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  1. 2nd quarter notes - 2nd and 10, missed protection assignment by the Chiefs. Johnson comes on an inside blitz and Fisher, for some reason, comes into block him which leaves Chubb unblocked. CEH is the hot read but he doesn't read blitz and therefore he doesn't look for the ball when Mahomes gets it out quick. Incomplete. Does that count as a pressure when PFF/etc count these? I could've created that pressure. Literally. - 3rd and 10, great swim move by Jones to get the sack. Boy did we need it, because Hill (from the slot) blew the lid off of our Cover 7 look (man across the board, 2 deep safeties) - KJ Hamler showing his inexperience on Punt Return. He falls inside the 5, so the Chiefs punt coverage goes towards him which is close to where the ball bounces, hence them being able to down the ball at the 1. If Hamler had faked to catch the ball further upfield, the coverage team would've been too far from the ball to down it - On 2nd and 8 we run from a 3 TE look and get 6 good yards against a 9 man box. Nice seal by Fant on the DE (4 man front), good cut by Gordon to go backside but he then tries to bounce it when he should've cut upfield to fall forward. Would've like got the 1st down if he did - Good call on 3rd and 2. I don't like the presnap look; shotgun, no play action, no motion. We correctly anticipate man coverage and we run a natural pick with Patrick running a slant from the X, and Jeudy runs the quick out from the slot. Jeudy is being covered by Mathieu in the slot, but Mathieu has to run around his own man to follow Jeudy and that gives us enough room to complete an easy 4 yard pass for the 1st down. Good call vs man coverage - Below is an A-Typical 1st down shot play in the NFL. 3 TE look (identical to what we ran out of earlier), but we call play action and we only have 2 genuine routes; 1 from Fant, 1 from Jeudy. This is as easy as it gets for an NFL QB. You've got Jeudy on a skinny corner-post. The design is to hope that it's Cover 1 and Jeudy can get the CB to bite on the corner move, giving Jeudy inside leverage and get over the top of the Safety. From the get go, that isn't there. The CB is off coverage and can see the fake corner route from the off. Jeudy doesn't have the explosive speed to beat off man coverage deep, so it's a total non starter. The second Lock turns around he should this. Not only does the CB have 3 yards on Jeudy, the middle safety is coming over the top. Lock's ONLY other read is Fant coming on a crosser, intentionally designed so that Fant is right underneath Jeudy and in Lock's eyeline. Pause the video below at 5 seconds. Look at the line between Lock, Fant and Jeudy. It's not far off being straight. That is entirely by design to make this easy for Drew. Fant, as can be seen clearly, is wide open because the LB's bit hard on play action (as you'd expect from a 3 TE look) and Jeudy has cleared out the Chiefs left hand side of their Defense. It's perfect play design, perfect execution by the OL, receivers and RB - it's a total dud from Lock and an easy 1st down (on 1st down) thrown away. - Annnnnddd then we run for 15 yards the next play, haha. Zone run going to the left, and Phil makes a great read to cut it back left. Vannett with the key block to seal off the backside. Lovely wedge formed inside as well. Chiefs interior looking a bit gassed. Patrick and Hamler blocking 20 yards downfield too - I think someone requested the run below in the gameday thread. It's Bolles coming across the formation in shotgun for a seal in a power run. It's obviously impressive athleticism, but the run takes time so the keys are inside. Great seals inside by Glasgow, Dotson and Vannett make this run work. Good read by Phil to cut outside, but really sloppy to not get the 1st down. I know he's looking to not take unnecessary contact, but he could've got the 1st without being hit - We go play action on 1st and 10 with 2 WR, 2 TE against a 7 man box. That has to be checked to a run. It's a really favourable look against the run and we can out flank the Defense to the left if you look below. We'd have 3 blockers against 2 Chief defenders. Instead, we go play action and the Chiefs have too many defenders back in coverage. Sack for 4 yard loss. That said - the LBs do bite on the PA, but Hamler (aligned to the right) is on a deep pattern rather than a crosser behind the LBs, so there is no route to take advantage of LBs biting on the PA - The Pick 6 to Fant is another bad decision. The Chiefs bring 6 and we don't have a hot route for that pressure. Fant is on an out route, but Sorensen is in off coverage so you can't throw hot to someone who is playing off man coverage vs an out route. He reads it the whole way. It's a bad ball from Drew but it would've been a pick regardless - Next possession sees us run for 20 yards on 1st down. HB counter with Fant coming across the formation with the counter. Risner is the key block, as he comes across the formation with Fant and seals Clark away from the play - Another 6 yards on 1st down on the ground. Vannett is playing really well in the run game - Much better