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  1. What is Love? - Haddaway. Turn Lambeau into a Night at the Roxbury.
  2. If they trade Aaron, I hope they change Amari's number to 12. Think of the solid they'd be doing the fanbase.
  3. I think the solution is to hire Shailene Woodley to a no-show executive job with the Packers and pay her millions while simultaneously reducing Aaron's contract by the same amount.
  4. Are there any defense minded head coaches losing their jobs this year? Dan Quinn is already gone. Usually they get head coach gigs due to being one of the best coordinators. Sometimes, they should just be a coordinator like Wade Philips.
  5. I'm very interested to see how the Vikings perform against the Colts this week. Is the Green Bay offense as good as shown? Is Minnesota that much worse from last year? It's probably somewhere in between.
  6. Looks like the Lions secondary is beat up. Could be another big week for Rodgers. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/lions-justin-coleman-to-be-placed-on-injured-reserve-as-detroit-deals-with-aching-secondary/
  7. St. Louis doesn't have a team anymore. Good news for the NFL.
  8. Washington Opossums - They play dead at home and get killed on the road.
  9. I read that way to fast and was initially unsure what Taylor Swift would bring to the backfield.
  10. This year's reaction to the season's end is no different than the other years when the Packer's got close, but ultimately defeated before the Super Bowl. It's a fair assessment to say that San Francisco (or Atlanta, or Seattle, or Andy Reid's Philadelphia teams, or the Greatest Show on Turf Rams, or even the early 90's Cowboys) were better than the Packers that particular year. I don't think the smart reaction is to: A) Copy what that team is because their circumstances in building that team were different B) Try to build your team to specifically stop that team Historically,
  11. I think that my main reason for optimism is the perceived improvement in team morale and buy-in from the players. From Rodgers on down I feel like this team gelled unlike previous seasons. Last year at this time I don't think anyone would have predicted a Green Bay/San Francisco NFCCG. Hard to say what next year will bring, but I feel like Green Bay will be in the post season again next year.
  12. I'm old enough to remember that game, but I do recall that my elementary school brain was skeptical about Favre for a year or two since that game. He threw a lot of picks and continued to do so throughout his career.
  13. I do think that if he played vs the Rams, the Packers would have had a 50/50 chance to steal that one rather than Montgomery running the ball out of the end zone and fumbling the game away.
  14. Rodgers with an idea I'm 100% behind. https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2019/08/15/thursday-hot-clicks-packers-beer-prices-aaron-rodgers
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