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  1. MUCH better Drew. Great posture in the pocket. Excellent throw.
  2. I think it is more about how well Callahan is playing outside. Probably just doesn't want to mess with that. Bassey has shown promise of late. Played well against Atlanta.
  3. Interesting observation - in our Nickel, we are leaving Callahan outside with Bassey coming in the Nickel. Ojemudia staying on the bench
  4. Bradley Chubb has been so bad this game. Frankly, he has been poor most of the year. Further proof that stats are deceptive
  5. That just isn't true at all. He's been very good in coverage this year. I've cited many, many examples of this in my film review.
  6. Josey Jewell and Bryce Callahan - best two players on Defense this year.
  7. YES MALIK - finally bumping the motion before going after the QB. Good stuff
  8. Do we ever QB sneak on 3rd and 1 like every other team in the league?
  9. Late over the middle vs Cover 2. Cardinal sin. Not to mention the throw was high to his smallest WR. Same old story for us on Offense. 1 negative play and that's it - we can't get over it. 2nd and 14 we needed a positive play. Instead we have an incompletion
  10. Down to our 4th choice RT by the sounds of things - Calvin Anderson. Don't think he's ever played an NFL snap on Offense. Dotson has played ok, so it's a big loss. Looks like Glasgow is back at RG which is a plus. Cushenberry has struggled at Center, so keep an eye on that.
  11. Not with 4 men, though. Our sacks are often blitzes on 3rd down (usually 5 with Alex Johnston, but sometimes even 6) with man coverage behind. I worry that we will struggle against Waller on 3rd down when blitzing, just like we struggle with Kelce. Man coverage on TEs like Waller on 3rd and 3/4/5 is so difficult because of their size. Broncos need to force 3rd and long to help us chip Waller and keep him short of the markers. Best of luck, fellas.
  12. Got to stop the power run game. Raiders want to ram it down your throat, then get your LBs to bite and get Waller behind them or Ruggs over the top. Have to get them in 2nd and 10, 3rd and 6+ to make Carr beat us in obvious passing situations. It's going to be a tough ask of our beat up interior DL.
  13. 4th quarter notes - Some nice movement in the run game on 2nd and 9. Goes for 7. Double teams on both the RE and RDT with no 2nd level peel - 1st and 10 from the 25. We run the same play I showed earlier from the 3rd quarter. Hamler on the jet sweep motion, OL block down with the motion, Jeudy comes across from the weakside on the crosser with Lindsay doing the same underneath. Neal reads it pretty well, but it's still a drop by Jeudy for what would've been a decent gain - On the Jeudy TD throw, the Falcons actually get wins across the board from their DL, so Drew does well to throw with anticipation before the pressure gets home. Cushenberry ends up on the floor again, as he's bulled over whilst trying to double a DT - Lovely throw by Matt Ryan down the seam to Hurst for a 30 yard play. We're in zone coverage, and although Johnson doesn't get good depth in his drop, I feel like Simmons could've drove on this play sooner really - Coverage sack on Ryan on the resulting 1st down. Well played by Jewell on Hurst, who was Ryan's 1st read - Attaochu made the tackle below whilst jumping over a block - you don't see that very often ... Another stout rep for Agim, who is in on the tackle as well. He stands up the LG, then sheds as the play comes to him. Agim has played well in this game - 3rd and 15, Harris is lucky the Ryan throw to Gage on an a 17 yard out route is just a bit off. Harris doesn't maintain enough of his 10 yard cushion, and Gage gets Harris turned as he think it's a go route. Gage then goes out to the boundary and Harris is turned around, nowhere near Gage. We send 6, and Jewell gets there just as Ryan is throwing. Every 3rd down, Julio has been bracketed by a Safety. Literally every one - Lock said after the game that on the INT, he'd throw it again every time. I sure hope he re-evaluates after watching the tape. That throw to Jeudy, behind the MLB, is about as difficult as it gets. Whilst Drew should never have thrown it, the INT