from Drew on 1st down play action. Reads the LB coming to close him, leaving Vannett wide open for an easy dump off and 20 yards - Below is so poor from Gordon. How has he read the cut as outside, when the defender is playing with outside leverage on the FB (Cox, #35)? I don't care what the call is - if the defender plays outside there, you HAVE to bounce that inside. There is a lovely hole there for him to for at least 5 yards. Instead it's no gain - 3rd and 4, Lock misses Fant wide open for a big play. He can't set his feet due to inside pressure from the Chiefs LE, who slices inbetween Dotson and Vannett - I've no idea what Cleveland and Dawson are doing on the kick return for a TD. Rather pathetic overpursue, not understand cut back lanes. Dawson especially - Chris Jones wrecks another play as attempt a zone run to the left. He just shoves Risner back and Jones is playside to force the play outwide for just a 1 yard gain - This is a horrific play call on 3rd and 4. It's a rollout to the right, with no play action and no motion at the snap - therefore, the Defenders simply read the QB rollout and the FB who is 'screening' for the QB. We cut the field in half with the rollout and look how many Chief defenders are in that half by the time our receivers get their heads around. The play has no real chance without a ridiculous throw to Patrick - Beautiful play design by the Chiefs on a 25 yard CEH run. They pull their LT and LG to the right from shotgun, then the Center cuts off defenders from the right. The Chiefs block down from the right hand side and Chuckillo, our edge contain, makes a terrible read that the play is going to his right. The RB is aligned to the left of the QB; how can the play be going to Chuckillo's right if it's a run? Still, I love the play design - 2nd and 6, Shelby Harris tosses the Center aside to blow up a run play for a 1 yard gain - 3rd and 5 and Chubb is unblocked again with a Chiefs protection mishap. Looks like they thought Duke Dawson was coming on a blitz inside, which would've meant 6 and thus you block inside out. Mahomes tries to throw hot, but it's incomplete because of the Chubb pressure - That Lindsay hit was scary. Surprised Sorensen got up. Two men going very quick and hit head on - This is really poor on 1st down in our 2 minute drill by Cushenberry. It's a double team on Jones initially. Cushenberry has to understand his help is inside. Don't let Jones across your face. Instead, he lets Jones basically slide along the line and beat him outside. He has to set his right leg and force Jones to try and split the double team. Really poor - A couple of nice, easy chunk plays with good pass pro to get us back on track and to the half way line with a minute left - And then we give up a sack off a CB blitz. Dotson doesn't read the blitz and just blocks nobody. That said, it's a poor presnap read by Drew. You can see below that the Chiefs CB #35 is on the LOS. Look at Mathieu at the top - he's aligned directly over the top of Fant which insinuates man coverage, which it was. Drew has to make a quick read of the blitz; if he falls back, go straight to your progression. If he's blitzing, throw hot. Drew looks left instead, and doesn't feel the blitz.
  2. I mean, they were definite contenders for the NFC East. If you are in the playoffs, anyone is a contender.
  3. I will try man. The picture uploading takes me literally 60 seconds, so if anyone knows a way of making and uploading .gifs then let me know. Re; Shurmur's Offense - his typical philosophy incorporates a lot of 11 personnel (1, RB, 3 WR, 1 TE). We are in this 64% of the time which is about the league average. We are in 12 personnel (1 RB, 2 WR, 2 TE) 23% of the time which is 9th most in the league. The zone running scheme is identical to Scangarello's - it's a predominant zone scheme (both inside and outside) with a bit more power scheme out of shotgun. I think the notion of some Offense's being vertical etc is more based on personnel and your opposition Defense rather than scheme really. Every Offense and Defense in the NFL do very, very similar things. A lot of differences come down to personnel available more than anything else. For me, I don't think we do enough in the way of disguise. The Chiefs run so many plays that look like each other but are totally different. For example, they will have a jet motion that could be a handoff to the motion, a RB handoff, or a Play Action. It puts so much mental stress on the Defense and stops them playing quickly. The Rams are very similar in that regard. I feel like our WR concepts out of shotgun are fairly predictable. A lot of levels concepts against zone without Play Action and without motion, and a lot sideline shots vs Cover 1. The latter I like on 1st down but with our QB and WR situation, it's not a high percentage play. I attribute our poor general Offensive performance primarily to poor execution (30th ranked team in the league on 1st down) across the board at inopportune moments. I attribute our poor redzone performance to play calling/scheme, primarily the lack of disguise which means a lack of space (redzone highlights this issue).
