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  1. Broncos extend FB Andy Janovich (3 years, $5.7M)

    Great deal. Brilliant piece on Offense and our best specials teams player. I can't wait for us to run 'leak', like the Packers did against us. FB goes to run block, the LB comes downhill and the FB leaks out.
  2. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Final notes from the 1st half: - Wilkinson got smoked by Bosa on that incomplete pass that lead to holding against the Chargers. Wilkinson way too early with his hands, Bosa just clubbed the f out of them - Love the variation in our packages and play design on Offense. Chargers really struggling to get a read on us in this half - If he can stay healthy, Jeff Heuerman is a massive asset to this team. He's one of the best blocking TE's in the NFL. Play after the PI call, he lays Perryman on his butt. Run goes for 10 yards - Nit picking a bit here, but Fant needs to get more urgency off the snap. He's half a second behind everyone else with his get off - Another Shelby Harris flash from DE on the Chargers possession after our FG. Beats the LT (I know) to the inside for a pressure - And again the next play - Harris gets his hands on Rivers this time - Justin Hollins is not a pass rusher. Fact. I really hope we end that experiment at some point this year. Much better at going sideways and backwards than forwards - I've seen 4 plays this half alone that Jackson has stuffed within 3 yards of the LOS - 3rd pressure in one drive for Shelby Harris. Got held really blatantly, too - Another poor read in pass D by Johnson on the RB screen near the end of the half inside our 20. Drove too early thinking RB was staying in, then screen developed. Have to read OL in that scenario - Couple of late pressures in this half by Malik Reed. Everything good we're doing upfront is coming against the left hand side of the Chargers OL - Jackson was obviously amazing for the failed 4th down on the goal line, but give some credit to Yiadom too. He stays at home, forces Ekeler to run wider and that allows Jackson time to make a play on him 1st half MVPs Dalton Risner Phillip Lindsay Jeff Heuerman Coach Rich Mike Purcell (1st Q) Shelby Harris (2nd Q)
  3. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Bolles, technically. I commented on that in my 2nd post.
  4. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Watched a bit more. Some more notes: - Genuinely don't know the last time I saw a DB for the Broncos that plays the run as aggressive as Kareem Jackson (13.53 left in the 2nd Q is my fav so far - comes from 15 yards deep to stuff a run for no gain) - Keenan Allen is so lazy with his routes when the play is designed away from him. Only a Quarter in and I could show you two ridiculous examples of this (one being the Rivers INT) - Pretty interesting that on the Rivers INT, it was 2nd and 5 yet we felt comfortable going with a DL of Hollins, Jones, Walker and Von in our Nickel - Wilkinson struggled with same thing I explained in my earlier post re: Leary - DE aligned with a shade to the run side of the play. It's a tough assignment for an OL where you have to flip your hips to get your butt facing the run side of the play, thus screening off your man from making the play. Got called for a hold - Felt a bit bad for Bolles on the fumble Flacco gave up. I think Joe had plenty of room to step up into, and Bolles' man ran a really wide arc. I put it on Joe more than Bolles - Fant had smoked his man with a double move on the fumble play, too - Good teams are going to pick on Johnson with their RB in the passing game. Blew an assignment early in the 2nd Quarter and he doesn't have the speed either way - First Shelby Harris flash of the game, shoving the Center back into Rivers' lap (12.40 left in Q2) - Really nice job Jones to swat the arms of the LG to force a pressure on Rivers on 3rd down; he's seeing a lot more snaps with us having a 14-0 lead. Purcell seeing much less time as a result - Trey Marshall playing a fair bit in sub packages. Actually ahead of Will Parks at times
  5. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    Watched the all 22 up until the Sutton touchdown. Some thing so far: - 3rd down D has seen us send a 3 man pass rush. Miller, Jones and Reed each time (think Hollins was in for Reed once). Not much of a pass rush so far - Base D is Harris and Wolfe at DE. Purcell on the Nose - Purcell had a very nice snap where he didn't budge an inch on a double team, and when the Guard went to the next level Purcell bumped his man into the RB for no gain - Wolfe holding up well in the run game. Harris had a bad snap where he left his gap, but Johnson filled and Purcell made a nice ankle tap stop (not something you see from a NT every game) - Love what I have seen from Risner. Smart, athletic and nasty too. Lovely job by him and Bolles passing off the stunt on the TD throw to Sutton - Leary struggling a tad in the run game. Struggles flipping his hips to get play side of a zone run to his side, if the DT is aligned to the run side of the play - Lindsay's jump cut for the TD was beautiful, but not as beautiful as Heuerman's down block on the OLB. Mauled him to create the hole. - Speaking of the TD run; I love the play design. 3 TE's the right, with the OL flowing left. Run is designed to the left, but the cut back is there as you have favourable blocking matchups for two of the TE's against DBs
  6. Such a shame for him because he had just won a starting job, and we know how starting CBs get paid in the NFL if he could establish himself. Definitely the right decision to put him on IR. Rest and see how your body heals.
  7. Random Thoughts

