can't help but feel he's worth more than that. Going to miss him for sure.
  14. Free Agent Frenzy

    Would LOVE for us to go after Everson Griffen. His versatility and length is something we desperately could do with. He could almost certainly be had on a 2 year deal and if we don't go after him, I'm going to point back to the Gordon signing I'm afraid. You will not be able to convince me that Griffen on $8m would not do more for this team than Gordon would.
  15. Free Agent Frenzy

    You can get good around the goal line for 500k a year in the mid rounds of the draft. He has to be elite in pass pro and elite as a receiver to be worth that money. These are traits that rookies can't offer.