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  1. Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs

    I think this is all about Ingram realizing hes about to be on the wrong side of 30 and that there is a young star at his position that will be looking for a huge payday in a couple years. Ingram realizes how the Saints move on from backs and wanted to try and use his leverage of this "all in" season the saints are in but this suspension blew up in his face. Still to continue to demand a new deal with this hanging over his head screams that Ingram believes hes above consequence.
  2. Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs

    Then has the nerve to hold out of OTA's for a new contract... I'm a big Ingram supporter but that's ridiculous, you get suspended for 4 games for PED's (reguardless what he says it was he's suspended) then have the nerve to hold out for a contract??? Forget Payton, This clearly will not sit well with Loomis and I suspect the Saints to use Ingram throughout his current deal then part ways.
  3. Updates from Saints Rookie Minicamp

    Imma agree here... I love Davenports potential (i feel he can be the next demarcus ware) but lets not forget that Ireland also traded up for Dion Jordan as well who was a similar type of athlete that played majority of his college reps standing up. Yes Jordan had substance abuse issues but he also had a hard time adjusting to life as a down defensive lineman and felt more natural standing utlizing his athleticism. Davenport even said as much after he was drafted and Payton even chimmed in saying that they (Saints) would allow him to play standing if thats where he felt most comfortable. Now it appears they are force feeding Davenport in as a down defensive end just like the Dolphins did with Jordan. I dont wanna read too much into it because its only a mini camp but im weery about there approach with Davenport thus far. I see potantially the next Ware in him and alot of that is his ability to play on his feet. I just hope this isnt another one of Paytons trying to fit a square peg in a round hole idea again. Lets face it, despite a stellar recent drafting run... Payton has missed out on his so called "vision" on a few prospects during that time only to see those players fall into other positions. With what the Saints gave up for Davenport they cannot afford to be wrong on anything with him.
  4. Saints trade up for Marcus Davenport