is caused by the fact we don't block Grady Jarrett AT ALL. The guy who has wrecked our Offense for most of this game is the guy we just turn loose. I don't know who calls the protections, but we think it's a double LB blitz but it's the same Falcons fake call as before - RE drops, 1 LB blitzes so still a 4 man rush. Cushenberry blocks nobody as he is expecting Jones to blitz from LB. Our pre-snap protection calls have plagued us all year - Terrible run fit by Johnson on the goal line. He has the B gap, yet he fills in the A gap when the FB comes into the line, giving a gaping whole right into the B gap for the score - Filthy route by Hamler gets a huge gain for us. He fakes the deep crosser from the slot, then cuts it back and puts Oliver (CB) on skates. Huge yards after the catch because of the separation and Jeudy's deep route took 2 men out of the picture. Grady Jarrett beat 3 men on that play ... Schlottmann, Rodgers and Lindsay. - Nothing doing on 1st down. Go throw away by Drew - Drew takes a shot down the sideline for Patrick 1v1 but there's no separation. Incomplete. Falcons blitzed 6 - Another total mystery as to what we've called here for our protection on 4th and 10. It is 4th down, yet we've got a TE and a RB staying in to block vs a 4 man rush, and Falcons get pressure across the board. Pathetic. Jarrett is at LE and he just clubbs Rodgers out of the way, and Schlottmann is too late to help. We then have Noah Fant 1v1 vs a DE in pass pro which went as well as you'd expect. Melvin Gordon just stands there and doesn't block anyone. How does this happen at the NFL level? - Look at the instincts of Jewell below to read the screen all the way. He stays deep enough in his zone, then drives the TE screen when he reads Matt Ryan. It's Agim in the backfield straight away to force Ryan into giving away the screen early. Great quickness to get across the LT. - Punt after a failed 3rd and 15 - Drew scrambles for 20 after he finds a hole to run UP INSIDE the pocket, not to the side. Great read by him. Easy yards - Falcons going into a soft zone shell now with 5 mins remaining - Drew still locking in on guys. Got to be careful in a 2 deep safety look when staring down receivers - Great call by the Falcons. This time they finally send a LB and it's perfect timing as Cushenberry slides too quickly to help Risner. Cushenberry has to play with more peripheral vision - Falcons try to dial up an exotic DB blitz when we go 4 WR, 1 TE empty but Vannett is wide open in the middle of the field for an easy 11 - This is excellent from Drew. He's knows its man coverage, as we initially have Lindsay aligned out wide and it's the LB who goes with him therefore it has to be man coverage. He knows it is single high safety because the SS is aligned over the top of our 3 WR bunch to the left. He intentionally looks off the single high safety to the right, holding him in the middle of the field, then decisively zings it to Patrick on the post route. If Drew stares down Patrick, the middle Safety is picking that ball off. Impressive accuracy and velocity on the throw. Much better pass pro vs a 3 man rush, and no Jarrett in the game - There goes Josey Jewell making a TFL again - Falcons go PA rollout to try and ice the game with a 1st down, but Toliver stays with his keys and tackles the man for a 3 yard gain - We are definitely expecting run on 3rd and 7 as we stay in our base 3-4. Falcons go PA but Walker forces Ryan to scramble up the pocket and his throw is an errand one - I can't believe the Falcons are playing Cover 1 man with a 2 score lead and 2 mins to go, but here we are ... If we can master this throw and catch, it's something you will see every game. As soon as the CB turns his back, it's over. He ain't got the pace to run and turn around - Nice scramble by Drew for the TD after the LE loses contain. Gutsy finish to the play too by him
  14. Liam and Noel would be more violent than the game
  15. It's the Weeknd - not the Weekend. COME ON GRANDADS
  16. Good to see Vic is on the same page as me here. For those of you who've read my notes, you will know I have mentioned this several times. The guy needs to get with a Rugby coach to learn how to form tackle in space.
