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  1. Random Packer News & Notes

    I do think he's got a chance to win that #3 spot. Based on my eye test he gets open and seems to catch everything (which is how I would also describe Allison). We'll see how the preseason shakes out.
  2. Bart Starr passes away at age 85

    Bart Starr is one of the few sports figures who loomed as large off the field as he did on the field. There's a select few who did as much for society post playing as much as they excelled on the field (Palmer, Ali, Robinson, Payton come to mind). I felt he fell into the right position in Green Bay playing for Lombardi. Starr was very much the calm, reserved leader that countered the loud brash coach. He played in a different era when the QB called the plays. It must have taken a lot to earn that confidence from Lombardi. Almost every book I've read by or about a Lombardi packer made sure to note how wonderful a man he was. I was so glad he was able to make it to Lambeau one last time for Favre's number retirement. He is one of the few athletes who truly deserves role model status.
  3. Random Packer News & Notes

    Old Timey News Reel Voice: Here we see Coach McCarthy unveiling his new offensive weapon, the forward pass.
  4. draft pick

    For a third, definitely. For a second, maybe. If GB comes out hot and is winning, I don't think Brown will be a Distraction/Cancer. If they're losing, then there will be issues. "I've always said winning's the great deodorant, and conversely, when you have a bad record, everything stinks, and everything starts to unravel, and everything falls apart." - John Madden
  5. NFL News & Notes

    I feel confident speculating that Kraft didn't start the encounter with, "By they way, you're not a sex slave are you?" Based on the three reports I've read, he's only charged with soliciting prostitution. From NBC: "He is being charged with the same offense as the others, and that is soliciting another to commit prostitution," the official said.
  6. NFL News & Notes

    The story says he was a John, not running the human trafficking. Still illegal, but not what the story title would have you believe.
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    Moving the chains is also easier when you have a rock-solid offensive line and QB playing at all-pro level. Probably easier with an all-pro running back too. Winning is easier with a decent pass rush and competent safety play too. As for this year being an anomaly: https://steelersdepot.com/2018/03/correlation-study-super-bowl-winners-and-1st-team-all-pro-wrs/ I don't disagree that it would be nice to have the 2011 GB receiving corps, but you can't build a dream team. Some areas are going to have to be good enough. I think this group is good enough. Other areas on the team are not and should be addressed first.
  8. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    I'm not expecting all pros at wide receiver. I'm expecting him to move the chains, score points, and win games. I think the current crop in the right scheme can do this. Also, this year has no all-pro WR appearing the Super Bowl. I forget who said this, but it still holds true: A flashy, all pro wide receiver is like a high end audio system on a car. It gains attention and makes the vehicle seem cooler, but it's not necessary at all to make the car run.
  9. I admit that I don't have the all 22, but I did attend two games in person and watched where #80 was lined up for most of the game. Graham was open a lot. He just didn't get the ball thrown to him for whatever reason. I think he has value. Is it $10 million a year? No, but his contract is what it is and the value is to keep him on. Per Zach Kruse, last year he led the NFL in red-zone touchdown receptions. I don't think in one year his skills diminished so much that he's no longer as efficient. It has to do more with how he's used. In 2017 he had 26 red-zone targets. In 2018 he's been targeted 9 times.
  10. In a moment of masochism I clicked on a clip of Cowherd's opinion of who should replace McCarthy and it boiled down to not Joe Philbin. Really Colin? McDaniels or Harbaugh may be a better possibility? Gee, I wonder if the Packers ever thought of that? The 4 minute take could have been condensed down to 2 if he didn't take time to badmouth Green Bay. Dude is the master of taking the obvious take and making it seem like no one agrees with him. Cowherd as a weatherman: "It's going to rain tomorrow. I know most of you don't like rain. It ruin's your picnic plans, and you just washed your car, but rain is essential. Plants need it to grow. Farmers need it for crops. It's going to be uncomfortable for you, but you're going to have to get over it. You need rain."
  11. I think your definition of packer people is a bit dramatic. Basically, they didn't want adults that needed to babysitters. Minnesota was a laughingstock after the love boat and other issues due to poor player behavior. I can see why they would want to avoid that. You throw out Jordy Nelson as an example of who they wanted, but they also kept Johnny Jolly around after his first offense and took on Ahmad Brooks after he was accused of sexual assault so it wasn't a hard and fast rule. I do agree that the Packers got complacent, but I don't think it was because they had a set standard of a human being that they wanted to hire. It was probably more nostalgia and good will from winning a Superbowl that allowed people to hang around longer than they should have. It's starting to look like Holmgren leaving was probably a blessing in disguise because the same thing probably would have happened if he stuck around. The new order needs to be accountability. The NE mantra of "do your job" is probably what we need.
  12. And NBC Sports and USA Today. I didn't realize I needed to have multiple sources.
  13. Not sure if this was posted, but odds are JMCD is the next coach of the Green Bay Packers. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2809076-packers-head-coach-odds-josh-mcdaniels-lincoln-riley-favored-in-early-lines