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  1. Some of the no calls in the Blazers-Nuggets game last night were an absolute joke (both ways, I should add). Still, I guess I would rather it be that way then non-stop whistles. Somewhere in the middle would be lovely ...
  2. I think the Hawks game was the first time this year where I have vehemently disagreed with the rotations of Malone. MPJ getting 19 minutes was a joke. I am one of his biggest critics, but he showed energy last night when most didn't, and we were crying out for a scorer with Jokic (finally) have a poor Offensive night. The Defensive effort from our Guards last night was unacceptable. At least pretend you are trying to keep someone in front of you. I am with you on that transition in thought process to us simply not being that good. I thought coming in we'd be in the #3 seed conversati
  3. I am relatively new to (intently) watching the NBA, and I have a question - how frequent is it for teams to blow 15+ point leads within a game? I swear the Nuggets do it so frequently and it astounds me, but I don't know if I just have the wrong perception on how 'safe' a 15 point lead should be. For example - last night, the Nuggets were up by 21 points with around 90 seconds left in the 1st, but were then losing with around 2 minutes left in the 2nd. This feels insane to me; is my perception just wrong?
  4. It's his defensive versatility that has me the most excited about him. The 3 ball will obviously tail off to some degree, but if he can produce defensively like he did last night, then Connelly has nailed it again. Obviously he didn't stop Lebron, but when AD went out that had Lebron going nuts written all over it. Zeke helped keep Lebron away from the rim and he looks so smooth off the PnR switches. Malone talked bout his intelligence after the game and it showed.
  5. really thought I got a steal with him dynasty. Had to cut him this year because I had so many injuries and a full IR, so couldn't carry him. He looked so talented when he was at the Chargers. A healthy him, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Gordon was really hard to stop in 2018.
  6. ^^ That was before the game, too. Beast. And here is a 350lbs man playing 4-3 DE (playing it well, too).
  7. Dunno - I kinda hate Mahomes. I think he's a bit corny and subtly cocky but that is 100% me being bitter because he's the best player in the league and he plays for the Chiefs.
  8. Being able to rush consistently, inside and outside, with 4 men is not a secret recipe. It's just incredibly difficult to field a roster that can do it. Getting Vea back from injury turned that entire Defense around. What a player he is. As for the Chiefs Defense - what I find hilarious is how the officials pick the Superbowl of all games to start calling them for holding and PI. Anyone who reads my All 22 reports knows how the Chiefs hold in their Defensive backfield. I ain't bitter - it's just a fact. Any Defense that relies on heavy pressure concepts like Spags' needs to hold ofte
  9. I love the way people just constantly look to stats as a way of judging how good a Head Coach will be. Does being a top Coordinator make you a really good Head Coach? No, it doesn't. The responsibilities are totally different. Not to mention there is no factoring in of how good the personnel is of the Coach in question. The fact is, people don't know. Everyone (for some reason) wants to judge a Head Coach before he's even joined the team and it just baffles me. I get wanting to express an opinion (it is a forum after all); I just don't get people with such definitive opinions at thi
  10. Gary has really turned it around. Sticking to that corner 3 now, with a bit of cutting mixed in. Love to be proven wrong like that. Barton had some awful shots, but had a couple of clutch assists so I forgive him. Loved how busy RJ Hampton was - freaky quick athlete. Wonder if he will get Dozier's minutes if the hamstring is bad.
  11. Definitely ready to see MPJ and Green taking more PF minutes away from Millsap. There's going to be games where we can get away with Porter at PF and some where we can't, but we have to start ensuring Green is eating Millsap's minutes in those games where we can't get Porter at PF. It's my first season watching every game, and I love it. I use an amazing website that has the games uploaded by the time I get up and I just watch them before I start work (working from home at the moment). Also means I can skip commercials and free throws, so I watch the games usually in about 50 minutes.
  12. Personally, I would be fine with Stafford for 1.09. In fact, I would be happy about it. People put way too much stock into draft picks at times. We took Bradley Chubb at 1.05 and few people had a bad word to say about it prior to Josh Allen exploding. There is absolutely no comparison between the impact of Matthew Stafford and Bradley Chubb for winning a game of football in the NFL. Stafford has so much arm talent that I am not that concerned about injuries from a longevity standpoint. I am much more worried about how much money he's already earned, and is there potential that he jus
  13. I've not a clue who Youngblood is, I'm afraid. But there is only one way to say the word mental. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uqJKqbVxgaU&t=83s
  14. Is this legit?!?!? You pay $12k a year ($1,500 a game) plus a one off payment of $50k??? Is your seat next to McVay or something? That is MENTAL.
  15. Two mistakes in his name within the subject title; come on bro, he's your DC! Always loved watching him play. Excited to see his coaching career develop.
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