  17. further 3rd quarter notes - 1st and 10 for us, Nickel CB shows blitz too early. Hamler points it out to Drew, and Hamler is on a quick flare route ('hot' for the blitz). It's a bad throw by Lock (far too hide and wide), but Hamler should at least catch it. If the ball is on target, it's an easy 1st down if not more because the Safety who's covering Hamler is 15 yards away. So sloppy. We aren't a good enough team to turn down those easy plays - 2nd and 10, again this sort of thing shows how far behind Drew is in trying to read a Defense. Drew's 1st read is Hamler on the go route, with Jeudy being #2 on the hook. Drew has to see the CB not turning with Hamler. He can't miss it. This means zone coverage, and he has a window over the CB and away from the Safety over the top. It has to be a quick read of the situation and the confidence to make the throw. He comes off both reads and runs for 5. Good pass pro across the board, including Philip Lindsay on the edge rusher - Albert O gets hurt on the next play, which goes for a 1st. He does well to sit in the zone and understand his depth. Such a shame he got hurt - Grady Jarrett highlight #100 ... Look how Jarrett sets Schlottmann up by moving to his right, then uses Schlottmann's momentum to just swat him out of the way. Drew doesn't have a chance with pressure that clean and that quick up the gut. Intentional grounding, so it's 3rd and 18. Punt. - Punting and punt coverage has been much better this game. Good hang time, with very little returning and good net average punts - Another run fill by Josey Jewell. Stops the run for 2 yards. Another good rep for Agim too. I like his strength at the POA. Deserves more snaps in early downs - Another very good rep for Agim. Catches Mack (a top Center) over reaching, so he gets his arms over Mack's, gets back to his gap and forces the run to bump wider. It's a shame Jewell lost at the POA vs the pulling Guard so the run goes for 4 - Bassey gets away with one on 3rd down. It's a corner route to Gage from the slot and Bassey doesn't get his head around. Gage just flat out drops it in the end. If the throw was shorter, he'd have been called for DPI. We actually put Alex Johnson over Julio in the slot, with Jackson over the top. Johnson bumps Julio then blitzes and gets the hit on Ryan - 1st and 10. Drew is just shook at this point. Hamler is his 1st read. Hamler is open. Take the easy 6 yards on 1st down. Instead, he just won't throw it - Badddddddd cut by Phil here. It's a designed run to the left, as you expect out of shotgun when the RB is aligned to the right of the QB. Look how Cushenberry has sealed the MLB at the 2nd level. If Phil cuts left he's off to the races. But he cuts right and makes Cushenberry look bad, when that is on the RB no doubt - Another good route concept on 3rd and6, as Hamler runs off the coverage and Jeudy slides into the flat and converts the 3rd and 6 - We then run the same 1st and 10 bootleg to Jeudy and it's another big result for 25 yards. Same commentary as before - PA gets the LBs to bite up, the outside WR runs off the Cover 3 LCB and Jeudy comes free. Nice touch by Drew to throw over the LB. More of this! - 1st and 10 run goes for a yard when Gordon is forced to bump it outside when Schlottmann, who has pulled from RG, gives up his inside leverage upon contact with the DE
  18. some 3rd quarter notes - This is a staple Chiefs play that we've stolen here on 1st down. We should do so much more of this, especially on 1st down. You have a WR motioning from the strongside and we play action to that motion with the OL going with the motion as well. The RB comes underneath to the opposite side, as does the WR from the weakside (Jeudy) who comes on a crosser. Because of the motion and play action, it prevents LBs getting their correct depth and the crosser is an easy throw. Tim Patrick is the key here; he has to run off the single high safety and the LCB to create room on the crosser. He does a great job of this. Easy throw and catch (poor of Jeudy to fumble, though) - We run a similar formation the next play and this time run out of it. Definite hesitancy in the Falcons LB core, and we get good movement upfront. Cushenberry especially, who blows the DT out of the hole. It's an easy 4, should have been more but Rodgers (now in at RT) missed the 2nd level block - 2nd down throw is that deep out to Jeudy where the CB mauls him for an easy PI call. It's a really good rep by Drew, who comes off the play action with good footwork, steps into a perfect throw that is about 30 downfield. Impressive velocity on it, and was right on target. Cushenberry gets beat by Jarrett, but he knows Schlottmann is there to pick any inside move - Textbook 2nd level peel by Bolles, here. Jarrett beats Schlottmann again and nearly makes the play. Just watch how gets control of the block instantly, sees the play is going inside so he then sheds Schlottmann to go inside. You just have to appreciate elite players like Jarrett. He would turn our Defense from a good one into an excellent one. Nice job by Fant on the trap block. This could've gone for more, but Neal takes a good angle on the tackle - This is just a Grady Jarrett highlight reel now. He manages to go around Schlottmann, through Rodgers to force Lindsay to bounce his run to the otherside. The blocks aren't set up for a run to the left so it's an easy play for the DE on the left hand side - 3rd and 4, Patrick does a great job of sitting down his route with Lock rolling out of the pocket. 