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    EURO 2020

    England have no way of progressing the ball from deep in a non predictable manner. Declan Rice and Kalvin Phillips is, at absolute best, a below average combination in terms of being able to move the ball forward against a team who are behind the ball. That's another reason why Maguire is a huge miss for England. Mings has no ability to either pass a ball through the lines, or carry a ball out of the back to impact the defensive shape of the other team. Maguire does both. Everyone looking to blame the front 4, and yes, they didn't excel. But they are receiving predictable passes and
  2. "CANCUN ON 3" - I believe that was the quote, @NYRaider
  3. An interesting suggestion. I guess the complication is the fact a new deal would likely have to be agreed by the new team with Patrick. He doesn't really have enough production in the NFL to garner trade compensation without a new deal being agreed. If our Coaching staff deems even 1 of our WRs low on the depth chart to be worthy of Offensive snaps, then we really are loaded at WR. I think the main reason we'd want to not trade Patrick is the uncertainty of Courtland Sutton's health. Sutton is going to be on snap restrictions throughout the preseason and camp, so we aren't going
  4. I just hope we make a call on who is #1 as soon as practically possible. Has it ever, in the history of the modern NFL, worked when you take your QB decision all the way to the 3rd preseason game?
  5. You were talking about this Jazz team like they were the Globetrotters about 3 weeks ago. Chill.
  6. I would be stunned at this point if Sancho to United isn't done. Just too much smoke around it at this point. As per the Athletic, Grealish prefers a move to City. Still, you'd expect outgoings for that move to make sense. There is already a huge competition for places on the wing at City. Sterling, Mahrez, Torres, Silva, Foden are all played predominantly as wingers by Pep. I can't see Sterling leaving because nobody is going to cough up the cash required (both transfer and salary). I think Bernardo Silva is a darkhorse to leave. Again, the Athletic have said he is unhappy and
  7. This is what I came in here to say. I am sure people will (understandably) point towards declining performance in the latter years, but the fact he was playing CB in the NFL at age 36 is a testament to his dedication to his physique (and his talent, of course). He must be in a very small group of people who have played 15 years as an NFL CB.
  8. Suns hit a decent amount of 3 point looks, Nuggets didn't. That was basically it for the 1st half, and the effort from the entire Nuggets team fell off a cliff when the game got to a 15 point deficit early in the 3rd. To make up for the difference in (available) roster quality, Nuggets need to be hitting close to 50% from 3, not 14% like they did in the 1st half. If anything, they should have been down more at half time with how poorly they shot the ball. I don't think that MPJ performance (at both ends) needs discussing, really. We all saw it.
  9. Jokic had his way Offensively in the 1st half. For some reason, his shot selection went awful in the 3rd. The lack of 3 point shooting really hurt us in the end, especially with Bridges and Crowder cooking. You can't go into a 4th quarter trailing like we were when Chris Paul is playing. He might be the best player I have ever seen at controlling a lead. As I have said numerous times, we aren't winning this series with MPJ going nuclear across a FULL game. Malone is trying to play him with the 2nd unit but he just isn't good enough at creating his own Offense right now. Really
  10. Totally forgot JaMychal Green, who was HUGE last night. +22 and he actually finished the game. MPJ said after the game he told Malone to leave Green in .......
  11. Interested to see how Denver's rotations work with Barton likely back by, at worst, game 2. Does Malone try and work Barton in with the bench to get more scoring with that unit, or does he move Rivers into that role instead? I would be shocked if he changes his PG rotation of Campazzo starting and Morris finishing.
  12. So proud of this team, man. The 4th Q Defense came out of nowhere. Jokic did MVP things down the stretch, but Monte Morris was the reason we won this game. So composed in the two man game and some huge buckets in the non-Jokic minutes whilst MPJ was struggling. This season is without doubt a success regardless now, given circumstance.
  13. Nothing but respect for what the Jazz have built there. Organic growth, with some shrewd acquisitions around the growth. With the Lakers injuries, Nuggets injuries and Clippers just being bad, they are never going to get a better chance to win the West.
  14. Re: the Dame foul or no foul - I was more annoyed with MPJ for not getting in his grill. Why are you backing off when there is 5 seconds left, up 3? He isn't driving to the basket, Michael ..... Just get up there and get your 7ft 3 wingspan in his face.
  15. Picking an attacking lineup doesn't necessarily translate to better attacking play. It is a very unique skill to be able to receive passes deep from your Defenders and GK, then to play forward passes that break the structure of an opposition's defensive shape. If as a player you're unfamiliar with doing this then it is bonkers to try and thrust someone into that role in such an important game. Gundogan is, without question, effective further up the pitch and around the box to score goals, whilst using his energy to press high up the pitch. De Bruyne is also much more effective in th
  16. Well, that game was quite something ... Don't even know what to say about Dame at this point. Insane basketball player. As others have said, I actually don't think Jokic played well and to be honest, I think he kinda got worse when Kanter came in. Probably him being tired. I am really worried about whether his insane minute total over the season is coming back to haunt us now. He is going to be still feeling game 5 when game 6 begins.
  17. "Frank" - is that a genuine nickname? Brilliant if it is 😄 Facu and Rivers starting was always going to be a problem, especially against a backcourt of Dame and CJ. I feel like we have enough to beat Portland with Jokic at his usual standard and MPJ playing well. Unfortunately, Jokic's usual standard is so high that it's probably unrealistic to not expect another below standard outing in this series. I feel for Will Barton, tbh. He's going to come back in game 6, be rusty as hell and then get absolute pelters off Nuggets twitter.
  18. First human Jokic game in some time and we all saw what happened. Said it 100 times - MPJ needs to find a way to force himself upon games like that. Sure he had 3 shots in the 1st half. That's inexplicable, regardless of circumstance.
  19. I love this team so much man. Every excuse in the book to lie down, and they never do. You have weak minded players like Nurkic, fouling out because he can't stand the heat (second game in a row), then you have strong minded players like Austin Rivers who was on a 10 day contract like 6 weeks ago, going off for 16 in the 4th. Still think Denver needs to get MPJ going. Foul trouble held him back, even though he got it going at one point.
  20. I actually read an article last month on how Bentley has been hired as a Director of player development (or something like that) for the NFL. It was great to see, because it must be hard to mentally cope with having such a lucrative career taken away from you. Hopefully Richburg can find a way to mentally get past it too.
  21. Dame time caused probably the least talked about 20+ point half ever from Jokic. Unstoppable. MVP. AG did amazing work on Dame in the 2nd, but just the overall effort was so good from us. Have my doubts we can replicate that on the road, but we needed that one. How about those huge points from Uncle Paul in the 2nd? 15 points in 15 minutes for the game; huge. Despite the refs, it's been a really good series thus far.
  22. Straight out of Ligue 1, that.
  23. 11/36 vs 19/40 from 3. The game doesn't even need any further analysis than that. He was so good around the hoop, but for this team to win this series MPJ is going to have to cook from 3. 1/10 ain't going to do it.
  24. 😂😂😂 Must win game for Portland, Nuggets the most beat up playoff team in the league. Tell me you wouldn't have pulled starters too?
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