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  1. Unbelievable, man. How sad to think he's in a contract year next time he suits up for us. At least KJ Hamler looked good ...
  2. Bigger issue for the Broncos long term is the game rep loss with Drew being hurt, as opposed to wins and losses. This team (without Von, anyway) can't threaten the playoffs anyway, but to lose your QB who you're trying to figure out is the answer, is, well, not ideal. Driskel showed well yesterday but teams will be preparing for him now, not Lock. I expect a big fall from grace over the next few weeks. What a brutal season. - 3 of our top 4 salaries for this year aren't playing - Miller (likely out for year), Bouye (at least 3 weeks), James (out for the year). - Starting QB done for at least 3 games but likely more - Best receiving threat missed a game, then half a game, and is clearly at about 50% - Joint starting RB out multiple weeks - Best pass rusher is at about 70% Everyone gets injuries, but man - we're getting whacked this year.
  3. Bigger issue for the Broncos long term is the game rep loss with Drew being hurt, as opposed to wins and losses. This team (without Von, anyway) can't threaten the playoffs anyway, but to lose your QB who you're trying to figure out is the answer, is, well, not ideal. Driskel showed well yesterday but teams will be preparing for him now, not Lock. I expect a big fall from grace over the next few weeks.
  4. That's your opinion, but I differ. I think he's very athletic which can get him on the edge, but I don't think he has a precise feel for pressure, i.e knowing exactly where he can slide so that he can extend a play within the pocket. Running sideways takes away half of the field. I highlighted actually examples of this in the Titans game, so it's not as if I am making this up.
  5. You have a 6ft 5 QB that can run. He's not your franchise QB. WHY are you not calling QB draw there??? Spread it out and run the ball with your tall, athletic QB. That is so bad, man. Can't believe we even had a shot to be fair. It's the hope that kills you ...
  6. Don't be an idiot. One guy got creamed in the head (a definite penalty, by the way) and one guy had 310lbs fall on his shoulder. We are just cursed right now. Nothing to do with our staff. Lock brought that hit on himself. Slow to get the ball out, no feel for pressure. You. Can't. Hold. The. Ball. Against. Good. Pass. Rush.
  7. WHY run on 2nd and 1. Jesus wept. You have NOTHING to lose, take a shot. 2nd and 1 becomes 3rd and 3, becomes punt. As for Drew - hate to say I told you so, but his feel for where to slide in the pocket was poor last week. Lack of feel for space got him hurt this week.
  8. Lack of pass rush is going to kill us. Big Ben is one of the better QBs of this generation when given over 4 seconds. Vic has to get creative, but he can only do it if we can force 3rd and long. Big game for our front 7.
  9. Some general 3rd Q notes * Probably the most pivotal drive of the game, our 2nd drive of the 2nd half, we had two protection errors on our first two plays that put us in 3rd and 13. The first was a run play whereby the DE is designed to be unblocked and Fant comes across the formation on a Trap block. Bad play, as the DE goes straight into the backfield without hesitation, hitting Gordon 3 yards deep in the backfield. The 2nd play is a failure to recognise the need for a protection slide to the left, leaving Clowney unblocked and the play goes for a 2 yard loss. * 3rd and 13 Lock throws into triple coverage when he has Hamilton wide open. Tough one for a young QB, because you are taught not to be late over the middle on 3rd and long. * Titans ability to get into 3rd and very short, and with having Henry in the backfield, means we have to play our base 3-4 on 3rd down. Twice they have then got Malik Reed on a TE as a result, and then thrown at him for a first down (both times) * Does anyone have access to snap counts? Purcell has played wayyyyyy too many. Really started to tire down the stretch * Titans persistence with the run halted our pass rush. Tannehill able to complete those short passes because of the time he has to throw * Jones playing a lot of DT in 4 man fronts to sub for Casey or Harris. Struggling against the run * I like Bassey. Good instincts, moves well and is aggressive in the run game * Humphries and Tannehill are very impressive against zone coverage. Clear connection there * Pass rush (lack thereof) killed us all quarter. Malik Reed has done nothing all game in that regard
  10. At what point do Nuggets fans become worried about MPJ defensively? I mean, I am no expert, but everything about him defensively seems awful besides his rebounding (when he can be bothered). Poor effort, no defensive IQ, easy to get off his feet, and he gets picked on every time he's on the floor. Nothing at all comes natural to him. If he's throwing up bricks like he was last night then he's such a liability.