1st down. A ton of PA bootlegs on this drive - Below is an example of some of the plays you forget about Drew at times. It's a brilliant, brilliant throw. You can't throw it any better than this. It's right in the bread basket, and Patrick has to pull it in. The route is great too. Patrick separates and then stacks the CB so the CB can't get back in position. We just have to have those plays - Rodgers already struggling in this game. He allows Cominsky (a 280lbs DT) get into his body and stuff the run play at the LOS - Nice call by the Falcons on 3rd and 8 gives instant pressure. Play is dead from the start. The Falcons RE drops into coverage, and is replaced by a blitzing MLB on the opposite side of the formation. We don't pick it up at all, and Rodgers has no choice but to cut the LE free. Risner, Cushenberry and Bolles triple team a DT whilst we have an unblocked guy. FG. - Look at the range of Justin Simmons on this pick. Pause the clip as Ryan is throwing and see where Simmons is. Effortless athleticism. Now, Ojemudia stumbles a bit, but the key here is how he plays his outside leverage correctly. He forces the route in field, which means Simmons can get over there any make the play. If he allows the WR to keep his width, Simmons can't get over. No initial pressure, but it's play action on 1st down vs max protect - not easy to get quick pressure. Well done to DeShawn Williams, who stays with the play, and forces Ryan to throw with a 300lbs man bearing down on him. - Anticipation throws are when you know a QB is starting to get it. Below is a throw that shows Drew Lock just isn't there yet. I purposely pause the video when Drew should be throwing the ball to Jeudy. His initial footwork is great, then the ball has to come out at the top of his hitch. Jeudy is in 1v1 coverage, nobody in the throwing lane and he is about to come wide open. The ball doesn't even have to be accurate because there is so much space. Just get the ball out, Drew. The pressure comes when the LE beats Fant and Gordon, but that play is on Drew. Another excellent route by Jeudy. He's been excellent in this game thus far. - (Jeudy then tries to get cute after the catch, turning what wouldve been 3rd and 4 into 3rd and 7) - 3rd and 7 we get beat before the play has even started. We go to our favourite 3rd down alignment - trips to one side, TE inline to the other. The trips are at 3 different levels because we're expecting man coverage, and we're hoping the DBs get caught in traffic. Unfortunately, it's zone coverage so the route concepts just don't work at all. Drew has no chance but to try and run for it, but the Falcons hustle to stop him. Punt. - 1st and 10 Falcons from their 20. Nice run work against a double team on a zone run by Jones, which allows Johnson to mop it up for a 2 yard gain. Really good patience by Johnson to not just attack the traffic - Below is excellent again from Johnson. The screen call is perfect, as Jewell (usually man coverage on the RB) is coming on the blitz. Falcons get blockers out in front, but Johnson stays on his feet from the cut block and stops what should have been a big, big play for just 8 yards. 1st down though - Falcons go power run. Two double teams on the DTs (Agim, S Williams) and run Gurley right up the gut for 7 on 1st down. This is on Johnson. He has to read this play and shoot the gap between LG and LT - The Kareem Jackson personal foul for the head hit is a KILLER. Turns a 3rd and 7 into a 1st down on our own 36 - Attaochu then does that ridiculous jump sack attempt, that goes from being 2nd and 20 to 1st down on a Ryan scramble. Ridiculous lack of sack composure. That's such an underrated aspect of Von's game - he doesn't get all giddy at the QB. He's relaxed and is able to complete the sack or force a fumble - Agim getting a lot more snaps on this drive. He's doing ok. Facing a lot of double teams which must be tough for a rookie - The Julio TD is just an awesome route. No CB in the league is covering that. It's a shame because Malik Reed has got quick pressure after being 1v1 with a TE. Julio is just so wide open that Matt Ryan can throw off balance with no issues
