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  1. Honestly, at some point I would consider just keep lobbing those sideline balls in 1v1 coverage. Just cant risk throwing anything in the middle, and eventually we are going to have to move the ball
  2. Chubb lining up inside (stood up) in that roaming role on 3rd down again, as I saw on all 22 last week. I really like him in that role. If only Von was there on the outside of him in that role ...
  3. This will be fun for like 2 series then we will be begging for it to end.
  4. Unbelievable turnaround. Total bust until Munchak got his hands on him. Arguably the best LT in football this year.
  5. Incredible turnaround. He's been unbelievable this year. All credit to him and Munchak.
  6. Terron Armstead out with COVID. Huge loss for the Saints.
  7. 4th quarter notes - 3rd and 10 on our own 25, we try our favoured Shotgun run play but there are just way too many bodies. Far too conservative on that set. Two runs, 1 WR screen. Punt - Great read by Jackson here and a perfect angle to make the stop behind the LOS. He's still really quick despite his age - Simmons caught playing overly aggressive on 3rd and 3. I would get that flat footed technique if we were sending a big blitz, but it's a 4 man rush so Fitz has time to throw his TE open down the field - He's had a good game, don't get me wrong. But below is why Alex Johnson always makes me nervous in pass coverage. He looks like a tank chasing after the RB - Great bullrush from Chubb the following play. Sly Williams deflects the pass for an incompletion - On 3rd and 10, we have Johnson aligned inside stood up in a 4 man rush again. Fitz scrambles too early, and Chubb mops it up to stop for a 2 yard gain. FG is good. 20-13 Broncos - More good play design here. Patrick takes a really good angle with his release, engaging the LB (44) and dragging the outside CB with him. This leaves the flat completely void for Fant to rumble for an easy 25. Clearly the chip from Fant is also designed, and the LE had no feel for the play that was coming - Drew showed some serious wheels on the option that he kept. Ogbah sees it the whole way, but Drew just outruns him to the edge for 9 - Beautiful run play again. It's our favourite - Shotgun run with a Guard pull (trap) block but it's to the left and Schlottmann (in for Glasgow) on the pull. Just look at the body angles of Bolles, Risner and Cush. All in sync, all understand exactly what leverage they need for where the run is designed. I think Vannett's block is my favourite as he peels off the double team at just the right time to catch the backside LB help. - Schlottmann trips as he attempts to pull again on a slight variation to our last play. Goes for a 2 yard loss - 1st down after a holding penalty on the Phins. 1st and 10 from their 10 with 5 mins left - The Gordon fumble .... Eugh. So frustrating because he showed great leg power to get close, but he HAS to know he can't lose that ball there. A FG pretty much wins the game for us. Dotson is pretty funny on this play. He is soooooo tired. It looks like a glitched computer game with him just stood there doing nothing - Probably the first blemish of Jackson's day, as he missed a tackle for what would have been a 4 yard gain and it becomes an 11 yard gain - 15 yard penalty on Chubb for a late hit on Fitz scrambling. Harsh, but helmet to helmet I think - I think he's played well the past couple of weeks and I haven't perhaps highlighted it enough. Yet, Bassey shows poor technique here. Don't be looking in the backfield when your guys has separated. Get on your bike and close the gap. That is far too easy for 9 yard - Hell of a throw on 3rd and 11 by Fitz to beat our Cover 2. We rarely play Cover 2 zone, so that is a great read and great throw down the sideline, in front of the Safety and behind the CB - Miami going empty now. We're struggling to get pass rush and Fitz is picking apart our no huddle, base Defense - 2 mins to go. Veteran play by Jackson here. Look at how he keeps outside leverage. He doesn't panic with the TE being inside, because he knows his help (Simmons) is inside. When the TE breaks outside, Jackson flips his hips and nearly picks it off Good rush by Chubb who gets in Fitz's face to hurry the throw. He comes on a game from LE - Great catch by Simmons to seal the game. In truth, it's a really bad throw. Callahan is in good position and Fitz just doesn't feel Simmons (who was originally aligned to the other hash marking). Such a clutch play
  8. Read my notes. I give plenty of praise and criticism to both players. Difference is, I can actually point to specific examples when I say Fant is more than adequate blocker for a move TE, whereas you can't when you say he isn't (without looking at the small sample of bad blocks I have provided, of course). Stop bringing Drew into every conversation, too.
