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  1. Dez Bryant Tears his Achilles

    Signed Brandon Marshall but I don't like it... Keith Kirkwood was raved about this offseason as a UDFA rookie, had a good pre-season and finally gets his call up against the Bengals where he caught 2 balls for about 50 yards. Not bad, he shows promise. I kinda wish we would ride with the young guy but I understand why the Saints brought Marshall in.
  2. Dez Bryant - coming out to workout

    Exactly Look... Mike Thomas is in the conversation for top reciever in football, thats where we are with him. Kamara is without question the games best dual option running back ive seen since Marshall Faulk. His recieving skills is better than most receivers. Mark Ingram is a hammer with versatility while being one of the games best pass protection backs. Our offensive line IMO is also the best in football. Teddy Ginn will be back at some point, Dez cant beat teams top corner option anymore but in this offense surrounded with these weapons if yall dont think Dez cant eat on a slot corner, safety or linebacker with Brees throwing him the ball yall crazy. Lol Payton gonna scheme it up.
  3. Dez Bryant - coming out to workout

    Say what yall want but its a done deal... 1 year, Dez comes in HIGHLY movitatied yet humbled at the same time. Sean Payton LOVES Dez and im sure he has a vision for how to utlize him in this offense. We have GREAT leadership on this team that wont tolerate nonsense amd Dez himself understands he needs to make the most of this oppertunity. Dez isnt the player he once was but still very talented and Payton has the skill players to get Dez one on one with safetys and limebackers as well as nickel corners. Saints just got better and deeper.
  4. Dez Bryant - coming out to workout

    I trust Payton
  5. Week 8 GDT: Saints (5-1) @ Vikings (4-2-1)

    PJ ought to just put on a purple jersey already... Crawley in street clothes and Dennis Allen continues to put players in positions where they simple cannot succeed. Yes PJ is terrible but Allen deserves alot of blame here as well.
  6. ...just maybe...

    Exactly... In a way alot of his issues stemmed from his mom and how she was behaving, the word also was that he confided in Landon Collins who basically felt that Apples family issues were open to share with the lockerroom which caused obvious conflict between he and Apple as well as other players on that team. The Giants former office personnel also made it obvious that Apple wasnt even their 2nd choice for the 10th pick when they were set on either Leonard Floydd or Jack Conklin but were suprised to see both players come off the board before the 10th pick leaving Apple as their constlation prize. I dont think the kid ever really felt welcome or at home in NY... At least in NOLA hes back with his boys (OSU) and will feel wanted. The hope is he feels that and it allows him to focus solely on football and it allows him to realize his potential which is high.
  7. ...just maybe...

    I was... I had Eli in my bubble at 12 for the Saints along with Leonard Floydd and Sheldon Rankins, however Rankins was my perfered choice out of the 3 but yes I was high on Apple out of college. I wasn't high on the idea of trading for him last season when he was having his issues in NY but this offseason there were nothing but high praise for him on his maturity and hes so young with such a talented skillset at a affordable rate for the cost of a 4th round pick... The Saints had to make this deal.
  8. ...just maybe...

    Apple has talent and ability and is only 23 years old with 2 years on his rookie deal with a 5th year option... Id have to imagine hed be a natural fit with Lattimore and Bell, 2 of his former college teammates. This move also allows the Saints to play Crawley in the slot with P-Rob on IR. I think its smart... Saints bought low and hope to hit a home run but by the numbers it appears they got better in the secondary today.
  9. ...just maybe...

    Raves Saints give up a 4th and 7th for Eli Apple who by all accounts appeared to be having a good season thus far... Thoughts??? Buckeye duo on the edge!
  10. ...just maybe...

    I dont think we should get soley focused on Peterson either... Dont get me wrong, Peterson and Lattimore would be a dream and YES the Sainta HAVE been in the market for a corner over the last couple weeks but rumor is that Denver might move off of either Chris Harris Jr. Or Bradley Roby by the deadline. Any of those 3 would offer the Saints a huge upgrade over Ken Crawley.
  11. ...just maybe...

    Honestly if were all in this year whats the difference? We've already punted on the 2019 NFL draft and I can see why because outside of the top 6 picks its a really weak class. With Peterson actually mentioning the Saints as his desired destination and him being a great character guy, YES I would at least try to put a package together for him. Does next years 2nd, 4th and Ken Crawley get the job done? Maybe throw in Trey Hendrickson as a sweetner? Not sure but at least its worth a shot.
  12. Week 7 GDT: Saints (4-1) @ Ravens (4-2)

    Anyone else thinking the Saints should trade Bridgewater to the Jaguars for a 2nd round pick tommorow? Sure its a risk but lets be real... Saints arent gonna be able to keep him. Hes a UFA after the season and the NFL draft is trash this coming year when it comes to QB's. Bridgewaters value is extremly high... Brees wants to play another 2-3 years. Hill looks serviceable... Trade Teddy, recoup a high draft pick.
  13. Payton or Brees?

    With Drew Brees recently becoming the NFL's all time leader in passing yardage and on the verge of joining the 500 touchdown club, intrest in both Sean Payton's style of offense and Drew Brees's impressive career has skyrocketed. This has lead me to look back on both men's careers, which has led me to ask a very simple question... Who has benifited more off the other, Payton or Brees??? When you look at the totality of it all its really a hard choice to make. Does Brees ability to benifit from Payton's pass happy scheme, inability to consistantly provide a suitable defense and unparalleled control of the offense Payton allowed Brees override the fact the Payton has benifited from having the most accurate passer in NFL history orchestrating his offense and one of the most well respected high character individuals in football being the leader of his lockerroom? We all as die hard Saints fans love who Marquis Colston was and what he represented. We all know he was robbed on multipule occassions of a pro-bowl bid which had become more of a popularity contest at one point but the fact that Brees has accomplished what hes accomplished in New Orleans without a Pro-Bowl reciever until Mike Thomas last year is simply beyond impressive. Yes Colston was under appreciated by the national media but think of what players like Devery Henderson, Lance Moore or Willie Snead were before they caught passes from Brees? However at the same time the same can be said they also benifited as much from Sean Payton's offensive mind and his ability to design plays that create mismatches on the field. I honestly believe this is a very intriguing question to ask and cant wait to read what you guys believe and where you side on this topic... So which is it? Who benifited more from the other... Payton or Brees? WHODAT
  14. Sean Payton Scheme

    Until I see it done with someone else... The biggest key is having the most accurate passer in NFL history throwing passes in it.
  15. ...just maybe...

    Dont let the team he plays on fool you... Peterson is still one of the top players at his position and would cost assets we dont possess to get him and thats IF hes even on the block.