  19. Remaining 2nd quarter notes (IF YOU'RE GOING TO SKIM READ, MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE LAST CLIP) - I think I have seen an iteration of this play at least 10 times this year, with a player coming under the formation off PA to Malik Reed, and t his is the first time I have seen him play it properly. He might get away with a hold, but the intention is the key - he holds up the WR who's come under the formation, takes him out of the play, THEN goes to attack Ryan. He usually just goes upfield and ignores the underneath guy. Heads up play by Ryan to get a good play out of it - Falcons starting to run it well on this drive. Walker gets sealed off, Sly Williams gets washing 5 yards from his gap by the double team and the RG does a great job to get Jewell at the 2nd level. Easy 8 yards - Another excellent TFL by Bassey on the run blitz. 4 yard loss - 3rd and 6 (Johnson and Jewell coming again) and we don't get anywhere near Ryan. I actually think this is a bad call on Harris. Jones falls down, and Harris does too, but it wasn't contact that made Jones go down. Harris actually plays this perfect, knowing he has help over the top. Just wish Harris had found a way to stay on his feet so it didn't look so clumsy - Harris then whiffs on the quick WR screen. Julio just beast modes him. Easy 12 yards - This is actually a really good rep by Agim, even though he gets pancaked. He shows some really violent hands at the snap to get a bit of penetration. It's this penetration that gives Josey Jewell the hole to blow up the run for a 2 yard loss. Agim just needs to torque his body around after making that move, so he doesn't expose the side of his shoulder (which is how he gets shoved to the ground) It's a good rep across the board, as Sly Williams stands his ground, Chubb beats the LT and Johnson fits his run well - Not sure if D Harris has been benched at this point, but Toliver is in. The results aren't any better. This is a very good route - it's a 15 yard out route, and the WR managed to eat enough of Toliver's cushion to turn him around; it's over by that point. Toliver's hips are facing in field because he has help there, so he's trying to drive the WR in field. Literally the last thing he can give up is the out route; he has no help there, and he's not going to be able to turn his hips 180 degrees. Correct technique here would be to not bite inwards at the top of the route; if the WR runs in field, you have help there ... Agim and Chubb win with their pass rush. They just needed a split second longer - This is just A+ run defending by Jewell. He reads the pulling Guard and quickly wins the race to the B gap. He feels the downblock coming from Hurst, rides it into the gap then wack - stops Gurley. Todd probably should've bounced this, but I think he saw the good penetration from the Center and RG - Nice QB hit for Mailk Reed on 3rd down. It's a designed inside move again, but this time he runs it with a better angle to keep Ryan contained and then hits him - Good call by Fangio on 3rd down. We rush just the 4 DL this time. Simmons is playing the 'robber', so when Julio comes on the crosser he takes him off Toliver. Well played by Toliver to see this, and the pickup the crosser coming from the other side. Sure, this is a bit of a coverage sack, but it's good work from Jones from the get go as he gets right into the LG (who holds him around the back of the helmet). Good strength to disengage and then to get the sack - 2nd and 3 in our 2 minute drill - sometimes I question whether I know football or not because I just can't fathom decisions made by players/coaching staff. It's an obvious passing situation. You've got a replacement RG in the game. He's facing Grady Jarrett, maybe a top 3 DT in the NFL. WHY are you not sliding Cushenberry to help him against a 4 man rush??? Why is he helping Risner instead? Predictably, Jarrett destroys Schlottmann with a power club move. Lock doesn't stand a chance, as the pass rush is really well coordinated. When he goes to step up, the other side of the line comes over the top to finish him off. - Falcons call a nickel blitz on 3rd down, but Bolles picks it up and we get Hamler over the middle for a short gain and a 1st - Brutal drop by Hamler over the middle on a slant route. Neal whacks him (could've been a personal foul), but Hamler has to make them catches. Small speed guys are going to get used across the middle, so you better get used to that route, kid - 2nd and 10, 50 seconds left on our 45 and we run the ball ............................................ It's our signature run again - TE motions from right to left, Risner pulls from left to right. It's such a dumb call. Jones, the MLB, is in man coverage because it's a passing situation so he just reads Gordon the whole way and stops the run for no gain - This might be Drew Lock's worst rep as a pro. I am not exaggerating. All of Drew's reads are to the same same of the field. LOOK AT JERRY JEUDY ON THE OUT ROUTE FROM THE SLOT. That's a 30 yard gimme. Drew thinks he's got pressure from Jarrett, but Melvin is there to help and they get Jarrett on the ground. IT IS THE CLEANEST POCKET YOU WILL EVER SEE. Instead, Drew drifts left and throws it away. Just look at Jeudy's reaction. He is absolutely fuming and rightly so. It's a classic case of pass rush getting in a QB's head. I remember during the game I saw Drew's reaction to seeing the play on his tablet - look at his reaction below. Says it all really. He knows.