  9. Further 3rd quarter notes (and some of the 4th) - 3rd and 6 Broncos from the Phins 20. They go cover 0, all out blitz. We get it blocked up as well as possible (7 rushers, we block the 6 closest to the QB). It's a bad call though vs a Cover 0. You want your routes as spaced out as possible vs Cover 0, because that way one defender can't cover multiple players. Look at Fant and Hamler - their route combination is too close. This allows the slot CB to basically cover both of them, whilst the SS in the middle of field can help cover Jeudy on the slant. Really, we should have motioned Fant to the other side here so we were spread out, rather than 3 routes to one side of the field. If Fant is on the other side of the formation going up the seam, he carries the SS with him and Jeudy is wide open and the throw can be in stride (if Lock throws in stride here, Jeudy could get monstered) - 4th and 1 run fails. You could maybe argue Gordon goes to the wrong A gap, but the NT (Davis) is controlling Glasgow and he read Gordon's cut, so if he went the other way then that hole would've likely been plugged. I imagine this would have been QB sneak if Drew wasn't banged up - Phins ttry going zone run, and D Williams beats the stretch block attempt to not only blow the run up, but also draw a holding call - D Williams sack the very next play. Look at the athleticism to start in 0 technique (head up over the Center) and to end up penetrating in the B gap. The LG can't handle the lateral speed and it's a sack. I've noted previously that he has impressed me, and I think he is a far more productive player than Walker or Jones at this point - Phins check down on 3rd and forever. Punt - Huge punt and a holding call means a net 64 yard punt ..... - This sounds ridiculous given it's a 9 yard throw, but this is maybe one of the more promising throws I have seen Drew make these past few weeks. There is no play action, but he stands in the pocket, looks off the 2 LBs by moving his head to the right, but then comes back to his actual #1 read which Patrick on a simple curl route. Drew's footwork is good, the ball comes out in rhythm and on time. - 2nd and 1, we try a run in the right A gap, but Davis controls Risner this time at the LOS. That boy is a hand full for a rookie. Bolles gets beat across his face by Lawson too. Loss of 1 - Convert on 3rd and 2 on a quick out to Hamler. Nice play design, with Hamler and Jeudy bunched together to create just a bit of confusion between the two CBs. Throw is a bit behind Hamler, but he hauls it in for 8 yards - Here it is @AKRNA - the moment Bolles took a life in front of our eyes. The way Garrett just stares the poor guy down too .... It's a great block and great patience too by Gordon, but Glasgow is the one who makes this play happen. He is also pulling, but look how he sticks on his man and maintains the block against a very good run defender in Van Noy. That is textbook Guard play. I don't think Dotson will enjoy the play back of this, as he gets whooped to the ground - 2nd and 10, this is poor from Vannett. Him and Fant double team the OLB, one on each shoulder. Fant correctly peels off to the DB, but Vannett has to be ready to shift his weight further inside and not allow the OLB to get downhill when Fant leaves. It's a shame because Risner and Bolles had worked well together to cut off the backside help - Hate the 3rd and 8 play call. We only have two routes beyond the sticks and we chip with two of our available receiving options (Fant, Hamler). The Dolphins have 4 players in deep coverage, so there is just no way of us converting. However, it's a dumb late hit on Lock to allow the conversion. - Nice chip by Fumagali on the PA bootleg to stop Van Noy. Easy completion for 7 on 1st down - Lots of great parts to the Gordon TD run. Gordon's 2nd inside cut is a great read, as it must have been tempting to cut outside. Glasgow gets a tremendous seal block on Davis. Excellent angle to cut it off, whilst not allowing penetration. Risner (as he should) takes the LE out of the play. Fumagali does an excellent job on Van Noy (bad play by him though). My favourite on this play is probably Dotson, who initially goes to double Davis, realises Glasgow is in total control then levels the backside LB who is coming to help - Look at the range of Justin Simmons here. This is one of the reasons why he's going to be the highest paid Safety in the league. When the ball is thrown he is 3 yards to the wrong side of where the ball is going. He still manages to get over the top of Grant (a 4.40 guy). I must say, Callahan is still in good trail position regardless. Seen a couple times this half that Chubb has gone over the RT. The hesi and dip is just too much for the poor RT. - Bouye has struggled with slants all game. Another one here goes to Wilson for 12 and a 1st on 3rd and 10. It's a good throw by Tua. On target and lots of heat. When you blitz your LB out of Dime personnel, you leave the short middle vacant and that's what happened. It's hard for a CB to cover that much field when you don't want to give up a deep ball - Another AWFUL call on Bouye on 3rd and 3. PI, this time. 1st down Phins at our 40 - Good job selling the holding call by D Williams on 1st down when Tua scrambles out of the pocket - Now this personnel package on 3rd and 10 I absolutely LOVE. We put Johnson inside standing up as part of a 4 man rush, rather than him blitzing as a LB. He sets this up so well for Chubb by occupying the LG with his speed. The LG loses quickly, so he is concentrating on resetting his feet and doesn't feel Chubb coming around on the stunt. Free hit, boom.
