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  1. It was really two hard endings in a row. I haven't really gotten back into it to be honest, but I'm a HUGE Leafs fan being from the Great White North, but 82 games makes watching it during the season a bit trivial compared to the NFL season where every game counts. So, after the NFL it goes to half to a third left and gets more exciting. With that being said, I'll go crazy in the NHL playoffs, sit by a freshwater lake in the summer and go crazy in September.
  2. Will miss Ingram, but Murray should do a similar role.
  3. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    Man. I'm a saints fan and it sucks but at the end of the day I wanted to see a good game. It was. But either team could have won and both were damn good. This screwed over both the Saints and the Rams. The only way the NFL gets past this is if an AFC team wins TBH.
  4. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    It's better than trolling and more civilized than trash talking. I like it. Much respect to Rams fans and My fellow Saints. Hoping it's a game that we both can leave with our head high.
  5. I'm not going to lie, would like to see what we got in Bridgewater. Do you think he plays?
  6. Week 11 GDT: Eagles (4-5) @ Saints (8-1)

    After the start of the season and how the defense was struggling, is crazy to believe we went 5-0 through that stretch. Not only that, but the defense has come alive.
  7. Rams-Saints

    In the Vikings game, I don't think Brees had a pass attempt greater than 20 yards. It'll probably be a similar gameplan. Saints need this game more. Carolina has an easier schedule and down by 1 game. Saints are gonna want to play in the Superdome against everyone, including the Rams in the playoffs. I'm hoping for the Saonts win, but who knows. This could come down to an unlucky turnover or whatever.
  8. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    I know they have been targetting P.J. but those have been insane catches. I feel like he's been playing good, not great but ok.
  9. Saints trade for CB Eli apple

    For all those that said that he was bad last year.... Just remember who their coach was lol.
  10. Drew Brees - new all time passing yardage leader

    I jumped from page 1 to 17 on this and it's more about roasting Drew than congratulations. Man, the guy had to face adversity through his whole football career. Small size, screwed up his knee, screwed up his shoulder. GOAT is a subjective comment that you could ruthlessly argue with any comment. Can you honestly say that you wouldnt want this guy as your QB. I hardly doubt there's going to be a time when you would have to choose between these guys outside your fantasy team.
  11. Atlanta Falcons 2018 Draft Class Review

    Hey all, Coming here in peace as a Saints fan. Was pretty huge on Isaiah Oliver and really wanted us to get him in the 1st. We traded up and it might have worked out (secondary finally showed up last week). Anyway, what has been your guys impression of him so far? Was really jealous of your guys draft back in Spring. I bet the Cowboys are kicking themselves more for passing on Ridley.