    I love his hands... His hands are violent and he converts speed to power very well. He has a great punch off the line and he is very explosive off the snap but dosent show it at times due to the technique he might be playing vs a particular offensive alignment or scheme. I agree that his bend isnt flawless but thats common in players as long as Davenport is. Still he bends very well for a 6'5" - 6'6" guy and he has a great inside outside move. His pass rush arsenal is bare but he absolutely dominated his level of competition with what he has and when he played upper level competition (Texas A&M, Baylor, etc.) He was still one of the best players on the field. At UTSA he likley was not afforded the oppertunties as far as strength training, physical conditioning and coaching that players at power 5 programs are exposed to meaning between his raw ability, natural physical tools and work ethic his upside in the NFL is tremendous. Now Davenport will be exposed to a NFL strength and conditioning program and a position coach who just saw his entire D-Line drafted in the draft including Bradley Chubb at 5th overall in Ryan Neilson. On top of that, Davenport will also have the luxury of learning from someone who many consider the best overall edge player in the NFL today in Cam Jordan. Man, I'm really excited for this kid and his potential. Will he comemout the gate like gangbusters, likley not. Remember Jordan only had 1 sack his rookie year.
  5. NFL draft fans these days love to assigin value to thier teams draft picks based on rounds instead of numbers when discussing possible trades. Many turn to the value chart most of us have seen a time or two that former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson made famous back in the 90's when he built a dynasty in Dallas but the fact is that the NFL is an ever evolving game and that applies to the draft and how its structured as well. The recent trade the Saints made to acquire defensive end Marcus Davenport with the 14th pick in the 2018 draft has been meet with tons of criticism both by media and fans ( even some Saints fans) alike due to the idea that the Saints gave up far to much compensation to move up 14 slots but Sean Payton noted in his press conference after the pick that he felt the compensation was fair. At the same time, most media talkimg heads were stunned by the compensation for a non quarterback. So why this disconnect? Simple... The media plays off of fans emotions during the draft process as well as the draft itself. They want drama (often looking to create it) because thats what drives ratings and keeps viewers glued to their TV sets. The use of the term "a 1st round pick" is so often overstated because these networks understand that fans view things like this in an entirely different way than most NFL team war rooms do. To truly get on the same page with the line of thinking NFL club have when it comes to the draft there are a few things that you have to not only realize but deprogram yourself from. In 1999 the Saints made one of the biggest draft day trades in NFL history when Mike Ditka traded our entire draft to Washington for Rickey Williams. I was a senior in high school at the time and remember being fascinated by the build up to that moment. It was my very first exposure to the draft process and ive been hooked ever since. That trade got me intrested in the draft but the failure of Williams and result of what the franchise endured in the aftermath made me even more intrested in other aspects of team building so I began studying scouting as a hobby and have been doing so ever since. During this time ive come up with a few facts about the draft and prospect evaluations that the casual fan of the draft might not fully understand and with the way the media has taken a strangle hold on this event now, these are things they actually really dont want you to know... 1. Every year their are typically only 14-18 prospects in a draft with a true 1st round grade. All teams are alloted a 1st round pick each year but that does not mean your gaurenteed to land a 1st round talent. Sure you will pick a player in the top round and fans will view him as a 1st round player but many NFL front offices understand that their pick is only a 1st round pick based on the numbers. This is an aspect of the draft that both media and the NFL perfers ots viewers not to know because the success of the draft event itself is that of selling ALL teams fans hope so hearing that your teams 1st round pick isnt really a 1st round talent in many cases would kinda put a damper on much of the first night for many fans which could affect viewership. Due to this average, all teams view the drafts top 15 picks as premium selections. Teams view these picks this way because the top 15 typically gaurentees you a 1st round talent. The premium placed on the top 15 is huge especially if your trading up from outside this range. In the case of the Saints and Davenport, the Packers understood that by moving back they were likely giving up a 1st round talent for a player with a 2nd round grade later in the draft. This among many other facters (which we will get into later) caused the price for the Saints to climb. NFL teams don't group the draft into rounds but instead by numbers/tiers. Oh my, they traded two 1st round picks and a 5th rounder for a DE... That's what the networks were screaming in your TV when the trade was made because they want the everything out of the ordinary to be dramatized for ratings purposes. In reality the Saints realize that they actually traded two 2nd round talents for what they believed to be a top 10 talent at a premium position and one of great need. NFL teams acutally dont view the draft into rounds, really... They break up the selections into groups. Their is the top 6-8 elite prospects in any given draft followed by picks 8-15 which are viewed as premium selections and 1st round talents. The rest of the top 50 is where its possible to land a fringe 1st round talent but solid 2nd round guy. After that they round out the top 100 to 150 prospects in their 3rd tier which they view anywhere from a 3rd-5th round value then the rest is viewed as late round (6th-7th) or priority free agents. So when a TV talking head is losing his mind over a team like the Saints dealing two 1st round picks just remember two things... 1. Remember its his job to dramatize it. 2. The selection number of the pick in the 1st round makes a huge difference in the eyes of NFL evaluators and decision makers. The value of a pick is more than just simply numbers on a chart. Their are many things that can alter the value of a particular trade during the draft. A multitude of things can cause a pick to be more or less valuable than years that preceeded it and no trade within a draft or in precious drafts is compariable to another because circumstances and value change with every pick that comes off the board and every draft sees its value unfold differently. In the case of the Saints this year the 2018 NFL draft held 5 quarterbacks that were presumed to go in the 1st round and until each one was off the board teams would place a higher value on their picks. Also, the next premium position edge rusher actually only had only 2 top tier prospects in Chubb and Davenport and like the quarterbacks, pick value would remain high as long as either of those 2 prospects were still on the board. The 3rd and 4th premium positions were corner and left tackle but the draft lone elite cover man came off the board 4th overall and in a weak tackle class the top player Mike McGlinchey also went in the top 10. This made the supply and demand of the top two premium positions rise so when the Saints traded up to the 14th pick, the Packers had leverage because both Davenport and Lamar Jackson were still on the board while the corner and offensive tackle market was bare. Another thing to consider is that most mocks had the Packers selecting Davenport with the 14th selection as pass rusher was a big need for them as well so that drives up the price too... You have to make it worth the teams wild to move out and when you factor in all the information that preceded the trade its clear why the Saints had to pay a premium price. As an NFL team, how much value do you put into getting "your guy"? For 3 years the Saints placed a higher value in quantity over quality by selecting the most drafts picks over that span than i can remember in years past under this regime. They entered the 2018 draft with a different mindset. After building up their roster for the last few years the front office was ready to pounce on a high impact player that they viewed as a MUST. This placed an even higher value on Davenport in the eyes of the Saints which must be factored into the cost of the trade as well. Without a 2nd round selection the Saints had no alternative but to slightly over pay to get the guy they wanted and they were fully aware of that going in. Sean Payton called the compensation "fair". Not great, fair. Thats basically saying that we may have slightly overpaid but we think its worth it. At the end of the day, the players development always decides what the value of the trade was. To many people want to grade a draft to soon these days. Im sure many media outlets are giving the Saints devalued marks due to the trade because thats what they do but let me.ask you this... What would you be willing to give up to have two Cam Jordans on this team? Or even a young Demarcus Ware oppsite Jordan on this defense in this window of success the Saints have right now. The fact is that if Marcus Davenport becomes a top NFL edge rusher like the Saints clearly envision him to be then this trade will be won by the Saints... and if he doesn't, they will be considered fools for it and guess what, thats basically the case with every draft trade and every draft pick. Ultimately Davenports success in the NFL will determine the true value of this trade as far as winners and losers. The important thing as a Saints fan is that our scouting staff, whom has some well deserved built up currency recently as far as their scouting ability is telling us that they believe that Marcus Davenport is the next big thing at pass rusher in the NFL and they put their money where their mouth is and pulled the trigger to bring him here as hopefully the final piece to a potential Superbowl Championship run... What more could a fan ask of its front office? WHODAT!
  6. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    Alex Smith type to succeed Brees as a UDRFA... Ill take it!!! I think far to many people have this line of thinking that the successor to Brees will be this highly drafted top end prospect. Odds are that a developmemtal guy like Barrett or Hill would most likley be the one.
  7. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    I think Barrett has the potential to develop and carve out a career similar to that of Tyrod Taylor. The things i ask myself is how much better would Taylor be had he groomed under Payton and Brees for the 1st 2-3 years of his career? See where im going here...
  8. My thoughts on Saints 2018 draft class...