  10. Some 3rd quarter notes - 2nd and 5 Broncos at their 30. We've got 3 OL pulling! We've definitely not done this a single time this year. From shotgun, Bolles, Cush and Glasgow all pull to the right. Glasgow hits the blitzing DB, Cush gets the kick out to the OLB and Bolles doesn't even get the chance to block anyone. If you are being nit picky, then maybe Phil should have stayed patient behind Garrett but I disagree with that. The run went for 19 - hard to complain at that. The best block here is Vannett who is aligned to the right of the formation. He is single blocking down on the LE. He has to block down but also ensure the LE doesn't penetrate. It's an excellent block. - First 5 plays of the 2nd half have been 12 personnel (1 RB, 2 TE, 2 WR) - There goes Noah Fant blowing by the SS (Rowe) again. It's Shotgun from 12 personnel, no play action. The Phins bring Rowe into the box because of our success running the ball thus far, so he's in good position to cover Fant from the snap. Fant is just too quick for him. Rowe takes far too long to turn his hips, and Fant has blown by him on the in route. Like Jeudy earlier in the game, Fant does well to get vertical first and then curl off the route, rather than running in too early (allowing the DB to come under the curl). Pass pro is perfect across the board, allowing Drew to step in and zing a perfect ball. Drew also looks right first (Vannett) then comes back to Fant. Great play - Remember my clip from the 1st half where Fant let Van Noy go straight into the backfield to blow up the bootleg? Watch Vannett here. He gets his hands on Van Noy, then releases into his route. It gives Drew time to get his head around, whilst also helping with the play action (watch the playside LB bite on the play action, as he sees Vannett blocking). Easy throw and catch for 10. - Now here is how you defend vs a pulling Guard. Unusually for us, we run out of shotgun to the left, with Glasgow and Risner pulling, the latter being the trap block on the OLB. Watch what #44 does to Glasgow. Dude looks like a heat seaking missile out there. Sure, putting a pulling Guard on his butt is good for the testosterone, but what is more important is the effect it has on Lindsay. He has to cut, slow down, and the play is dead from that point onwards. #44 also plays with inside leverage, forcing Lindsay outside to the contain. Love that aggression from an ILB - I mentioned this play in the gameday thread. Drew does everything right other than complete the pass. Phins drop 7, rush 4. We deal with the pass rush and Drew works his reads all the way from the numbers on the left to the numbers on the right where Fumagali is so open. I have no idea why he puts so much heat on it. There isn't anyone within 15 yards of Troy. Just float the thing ..... Still - staying in the pocket, read progression - those are good traits for him to be developing.
  11. Ok, we have a bet. I say before, you say during 1st, Broncofan says during the 2nd.
  12. I would be STUNNED if that is the case. There are too many teams that will have an interest. There is no way that (at least) 5 teams are going to gamble on a QB falling to the 20's. Someone is going to go get Darnold before day 1 of the draft. As long as whoever the Jets want doesn't get hurt pre-draft, they will do the deal to the highest bidder, of which there will be many.
  13. At this point, I think Bolles on franchise tag is there way we will go. Give him another year to prove he's worth a long term deal. But he won't be walking; Elway hasn't had a top quality LT his entire time in our front office and he ain't letting one walk. Hopefully we work something out with Simmons. But his INT numbers this year are driving his value up as each game goes on. Is he playing as well? Perhaps not. But he brings so much versatility to a Defense and someone will pay him. Without any doubt he will have to be the highest paid Safety in the league or he will go. That means (at least) 4 years, $60m with $27m gtd. I would do the deal. Pay the guys who are doing the right things. He's a smart player with a very good attitude. He isn't going to let us down and he is always available. With Casey ($12.3m) and Bouye ($13.5m) almost certainly coming off the books, it isn't as if we don't have room. I am sure @Broncofan will be delighted with our 2021 dead cap figure right now. We only have $601k right now which doesn't affect us (and a far cry from our usual mess in this regard). So, to summarise: Bolles - franchise tag Simmons - sign long term Casey - cut. Draft DE very early and (attempt) to re-sign Shelby Harris Bouye - cut. Play Ojemudia
  14. Darnold is under control for very little (relatively speaking) for 2 years when including a 5th year option and he's only 23. You could make an argument for all of these teams being interested (excluding teams at the very top of draft): Broncos Steelers Patriots Saints Bears Colts 49ers Vikings Then you have teams at the top of the draft that may miss out on someone in the draft (Washington, Giants). There will be no buying low for Darnold. Too many good teams needing a QB, that won't be able to get one in the draft, will be in on him.
