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  1. Meh, Nuggets on a back to back with their top 4 Guards out (Murray, Barton, Morris, Dozier) and still had a legit shot to beat a high class team. Nuggets were rolling with a lineup of Marcus Howard, Bol Bol, Cancar, Shaq Harrison and McGee to start the 4th. That's the lineup we finish blowouts with. Nuggets need to just accept the #4 seed, get healthy and try to roll in the playoffs.
  2. Soon as that 3 went up on the resulting Jazz possession, I was like, "nah, not going on twitter for a day"
  3. That Nuggets-Jazz game was awesome. Some high quality Offense, especially given the injuries to both teams. Bojan was just ridiculous. Thought Jokic should have perhaps been more aggressive scoring, especially given his efficiency, but I suppose when he did try to get aggressive he got his soul taken by Rudy. Really enjoyed the game either way.
  4. Champ was so good, man. I think people are actually wrong when they talk about his technique being textbook - it was probably the opposite. That sideways running style with him peeking the QB was just crazy. To not backpedal square to your WR relies on 99th percentile athleticism; safe to say Champ had that. Simply amazing player.
  5. Love seeing the RJ Hampton noise coming out of Orlando. Sucked we had to offload him in the Gordon trade. Great talent but seemed a great kid too. Gordon struggling Offensively (big time) in Denver. He's had stellar Defensive games, and our record is insane since he joined us, but he's got to start scoring more points if we are to do anything in the playoffs.
  6. FWIW - Albright is saying there is no chance of Risner going to RT. Have to assume it's going to be Anderson vs a vet. You have all mentioned the names being thrown out - Dotson, Massie, Leno, Wagner, etc. None are particularly great.
  7. Yeesh. If we ignore circumstance, this has to be one of the worst Bronco FA signings ever, no? He's earned a fortune and played like 2 games.
  8. Any Pistons fans around this forum? How has Grant played in the 2nd half of the season? Heard a lot of noise in the 1st half, not so much of late
  9. The lack of interior DL on the roster is a big concern for me. Shout-out to 101 who called the lack of top end IDL talent. Look forward to seeing the young lads in preseason
  10. Sporting institutions being pillars of communities is something you can't relate to as an American, but it means a lot here. Even if corporate greed tries everything possible to rid us of it.
  11. This twitter thread covers everything every (sane) United fan is trying to achieve with the protests. I would highly recommend you have a read if this topic is of interest. The morons, which are part of every protest, are such a small minority and cannot detract from the message of the protests despite the best efforts of the British media.
  12. You are acting like I am saying the refs cost the game. They didn't. But the call, and the embarrassing flop by the 6ft 10 Davis from a flick from the 5ft 9 Campazzo, was awful. For the record - I am not arsed whatsoever about want you "want" to hear 😁 I am not underestimating the Defense at all. They were a massive part in MPJ not getting going, and as you say, making Jokic (by his standards) inefficient. That is my point about the concerns around playoff opposition, the fact that we will be playing better Defenses and therefore it isn't realistic to expect MPJ and Jokic to
  13. I don't know what was worse - the absolutely abysmal call against Facu that would've cut the lead to 1, or the fact Malone didn't challenge it. There is 2 mins left in the game, man. What are you saving the challenge for? I think that game highlighted what scares Nuggets fans the most. If MPJ isn't scoring like he wasn't in the first 3 quarters, we are in big trouble, especially without Will Barton who can at least get hot on occasions. That isn't a criticism of Mike - he's been amazing since Jamal got injured. But in a playoff series against high quality opposition, the fear is the lack
  14. I always like going for 5 star recruits that didn't pan out in College with day 3 picks. Lots of things can happen to stunt production at College. Not a full proof plan, obviously, but usually they are high reward picks.
  15. I only watched the first half of the Suns-Jazz game. Suns absolutely killed the Jazz with mid-range jumpers. Don't know why they didn't at least try trapping or at least something besides going over/under the screens.
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