    No doubt... The Saints CLEARLY are all in on Davenport and his development is critical not only to the success of Brees final years but to the future of this franchise. By no means am I downplaying the amount given up for Davenport because it was alot but if he becomes the player they expect him to be then it will be well worth the cost. Im not in the camp that 2 1st round picks can only be traded for a QB... Edge rushers are so vital to NFL teams these days. Payton was exactly right when he said after the selection that in the NFL these days their is a premium on 3 positions and its ones you typically have to draft because they rarely ever reach FA and they are QB, EDGE and CB. The Saints lucked up getting Brees im FA, they drafted Jordan in the 1st as well as Lattimore. The thing about pass rushers tho is these days you need 2-3 and as good as Jordan is hes more of a all purpose player than an elite edge rusher. The Saints are hoping Davenport provides that ability to disrupt and crash the edge in a hurry, particularly on 3rd downs.
  9. My thoughts on Saints 2018 draft class...

    Agreed... But it all starts and ends with Davenport, however I do believe Smith will suprise people. I actually dont feel their is a big drop off from Calvin Ridley to Tre'Quan Smith to be honest. As far as the TE position, sire its a concern but im wondering if we will just bring Fleener back for another season in a reserve role.
  10. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    I hear what your saying... My report on him was a 6th round grade and a logical fit in Payton's offense like we spoke on weeks ago so getting him on a 3 year URFA deal has mr excited. Hes a prospect I feel can pay dividends down the road even if that means developing into just a really good backup but i do believe there is a chance he can be more than that.
  11. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    So Raves, JT Barrett has decided to try out with the Saints and not the Colts. I believe we spoke about him a while back and his fit here. I know hes a conservative QB with development needed as a passer but I like his athleticism, leadership and Character. I know it might be wishful thinking but id rather see Taysom Hill win the backup job and Barrett the 3rd string over Savage being on the roster.
  12. Winners & Losers from Day One

    Whats off to me is that fans of other teams and meida heads have been clamoring for the Saints to take a quarterback it seems for years now while Saints fans understand that the biggest detriment the Saints have had for 4 years running was the clubs inability to land a legit bookend to Cam Jordan. Lamar Jackson would have been a nice succesion plan but dont think any Saints fan werent understanding of the Davenport selection. Saints missed out on the lass rusher they wanted in FA and the draft for the last 3 years... They werent gonna miss out again.
  13. Draft Day Thread: 1st Round Discussion