  15. Further 2nd quarter notes - I am still not keen on Walker and Jones as our DT's in our Nickel on early downs. Phins starting to get going with inside runs - 3rd and 5 from our 30, Phins convert on a quick slant to Parker. Tough cover for Callahan - Parker is a bigggg dude and the throw is out in front of him (he has to dive for it). Only shot of covering this is a DL getting in the passing lane. It's also a problem of blitzing LBs so often on 3rd down; you therefore take them away from being able to sit in zones to cut off quick slants - Phins getting creative on Offense. They come out in 11 personnel and we incorrectly send out our base 3-4. The formation puts both OLBs out in wide zones, and thus our pass rush becomes 3 DL (Agim, Walker, S Williams) and a blitzing LB (Jewell). Tua has absolutely day back there, and eventually the Phins. Poor job by our Coaches in getting the right guys on the field. - 1st and 10 from our 14. Phins run PA out of shotgun to the right, with a TE sweeping under the formation to the left and the sole read for Tua. Johnson reads it, but gets away with the most obvious hold to stop the TE running past him into the flat. Really poor officiating to not call that. Incomplete - Good call by Fangio on 2nd down. Phins try going screen, but we have an unblocked Jewell coming from the non-playside of the screen, and Johnson is in man coverage of the RB and correctly drives on his coverage, so he gets underneath the pulling Linemen. Incomplete - 3rd and 10 and this time rather than Cover 7 we go Cover 2 man. Perfect across the board. Literally nowhere for Tua to go. I love the leverage Bassey plays with from the slot. he knows he has a combo of Jewell/Simmons inside, so he keeps his discipline and stays outside. When the WR cuts it outside on his corner route, Bassey is right there to get underneath. 3 of our guys meet at the QB, but it is a definite coverage sack. - The score is 10-10, 2.28 left in the 2nd and we have 1st and 10 from our 10. Further proof of Bolles' maturation. He's pulling on a shotgun run and the past he would've just doubled up on Van Noy with Glasgow just so he can hit someone. Instead, he stays patient, slithers through a hole and leads Lindsay to the outside for a 6 yard gain. Nice block by Dotson to seal off the backside pursuit - 2 and 4 run goes for 26. It's our signature run play. Shotgun run to the right, Risner pulling on the trap and blocks the DE/OLB. Some awesome execution again here. Risner blows Van Noy off the ball, Dotson mauls the 3-4 DE, Patrick ends up taking 2 DBs out of the play as they think he's running a slant (actually crack back blocking) and Fant does justtttt enough to affect the LB who nearly stops the play at the LOS. Gordon shows great explosion to the hole. - Poor footwork in the pocket by Drew here. Cush gets walked back by the NT again, but it's not clean pressure. Drew needs to see that the NT can be taken out of the play by sliding to the left where Risner and Bolles are owning their guys. If he stands in the pocket, you can see Hamler coming clean over the middle. The throw is a very, very dangerous one that he should never have thrown. Side note - It's been almost exclusively Hamler from the slot with Jeudy outside. I think both of them operate best from the slot. I would like to see us go with Fant/Lindsay/Gordon out wide, with both Jeudy and Hamler in the slot - 2nd and 10, 1.47 mins left in the 2nd. Perfect release and route by Jeudy. Wins inside with his hands, gets vertical to stack the CB (so the CB can't undercut the slant) then curls off the slant back towards the QB. Got to catch the ball. Howard does well to get his hands in, but Jeudy has to secure it when he gets two hands on the ball. It's really good from Drew. He looks off the LB so that the LB moves to Fant, then comes straight back to Jeudy who is open. - 3rd and 10. Ask and I shall receive! Jeudy and Hamler both in the slot with trips to the left. It's our go to formation on 3rd and long. It's routes like these that make it simply crazy that people aren't over the moon we have Jerry Jeudy on this team. It's an elite route. Larry Fitzgerald made a career running this 15 yard out route. Watch how sets up his CB by initially running in field. He's faking a crosser/slant so that the CB plays with inside leverage. He then gets vertical so that the CB has to respect the skinny post. Then, he curls off his route to maintain speed and his separation whilst using the other CB to block off his man from following him. Pass pro is great (pancake for Risner on Van Noy) and Drew slides a bit to his left with the oncoming LE running a deep arc. Perfect throw. Perfect 3rd down play. - Hamler runs a speed corner route from the slot vs single high Safety - perfect call for that coverage (centre field Safety can't cover the boundary without cheating). Hamler just burns his guy. Absolutely blazes past him, but Drew over throws it. Give your guy a chance man - Dolphins go Cover 0, all out blitz. We call the WR screen to Patrick, but the throw is low and it only goes for 1. Good call, bad throw - 3rd and 9, we run the Risner pulling play. Meh. Don't like the call, but we are in FG range I guess. FG is good, half is over