  4. 1st quarter notes - Risner gets beat right off the snap by Chris Jones on an inside move. We're running a stretch zone to Risner's side, and the play goes for a 2 yard loss when the LB shoots the gap vacated by Risner - Jay Feely said in commentary the Broncos are the 30th ranked Offense on 1st down in the league, by the way - 2 yard loss then a 5 yard false start. This young, injured Offense isn't good enough to be in 2nd and 17 against anyone - Something to keep an eye on - Frank Clark moved over Dotson on 3rd down, when he played on the Chiefs right side on 1st and 2nd down - Bryce Callahan who loses contain on the Hardman jet sweep - The pass by Mahomes on the inside screen play to Kelce for 15 is ridiculous. Reed is literally right in front of Kelce and he just zings a fast ball into him and Kelce catches it from 5 yards away - Great read by Walker on the naked bootleg. He just has to have the composure to finish the play, rather than falling over. Mahomes throws it away - Awful tackling on the CEH TD run. 4 missed tackles, including Jackson who would've stopped for no gain - The Chiefs opening drive featured a jet sweep, runs from under Center, runs from Shotgun, PA bootleg, QB rollout. Andy Reid plays chess - 1st down on the next drive, and Lindsay has to help his QB here. It's 1st and 10 in shotgun with 22 personnel (2 WR, 2 TE). Lock's 1st read is Jeudy to the left but the Chiefs LB gets good depth to take the lane away. However, Lindsay has to recognise the depth of the LBs and sit in that vacated zone. You can see below that he carries on with his route to the sideline, but if he sits then he's got an easy catch for an easy 5/6/7 yards on 1st down. Lock takes way too long to come off Jeudy (who separated on his comeback, but the throw was never there). Fant being open is a bit misleading - the Chiefs were in zone coverage at LB, so it took a while for Fant to come open. It sounds like a little thing this, but it isn't. 2nd and 3 vs 2nd and 10 is massive in the NFL. Lock leaves a very good pocket, but to be fair he leaves after 3 seconds without play action so that is usually when a QB has to get a move on. There were no lanes for him to scramble - - Good pull by Risner and perfect seal by Vannett on the OLB to allow Lindsay to get to the outside for 6. Almost exclusively 22 personnel thus far - This is where the growth will come for Lock. The first picture is presnap on 3rd and 4. That looks like cover zero, aka all out blitz and man coverage across the board. Spags (Chiefs DC) is capable of calling that. Look at the 2nd picture and what coverage it becomes I've never seen this coverage before. It's like Cover 2, but the 'safeties' (who aren't actually safeties; it's their two outside CBs) are aligned super wide because of the disguise. Lock thinks its cover 0 and thus man coverage, so he looks quick to Patrick but he's stuck in a 2 man zone. Lock starts moving super quick because his head is still saying blitz, and his feet are moving 1 million MPH. It's a great call by Spags. That said, it looks an awful call if we have anyone with speed going up the seem, because the Chiefs have their slot CB coverage the entire middle of the field without sufficient depth. Again, Lock throws a little early but in truth this play was dead before it started. Another 3 and out. - On that long ball down to Patrick (that shouldn't have been a catch), Lock is late on the throw. Patrick's man falls down and is open as soon as Lock turns around on the PA bootleg. By waiting, Lock has to drop it in behind the DB covering another receiver, and in front of Mathieu who spots the play developing. It's a very good throw, but it didn't need to be. He also has an easy dump off that would've got him 8 on 1st down (dump off to Jeremy Cox, who's at FB replacing Beck. I had no idea he was on the active roster) - Poor job by Dotson on the same play to allow Chris Jones to penetrate to the side of the rollout. Jones was aligned away from the play, so Dotson should've been able to 'wash' Jones with the play action - Jones then stuffs a run play after beating a Dotson/Glasgow double team. Monster - Love the option QB keeper call on the goal line. The Chiefs DE read it all the way, just didn't make the play - Purcell is out on the Chiefs 2nd series. Think he's done for the day. DeShawn Williams has replaced him - Chiefs run goes for 18 when we just get outleveraged to one side. There are 4 Chief blockers against 3 Broncos. The Chiefs are in 11 personnel so our Safeties are clearly scared to come down and help - Good pursuit by Reed on the backside of a zone run. No gain - The long ball to Hardman has to be a miscommunication on the back end. Both Jackson and Simmons are playing a shallow zone, leaving no help deep at all. Mahomes moves out of the pocket and Ojemudia just can't run with Hardman for that long (nobody could) - Great blitz call on that 'jump sack' by Chubb. The hot route for the 6 man blitz is the RB, and Chubb's jump cuts off that pass - Risner pulling again on the counter run. Fant does a nice job on the crack block inside to the LB, and Glasgow gets enough of the DE for Lindsay to go by for 15 - Below is an example of what we continue to talk about with Drew. It's a PA bootleg with the usual 'hi-lo' concept. 