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  1. Offseason Talk:

    Does anyone know which Saints players are left that are FA’s? What is our cap space that we have left to sign? any good sites to see this info?
  2. Haha. I’m a hockey fan so if we can get half the league and best of 7 series then I’ll be ecstatic! Jk
  3. Not a fan of this, but why not just add 8 team and no bye. Whatever
  4. My case for Brees to retire:

    Happy he’s back! We are going to look back on the Brees era and reminisce. Happy we don’t need to do that this year.
  5. My case for Brees to retire:

    In my opinion and I have nothing more than that... he will play for the Saints one more year. I just can’t see him leaving yet. Either for records, Super Bowl or glory.
  6. My case for Brees to retire:

    I don’t think Brees retires until after Brady. Brady has the rings but Brees has the records. He will want to keep them going. Just my opinion
  7. Offseason Talk:

    First off, I don’t think Brees will retire this year and I believe Hill will get more snaps and be given more chances. Bridgewater will leave. I wouldn’t be upset if we roll with Hill though and if he gets injured, so be it, we will get a good draft pick. I think Taysom will be scary to play against just cause of the way he uses his body. Your not worried about Jackson or Watson putting a shoulder into a defender. I still have a feeling we’re going to draft Fromm for some reason.
  8. Not going to respond with a way that will jinx us! Nice try. Don’t put that voodoo on me Teninch! Especially after what Uncle Buck did. very sneaky...
  9. All Rookie Team - Scouting!

    Wasn’t Payton responsible for Kamara and Harris? Not saying he’s been a big part of scouting, but he’s been hitting too!
  10. Why is Cleveland so unstable?

    lol. I only started really getting into football over the past 5. So I’m going to provide some NHL thoughts to this as well. If I had to guess, it’s mostly about ego and culture. Culture - The Toronto Maple Leafs had a tough time with there culture when we were trying to buy out the Muskoka five, which really set the team back multiple years. Not sure how this relates to Browns but might have some relevance. - when a team is considered to be a poor performer and has a history of it, it’s extremely hard to break. For instance, the San Jose Sharks always were a 2nd playoff exit team for like 5 years in a row. They became labelled as a non-contender, just cause of that. Ego -from Brett Kollmans breakdown the team figured out where Baker Mayfields succeeds last year by week 10 than fired the coach and the Kitchens became the head coach, got new flashy toys and went back to stretching the field and not what made Baker successful. He became his own worst enemy. - the Browns have also in the past few drafts went with their ego over logic. Sam Darnold is the better player, but they wanted to go with a player who worked with their market. Don’t know why that means. Not saying Baker can’t be successful cause he can. - I also think when Odell asks for a trade your dealing with either the player having an ego or a superior having an ego. For example, the Leafs players “purposefully” lost games this year until Mike Babcock was fired. Came out Babcock had a huge ego and there were rumblings beforehand, but once he was gone they’ve become great again. Other potential factor The Edmonton Oilers were in tank mode and had the #1 draft pick for like 4 out of 6 years and the NHL even rewrote the draft lottery to attempt to mitigate this after them. They always got the #1 guy, but there 2nd - last round never were mostly busts. Got to put time and effort in the Later round scouting.
  11. Why is Cleveland so unstable?

    Brett Kollman did a pretty good job running through why Mayfield has done so poorly on YouTube. Came back to poor head coaching for first 2/3 of the season and find out where he thrives.
  12. Going in cup half full. Remember what happened this season last time we had a bye week. Didn’t SF have a bad week or two after the bye as well?
  13. NFL draft 2020

    I'd go with best player available, hopefully matching one of our needs. If I had to pick...I feel a lot of teams are going to be scheming our offense and are going to develop plays to neutralize CGM. Not sure how you do that, but it would be good to give another weapon for Drew to utilize that could open up gaps. This all depends on who resigns though.
  14. This is a tough one for me. This is kind of like the Raptors trading DeRozan for 1 year of Kawhi. It feels like we are going all in. Obviously we aren't trading anyone, but his attitude and mentality can have that affect on this team culture. Just don't know. I'm a bitter fantasy football AB owner though, so there's that.
  15. Joe Burrow... Best QB Prospect since _______

    It's a fair point, one that might be because of the nature of the NFL draft and teams that feeling the requirement to draft a QB high. The only question I'm raising and taking a reference from stock analysis is, are QB's blue-chip prospects when drafted or would a team be better to invest a top 3 pick into another gap in the system? The second question I'll ask, should the Bengals draft Burrows when Andy Dalton (haven't watched his games this year, so don't judge to harshly) has shown to be a serviceable QB in the league vs. a player like Chase Young? I also think that if we are only utilizing 1st round picks as a data point and cut off, when we are missing the boat as the elite QB's in the league right now (outside of Mahomes) were drafted picks 20 or greater.