  16. some 2nd quarter notes - 3rd and 5 Broncos, on our own 33 yard line. It's the play where it looked like Hamler got seriously hurt with his leg getting trapped, but he was somehow totally fine. I enjoyed watching this play even though we fell short of the 1st. First thing - the Dolphins sent their slot CB on a blitz. Garrett sees it, picks it up and we get everything blocked perfectly up front. Drew correctly looks to Hamler on the crosser, who was in the slot and was covered by the blitzer. #55 (ILB) picks Hamler up but Drew throws the ball too early. He needs to let Hamler out run the LB by either throwing the ball (softly) way out in front of Hamler, or by simply waiting in the pocket. Instead, he throws it too early and behind Hamler. Shame. Last thing - look at the filthy release by Patrick at the bottom. He makes Xavier Howard look like a UDFA rookie. Honestly - Tim Patrick is going to be a steal for someone in Free Agency next year. He's a WR2 in this league for sure. Not blaming Drew for not looking that way; it is just a shame that Patrick wasn't the #1 read - Great Punt (nearly 4 seconds hang time) and then coverage by Holder. 50 yard net. - 2nd and 7 Phins, this is a 10 year vet play by Reed and it's a danger of running the ball out of shotgun from an Offensive stand point, especially a draw. The Lineman retreat as if they are in pass pro, which means Reed can look in the backfield without contact. He sees a hole underneath the RG and it just so happens that is exactly where the draw play is going. Great form tackle for a 3 yard loss. Risky play by Reed, as he gave up his contain, but it sure did work out. - 3rd and 10 we go cover 7; rare for us because we usually don't trust a 4 man rush to get home. We are in our 'big' Dime package, in that Holder comes for Jewell (rather than another CB coming in). Interesting that Jewell came out, rather than Johnson but the latter offers a better blitz threat for sure. Reed gets a hit on Tua, but if I am honest this is more to do with the Phins rather than Reed. The RT's set is expecting a chip from the RB, but the RB basically taps Reed on the shoulder and lets him on his way. Therefore, Reed has an easy angle straight to Tua. He tries to check it down, but it's incomplete. If we had Von we would see a load more of that Cover 7. It's so hard to convert on 3rd and long vs that many cover players - 1st and 10 Broncos from our 40. This is excellent play design. Vannett is lined up as H Back and comes under the formation to feign like he's blocking on our play action. This gets #44 to bite up on the play action and the pass goes right behind him. The Jeudy motion causes confusion in the Phins defensive backfield, as the slot CB doesn't travel with Jeudy which shows it is zone coverage. The LCB tries to gesture over to the FS to help, but Patrick has a free release into the zone vacated by the ILB biting on the PA fake. THe ball is perfect and Patrick with ball in hand is a thing of beauty. Huge 45 yard play - Look at the speed of Noah Fant below. The SS (Rowe) is in man coverage on him and Rowe gives him a free release. Fant just runs away from a 200lbs, 4.45 DB. Again, it's perfect play design vs man coverage. We motion Patrick in line to vacate the space for both Fant and Vannett's route. Patrick does a brilliant job running off both the CB and the FS with his unselfish effort. We catch a break that the ILB is coming on a run blitz which frees up even more room on the crosser. The timing on the call is everything here. That just doesn't work against zone coverage because you are running the crosser straight into a zone. - We go heavy, 3 TE set on 2nd and 1. Doesn't work. Losses across the board up front. Both Cush and Glasgow are controlled 1 yard into our backfield, and Ogbah beats Dotson inside to stop the play for a 2 yard loss. Poor from Dotson; he has help outside from a TE, so he can't lose inside and thus not allow the TE to help him. - Below is a young player not understanding the wider picture of a play. It's a naked PA bootleg. Fant has to know that his OL is blocking down, thus if Van Noy (the LB in front of him) comes downhill, Fant HAS to chip him. But, Fant just runs his route because ultimately that is what it looks like on the board. The best players understand the role of every part of the Offense. This play is dead the second Fant lets Van