    I think the problem for Baker is that he isn't tall enough to play in a muddied pocket, and his Offensive Line is awful so he is going to be playing in a muddied pocket a lot. He's also a young QB, so getting the ball out quickly after identifying the correct read isn't something he's ready for.
  8. Week 5 GDT: Broncos @ Chargers

    It's great to get a win. This team might not be going anywhere, but we needed to stop the rot. The fact we are 0-4 clearly factored into our Offensive gameplan in the 2nd half. There's no way we can afford to be that conservative against a team that isn't depleted by injuries, because we really struggled to move the ball sans one drive. The first half was excellent from both an execution and playcalling perspective on Offense. Coach Rich has been getting better each week, so credit to him. Everyone has talked about the standout names on Offense, and I agree with all of them. On Defense, I really want to see how we played Keenan Allen, because he normally absolutely terrorises us. Great job by the DL holding the LOS. I saw Harris playing a lot more DE with Purcell at NT which seemed to work. Gotsis being a healthy scratch is a definite message to him.
  9. What do we go in the 2020 draft?

    Ron Leary is currently playing his best football he's played as a Bronco, for what it is worth.
  10. Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb tears ACL; out for year

    https://www.denverbroncos.com/news/broncos-sign-jeremiah-attaochu-and-calvin-anderson-place-bradley-chubb-on-injure We signed Jeremiah Attaochu to replace Chubb on the active roster, whist also waiving Keishawn Bierria and signed Calvin Anderson (OT) to replace him, which seems a bit strange.
  11. Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb tears ACL; out for year

    I mean, two ACL tears is never good, but elite explosion isn't Chubb's main asset really. His game is much more predicated on strength; like an Adalius Thomas type player.
  12. Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb tears ACL; out for year

    We're definitely going to see a repeat of Demarcus Walker with Justin Hollins, aren't we? Guy is moved around constantly as a young player based solely on where we need him, rather than what suits him best, and the player simply can't just play because he's too busy thinking. You would have to assume Hollins is going to get the 1st crack at being the next pass rusher in after Von and Malik, but I've seen nothing from Hollins to suggest he's ready for such a role. Wonder if Ahmad Gooden will get brought up, or perhaps a veteran like Nick Perry brought in? I think we'd all prefer the former, given this season is done already.
  13. Week 4 GDT: Jacksonville Jaguars @ Denver Broncos

    I saw that article - brutal. I normally scoff at Lombardi and his insistence that everything is done like the Patriots (the guy wrote a book about BB), especially when he has sucked in every Front Office position for the last 20 years, but he's right here. This team has fallen to pieces from a cultural standpoint without Peyton Manning and Demarcus Ware. I just heard on a podcast that there have been four RBs to rush for 200 yards or more since 2017; three of those have been against the Broncos .............. At least I know it's as bad as it feels, rather than me being a hypochondriac! I also only just saw that Fournette only had 35 yards at half time, meaning he went for 190 in the 2nd half alone. What is the record for one half? Incredible. Nicki Jhabvala claims there were 14 missed tackles in the 2nd half, which obviously propelled Fournette. 14. In one half.
  14. Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb tears ACL; out for year

    😂😂 Fair
  15. Broncos OLB Bradley Chubb tears ACL; out for year

    Doom. At least he's not getting tread on the tyres in a dead season, I guess. Malik Reed is like 30lbs lighter than Chubb, coming in for a Defence that already can't stop the run. Awesome.