3 routes, all at different tiers. Deep route, mid tier route, check down. You start high (deep) with your reads and work back. Drew tries to fit in the pass to Vannett on the middle tier in double coverage. That throw isn't there. You could argue its triple coverage with the CB sinking in zone coverage. Take. The. Easy. Yards. Fant is there for an easy 3 yards, and more if he breaks a tackle. It's a common trait amongst young QBs, but we've seen it way too much from him. Very nearly picked off - next play is a zone run right and Cushenberry can't win the stretch block to the playside of the run. Nnadi is too strong and Cushenberry ends up holding. I don't know why the play design has Glasgow going straight to the 2nd level in that scenario. Surely he should bump Nnadi, allow Cushenberry position, then Glasgow peels to the 2nd level. What should've been 2nd and 5 is now 2nd and 20 - Gordon leaving 4 yards on the field by trying to stop in the open field after a catch out of the backfield - Then Gordon fumbles. That series was one excellent run play then 3 awful plays - Last play of the quarter is brilliant work from Callahan vs Tyreek Hill. KC clearly fancied the shot straight after the turnover. I've seen this route so many times from Hill. The Chiefs go with 22 personnel, single set back with Mahomes under Center. They run max protect, play action with only 2 routes, 1 on each side of the field. Hill drives inwards, upfield from a 'reduced' split so it looks like a skinny post. This holds the single high safety in field, and he then curls the route back towards the corner. It's basically a way to take the double team away by hoping Hill can break the outside leverage of the CB. Callahan does brilliantly to understand he has help inside, so he stays outside of Hill and therefore even when Hill curls back to the corner, there is no window for Mahomes
  5. He tackled Cam Newton, in full flight, in the open field. That's physical enough to play CB in this league.
  6. Bausby to Arizona's practice squad, as per Klis. Wonderful.
  7. If Duke Dawson and Harris were actually good ST players, I would dislike the move but understand. But I have made several comments this year about our poor ST coverage teams, especially a lack of speed from Dawson and Harris on Punt coverage. Dawson was involved in that shambolic ST coverage for the kickoff yesterday; how can Bausby be any worse than that?
  8. Those are two totally different things, and have totally different ramifications. II can't wait to get in to the all 22 to figure out whether he had to leave the pocket or chose to leave the pocket.
  9. Lincoln Riley isn't leaving that gig for our situation. The Jags, Jets, Giants, Wasington will likely all lose more games than us and all would take a QB at the top of the draft. The Vikings and Falcons could do the same. Nobody is going to be able to trade up for a top QB. It was tank or bust if we wanted a top QB.
  10. Out with head injury. Got smoked on a carry at the end of the half. Unfortunate, not a bad hit or anything
  11. Oh, and we turn it over on downs because of 12 men in the field. Not good.
  12. 4th and 5, you bring your 1st round pick off the field. Cool.
  13. Lindsay, Purcell and Tulsa out for the game by the way.
  14. We've got to be careful, here. Our D ain't going to stand there and hold the best Offense in the league only for our Offense and ST to do everything they can to mess it up. As for Gordon - it might go down as Elway's worst ever FA deal. Not necessarily for the total money, but more the fact that NOBODY could make sense of it. You have a great back - just draft someone to match his skillset. Don't go and pay $8m a YEAR for a bang average guy that you can get for peanuts come training camp. 3 fumbles and a DUI in 5 games for Gordon. Awful.
  15. HAHA. How can you not laugh at that!
  16. Our Punt unit first try to jump offside and give a 1st down, then fumbled the Punt. Unbelievable. The effort from our D deserves so much better.
  17. That injury has messed with Lock. He's seeing ghosts, leaving perfect pockets. Mahomes is playing poorly by his standards and we are down 15, with them getting the ball to start the half. Not good.
