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  1. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    #1 Overall Pick?
  2. Roster overhauling is very much so apart of the game, and as supporters of the sport, we all should be able to experience the change firsthand on Sundays, CBS or FOX networks.
  3. Do you consider A.J. Green a top-5 wide receiver?

    For the record, I don’t hate Green at all; he’s the only receiver, I’ve ever felt that should have went #1 overall in a draft class while watching him commit a homicide on the SEC. But... As far as quarterback play goes, Green cannot keep getting bailed out on Dalton’s performance because DeAndre Hopkins has played with worse.
  4. Do you consider A.J. Green a top-5 wide receiver?

    According to Madden 19 99 Brown 98 Jones 95 Beckham Jr. 94 Hopkins 93 Green ——- 92 Allen 91 Thomas
  5. Do you consider A.J. Green a top-5 wide receiver?

    I made the same claim above for Thomas and Keenan Allen in the Madden 19 ratings.
  6. 2019 Non-QB Skill Players

    Brown strikes me as another Hakeem Nicks in comparisons to on-field play.
  7. 2019 Non-QB Skill Players

    Levonta Taylor’s name will swirl, but the underrated guy to me is Julian Love.
  8. 2019 Non-QB Skill Players

    I currently have the lone vote for A.J. Brown.
  9. Was Jameis Winston’s talent overrated coming out of college?

    Overrated? Let’s not forget that the dude played half-blind and thrashed the opposition.
  10. 2018-2019 NCAA Prospect Watchlist

  11. 2018 NFL Top 100 Players

    #82 Marshon Lattimore = Grand larceny at its finest.
  12. This will be a very interesting season!
  13. 2018 Sleeper

    Deon Cain