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  1. Week 3 GDT - Saints at Falcons

    I agree... time to start calling out DA as well as the players. Bottom line is only defensive backs we have is Lattimore, Williams and P-Rob. The rest needs total rebuild! Allen a DB specialist signed off on these guys and his inability to adjust is frightening. Hate saying it but defense needs total new direction once again. welcome back 7-9
  2. Week 3 GDT - Saints at Falcons

    This is simply not a good football team.
  3. Week 3 GDT - Saints at Falcons

    Crawley just as bad last few games... Teams obvously did their homework in offseason and identified Saints biggest weakness which was defending the deep ball oppsite Lattimore.
  4. I think the mkat important thing being lost on this topic is that this isnt really about Davenport... Davenport did not force the Saints to do anything, it was Loomis and Payton who opted to give up the farm for him. If this kid just dosent live up to the value that the Saints gave up for him thats more of an indictment on this staff and management than the player.
  5. Two Bold Predictions - Not the good kind

    Anyone wanna revisit that Lattimore vs Mahomes discussion yet...? Lol Lattimore may end up being a multi pro bowler and elite corner but Mahomes will be considered a top 3 NFL QB as soon as next season. This kids talent is unreal. Anyway... This win was embrassing, and if Davenport does not turn it on soon then the trade to go get him will look worse and worse as the weeks go by. Just like if the Saints keep playing awful and lose, the trade will be more highlighted. Look at it this way, had the Saints lost to the Browns and started the season 0-2 in a "all in" season and eventually ended up with a top 10 pick and had to send that pick to Green Bay while your team CLEARLY needs an answer at QB of the future... I just dont see how a GM survives that. Especially of the guy you traded for is average. I digress... Facts: 1. The Saints arent as good as they/we thought they were. 2. Brees is much closer to the end than most of us (including Brees) realizes. 3. Davenport is a good player... But not worth what the Saints will eventually end up paying for him. 4. After a full offseason to study Dennis Allen's tendencys its clear that opposing OC's have found flaws in his deep coverage units. 5. The few Saints old guys on the team are starting to look REALLY old out there. 6. Saints have a SEVERE lack of athletisim at the Linebacker position. 7. This defensive personnel would be better served in a true 34 alignment. 8. Saints have a MAJOR hole at the strong safety position. 9. This team misses Mark Ingram. 10. We have no tight end!
  6. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    Best thing about this Saints defense heading into week 2... Fans and media aren't talking about how good they are and can be anymore, there talking about how bad they are! Quite the shift in mindset for these players... No reason to come in this game overconfident.
  7. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    Tough call... Greg Williams has Browns defense playing good and he knows Payton's offense. On top of that je owes Payton some pay back drom their last meeting. I think the Saints defense plays with a lot more effort and discipline this game. I actually think its a close game for 3 quarters til Brees takes over in 4th... Saints 31 - Browns 21
  8. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    Likely a combination of Saints players being coddled and buying into the hype causing them to come in overconfident while the Bucs heard all offseason that they were heading to 0-3 to start the season. Fitzpatrick played the game of his career because his career depended on it. I also think the Bucs staff had an entire offseason and years worth of game tape on the Saints young secondary and they exploited a weakness they found when lining up in bunch formations. All together a perfect storm storm for a butt-whoppin!
  9. Week 2 GDT - Browns @ Saints

