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  1. I don’t see the big deal tbh outside of the implications of being suspended one game... coming from a hockey world though, this happens like once a week lol.
  2. Cris: “Terry is it intentional grounding?” Terry: “it wasn’t the Saints, so no...”
  3. The refs really have it out for the Saints
  4. Sloppy.... hope it’s a quiet ride home for these guys. cant believe Thomas seeing 2 targets last game and Sanders getting 3 this game.... horrawful game.
  5. 100% agree that he’s old and showing his age, just don’t feel you can say he’s fallen off the cliff until week 4 in a pandemic year, at least beyond week 1 anyway.
  6. I barely dropped anyone I fantasy football because of this year. Can’t believe how many people are saying “Brees is showing his age” after one game and no preseason.
  7. 100% agree with this. The team is 1-0 and the rest of the division is 0-1. They play the Raiders and have Sanders. If they were smart, they would reevaluate for week 3. just don’t see the reason to plya and risk injury. Personally, I feel this has the Antonio Brown situation on it, so the raiders have to game plan for him.
  8. Based on the information alone and not knowing your league set up and roster, I’d go for this. Thomas will get fed when healthy and there’s no knowing, if Sanders will be 100% either. I’d probably try to flip Bell after the trade. If you’re weak at RB might stop and make me ponder though. help with mine?
  9. Standard League, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, no flex. I give: M.Thomas + T.Kelce + C.Carson I get: D.Henry/J.Jacobs + C.Kupp/A.Green + Z.Ertz My team: QB - D.Watson RB - C.Carson, M.Ingram, J.Dobbins, L.Murray, B.Scott, J.Kelley WR - M.Thomas, M.Brown, P.Campbell, E.Sanders, J.Jeudy TE - T.Kelce Should I ride out the Thomas injury or accept this trade (big Saints fan, so judgement is clouded)? I’d probably lean Henry and Kupp over Jacobs and Green, but is Jacobs the right player? thoughts?
  10. The replay didn’t look horrible, but I’d rather him wait an extra week(s) than be sub par trying to get back early.
  11. I just got to say that modified onside kick was amazing! I’ve only been watching football for the past 4-5 years and mostly only Saints games, so if anyone has seen that before let me know... but that was special!
  12. As a Saints fan, I’m scared what this will do with Lattimore.
  13. All the points above makes me feel ok with not getting him. Just questioning if trying to sign him meant Davenport hasn’t been able to take his game to next level?
  14. 2.1 in a 10 team league may leave some good players, where I think going later for TE would be good, but I was 2.7 in a 12 man league and got Kelce. I also took Jonnu with the hope I can flip one if they both hit. If not, I got Kelce so I’m good to drop Jonnu if needed.
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