  18. Wow, sure am glad we kept Harris and Dawson rather than Bausby for their special teams ... 🙄
  19. We call a zone run on 1st down, the Chiefs run a reverse. Sums up the playcalling of these two teams. Andy Reid plays chess, we play checkers. Awful decision by Lock to leave that pocket on 3rd down, by the way.
  20. Figured with COVID issues, there are a lot more roster transactions with not all of them being worth a thread. Klis is saying we are releasing Bausby, with Bouye being back. https://twitter.com/MikeKlis/status/1320089901551988738?s=19 That is CRAZY to me. Classic overthinking. Our staff clearly think Bassey is better in the slot and better on special teams, but you don't have outside CBs growing on trees. Find a role for Bausby ... He'd be silly to stick around on our PS. He'd start for some team.
  21. Hmmm I think that's a tad unfair. Sure, there are times where presnap Drew can do better and that was highlighted in this game where your matchups are pretty easy to identify. The Patriots aren't much of a disguise defense. But in this game, Drew was let down more by drops and playcalling than he let others down. We didn't punt until the 4th quarter - against a BB team that is excellent. However, the margins are so much smaller around the redzone and the Pats don't GIVE you anything. You have to earn your TDs.
  22. Hi guys - I do a review of our games in a all 22 game film thread in the Broncos forum each week. Feel free to pop in and have a look at some of my general observations. Happy to field any questions on anything specific re: your players/playcalling, etc.
  23. Remaining Q3 & Q4 notes - One thing I hate about keeping CBs on the same side of the field is that it makes it so easy to manipulate favourable matchups. The Patriots go 3 WRs to the left, and only a TE to the weakside. We bring in Bausby in our Nickel, but he stays on the weak side to cover Izzo (TE). That means we have to either match a Safety with a WR, or a LB. In this instance, it's Jewell and Edelman beats him easily for a 1st down. Chubb with the instant pressure too. Inside move (poor play from the LT) - The forced fumble by Ojemudia is really strange play. He reads the incut by the receiver, but then second guesses himself and goes back outside, only for the receiver to then incut. The receiver gets 5 yards separation as a result, but Ojemudia punches it out after the catch - Phillips (safety) blows up run play for 3 yard loss. Further example of great coaching, as Phillips only comes into the box when Vannett is motioned to his side of the formation. He reads it the whole way and run blitzes straight from the snap - Schlottmann does well to get playside on a zone run play, when the DT had playside leverage, but he can't hold the block to really spring the run. Still goes for 8 but could've been more - 3rd and 4, nothing there at all for Lock. Patriots playing Cover 1 buzz as usual, and their DBs play with perfect leverage to force the route back to the Cover safety. Hamilton is the primary read and he gets zero separation. Just doesn't have the speed or quickness to threaten the cushion of DBs. Winovich beats Dotson for a pressure - Really athletic play by Simmons on the Callahan INT. Simmons is in man coverage on the RB, who stays in to protect so Simmons gets himself in a passing lane and jumps to deflect the pass - Patriots matching our 22 personnel (2 TEs) with their small Nickel, i.e 3 Safeties rather than 2 LBs. Clearly not respecting the run ability of our interior OL to get to the 2nd level. All of our TEs have struggled in the run game so far - Patriots playing aggressively downhill now. It's 2nd and 7, and look at how many men they have around 2 yards of the LOS straight after the snap. Bentley (#51) gets a great jump on the ball, and Schlottmann can't redirect to get a body on him. Bentley goes straight into the backfield and blows the play up - Another 3rd down, another Cover 1 buzz from the Patriots. Why have we got Hamilton running the deep route ISO? Lock makes a prefect throw to him, despite no separation and it's dropped. I am not sure why Lock looks this way, though. He's got Jeudy, Patrick and Albert stacked to his left and the Patriots are in man coverage. That's a tough cover in that traffic for the outside WR (Jeudy) coming across the formation, and Jeudy separates. Lock just never looks his way. Patriots send 5, pass pro is perfect - Patriots call the pitch option on 3rd and 3. Chickillo does well to force the pitch, but it's Jewell who makes the play by getting outside quick enough to stop the RB when the pitch is made. Besides Bolles, Jewell is the most improved player on this team in my opinion (his tackle wasn't great but he did enough to force the punt) - Between D.Harris and Dawson, we have no speed on our punt return team on the outside. May as well call fair catch before