Noy go untouched into the backfield. FG - 10-7 to Broncos, 9.55 left in the 2nd. 1st down the Dolphins go empty with 11 personnel. A lot of teams do this against us now and it is because we don't move our outside CBs. The Phins have their RB out wide to the left with Callahan covering him, and because are in our Nickel that means we now only have 2 CBs left vs 3 Phins WRs. We end up with Johnson lined up over Parker in the slot, which means either zone coverage (which it is) or a ridiculously good matchup for the Phins. We blitz Jewell and drop Attaochu right into Parker's route, but Tua gives it to Gesicki in a zone sit for an easy 9. - 1st and 10 Phins and this is a really cool follow up to my comment above. This time, we are in man coverage when the Phins go empty with their RB out side. Look at how Jewell is smart enough to know he has to get outside and Callahan needs to cover Parker inside. Risky throw - Simmons was driving, nearly gets there - Our OLBs are playing these shotgun runs brilliantly. It's Attaochu this time who comes down the line to stop the run for 2 - 3rd and 4, this time we send 6 (Bassey and Johnson blitz). We don't get pressure anywhere near quick enough given that we've sent 6; credit the Dolphins for the blitz pickup. Bouye is in really good coverage of Parker's 8 yard curl route, but he just doesn't look back for the ball and thus doesn't get his hand out - First good run for the Phins, goes for 12. It's from under Center and Attoachu is the one to lose contain. Callahan's run support is poor, allowing the run to go for 6 yards more than it should have
  17. Some more 1st quarter notes - 2nd and 8 Broncos on their own 42, 6.30 mins left in the 1st. It's that first Lindsay burst for a 1st down. This is certainly a new wrinkle. It's Cush who comes on the pull and gets straight to the 2nd level. It's a very well executed play. Great second level block by Fant (put some respect on his name @French Fan), Glasgow and Risner wall off the back side pursuit, Dotson cuts off the playside DE and Cush recognises he can get to the DB. Good vision by Phil in the hole to read Fant's block and go outside rather than inside. - ...... and two penalties later, we are in 1st and 20 - This isn't a good decision by Phil. It's a designed inside run, despite the fact it's a toss play. Cush is definitely being controlled again by Davis inside. That said, Phil has to hit that up in the middle. Both the left and right A gap offer some positive yards. The bounce outside is a really bad decision and it goes for a loss - Like the WR screen call for 6, but should have done this on 1st down - 3rd and 14 on the Dolphins 40, it's a QB scramble for a 1st. I really liked this play live, because Drew goes VERTICAL with his scramble, not sideways. Now, Drew probably could have settled down once he stepped up, but he was decisive and he went for it. It's awful from #33 of the Dolphins. He's in QB spy and he still doesn't make the play after he just runs straight into Melvin Gordon. - We haven't ran the ball well at all this year from under Center but we do here. Great execution by Glasgow and Dotson, as the latter peels to the 2nd level from the initial double team. Fumagali, who lines up like a FB, gets a great kick out block and Hamilton is banging too at the 2nd level. Gordon gets straight in there, no messing. Awesome run - Then, we go play action with a very similar looking alignment. Van Noy gets caught looking in the backfield, and a simple dump off to Vannett goes right down to the 1. - Key block on the TD run is Glasgow. His man is aligned to the left of him, but Glasgow has to wall him off from the middle of the formation. Glasgow flips his hips excellently to prevent his man from being able to cover the A gap. Lovely - Dolphins 1st and 10 from our base 3-4, we drop Reed and Chubb but blitz Jewell. It's great design. Agim and D Williams run wide and BOTH draw double teams, leaving a widddde open hole for Jewell to blitz through. The RB makes contact but Jewell gets through it for the pressure. Incomplete pass to Grant, good coverage by Bouye - Sack on 2nd down. It's the 2nd time we have brought Bassey on a blitz in early downs. Reed tries to give Bassey a free lane by rushing inside but the RT reads it. However, the RG doesn't feel Reed coming inside at all so when the RT passes Reed on, he's free to go get Tua. Chubb will be gutted that he slipped, as he had the LT on skates again with that 'one handed lean stab' (that is my name for it now) - 3rd and 18 is just a dump off. Punt
  18. It's certainly not the first example. Tim Patrick is honestly one of the best blocking WRs in the NFL. I don't talk about it enough. Jerry should learn a thing or two. Nick Saban WRs aren't normally low effort blockers, so maybe I am overthinking it.
