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  1. Random Thoughts

    Those names, with the inclusion of Kobe, are perhaps the only American sport names that people in my country know regardless of their interest in the sport. Kobe probably did more for basketball in Europe than any other player in NBA history. He was the first real star of the internet era, when American sports really became available to watch on a frequent basis. Not to mention the fact he spoke fluent Italian and was a big advocate for European basketball. I am devastated for his family and friends, and the family and friends of the others involved in this absolute tragedy. It's a sad thing to say, but things like this really do put into perspective how much it matters that your team(s) win. It really is 'only a game'. Ironically, I don't think Kobe would agree with that ...
  2. Broncos fire OC Rich Scangarello

    I totally agree with all of this. I've waited a few days to comment because in truth, I was really, really, really p*ssed off when this news broke. I thought Rich got better as the year went on, especially when you consider the QB changes, the constant OL shuffling, starting WR traded and our lack of experience from the rest of our pass catchers. Sure, getting Shurmur is exciting but as Ben eluded to above - if this doesn't work out, Vic absolutely has to be held accountable. It's interesting that several Bronco beat writers (Klis, Jhabvala, Renck) all mentioned within 2 hours of the news breaking that the Broncos thought Coach Rich struggled after the 15 play script disappeared. Some of you may remember that this was a criticism I had of our Offense early in the year; we had the worst 2nd half Offense in the entire NFL at the half way stage of the season. I felt like we improved on this as the year went on, in particular when Lock came in, but clearly our Brain Trust disagreed. With hindsight, it's clear there was a personality clash between Vic and Rich. The former made a fair few subtle jabs at our playcalling, including Vic overruling calls at times. That said, we did improve with a competent QB at the helm so this change definitely puts a target on Vic's back. Hope he's ready for that. The good news is that Shurmur has been so bad in both of his HC gigs that I doubt he's getting another shot for (at the very least) 3 years. That should hopefully give us some much needed continuity (what we thought we had a week ago ....)
  3. I too really like Higgins. I think that would be an excellent signing. It's a long shot, but I am hoping Diontae Spencer works on his craft as a receiver in the offseason. I think he's got a natural feel for the game with the ball in his hands and he has that speed we've sorely missed for quite some time. We don't necessarily need to be the Chiefs with the amount of speed on the field but we definitely need more.
  4. Rams 'fire' DC Wade Phillips

    Broncos thought they could replicate Wade's productivity with a younger Coach in Joe Woods. Spoiler - it didn't work.
  5. GDT Game 16: The Raiders at Home! Nuff said.

    Like others have eluded to, there are plenty of good players to choose in the draft. That's what our FO get paid to do. Looked like Jake Rodgers really struggled today against Crosby, who looks a hell of a player (4th round rookie for those moaning about losing out on 5 draft places). I too was chief driver of the Desean Hamilton is awful train. Seems Lock really likes him and it was good to see him sitting in holes of zone coverage; that was what his draft profile said he had the instincts to do. Love Lock's pocket feel for the most part but he left to early at times today. Soon as you drift towards the sideline, you lose half the field to throw to. He will learn but it's hard to blame him when he's got outside pressure almost immediately. Also agree re: a cover ILB - simply not enough speed out there. Certainly need CB help for sure. I think this team is trending upwards yet we are still some way off and Elway has to nail his free agency and draft. A lot to be excited for and we somehow came 2nd in the division ...
  6. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    I think maybe my favourite bit from the entire 1st half was near mid way through the 2nd quarter. The Lions, in their eternal wisdom, left their TE 1v1 with Von on a 1st down play action throw. Von beat him to the inside within half a second and got a free shot on the QB (he just about got rid of it for an incomplete pass). The next play, they run the ball and leave the exact same TE 1v1 again. Von stuffs it for no gain. Like, seriously - these guys get paid MILLIONS to call plays and someone actually says, "sure, let's leave the All Pro with our no name, 240lbs TE for TWO plays in a row". Bad, bad, bad.
  7. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    As long as it is smart and the money is heavy in early years when we can afford, I agree with this. Not to mention, our Head Coach is making Chicken Salad out of Chicken S**t right now on the defensive side of the ball. Not enough people are saying how good we are considering how banged up we are. Coach Fangio has shown clear weakness in terms of in game management, but this Defense has been excellent all things considered. Only just watched the first half my man. Lindsay left some big yards on the field in those first 3 drives. It can be hard to gauge an OL with our scheme at times unless it's a straight, drop back pass. The opposition isn't great either. Wilkinson is playing hurt, no doubt about it. He's so heavy footed and he's a better athlete than what he's put on tape. Bolles' hold was a legit call though mate. He got smoked to the inside and pulled his guy back. He also just let a guy go 2 snaps later when Lock nearly ran for the 1st, but I think McGovern may have snapped it early because none of the OL got into their stance when the ball was snapped.
  8. Notable Stats and Observations