    We can look at this Davenport selection one of two ways... Ireland drafted (traded up for) Dion Jordan while GM in Miami. Jordan largly considered a bust mainly due to substance abuse issues but appears to be turning his life around in Seattle. When Ireland drafted Jordan he wasn't the head of scouting and was in a position where he leaned in his scouting dept. He clearly missed on Jordans character but his talent was clear. The other camp is that Ireland was instrumental in 2005 with the Cowboys drafting Demarcus Ware 11th overall. Ireland was the new director of college scouting and convinced Jerry Jones that Ware would not be availabe with their other 1st rounder that year (20). Jones sided with Ireland and drafted Ware 11th overall. HC Bill Parcells wanted LSU DE Marcus Spears with that selection but eventually got Spears at 20. So the question is... Where will Davenport trend towards? Like with both Ware and Jordan the talent is evident and worth the selection but character and commitment is what seprated the two. I think Ireland learned a valuable lesson from the Jordan pick and that's why we heard Payton glow over Davenports mental make up and character. This is just my opinion but I truly believe that Davenport will be the best selection of the Ireland era and when you consider our draft haul last year thats saying something. Davenport will have 10+ sacks as a rookie and Jeff Ireland will be running another franchise in 2019.
  14. Why Marcus Davenport? ”Back in 2005, I watched this kid (Demarcus Ware) from Troy play defensive end and I was fascinated by him. When we got to the Senior bowl I followed this kid to every drill. I cam away going WOW! I get the same tingle watching (Davenport’s) tape.” “Ware was a natural edge rusher, a kid with toughness and physicality in the run game. He ended up going No. 11 to the Cowboys. Davenport could go that high in this draft. He’s got natural edge skill. He’s got physicality, toughness and a great motor. If things turn out the way I think they will, top 11 is not out of the question for Marcus Davenport.” That was a quote from NFL networks draft guru Mike Mayock in January of this year regarding the potential of Marcus Davenport. When I did my own research on Davenport I too came away with the comp of Demarcus Ware for the young pass rusher out of UTSA. When you break down the two prospects in their college years they (Ware and Davenport) are extremely similar both in skill set and playing style. They both also have similar body styles (Davenport is just a bit bigger). Their athletic testing is almost identical and their progression throughout their college careers are very close in terms of production. Every way you look at it, Marcus Davenport appears to be the next Demarcus Ware. So why does this matter to the Saints? It’s no secret that for the past 3 years the Saints have been searching for a complimentary edge rusher to all pro Cam Jordan in their defensive front to no avail. Their failure has mostly been due to an inability off the franchise to find the prototype this front office was looking for… until now. The reason the comparisons to Demarcus Ware is so vital is because both HC Sean Payton and Assistant GM/Director of college scouting Jeff Ireland were in Dallas in 2005 when the Cowboys made Ware the 11th overall selection. Payton the offensive coordinator and more importantly Ireland as the newly anointed director of college and pro scouting for the Cowboys. Two of the most powerful men within the Saints organization were their first hand in Dallas in 2005, scouted Ware and heard all the same concerns with the future all pro that they were hearing about their newest selection in Davenport. He comes from a small school, he’s raw, etc. Payton and Ireland heard it all before and they also observed the impact Ware had on that Dallas franchise during his rookie season as well. When Payton said after the selection of Davenport that he’s the prototype, I firmly believe that comment was a reference to what the Saints brass (Payton and Ireland) believe to be the ideal edge rusher and it’s easy to understand why these two men would consider Demarcus Ware their model of what the prototype looks and plays like. This is all before we even begin to get into a deeper discussion on the prospect regarding character and medical which always plays a major role in determining a prospects draft stock. From all reports, Marcus Davenport had a relatively healthy college career and is regarded as having very high character as well as being a highly intellectual and thoughtful individual. Guess who else had a very similar mental makeup coming out of college… yep, Demarcus Ware. The bottom line is that while Sean Payton only spent one season (rookie) with Ware, it’s well known that the two have a very close relationship as Payton, Ireland and Bill Parcells (Payton’s mentor and HC in Dallas in 2005) are known to hold Ware in the highest regard both as a player and person. Knowing that it’s easy to see why the Saints would hold such a high opinion Davenport. Yes the compensation to acquire Davenport is that usually spent on quarterbacks but when you factor in the kids natural talent, skill set and upside as well as his eerily similar Comparison to a player that Payton and Ireland feel so strongly about it isn’t hard to understand why they made the move they did. Im absolutely convinced that Payton and Ireland believe that they have just drafted the next Demarcus Ware and if they are right, if this kid develops