  19. some 1st quarter notes - 1st play of the game, Chubb shows explosion I don't think I have seen from him all year. He times the snap count and he gets such a clean win inside that he's able to still contain when Tua moves to the left. Shame he misses the tackle, but that is so promising. Dolphins have two deep, outside stop and go routes. Tua picks the wrong one - Grant is quicker than Parker, but the former doesn't separate really and it would've taken a perfect throw to complete. Bouye, however, bites hard on Parker's stop and go, and is in a pretty significant trail position. - Starting DTs in our Nickel are Jones and Walker again. No double teams by the Dolphins on an inside shotgun run. Interior OL go straight to the 2nd level. Johnson beats his 2nd level block well, forces the run to bump, and Reed/Jones are there to mop up for a 3 yard gain - In our 'big' Dime package on 3rd and 7 we bring in Holder (#33). Interesting. Clearly we don't fancy Ojemudia inside and also Duke Dawson has been dropped from that role given his poor performance vs the Raiders. Below is our 3rd down pass rush. Clear emphasis on forcing Tua to step up rather than sideways. Again, Chubb gets a great rush with his favoured 'one arm' to the chest. Pause at 2 seconds and look at Chubb's leverage - perfect. Low, and one arm extended. How many of you know that your reach is longer with one arm outstretched rather than two? Well, those inches matter in the NFL and that is why pass rushers use one arm when getting into the chest of the OL. Good play by Jones to keep his eyes in the backfield to mop up, forcing an errant throw by Tua. - 1st and 10 for us on our first possession. The run is supposed to go in the A gap between Cush and Risner. It's not there because Cush is being controlled at the LOS by Davis. Risner actually pancakes his guy. You can tell by the way Dotson is walling off at the 2nd level that it's going to the left. Ultimately, it can't go left because of Cush being controlled and then when Phil cuts it back the DB is there because of Jeudy's awful block (don't like that effort on the 1st play of the game) - We try the deep shot to Jeudy on the outside vs Cover 1 on 2nd down. No dice. Not much separation, and the throw is way too long - 3rd and 10 is the Lock INT. You can tell by the bunched alignment alignment to the left that we are anticipating man coverage. The idea is that the man cover DBs get lost in the traffic vs the bunch alignment, and you will get 'levels' concepts, i.e 3 routes will go to 3 different levels of the Defense. Problem is, it's zone coverage. Despite all the fuddy duddy stuff presnap, Dolphins send 4 and it's Cover 3. Our playcall is a bad matchup vs Cover 3 (7 in deep zone) and you're relying on the levels depth being perfect to fit in the wholes in the zone. They aren't. The only option here for Drew is to either buy time and playing backyard ball, or, the percentage play which is to dump it down to your (wide open) RB. The throw Drew makes is appalling. It isn't there at all. He's off balance, moving away from the destination of the throw. Just dump it down and live to fight another day. Pass pro is decent. Drew has a hole to step up into, but he drifts left. Cush - go find some work young fella. - What an absolute joke of a call against Bouye for holding that saw a Simmons INT brought back. Unacceptable officiating - Sly Williams in for Walker in our Nickel on early downs - Chubb goes inside again on 1st down, but it's a run this time and he loses contain. Easy 7 yards, good form tackle by Callahan in space - This is excellent from Sly. Splits the double team and forces the RB to bounce it. Would have liked to see Jewell play it more aggressively. He was far too easy to block on this play - The TD throw from Tua to Parker is perfect. Back shoulder fade right at the touchline. Pretty much impossible to stop - 1st down Broncos. Don't like this cut from Gordon at all. Dotson has peeled really well to the 2nd level. Glasgow buries his man, but Gordon jump cuts from the right B gap to the left A gap where there is an unblocked DB. There is a definite crease if he stays in the right B gap. Just hit the hole hard - stop the messing around - Anyone care to explain what Tim Patrick is doing here??? I sure hope he got chewed out for that. He just stopped for absolutely no reason ... Great pass pro. Ogbah wins the hand duel with Bolles, but Garrett doesn't panic and manages to keep himself in front of Ogbah for more than long enough. Ogbah has been one of the best in the league this year - can't wait to watch this one play out - 3rd and 9, another poor protection call. A common theme this year. Risneris blocking nobody, yet Gordon is having to come across the face of the QB to pick up someone. Clearly, that is a problem. 5 rushers, 5 Lineman. 1 man each. How many times are we going to get undone by this sort of thing? Jeudy is wide *** open on the middle tier crosser. You could argue that Drew should try stepping up vertically, but the LB just smashes into Gordon right up the gut, and the chances are Drew is getting smacked if he tries going vertical. Perfect playcall, ruined by OL protection call (again). - 2nd and 6 for the Dolphins on their 30 yard line. Not seen us do this before during this season. It's a 5 - 1 alignment basically. We bring Bassey in for Johnson vs 11 personnel (3 WR, 1 TE, 1 RB). We are heavy up front, but light on the back end. It's play action and Bouye gets smoked by Parker on the crosser. Tua puts too much on it and it is incomplete. - 3rd and 6 it's Jewell who comes out this time. Fins go trips to the right (3 WRs), TE and RB to the left. We are in man coverage so there is a matchup within the trips that Tua should like. We bring in Holder again, who's lined up over one of the trips WRs, which means a Safety on a WR for the Fins. I mentioned before - trips means a levels