    Philip Lindsay needs 42 yards rushing against the Raiders in week 17 to be the first undrafted player in NFL history to eclipse 1,000 yards rushing in each of his first two seasons.
  9. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    The Lions secondary is abysmal outside of Slay, so you have to take everything with a pinch of salt, but I am really excited about Drew Lock. The arm talent was always going to be there but I love the way he's developed the progression with his eyes. Young QBs going through their reads from within the pocket is usually a very good indicator on how they will cope down the line so that is incredibly pleasing. It seemed to me that Lock was under duress far more than 0 sacks would indicate so I will go back and look if I can on how I felt they played. It definitely felt better when Rodgers came in, but I don't know if we were chipping to help him. Love the way the guys seem to be rallying around Drew. I think the Cutler comparisons from a personality standpoint are off; he's got swagger but he doesn't come across as arrogant in my opinion. Hopefully that doesn't change.
  10. Was Saquon the right pick for Giants?

    No, you aren't reading it correctly. "I just think the drop off between a top 3 RB and a top 25 RB is smaller than Darnold vs. Jones". Hopefully this helps.
  11. I thought yesterday would be rough, so frankly I think the weather helped us going forward. I think Lock would've struggled regardless but now at he has the weather to blame it on for his confidence (it's a legit excuse, obviously). Clearly, the Tackle situation was the biggest takeaway from the game. Appalling once again. I thought Wilkinson performed as an average/below-average Tackle earlier in the year but his play has fallen off a cliff of late.
  12. The Fant injury reminds me - I lovvvvvvved the FB leak play that we ran on the 1st drive, resulting in a big play to Beck. He's a total mismatch for any LB in pass coverage. That is a staple of Kyle Shanahan's Offense. Hopefully we don't have to move Beck back to TE, which would mean us removing all FB plays.
  13. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I just read an article on CBS by Joel Corry (a former NFL agent) and apparently the franchise tag for a Safety projects to be $11.5m. That is incredibly reasonable, so I really wouldn't expect Simmons to be signed to a long term deal unless he's willing to take a fair amount less than his open market value. Not that it needs to be said, but there is no chance Shelby Harris gets a franchise tag. It's $16m if he counts as a DT and $18m if he counts as a DE. Ain't happening.
  14. Random Thoughts

    Well I've tried relentlessly to get her into the NFL (so I can watch it from 6pm - midnight without getting any grief), but she just wouldn't relent. She then saw me watching Nuggets on youtube via one of those accounts that shows every successful field goal, and she decided that is something she likes. We now watch every game on MLG highlights every morning after the game (this East Coast road trip is killing me). We actually got the Nets game live in the UK on Sunday evening; that was also awful. I read an article on the Athletic about Murray's inability to drive to the rim to create easy buckets for others. Is that a lack of athleticism, bravery or is he simply not very natural around the rim? We don't get to see a lot of the Defense in the highlights so it's hard for us to take a liking to Gary Harris, but everything we read says how good he is defensively.
  15. When should Drew Lock start games this year?