the punt - Try to throw on 1st down, no separation by Jeudy on the incut. Bit sloppy at the top of his route, in truth. Incomplete - Bentley is just playing run every snap at this point. Patriots basically playing with 5 DL. That is why their 2nd LB in the Nickel is actually a Safety; it gives them a bit more coverage out there - 3rd down, Cover 1 buzz. We run the same play again where we didn't throw to Jeudy, but it's Patrick who's coming under the stacked alignment to try and lose his man in the traffic. The problem is, the Patriots buzz the opposite Safety to normal, meaning the play runs right into the buzz Safety (playing in the low zone). It's just top quality playcalling and execution by the Patriots. See below for the presnap showing 2 deep Safety look, then the further photo to show how the weakside Safety comes down to play the buzz and Patrick runs right into him - Long completion by Cam on Ojemudia down the left hand side should've been a push off on the Patriots WR (Byrd). Ojemudia is right on him until the push off. Great throw by Cam. Insane velocity on the ball thrown 30 yards to the sideline - Again, that long run by Cam is just ridiculous. Missed tackle by Johnson, but how does a guy that big run that fast? I've not a clue why the Patriots didn't just spread us out and do that more often - There goes Jewell making plays on the perimeter vs the option again. Stuffs the run at the LOS - See, there you go. Patriots go with 4 WR, no RB on a designed Cam keeper. I get you want to keep him clean but it's criminal they've waited this long to do this. Broncos just don't have the athletes on the DL and at LB to stop him - Two big Lindsay runs in a row. Don't know why, but the Patriots have called off the Bentley run blitzes and they are struggling to defend the inside zone runs without two LBs in there. Phillips is a nice run defender if he can penetrate, but he's not chance holding up when Guards get to the next level. He's giving up 100lbs ... Nice seal by Schlottmann on the OLB who tries to dive inside - Another 3rd down, guess what coverage! Again, the Pats pass over the crosser from the Nickel to the buzz Safety so seamlessly. The weakness of a Cover 1 buzz is down the sldeline and that's where we go. Unfortunately, Drew reads back shoulder and Patrick carries on going upfield. I am not blaming Drew for this, but if he had chosen the other sideline to go down, Hamilton had absolutely cooked Gilmore (I know ...) But like I said - you can't blame Drew for not looking that way. Pass pro is perfect again - Our CBs have been dominant in this game. All 3 of them. You have to say - it was a poor decision of our Coaching staff to not go with Bausby, Ojemudia, Callahan from the get go. The Bassey experiment failed and Bausby had proven he can play in this league. Anyway, when Bouye returns that is going to be a foundation group to this Defense - Bull rush by Chubb gifts the sack to Reed. Forced Cam to step up and Reed read it -Callahan blows the WR screen up. Edelman motions to a stack behind Byrd, and you can see Callahan tap his helmet to alert the others to the play. He just goes straight off the snap to blow by Byrd's block and force the play inside for a loss - First real Shelby Harris sighting of this half on 3rd and 12, as he beats the LG to force the Cam scramble. Hell of a tackle by Bausby on Cam. Comes up short, FG is good - So the 2nd INT of Lock's ... WHY are you calling a pass play from Shotgun without play action in that scenario? I get not wanting to run 3 times. But you have to do SOMETHING to get pass defenders out of the play. Now, of the 3 deep routes called, Lock picks the worst one. Both Jeudy and Hamilton have won their 1v1s, but Patrick is bracketed. But that's irrelevant really. The playcall is a terrible one. It's a bad rep for Schlottmann, too. See below. He fails to recognise the delayed Bentley blitz. He should've peeled off his double team but he's turned his back to the LOS (Lineman 101 to never do this in pass pro) - Josey Jewell with the pressure on 1st down. Great move on White to force the incompletion - Malik Reed loses contain on 3rd and 3, but Callahan chases the run down the from opposite side of the field. Honestly, that and the screen blowup are two of our better defensive plays from this season - Thuney peels too early on the HB screen and Jackson comes down from Safety to make the play. Savvy vet play - On that Edelman to Cam throw, Ojemudia makes such a good read to move from his RCB to the other side of the field. But again, it's his tackling that lets him down. He NEVER tackles with his arms, man. Stop using your shoulder ... Cam breaks the tackle and goes for an additional 10 and a 1st down - On the Patriots last set of downs, we sent 5, 6, 6 and 7. Our secondary won us this game - no doubt.
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