  11. Appreciate the kind words (and everyone else's). Re: Jewell - he was in man coverage twice on Humphries, a slot WR in the first half. That just ain't going to work ... I didn't see any huge issues with LB depth off PA, but your LBs have to play going forward against the Titans. If Tannehill beats you, fair enough. But you can't let Henry rumble for 150+ so I can't blame our LBs even if they do get caught to close to the LOS. Will get 2nd half notes up today.
  12. To be fair, of the things you've mentioned I would say the deep ball accuracy and pocket movement concern me. Not so sure about the other stuff. There aren't many Mahomes' and Jackson's that ever grace this earth. They possess traits that are so unique, that comparing your QB to them is pointless. I still like where he's at given the amount of games he's played. The thing with Drew (and this Offense in general) is that they have to understand how fine the margins are in the NFL. This team isn't talented enough to make the kind of mistakes we're making. You can't drop multiple snaps in a half. You can't fumble inside your 20. You can't have dropped balls for 1st downs. You can't have 1st and goal from the 4 and not come away with 7 (or any) points. We need to be clinical, and that is so difficult when you have a QB with 6 pro starts and young players across the board. We just have to be patient. Like I said, I think Lock is still ahead of the curve but he's got a LOT to work on.
  13. 2nd quarter notes * first pancake spotting of the new season. Glasgow pancaked Simmons on a zone block * Nice play by Lock to escape Clowney pressure on 3rd down (swatted Risner off him like a fly). Completed the short pass for a 1st. Gordon fumbled the next play * Chubb beats Lewan inside with ease on a run play but misses the 1v1 tackle on Henry in the backfield. Would've been 3 yard loss, became 1 yard gain * 3rd and 6, Attaochu jumped offside. Huge play. Titans have failed on 3rd and long both times thus far in the game, becomes 3rd and 1 with Henry rumbling inside the 5. It was Attaochu who lost contain. Shame because he's had a good 1st Q * Miscommunication on the TD to the TE. Simmons originally on Pruitt, but the motion comes and Simmons gestures to Jackson to come over and take the TE. Attaochu can't keep Pruitt on the LOS and it's a heck of a catch * Again, Lock struggling with pocket manipulation. Look at the pocket below - that is perfect in the NFL. Just step into the void that #90 has given you, and make an accurate throw. Instead, Drew takes a weird jump step and throws an inaccurate ball to Butt (who should've still caught it). You can see Bolles got away with a hold. No need for it - he had Clowney run a really deep arc. Just let him go by, man * Excellent pass pro across the board on 3rd down again. Great jab by Bolles right in the chest of Clowney. Stoned him * Love the play design with Lindsay and Gordon in the game. Creates real confusion amongst the coverage, gives Lindsay a free run across the middle for an easy pitch and catch for 10+ * Simmons beat Risner baddddd on the 1st attempt inside the 5. Stopped a TD. Cushenberry, who has been very impressive, created some lane that close to the goal line * The pressure that prevented the easy throw to Vannett was absolutely not Bolles' fault. It's on Drew. Look at the first photo below and think where Drew should move his feet once he realises the first option to his right isnt there. Then, look at the second photo and where he threw the ball from. Bolles must've thought he had an unreal rep to get his man 12 yards deep from the LOS ... * Two very nice stands by the Titans to stop the TD. Their LB core is excellent against the run * Simmons bites hard on the PA and allows an easy completion for a 25 yard gain. Nowhere near enough time for our pass rush to get home * What a mess on 3rd and 6. Firsker (backup TE) aligns in a bunch set inside and behind Humphries (slot WR). We have Jewell and Callahan in man coverage, and the Titans run a simple levels concept in that they have matching routes on different levels. For some reason, we switch Jewell onto Humphries who obviously separates for an easy completion. It's easy to rag on Simmons for recognising late with his help, but he has to stay on top of his half of the field; he can't drive on the mismatch straight away * Pass rush has disappeared now. Getting tired * ... and the next play we send a 6 man blitz but with coverage playing 10 yards