    It is incredible how many well paid NFL reporters fail to understand this. Elway bashing is usually accurate to some extent, but it's ridiculous how much heat he got over that Flacco restructure for no reason.
  16. There is no comparison between playing at Arrowhead and at the NRG. On the all 22 film you can see empty seats all over in Houston last week; Arrowhead is up there with any venue in the league as a home field advantage. All signs point to this being a rough game. A much improved Chiefs Defense, a big game for the Chiefs in their hunt for a bye and the potential that we're going to be playing from behind.
  17. Random Thoughts

    Nuggets fans - how worried are you regarding this teams inability to shoot the basketball? My wife, for whatever reason, has now decided she's the worlds biggest Nuggets fan and she is doing my head in with her whinging about how poor their shooting is.
  18. We've played against plenty of rubbish teams since Manning retired and not had a QB to take advantage. It's a good thing when we have one that can, not a bad thing ....
  19. Random Thoughts

    They are definitely spectacular, but how much of that is due to the fact he's such a threat to run on a consistent basis? I would be interested to see how he would play with a known hamstring/quad/calf injury whereby teams will play him like a traditional pocket passer. Love Lamar. If anyone says he isn't their favourite player in the league to watch, they need to lay off the drugs.
  20. When should Drew Lock start games this year?

    I think it is fair to say "don't get too excited" but "I am excited". I don't buy the theory about an opposition being bad. It's hard to move the ball against NFL defenses, so you have to give a guy credit when he throws for 3 TDs and scores 30 points in a half. That said, @Broncofan is clearly right when he says that the regression usually kicks in once there is enough film on tape. That's why Drew has to really focus in on the stuff Matt Waldman and others are pointing out re: his footwork, eye progression, etc. It doesn't mean we can think the kid has a chance - it just means don't be expecting that level of production every week. In fairness to our Coaches, you could argue they have nailed the timing of his introduction. By the time there is significant tape on film, the season will be over and our own Coaches can pick holes in Lock's game to work on them in the offseason.
  21. Houston v Denver

    I really feel that fumble by Coutee (sp) changed the game, guys. You were having success in the run game but as soon as you went down two scores (and then three) it took that away from your Offense. There also wasn't much of any film of Lock out there and we did some things on Offense we've not done this year; if the game was played in 4 weeks time there would be a very different outcome, of that I have no doubt. Best of luck the rest of the way.
  22. Can Ryan Tannehill be THE GUY for Tennessee?

    Why do people keep saying this? The perception of Tannehill's performances are nothing to do with Mariota; they are everything to do with how good he is playing. The QB before him could have been Drew Brees and people would still (rightly) be lauding Tannehill.
  23. I should have added to my initial post-game comments that I hated Lock's antics on the Texans sideline after he ran for a 1st down. I am all for confidence but that is stupid. You're on the 50 yard line - get back to the huddle and call the next play.
  24. "Terrible" is an exaggeration, especially when you look at CB play around the league. He was brought here to be a Safety; it isn't his fault we got injuries at CB to go along with an already thin group. The fact is, he's been an elite player since moving to Safety full time and he should be praised for that. Re: Harris I think you're absolutely correct. It's hard to know for sure because we don't know how much money he was asking for, but I really didn't see that big of a risk to signing him last offseason. Many of us have written extensively about how good he's been since getting playing time in Denver. I think Elway missed the boat there and it's going to be tough to keep him. Re: Simmons - i think there's a bit of revisionist history there. Simmons was a poor tackling Safety that didn't play up to his athletic traits coming into this season. Lets not forget that. I don't recall anyone around here (myself included) asking for him to be signed to a long term deal last offseason. His development into a top, top Safety has come to a surprise for all of us and I believe that's something we couldn't have avoided. As @BroncoBruin eluded to, we've got the Franchise Tag to fall back on at least for him but I would love to sign up long term. He's been incredible this year and he seems a real leader by the way he speaks.
  25. This forum went crazy when we paid Kareem Jackson instead of Adrian Amos. Since moving to Safety, he's been the best player on this team. What a performance that was. Drew looked really nice. Sure feels good to see a QB play with that confidence and with mobility to counter our pass pro issues. That said, Coach Rich was the MVP on Offense. He called his best FULL game as Coach. He was absolutely perfect in that 1st half. Can anyone name a better call than that fake HB flare with the inside pass to Fant? So, so, so good. I 100% get it when people say they want good draft position, but give me THAT over losing all day. To play like we did with the injuries we have (4 healthy DL for most of today), was epic. I can't wait for the next game of a 5-8 football team; do I need my head checking?