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  1. Edge Rushers vs. Interior Rushers

    Comparing Donald and Bosa to the average edge or interior rusher makes it difficult. If either guy goes to FA, you try to sign them. In a draft you go based on BPA and team needs. If they took a larger sample of edge rushers and interior rushers and used the average than it may support this better, as it would prove their theory against more divisions and QBs, etc.
  2. Matt Ryan

    Really new to football and stats. Does it just have to graze the fingers to be a drop? What's the criteria?
  3. Matt Ryan

    That's a good points as well.
  4. Matt Ryan

    I'm going to say no. Each of their divisional rivals upgraded their defense: New Orleans - traded up to get a DE and their defense improved leaps and bounds last year. They also signed Robinson, Davis and Coleman. Tampa Bay - Picked Vea and 2 CBs, plus had some decent defensive FA signings. Carolina: Signed Poe and also got a CB in the 2nd. As for Atlantas offense: they signed a guard and added Ridley. Same offensive coordinator
  5. Adrian Peterson?

    Like the guy but would rather see what we have in the stables
  6. This sucks, but this just means his legs will be fresh for the Vikings. We won't need him in week 1-4 *knocking on wood*
  7. 2018 Schedule announced

    Would rather have a back heavy season, it will get us prepared for the playoffs. Gives us a few games against lighter competition and slowly escalates to Vikings and Eagles, finish off with Panthers and Steelers. It'll be good!
  8. Saints cut Coby Fleener

    Why did they wait so long? Just to see him at practice and make sure it's all good?
  9. Who do you not want your division rivals to get?

    As a Saints fan... was wanting them to double up and get a CB and defend the sky. Wanted them to get either Oliver or Jackson. I was pretty bummed to see Isaiah Oliver go to Atlanta. It sucked even more that they got him in the 2nd. I also have a soft spot for the Vikings. So it sucked that Joshua Jackson went to Green Bay.
  10. My thoughts on Saints 2018 draft class...

    This is a really good point! Everyone is talking about trying to replace Brees. You can't replace Drew Brees. The odds of falling into a Favre to Rodgers situation is slim to none. So be prepared for life without Drew.
  11. If this is the case, I hope they promote Loomis to President of the Saints Organization and promote Ireland into his role. We can't let the guy go.
  12. I really believe Ireland know what's he's doing. Even if it was a bad draft, he's still had two epic drafts compared to one. The only thing that will cause the fan base problems is the quantity of quality picks, obviously we won't hit that.
  13. They brought in 1 guys, I can't remember his name but apparently he's a physical beast without the skill.
  14. Saints trade up for Marcus Davenport

    It all depends. In my opinion for next year's draft: 1 - 10 let's not talk about it 11 - 20 - we got hosed 21 - 25 - depends on the strength of draft 26 - 32 - we made the right call without hindsight. I will say it's a small but attainable window. I just hope we looked at next year and felt it wasn't that good.
  15. Saints trade up for Marcus Davenport

    After looking at the last 3 rounds,I have to say I'm not really disappointed with trading up. I think either trading up or down would have been the move. Trading down probably wouldn't have helped us with positional players that could help us win this year. Anyone have speculation on next year? Is it looking like a weak draft?