  20. some 2nd quarter notes - We attempt a zone run to the left. Gordon not decisive with his cut, and Davison (DT) controls Cushenberry to stop the run for 2 - Love the end around to Hamler for 13. More of that, please - 1st and 10 from ATL 25. Jeudy has to come up with a way to bring this down. It's man coverage on the outside, and Jeudy's route is perfect again. His initial inside release eventually gives space for the throw to the outside and it's some throw by Drew. He's got a man right in his face, but he delivers a perfect ball for Jeudy to come down with. It's a nice rush concept by the Falcons. Their RE drops and Deion Jones (MLB) comes up the gut. That would be a hard protection to call presnap, so Risner is the one who has to react and try to chip the MLB, with Bolles replacing him on Jarrett. Lock is lucky he doesn't get whacked here - This is where the progression has to come from Drew. We come out in 11 personnel, but it's empty with Lindsay aligned to the right. The Falcons DON'T replace Terrell (LCB) with a LB, so if they have a CB with our RB that means there is a favourable matchup elsewhere, almost always in the slot. Lock does a good job of seeing it's Hamilton who's uncovered, and that is Drew's first read. Unfortunately, it's a shallow curl route and there's nothing doing. Again, Lock does well to come off that and find his 2nd best matchup - Fant covered by Neal (SS). But, in 1v1 coverage, Drew doesn't pull the trigger. Maybe the last throw lessened his confidence in that throw, but he has to give Fant a chance there. Neal isn't looking for the ball, so that is a great time to take another shot (to the back shoulder, ideally). You know the ball has to come out quick because you're in 5 man protect, i.e no RB for help. Bolles gives up quick pressure, but it's an inside pressure so Drew can shuffle left. Instead, he scrambles right. - 3rd and 10 is a great throw and great corner route by Patrick. It's clear DPI not called by the officials, as Terrell is way too early with contact on Patrick. Risner and Cush pass on the stunt well, with Risner pancaking Grady Jarrett. - 1st and 10 is an incomplete pass by Ryan off PA. Julio runs the same route he ran for the TD on Ojemudia later on; it's a fake crosser that becomes an out route. from the slot. Bassey reads it so well, and beats Julio to the spot so Ryan can't make the throw - D Harris just isn't driving on this quick 7 yard out routes at all. It's too easy - 3rd and 3, we go zone. Good job by Zaccheaus to find a soft spot for a 5 yard completion. We drop Chubb and blitz Jewell, but unlike us, the Falcons pick up the blitz. Good job by the RG to see it. Ryan had it out too quick anyway - Falcons picking on our zone coverage in the early downs. Julio sits in the soft spot over the middle for 12 easy yards. Johnson drove on the RB in error, vacating his zone - Love that form tackle by Bassey for a TFL on the Nickel blitz. Like a rugby tackle. Just drives Gurley back, 3 yard loss - I feel for Harris a tad, here. It's scramble drill so he has to know that his man can turn it up field. But that is a tough cover for that long. It's great from Ryan to extend the play, but our DL can't let him carry on the play that long. We try a E/T stunt, meaning D Williams (310lbs) is our edge contain. That fails, clearly - 1st and 10 from 15. We bracket Julio with Simmons and Harris. With the Titans in 12 personnel (2 TEs), that means Jackson is in man coverage. With Simmons bracketing Julio, Jackson in man coverage, the middle of the field is totally vacated. Ryan throws to Gage in 1v1 coverage with Ojemudia, but it's tight coverage and the throw is incomplete. The throw should've gone to Hurst right over the middle, who was covered by Bassey. He had good coverage, but the size difference would've meant Bassey wouldn't have had a play on the ball without going through Hurst - 3rd and 6 we bring the heat. Strange presnap from us. We have both Safeties in man coverage as the Falcons go empty (4 WR, 1 TE).I am stunned Ryan doesn't look for Julio against Jackson in the slot, but they score so ....... Because we don't have any deep middle players, everyone is playing with inside technique. But, Simmons overplays inside, especially given that he's got Jewell sitting underneath for the slant route. Powell gets way too much separation too easily, and Ryan has an easy out route for the score. We blitz Johnson (shock horror on 3rd down) but the RG feels it and peels off the double team to stop him affecting Ryan. Alex Mack hand rips Jones to the floor. No pressure. - 1st and 10 on our next possession. Listen - I dislike Melvin Gordon's contract as much as anyone. But this play is why Phil doesn't play that much on 1st down. He gets absolutely smoked by the blitzing LB and just like that, it's 2nd and 21. I don't even know what Phil is doing here. He doesn't get low, or try and cut the guy. He basically just puts his body in the way and hopes for the best. Phil doesn't slow the guy down at all, and Drew has no chance. Tim Patrick was streaking down the field having smoked Terrell. - 3rd and 15, nothing doing. Punt.
