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  1. I mentioned in the Broncos forum how much Ruggs' speed jumps out on the All 22. The guy just takes away DB cushions in a flash. He's the PERFECT compliment to Waller as well, just like Kelce is to Hill for 'the team that shall not be named'. Right now, all teams are going to shade one of their Safeties to Waller, especially in obvious passing situations. Vic Fangio is a Defensive Coach and he called Waller one of the best 10 players (at ALL positions) in the league; that's the respect he has, so he's going to draw high-low bracket coverage. Because of that, it makes it much more diff
  2. It doesn't change the gameplan at all, really. Stop the run, force 3rd and long. Stay out of 3rd and long on Offense.
  3. Few quick hits from 2nd Q: * Darby playing RCB, Surtain LCB * That whiffed block by Fant ... I had to record my screen to show you all this one ... WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN ... That is Gordon breaking free into the backfield for a huge gain, maybe a score if he makes the Safety miss. All Fant needed to do was get in the way of the 185lbs CB. I've honestly no clue what he's doing here * Baddddd miss by Teddy for the deep ball to Courtland. He's so open. We're just not a good enough team to miss those chances. I must say - it's a joke that Surtain got called for ill
  4. I have just finished watching the 1st half of the All 22 from the game - not sure if you guys are talking about Damion Square at all, but he was unbelievable in the 1st half. Consistently penetrating on zone blocking (as you're taught to do - don't just flow with the blocks) and very stout against man, power blocking. Really impressed.
  5. Few quick hits from the 1st quarter All 22: * Although Fant is so bad with the ball in hand and should've done more to convert that 3rd down (4th down attempt was an INT), the throw was behind him which slowed him down. Bad ball from Teddy. A good one gets a 1st down. That said - instinctively, Fant should know that if he's having to stop for the ball, he should just try and stop entirely and get the Defender to overrun him in space. He just has absolutely no instincts as a ball carrier at all * The throw before that from Teddy was a bad ball too, but for a different reason. It was
  6. 1. Whilst I think our struggles in Pass Pro are a tad overblown, we can't pass block on 3rd and long, a situation we find ourselves in frequently. So struggling to block (maybe) the most complete pass rusher in the league is a definite possibility. 2. I guess it depends on who is throwing the ball. I do have some remaining faith in our Secondary, though. 3. We've been awful in Run Defense the last 3 games. No coincidence we've lost all 3. Re: Njoku - both of our ILB's are out for the year. That said, I'd expect to see a Safety covering him, with a bit of Sterns (big Dime) and Ni
  7. Can you imagine Keenum beating us, whilst acting like he was hard done to by us? Don't think I will be able to take that. We paid the guy $22m for 1 year ... Anyway ... Same story for us: Stop the run on Defense. Force 3rd and 6+. Stay out of 3rd and long on Offense. I really can't be bothered going into more detail, because that's all it comes down to. We don't have the pass rush (particularly inside) to effectively rush the passer on 3rd and 2/3/4 because we can't play the run and pass at the same time (you need dominant physical players to do this, i.e bull rushers
  8. He was superb with Jewell next to him in those opening weeks. I'd say he actually out performed Jewell, and everyone knows how much I love Jewell. But ... as soon as Josey went out, Johnson's play went down in a hurry. He's an instinctive player in the run game, not a coordinator. When he has to think on behalf of two players (Strnad) Johnson plays half a second slower and for someone of pretty limited athletic ability, that's a problem at this level. I think it's safe to say that those who wanted Jewell out and Strnad in have changed their minds. The latter has been poor in his time
  9. This is a really good question. Can you imagine this as a thread prior to Sutton tearing his ACL ... Patrick is 29 which isn't ideal. But, he's not got much tread on his tyres and explosion isn't a huge part of his game. Courtland is definitely still not 100% and he's going to command considerably more guaranteed $ because of his younger age, but he's shown an ability to get open for explosive plays and his production has been good this year considering the Passing Offense. If we had a top end QB, this would be an easy decision for me. Keep Patrick, let someone else pay Sutton.
  10. The situations of all those players are different. Fuller is on a 1 year contract so yes, he's a goner. Darby carries dead cap to get rid and he's also not 33 years old. Simmons has just signed a multi year deal. Impossible to get rid of. Kareem is on a 1 year deal too so yes, he's done. Von is 33 and is going to want more money than he's worth to this team right now. Not really sure what your point is really.
  11. Has he? You'd say "fantastic" to describe the last 3 games, i.e not the deadwood of the NFL? I certainly wouldn't. I admit, I got sucked into thinking he was back after the first 3 games but he's simply not been good enough in the last 3.
  12. So, with it now very apparent that this team isn't a playoff team, would you trade Von Miller? And if so, what would it take? It's very clear Von's production is taking a massive hit whilst our Run Defense suffers (he has contributed to that poor Run Defense, I should add). However, he surely can still produce for a team with a high octane Offense that is playing in front a lot, thus providing pass rushing opportunities. Given his contract is up this year with us almost certainly not re-signing him, I would certainly be ok with trading him. As for his value - I am really not the pers
  13. A somber moment seeing this post. I was a member of the forum a long time ago (my account was made inactive) and I remember posting during the whole attempt to get Joe Thomas out to see Crakburn. I've always been a Joe Thomas fan since that moment. RIP, Crakburn.
  14. I am going to wait until the All 22 before slating Von too much, as I know he got chipped a fair bit on Sunday and it doesn't help that the rest of our pass rush is abysmal. That said, I saw enough plays where his effort was suspect enough for me to be massively concerned. As for Sutton - I know what you mean, but this is a guy who tore his ACL chasing down an INT last season. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if he's been instructed not to do anything stupid in the same scenario. I know you mean well bro, but honestly - we just got pummeled by an above average team without a Head
  15. "The entire Offense" 😁 Nonsense. Manning feasted using the same 'levels' concept that he ran for so many years in Indianapolis, and that absolutely is still legal in the NFL. Not to mention Brady himself utilises stacked alignments vs man coverage all the time for the exact reason you're holding against Manning. It's very close; maybe too close to call.
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