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  1. I think most people agree with this. I'm in the minority that think he's vastly overrated. He's solid against the run, as you'd expect for a 270lbs 3-4 OLB. But he's not anywhere dynamic enough as a pass rusher to be worthy of the #5 overall pick in my opinion. Bust? I think that is too far. But value for the pick? Not even close.
  2. Keeping it brief seems to be working, so I will do the same again ... 1. Force 3rd and long Zach Wilson's struggles thus far are well documented. If we can consistently force 3rd and long, thus being able to throw in disguised coverages and different blitz packages, I can't see it ending well for Wilson. Stop the run, make them throw on 3rd down. Simple enough plan. 2. Get ahead early We missed the chance to jump ahead early in the Jags game, both due to our own fault (sack in the redzone) and the officials taking explosive plays away from us. Linking to point 1 - if we can
  3. I don't think our playcalling thus far this year has suited Gordon, really. To me, it feels like we've ran more zone runs this year and Gordon is much more suited to running from Shotgun, where the hole is designed (backs up Duce's comment re: Melvin's lack of vision). Javonte Williams had a couple of excellent reps in pass pro last week; assuming that holds up, Melvin is definitely not coming back next year. I do think we should enjoy having two backs that can play 3 downs, or at least make the Defense respect all potential playcalls with them on the field. That is pretty rare. I lo
  4. Some quick fire 1st half notes from watching all 22: * It is so clear how good our secondary is by watching the film. They are just so relaxed and assured back there. Constant communication, and so rarely out of control. Justin Simmons is at the peak of his powers right now. He is so confident in his reads and knowing his athletic ability * I didn't realise how good of a half AJ had in the run game in the 1st half. Defending the run in early downs was always going to be the key to this game for us, and AJ was unbelievable in the 1st half. The Jags showed no respect for our Interior
  5. By the way - having watched the play back on all 22, it's actually a bit of a cheap shot by a Jags player that causes the injury. It's a shove in the back that propels Josey into the Punt Returner, and ultimately Josey just doesn't brace his body properly for impact as a result. Pretty incredible he was able to make the tackle at all, really.
  6. Good news - all 22 is available. Bad news - my new work laptop doesn't allow me to install anything, so I can't do video clips. Unless anyone knows a (free) website where you can record your screen without the need to install anything?
  7. I don't see how anyone could disagree with any of this. Perfectly summarised. Although, I won't lament people for focusing on the fact we're 2-0 rather than trying to second guess just how good Teddy is.
  8. As per PFF: "Patrick Surtain II is here, and heโ€™s legit. He was targeted seven times on the day and allowed only three catches for 30 yards with a pick. Of those three catches, only one went for a first down." Not a bad start. They also gave Cush a shoutout for his pass pro: "Lloyd Cushenberry III had one of the best days of his young career as a pass-blocker. Cushenberry was one of the lowest-graded pass-protecting centers in the league as a rookie and allowed two pressures last week against the Giants. he didn't allow a single pressure on 40 pass-blocking snaps this
  9. Whilst I wasn't aware of that, it doesn't change much in my opinion. If Leonard, Smith or Wagner went down on ST I would say the same thing. We've got guys on our roster who are literally only seeing snaps on ST; they have to have the capability of coping on those units without having to use guys who play over 85% of our snaps on Defense.
  10. I know why they WANTED him out there. The same reason we'd want Justin Simmons out there. But, we were smart enough to not put Simmons out there for the same reason Jewell shouldn't have been.
  11. Can we just be happy we are 2-0 with a QB playing well? I beg.
  12. We just drafted one in the 3rd round. Highly doubt we are going to invest anymore. Browning missing all that time in camp is frustrating now.
  13. Grim. One of my favourite players. Such a smart player, and an underrated athlete. And, he got the injury on Punt Coverage when he's a 3 down LB ........ Not a good look for our Coaching staff.
  14. Brutal. Sorry, but the Coaches (including Vic) have a fair bit to answer for here. Why is one of your most important defenders playing Punt Coverage vs a poor opponent?
  15. Man, I just checked out the Jets forum. Genuinely don't think I have ever seen a more despondent forum 2 weeks into a season. Especially with a rookie QB that was taken #2 overall. They are ready to throw the guy off Jersey Turnpike already ..... Brutal.
  16. ๐Ÿ˜† A lot of poor execution yesterday and general sloppiness that would have been punished by a good team. Don't get me wrong - many Bronco fans see it as a positive that our margin for error to win a game is much better this year, myself included. But the poor 3rd down conversion, lack of interior pass rush and injuries to key players suffered will really hurt us against good teams (we have 3 of them in our division). I do feel for the Jets, a bit. Broncos coming off 2 road wins to start the season, coming back for their 1st home game of the season against a rookie QB. Mile High is
  17. Yeh, the position is in need of drastic attention in my eyes. I think I called it the most pressing need of this team at the start of the offseason. They aren't easy to find. It would be an absolute game changer if we could somehow find a mid-round steal like we got with Malik Jackson. I hope he gets a payday from someone next Summer. I fear for players of his ilk a little, in that there is such a surplus of WRs these days (kids don't want to play RB any more), but he is definitely deserving of a multi-year deal. He's also quite old for someone hitting UFA. Who knows - he mig
  18. Really? That was your takeaway? It certainly wasn't mine. He showed plenty of glimpses in the 1st half against a very good pass Defense. If not for his Kicker they would have been leading at half time. Plus, he got let down with some big 3rd down drops from Shenault. Yes, 2nd half he struggled when the Jags got into a hole. But he's a rookie playing his 2nd game against (arguably) the best secondary in the NFL and against (arguably) the best Defensive playcaller in the league. There's plenty of reason for optimism with Lawrence.
  19. Few other thoughts off the top of my head: * Bryce Callahan had a superb game. He's such a big player for us if he can stay healthy * I mentioned a lot this offseason how I was concerned with our interior DL - I still stand by that. We NEED more pocket collapsing with gap integrity. It seems the only time we get inside pressure is on stunts/games. That won't cut it against teams with QBs that can scramble (Chiefs, Chargers). I was frequently told Agim was the answer - he can't even get himself active on gameday right now * Special Teams didn't just cost us a TD - they cost us mayb
  20. I think this is a very good point. We were far from perfect and yet so comfortable in the 2nd half. The margin for error is so much greater with this team this year, and you have to attribute a lot of that to the QB.
  21. You cannot play outside CB against a go route any better than that. One of the most impressive rookie plays I've seen as a Bronco fan.
  22. Just so impressed with Teddy's decision making. Literally picking the best option on every play. His deep is far from the prettiest, but making good decisions is good enough to help this team win games.
  23. Few quick hits: Stop running on 1st down. Our interior OL is getting killed in the run game, Cushenberry in particular. Defense started sluggish, but we've given up just 50 yards in the Jags last 24 plays. That will win Football games. Chubb and Jewell injuries suck. This game is there for the taking.
  24. Lovellllllly play design and call there. That crosser is there all day vs this man coverage Defense.
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