  21. Well done to our FO and Coaches for owning the mistake.
  22. further 1st quarter notes - 3rd and 4 on Falcons 2nd possession. Again, Falcons have done their research. 3rd and 4 against us means man coverage, and a Alex Johnson blitz. I bet we call that 80% of the time on 3rd and short. We actually only have 3 DL in the game, with both Johnson and Jewell blitzing. The Falcons a typical man coverage beater to the left - Gage in the slot is in a 'stack' alignment. Gage is going to run a 5 yard out, coming underneath Julio's go route. In truth, Julio is never an option. They use Julio as a screen to stop Bassey coming over and making the play. To stop this, Ojemudia should switch on to Gage as he has outside leverage. But that level of chemistry takes time, and both him and Bassey are rookies. Good play call, good execution. Not much of an effort by Julio to hide the screen ... - 1st and 10, easy 7 yard out route to Julio. Harris giving him a solid 10 yard cushion, with a quick peddle backwards too - Nice play by Jackson to come up on the WR screen. Falcons fake the jet sweep, and then PA to the RB to the right, and throw a screen to the left. Jackson reads the OL coming out and swoops under them to stop a big play - On the subsequent 3rd and 1, it's an incredibly generous spot. I think Jackson and Jewell stuff the run at the LOS. Great contact on the full back by both, who carries for a 1st - This is a really athletic play by DeShawn Williams from the backside of this play. It's a 4-3 'under' front by us. This is when the 3 technique (Jones, #93 for us) is aligned to the open side of the formation, i.e away from the TE. The Falcons run at the weakside of their formation. Jones, holds his ground on the Center/RG double team but isn't facing the play so he can't make a tackle. Williams initially does a poor job in letting the LT cross him, but he's able to make it all the way across to tackle the RB. I think the RB needs to be more explosive through the hole there, but well done Williams for hustling over. Jewell stays on his feet when the LG tries to cut him - Awful play by Malik Reed the next play. You are the contain player - why are you diving inside with no LB presence behind to fill your gap? That's clearly not by design. It's such a shame, because look at the shove Williams gets on the Center. If Reed forces the run inside, Hill (the RB) has to bounce that all the way inside the Center, where all of our run support is - Reed then loses contain on a WR reverse. Jackson reads it, stops it for a 4 yard gain (now 2nd and 11 after false start) - It's then that really weird play where the entire OL didn't move ...... McTelvin will never get an easier pressure. Pretty sure it's his 1st snap. He's behind Jones, D Williams, S Williams and Walker in the DL rotation - Giving up a big throw on 3rd and 11 is just sickening. It is hard to gauge really where the primary fault lies, because I am not sure on the Safety responsibilities. You can see from the get go we're bracketing Julio. Ojemudia underneath, Jackson over the top. The key here is Simmons. It looks like the crosser becomes his responsibility, hence why Bassey passes it on and he is there to pick it up. What this then does is leave Harris 1v1 on the outside, but it looks like he thinks he has help by the way he plants his feet near the 1st down marker. If I was a betting man, I think Harris is at fault. Harris is in off man coverage and he isn't play within outside leverage, so that lead me to believe that Harris isn't expecting help over the top. Perfect pocket climb by Ryan to buy enough time from the outside pressure from Reed. There's no inside push at all, and the Falcons interior OL walls off both Jones and Walker to create a really solid pocket to climb into - I don't know how so many Bronco fans appear to be down on Jerry Jeudy. His change of direction speed is special, but it's the little details that players his age don't normally get. Watch the ever so slight hesitation on his release that moves him ever so slightly inside and thus gives him inside leverage. As soon as he has that on this, it's over. He then stacks the CB by running up field, then in an instant starts to break it across the field on the crosser and separates by 5 yards. You would use this in a tutorial on how to run a crosser off bootleg play action - Now, below is a great throw and nice separation by Hamler. It looks like Hamler is expecting press, but when the DB fades back without any contact, Hamler delays his hesitation move by a yard or two to give himself more room. DB can't move his feet quick enough and Hamler wins inside. Perfect throw location and a nice catch. Plenty to be excited about there
