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  1. I think the Saints would love either Queen or Murray to fall to them at 24 and by judging how FA has gone so far it’s a possibility. Personally my preference would be Queen who I have comped as a young Jon Vilma. I also ain’t writing off a top flanker like Justin Jefferson, tee Higgins or Denzel Mims at 24 even with the addition of Sanders. AJ would be a good fit but I think he’s a 1st round pick all day. People bang on him because of his outing vs Jamar Chase but honestly that can be said about every top corner prospect in this draft lol. i think we need a playmaking LB ... but Justin Jefferson’s fit is so seamless and would make this offense so explosive if he’s there I might have to take him.
  2. Still think combo slot/outside corner is a need for us along with a rangy linebacker... would love Simmons but would rather a combo of taking Queen or Murray at 24 then trading back into the second for a guy like Jeff Gladney or Damon Arrnette. However Saints might just try to outscore everyone and double down with a top receiver at 24 and move Sanders in the slot.
  3. I LOVE THIS ADDITION!!! Perfect compliment to MT plus veteran presence with a drop rate as good as MT. Also allows Saints to focus on defense with 24th pick and grab a young receiver later.
  4. I think another part of the thought process is that the Saints really like running behind Peats pulling ability and as they evolve into more of a running team moving fwd Peats ability becomes more and more valued.
  5. Grading offensive lineman is tricky... Peat missed 6 games with injury and played in the final few games when he likely shouldn’t have. Easy to hate on Peat and I get it, he’s been inconsistent but there have been games where Peat was excellent yet those games go unnoticed. Not to the team obviously. Peat s a few things you must consider when looking at this deal... 1. The guard market is what it is... it’s expensive. 2. He was the best option in the eyes of the Saints. 3. Payton values Peats versatility... especially with Armstead injury history. 4. It maintains continuity along the offensive line. 5. Peat is still only 26 years old... he was 20 when drafted, their is still upside in Peat. I clearly get the fan reaction here but I still believe that Peat will continue to develop and improve. Versatile young athletic offensive lineman are hard to find, Peat was gonna get a big deal. Let’s just hope we get the best of him over the next 5 years.
  6. Don’t be shocked if Warford is out... 12 mil cap hit with 750,000 roster bonus due tomorrow I think. Rumor is that Saints weren’t happy with his play this season. Opted to invest in Peats versatility and upside.
  7. I figured it... Payton values Peats versatility to play guard and left tackle and the team felt the injuries is what caused Peats decline. Still upside with him, he’s young. Lotta chicken tho...
  8. Peat at 5 years 57 mil 33 guaranteed Lawd... let’s hope it was just the injuries lol
  9. Always pay attention to what this front office misses out on in FA... it’s always telling where they feel their weaknesses are. Missed out on Jamie Collins. DeMario Davis is over 30, Anzalone and Alanzo can’t stay healthy and all 3 are free agents after this season. Also missed out on Chris Harris JR as a slot corner, their not comfortable with P-Rob there despite the cost cut. Lattimore about to break the bank, Jack rabbit might only be a one year rental... need to get another talented corner on a rookie deal soon.
  10. True but they value corners in the first... Lattimore, P-Rob, Jenkins (was a corner at the time). The drop off after CJ in this 1st round is steep IMO.
  11. Your exactly right but dosent it seem more Payton like to trade the 24th pick and our 2021 2nd rounder to move up for CJ Henderson. Lol
  12. Id take cooks back... Hes a great fit as long as he understands his role. Also, boys... This just me but im convinced that were targeting one of the top 2 off ball linebackers in this draft at 24. Either Queen or Murray. If they gone i think the next target would be either slot corner or left guard. With the receiver group as deep as it is i think we target that rounds 3-4.
  13. time most us realize... Onyenmata not Rankins is the teams best 3 tec. Rankins was more refined coming out of college ranks but he cant stay healthy. Big O always had more physical talent and hes gotten better and better. Hes been healthy too. Big year for Rankins... Saints wont hesitate to move on next year if he dont bounce back and stay healthy.
  14. win win... Robinson played exceptional in the slot when Malcolm Jenkins was commanding the secondary. Lets see if he can get back on track under Jenkins leadership once more.
  15. Report out that Bell turned down 7.5 per year from Saints right before team went with Jenkins. If this is true, Saints made a wise choice. I liked Bell but he wasnt without his faults. Hes an in box safety and cant pay a average coverage safety more than 8 mil per and thats for the best of the in box guys. With CGJ in the wings and with deals coming due for Lattimore, Ramczyk and Williams that gonna be huge... Had to let Bell walk, especially with a seasoned vet like Jenkins willing to come at his price. Intrested to see what Bell lands contract wise... Like Vaccaro before him i think hes overestimated his value and now with the Saints not a bidding team his leverage takes a hit. He might end up with a deal less than what Saints offered.
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