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  1. Completely agree. Not that I wanted Kamara out, but his confidence must have skyrocketed up after that game and Payton will be using him a bit more in the Ingram role now rather than what he was for the first part of the season
  2. Ryan F. Ramczyk

    Never would have thought the Cooks trade would have been this good for us. I was new to football and didn’t realize how important the o-line was, but even with that said. Never expected to get what we got.
  3. Week 3 GDT: Saints (1-1) @ Seahawks (2-0)

    I’m giving the mvp to the refs after the last few games .
  4. Preseason Thread

    Man, Rankins was one of my favourite players last year. Can’t wait to see him play!
  5. NFL Realigned 2019

    Before I'd do any realignment, I'd ask myself the question of what are you trying to do. Are you trying to: A) make travel easier for opposing fans. To increase sale price of tickets = potentially more revenue. B) cut down on travel time and time zone = potential to take out jet lag and improve consistent performance (not sure if that affects football as much as other sports tbh) C) increase potential rivalry = potential increased branding power D) other The one thing I wouldn't change would be historic rivalry. The problem is that you can make the comparison in any realignment. Where I would make changes is where you see other sports doing it right. For example, if option C is your vision than there's no way you wouldn't put Pittsburg and Philadelphia together based on the NHL rivalry.
  6. Leafs fan here. Most people cheer for Vikings or Green Bay here. The Leafs sucked for over a decade, got into football via fantasy football and couldn't switch teams in NHL. Brother-in-law is from New Orleans, he became a Leafs fan I became a Saints fan. Not going to lie though, the Vikings have an incredible spectator value for Skol Line, the Viking horn, Skol chant. Love the city, the state the people and the team, but just not as much as the Saints lol.
  7. Isn't it like a Mad Max thing there?
  8. I agree that 32 teams is a great size. Anymore and it might reduce the skill of the game as well and might cause for fans to lose interest. Tailgating in Ontario is in the process of being approved. If it were a Canadian city the most deserving would be Saskatchewan. For such a small city they go crazy for the Roughriders. It won't be them though.
  9. What will be the key to winning in 2019?

    I agree with the WR/WR thought right now. Unless you have a top 3 pick that you can get a dominant RB.
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Discussion

    All I'm gonna say is that since Ireland came into town. We have probably has 3 drafts where we would rank in the top 10? 2 for sure and 1 where we won it. This year we still did pretty good. Before that, Vacarro was probably our best pick in 4 years (you get my point with this, don't knit pick). If he wants to trade up/down or even forfeit a pick, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
  11. It was really two hard endings in a row. I haven't really gotten back into it to be honest, but I'm a HUGE Leafs fan being from the Great White North, but 82 games makes watching it during the season a bit trivial compared to the NFL season where every game counts. So, after the NFL it goes to half to a third left and gets more exciting. With that being said, I'll go crazy in the NHL playoffs, sit by a freshwater lake in the summer and go crazy in September.
  12. Will miss Ingram, but Murray should do a similar role.
  13. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    Man. I'm a saints fan and it sucks but at the end of the day I wanted to see a good game. It was. But either team could have won and both were damn good. This screwed over both the Saints and the Rams. The only way the NFL gets past this is if an AFC team wins TBH.
  14. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    It's better than trolling and more civilized than trash talking. I like it. Much respect to Rams fans and My fellow Saints. Hoping it's a game that we both can leave with our head high.