into that type of player then the compensation given up will be moot. Especially when you consider how the game has changed over the last decade. Premium edge rushers are easily the highest commodity outside of the quarterback position in the NFL these days without question and teams have adjusted accordingly in order to acquire them. Think about it this way, think of the importance of what Drew Brees means to the Saints, now compare that to what Cam Jordan means to them. Sure Brees still has a greater impact but you must admit that Jordan is almost on par or on his level right now. Elite edge defenders are worth their weight in gold by NFL standards, it’s the NFL we’re living in and the Saints understand that. Speaking of Jordan, after the selection of Davenport Sean Payton was asked if it was to take pressure off his all pro defensive end, Payton’s response… “I’m not interested in taking pressure off Cam, I’m interested in finding more players like Cam”. This comment struck a cord with me for this reason. If you have followed this regime throughout there time in New Orleans when it comes to the draft they have had a tendency to put a lot of value into Senior bowl week. It was during Senior bowl week where the Saints truly fell for Jordan after watching him dominate the competition. This year, Davenport’s first practice at Senior bowl week was more meh than anything as he adjusted to the level of competition but by day two the light switched on and he was absolutely unblockable, then he goes into the game and gets a sack on future #1 pick Baker Mayfield and even scoops a fumble off a strip sack and returns it for a touchdown. Like Jordan before him, Davenport dominated Senior bowl week and I’m guessing that’s where the Saints fell in love with him just like they did with Jordan years earlier. So as Payton said, he’s looking for players like Cam… well I think he found one in Davenport. Saints viewed Tre’Quan Smith as a value selection Sean Payton said that the Saints had Smith graded as a mid-second round talent on their draft board so getting him near the end of the 3rd round represented great value. It’s not like it wasn’t a need either as Ted Gin will be 33 years old this season and isn’t long in the tooth. While Smith doesn’t possess Gin’s blazing speed, he is still plenty fast with unique burst out of breaks in routes allowing him to separate as a legit NFL deep threat. Smith also is able to work underneath routes and crossing patterns, he has rare arm length for his size making his catch radius that of a player much bigger. Combined with his vertical ability and strong hands, Smith tape shows a very good 50/50 ball catcher. All these tools Smith possesses are good enough to justify the pick but what puts it over the top is his ability and effort in the run game as a blocker. Smith truly excels in this area and his overall game really reminds me of former Saints wideout Robert Meachem. There was an understanding that offensive line depth needed to be addressed. I’ll be the first to admit that I knew very little of Saints 4th round pick Rick Leonard and my notes on him were short with a priority free agent grade. However I did acknowledge that Leonard possessed the physical traits to develop into a potential starting right tackle in the NFL or quality swing tackle if a team was willing to develop him. With the Saints being deep at the tackle position and with Jermon Bushrod on the roster now I think the Saints saw the potential in Leonard and will look to develop his raw talent in 2018. After starting off as a defensive lineman at FSU, Leonard switched to offense two year ago and immediately earned the starting right tackle job which is pretty impressive when you think about it and shows that Leonard is a fast learner. I trust Jeff Ireland’s eye for talent even though I felt the 4th round was high for him, the Saints clearly view Leonard as a talent worth investing in. With their finally selection the Saints finally draft an LSU player… but that aside, they really landed a great value pick here IMO in Will Clapp. Clapp is a versatile interior prospect who is extremely smart and tough. He’s not an elite athlete or a powerful road grader but he’s a solid technician at the position who was battle tested as a 3 year starter in the SEC and has the potential to be the Saints starting center in a year or two when Max Unger is no longer part of the team. Until then, Clapp can develop into the role that former Saints and undrafted rookie Sino Kelemete was in as the Saints new swing interior lineman. Mike Westoff takes over the Saints war room in the 5th and 6th rounds. At least that’s kinda what it felt like watching it on TV… Natrell Jamerson is a plus athlete who won the East-West Shrine game defensive MVP. He’s a player that bounced around positionally while at Wisconsin but has flashed potential with his speed and athleticism as a one year starter in 2017. Kamrin Moore is a stout very aggressive player who makes his bones as a demon on special teams. Boston Scott looks like a bowling ball at 5’6” 205 lbs but he’s got great speed and elusiveness and sort of reminds me of a poor mans Darren Sproles. All three of these prospects will have to earn their way onto the final 53 man roster via special teams and I’m sure the Saints had a vision for each one at the time of their selection. WHODAT
  15. Saints trade up for Marcus Davenport

    not sure about positional talent but unless some guys emerge it appears to be a very weak quarterback class.