    A classic Saints response to their week one performance would be to come out and play lights out defense only to see the offense sputter and lose by 3.
  10. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Payton cottled these players during the preseason... Also during training camp. Never have I seen so many veteran days off, hell Brees and Jordan didnt touch the field till the 3rd game and anyone who says you can simulate a game experience in practice is delusional. All offseason these players talked about how they should have beaten the Vikings and would have beaten the Eagles. They heard every media outlet pick them to repersent the NFC in the Superbowl this year and watched their coach trade two 1st round picks for a raw pass rusher and a additional 3rd rounder for a backup quarterback all with the premise that the Saints were "ALL IN" this season. All this did 2 things... 1. It put a great amount of pressure on everyone in the orginazation, especially the players. 2. It placed a major target on the Saints back from the view point of all other NFC teams. So add it all up and the Saints came into that game overconfident, sluggish and unerprepared with nowhere near the mindset needed to win in the NFL. The Bucs came in hungry and looking to prove something and they punched the Saints square in the mouth and we never recovered.
  11. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Even Lattimore said after the game that is was the slap in the face they needed... That it showed guys on the team that we aint on the level we thought we were. That sounds like a player being honest about simply overlooking a team and buying into the hype. This is a young defense.
  12. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    I feel its a product of a few things... 1. Defensive players coasting: These defensive guys came out completely underestimating Fitzpatrick and his ability and they got exposed. They were unprepared and unmovitated and in the end turned to Drew Brees to save them and it didn't happen. 2. Dennis Allen tinkering: Allen tinkered with alot of things in this game. From his usage of zone coverages down to the personal he had on the field. His play calling was shoddy at best and even he (just like his players) underestimated Fitzpatrick. Allen and his defense entered this game like the overconfident bully entering the playground until the bully got smacked early and just didnt want to be on the playground anymore. 3. Sean Payton: Yep, sure the offense scored 40 but Payton isnt the OC... Hes the HC and if your defense is that unprepaired for a opening game of the season at home aganist a divisional rival who beat you the last time you meet then im sorry coach, its on you!
  13. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    Dennis Allen continues to try and force feed zone coverages... Robinson and Bell get twisted on a bunch formation playing zone and watch D-Jax burn them for 58 yard TD. Why C.Robertson isnt starting is beyond me! D.Davis appeared to have Stephone Anthony type issues getting the calls in and defense lined up. Klein is a backup nothing more. Defensive line got handled by a less talented offensive line. Plain and simple, Jordan included. Rankins not playing up to his draft status. Onymatta not playing with any sense of control, everyone else in front 7 virtually non existant. The turnovers on offense didnt help but this was a epic failure on the part of the defense. No discipline No heart No swagger
  14. Week 1: GDT Saints vs Buccaneers

    To sum up this defensive performance in a word... Pathetic! Total breakdown at all 3 levels. Line had zero pressure and no gap control. Linebackers were out of position and late to the party for the most part and the secondary... Well you know. For such a massive letdown aganist an inferior diviaional opponet it goes beyond players though. This is also on Dennis Allen. Like Payton said, the staff must determine if they are asking the players to do the right things or if its the right players therr asking to do it. For the last few seasons Craig Robertson has been our best linebacker but the Saints have found new and more expensive ways to replace him with below average talent. We now have 4 1st round picks invested in the defensive line and couldn't sniff the quarterback. The front office and staff are as much to blame here than anyone. As far as thr players... These guys IMO played like a bunch of dudes who spent the offseason reading press clippings about how great they are and how they were odds on favorites to reach the superbowl. I believe players such as Lattimore, Crawley, Williams and even Jordan were feeling themselves a little too much. Payton even mentioned after the game that "you have yo come to play in this league, what happened last year has no bearing on this season" that statement basically confirms that even the head coach felt his defense were a little to full of them selves. They saw a backup journyman quarterback on a team picked to finish last in the division and simply chalked it up in the win coloum before ever taking the field. It was about as piss poor of a showing in a home opener that a contending team has ever displayed.
  15. The Saints championship run starts today... Hopefully we get off to a good start vs a short-handed divisional rival this week at home. The Bucs have enough quality talent to pull off an upset making them a legit trap game to start the season. Its important that the Saints get off to a fast start this season opposed to the last few years where we dug a hole for ourselves early on. Im excited to see what this squad looks like fully healthy and prepared to go. Below are some things Im looking fwd to seeing today... 1. Drew Brees Will Brees pick up where he left off in the Minnesota game, playing at an elite level at age 39 or will this be the year father time finally catches up to him? 2. Marcus Davenport Two 1st round picks is alot to give up for a defensive player... Was he worth it? 3. Alvin Kamara Will he thrive in a more featured role or will he above all else feel the absence of Mark Ingram? 4. The offensive line Can they remain healthy and roll over there stellar play from the preseason to the regular season? 5. The tight end position Will we get any production from this unit outside of excellent blocking? 6. Mike Thomas Will he join the ranks of the NFL's elite recievers this year? 7. Marcus Williams Can he live up to the preseason hype and overcome last seasons demons? 8. The Secondary How good could they be... Will Kurt Coleman be an asset or a liability? 9. The Linebackers How fast can they gel? 10. The Defensive Line Its time for all their talent to show up and show out... No longer can it be just the Cam Jordan show. WHODAT