concept from the Offense, and they are hoping for traffic for the man coverage. Instead, it's a coverage bust by us. Holder switches off his guy to cover the crosser but Bouye doesn't come off the same guy. It leaves a wideeeee open Parker on the corner route. I really don't know why Tua doesn't throw the ball. He looks as if he's looking at Parker; it must be the crossers underneath he was looking at. Big time miss from him, lucky escape for us. Not much of a rush from us, given we sent 5. Phins punt it - 1st and 10 PA bootleg from us. The Phins come out in a 4-4 alignment vs our 3 TE, 1 WR, 1 RB look. The play is dead before it begins. The Phins have too many men in the box for the PA to work. The WILB just sits on the play side of the formation and waits for Lock to roll back to him, and there is nobody there to block him because it's a naked bootleg. Fumagali is supposed to be coming under the play action, but he has to stop and block the DT who got between Glasgow and Dotson. Incomplete. - Sometimes Drew needs to work lo-hi instead of hi-lo with his reads. I get the deep shot vs Cover 1 is a play most QBs like to take a shot. The Safety can't help so it's always 1v1. But it's tight coverage against their best CB, and you have a wide open Fant on the same side of the field for an easy 5 yards, minimum. Just take the 5 yards man. Really good anchor from Cush on this. Awesome rep. - Really good anticipation throw by Drew on 3rd and 9. Phins send 5, and we get 1v1 across the board (Fant chips the LE for Dotson). Bolles and Risner don't feel the T / E stunt, and Ogbah ends up coming free right down broadway. Drew stands in and throws a 23 yard laser down the middle to Hamler who hasn't separated, to be honest. The key here is WHEN Drew releases the ball. The ball is coming out before Hamler even slows for his release. That is awesome. Basically, that throw is unstoppable in 1v1 coverage. Great stuff.
  20. But the things that make him uncomfortable in Shurmur's system are traits that are required to be a good NFL QB, most notably presnap reads, pocket manipulation and being able to go through progressions. I thought the kid played well in parts yesterday, especially an awful start. I will wait for the tape review to comment any more.
  21. The thing is, you aren't looking for pick value when it comes to your starting QB. You are looking for a player who is good enough to take your team to where you want to go. Yes, you can't compare every starting player vs every other team because you can't just have 53 1st round picks on your team. But the starting QB is different - if your QB isn't good enough, then you need a new one. That is it. People's expectations of Lock are that he is good enough. You can paper over the cracks for near enough every position, but your QB is (at least) 50% more important than the next position. I just don't think where he was selected should be included in any discussions re: Lock. We are evaluating whether he is good enough to be the starting QB of this team, not whether the pick was good value or not. Now, if we are criticising John Elway's approach to finding a viable starting QB - sure, it becomes entirely relevant then.
  22. Not to rub it in, but we really don't. Our 4 man pressure without disguise concepts is one of the worst in the league. We usually have to blitz so often on 3rd down to disrupt a 3rd down passing play, or scheme up a way to pressure with 4 (DE dropping, LB blitzing etc). That is easily the most disruptive Malik Reed has been for us this year. He has really struggled in a full time starting role with Von being down, but he got so much joy against your RT yesterday. Has RT been an issue all year for you? I do an all 22 game review of all of our games with mini clips - feel free to drop in to the Broncos forum over the course of the week to have a look. There is always plenty of commentary re: the opposition.
  23. It's such a strange position to be in. I have very little counter argument to @broncosfan_101 who wants us to either win with clear progression being shown by Drew, or lose. There is nothing but logic here. I just can't not be happy when we win. I just can't not want us to win by any means possible. I think that is likely down to my British upbringing, where franchises don't exist and winning is everything. There is no drafting, and therefore no tanking. That isn't me saying my opinion is right - far from it. Like I said, I totally understand the reasoning from not feeling the same as I do. But, ultimately, I just want to win. I can't help it. What I would say is that it is harsh to say Drew showed nothing in this game. He was 0/6 with a (terrible) INT, then went 15 of his next 21 for 180 yards (that was a mid game tweet from Klis, not sure how that finished). He made some good throws, and a couple of excellent throws. But ... ... I am still coming back to the Goff comparison. Every good throw seems to be defined. It's never coming off his #1 read and making his way to his #3 which you have to be able to do. He did it so well for the Fumagali target, but then threw it 5 yards over his head. His presnap read on the Hamler post route from the slot vs the LB was what I have been crying out for, then he overthrew that. He was playing a really in form defense and he did show progress this week. But, against a better Offense, we could have been out of that game in the 1st quarter.
  24. Hopefully our grounds staff find the soul of that DB who Bolles crushed on the pull block ... My days. Loved Garrett's nonchalant response to it, too. He is so much mature this year. Heck of a game up front, across the board I thought.
  25. Why did Drew throw that in bounds; what a moron 🤣🤣 Vic deserves so much praise for the work he's done with this D. Incredible defensive coach. Run game got the Offense going for sure.
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