off. Easiest pass and catch you will see for 15 yards Positives from the 1st half: * OL looked solid. Stayed out of 3rd and long which protected us, but we've given up very few clean wins and we've had some nice push in the run game, even if the rushing numbers didn't show it. Cushenberry was the standout for me, given he's a rookie. Bolles didn't let Clowney ruin the game so give him credit. * When in rhythm, the Offense as a whole was clicking. Like what Drew can do with his legs, his ability to throw whilst moving to his right and also when running forward * Defense looked really, really stout against the run. Purcell was the stand out, a couple of backfield hits for Casey and Kareem Jackson disrupts the run game as well as any DB in the NFL, for me. * Alexander Johnson is brilliant when going forwards. He has a nose for the football and is so physicalat the point of attack Negatives from the 1st half: * Sloppy plays on Offense cost us. Details show up in the redzone, so missed blocks and poor QB footwork means points left on the board. Fumble led to 7 points * Pass rush began to tire because of total lack of depth. Would love to see Attaochu's snap count in that 1st half. Looked like he played every snap * Mental mistakes from Justin Simmons made him look a bit silly twice. Didn't see that at all last year
  14. 1st Quarter Notes * The Titans 3 WR, 1 TE personnel is HUGE. AJ Brown and Corey Davis look like they could play TE ... * Ojemudia going outside when we go to Nickel, Callahan going inside * Chubb beat Lewan on his first pass rush, and to the outside too. Good to see * Jones the first DE off the bench, Reed the first OLB * Really solid first possession by our D. Very stout upfront (Purcell, Harris in particular) and two wins for Chubb in pass rush against Lewan (including 3rd down pressure that forced bad throw to get off the field) * Nice job by Fant on the first PA play. Let's Clowney make an inside move, knowing the PA roll is taking Lock away from Clowney * Butt is the first TE in to spell Fant * Re: our first 3rd down - we got beat on play call. We've got Jeudy from the slot on a Sluggo up the sideline, and Hamilton on a skinny post from the same side of the field. It's a win by Jeudy and he's got separation. The problem is, there is no deep route on the other side of the field so the single high Safety (Titans in Cover 1 man) can stay on top of both Jeudy and Hamilton. See below. If a skinny post is ran from the opposite side of the field, the single high safety can't cheat and therefore Lock can put more air under the ball. That said, it's a poor overthrow by Lock. He had to reset his feet a little to the same side of the play which cut his angle off for the pass a tad. Good pass pro vs a blitz and a lot of disguise shown upfront. * Poor coverage by Callahan on the next drive, allowing big completion to Davis. Got to play more aggressive than that when you're a two deep Safety coverage. Free release across the field, trailing by at least 3 yards. * Simmons then gives up another chunk play. Good switch from Bouye to Simmons, but Simmons stops his feet at the top of the route. Can probably do that with a top end pass rush; we don't have one of those. Easy separation across the QBs face * First play Walker is in, he ends up 7 yards downfield thanks to Lewan * Fantastic read by Johnson as the Titans call the same play but PA instead of run. Johnson reads it all the way, goes straight for the QB and forces the incompletion * Bassey in before Harris when we go to Dime. Interesting * Titans moving Clowney everywhere. Moved him to OLB in a 4-3, but attacking straight over Glasgow and the latter got his butt kicked. No gain on the run * Drew can't be leaving the pocket below. Makes a 8 yard play out of it, but that is a totally clean pocket vs a 3 man rush (Clowney very late to align as well). Have to stay in there and let something develop * Real nice blocking downfield by Glasgow in space on the Lindsay draw. Good effort by Hamilton and Butt too (the latter got punched on that play) * Butt whiffs his block the next play ... * Depends on your personality type when evaluating the TD throw. I am a bit too traditional for that play. It's so dangerous and you're in the redzone. However, some would say he's got the physical talent and, he may have recognised the defender covering Fant had his back to Lock so couldn't make a play on the ball
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