  23. some 1st quarter notes - You can tell the Falcons have done their home work. We always play zone on 1st down vs run package Offense (12 personnel - 2 WR, 2 TE). Julio is in the slot and Harris stays at LCB, meaning it's Jewell lined up over Julio with Jackson shaded his way. Julio runs a corner force a deep drop from Ojemudia (with Jackson over the top), leaving the flat totally free for an easy 12 yard throw to Hurst in the flat (vacated by Ojemudia). All starts with correctly identifying our tendencies. - Kareem Jackson is one of the best run defending DBs in the league. He reads the run the whole way, and trusts his inside defense from Jones (who splits a double team for penetration) and shoots the gap to make the play - Falcons go empty, 4 WR, 1 TE. Julio in the slot again. Bassey plays 7 yards off, easy 5 yard out rout that goes for 7. Nice bull rush by Jones to nearly get there - 3rd and 5, that's a hell of a 1 handed catch by #17 across the middle. Not terrible coverage by Ojemudia. We blitzed Johnson, but Gurley picks him up perfectly. Nowhere near enough pocket disruption for a 3rd down blitz - Sly Williams in on 1st down in our Nickel D. Stumbles and ends up on the floor quickly. Run only goes for 3 yards - Yehhhhhh, this probably isn't how you want to play the run. It's a stretch zone run, and I wouldn't say a player of ours (who can impact the play) actually plays it well. Chickillo technically contains, but he gets dominated by the LT. Obviously the key here is Sly Williams getting blown 8 yards down field by the double team, and even gets his back turned around to the play. Johnson perhaps plays with the wrong leverage, but look at the gap to the inside - he has to account for that too, so he can't just run to the outside leverage. - Falcons go with PA from the same personnel and attempt a deep shot. Really well played by Simmons, who splits both deep routes and Ryan checks it down. Harris perhaps got away with a bump of Julio way down field, but he's entitled to the space too so good no call in my opinion. Josey Jewell reads the PA all the way, stays 'clean' to get out and make the play for a 4 yard loss - 3rd and 8 we show blitz too early and Ryan sees it. It's a new one, in that we have Johnson, Simmons and Reed all over the top of the RT. As the textbook says, Ryan tries to throw into the blitz on the slant route to Julio but Simmons gets up and deflects the ball - Not a great start for Risner below. He gets spun around by the outside move from Davison (DT), then Cushenberry just blocks nobody when he attempts to get to the 2nd level, and ends up on the floor as well - That is some serious heat on the throw by Lock to Fant on the quick out. Big play for 35 yards, but Fant further hurts his ankle - Yet another 'welcome to the NFL' moment for Cushenberry, as Grady Jarrett (#97) is so quick through the hole when Schlottmann pulls. That is elite DT play, right there. That is what you're taught - if your man pulls, shoot the gap straight away and with the angle of the pull. Jarrett is that quick, Albert O hasn't even made it past him by the time he's in the backfield. That is almost impossible to stop. It doesn't help that Schlottmann gets his *** kicked by Allen Bailey when he attempts to pull. 5 yard loss. For those of you who read my notes, you will recognise this play as our 'go to play' from last week, but we ran it to our right and with Fant pulling - Below is an incomplete pass that should have us all jacked for the future, and it's an incomplete pass - I love all 22 ... Now, Keanu Neal manages to stop 2 throws with his read from SS. First, he comes down and stops read #1 which is the slant to Hamler. Look at the separation from Hamler after the hesi'. That's a great route, a great drive by Neal, and a great no throw by Drew because that's going for 6 the other way if he throws it. Then, look at Jeudy at the bottom. The DB is giving him a 10 yard cushion. Jeudy feigns a stop and go, but then pulls up his route and has 6 yards of separation. Unfortunately, Neal is right in that passing lane as well once he stops the throw to Hamler. then, look at the best route at the top of the screen by Patrick. Again, this isn't on Drew for not finding this - Patrick is the #4 option I imagine on this play. It's just to see the route. It looks like an outside release go route, but when Patrick gets the DB turned around he cuts it back in field and the DB gets sent to the shops. Albert O also commits assault on his route, but isn't called for it There is talent on this Offense. Drew HAS to stay in this pocket, though. It's really well blocked inside and he leaves way too early. - 3rd and 15 ain't happening in the NFL very often. We just dump it down and for some reason, don't attempt the FG (after calling a timeout).
  24. I have no clue why we kept cutting him. It's easy to understand why the Cardinals might. Midseason, players often get caught in the 'up - down' cycle between the active roster and PS. Injuries at other positions mean that teams will often look to cut players at positions where they have the most depth, or the players they think are least likely to lose to another team. He just looks sooooooo slow out there. Given he's been here a couple of years, it shouldn't be that he doesn't know what he's doing, so it must just be a lack of athleticism.
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