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  1. But Payton had a vision for Byrd... Say what you want about Rob Ryan but give him credit where its due, he wanted to keep Jenkins, Harper and Vaccaro together for same price as Byrd cost. After hes fired, Byrd is released and Harper brought back for a season and almost trade for Jenkins again. In any other city Loomis and Payton would have been fired for the crap they have pulled over the last few years!
  2. Saints Trivia Time

    Cant remember totally... Was it like Miline or somethijg? The fullback with the Wyatt Erp stash
  3. Dont worry... Payton has a "VISION" for our players. Didnt have one for them. Lol
  4. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    You hit the nail on the head there
  5. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    Thanks but ill admit i was drinking when i predicted most of this... Lol
  6. Linebacking corps position battles

    Anthony can make splash plays on occasion buy Anzalone is the bettet all around linebacker.
  7. Just about done with this regime!

    You got it.. And louisiana locals are very defensive of their local stars. Payton is aware of this, so it is definitely a negative during the draft process if 2 prospects are closely graded.
  8. Visiting New Orleans

    You should
  9. Just about done with this regime!

    Its more of Paytons relationship with the local fans right now... As you said, Breaux battles back from a broken neck with no college experience and Payton openly lables him soft then we find out the truth... This leads locals who know the true backstory of how Keenan Lewis's injury was handled now see that what Lewis jas been saying all alomg is likley true. Breaux and Lewis are home grown guys who have a deep connection within this NOLA community and when Payton does **** like this it gets taken personnly not only by thr players but by the locals as well who are invested in these hometown guys. Its a big reason why the Saints shy away from LSU players for the most part in the draft. It creates a dynamic that Payton dont want to deal with. He basically put his entire foot in his mouth with how he handled this situation and is now finding out that doing so on the heels of 3 7-9 seasons is followed by the backlash from fans he hasnt yet dealt with here.
  10. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    I hear what your saying but Sean Payton has his fingerprints all over every aspect of this franchise and the medical staff has been a major issue for YEARS just like his former coaches but now that his neck is on the chopping block hes firing coaches, doctors and trading and cutting players. Hes doing things he should have done years ago and now it seems his a day late and a dollor short. His (Paytons) desperation will be fun to watch this year if the season goes south.
  11. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    PT will always be one of my fav Saints of all time... To think they could have cost him his career is enough for me to hate this regime even more.
  12. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    Hahaha!!! Yeah you right about dem doctors... On schedule means he likely has some unknown condition were not yet aware of! Think about these doctors for a minute... Keenan Lewis, CJ Spiller, Nick Fairley, Jarius Byrd, etc. How much have they themselves set this franchise back? We need a house cleaning... Everything under Benson must go!
  13. Just about done with this regime!

    Payton will continue to trade away this teams future to save his own you know what until the day hes fired.
  14. Breaux out 4-6 weeks, 2 doctors fired for misdiagnosis

    Been saying this for YEARS!!! Dr. Suri is a QUACK JOB! He personally handled my daughters MCL tear (she was a all state softball player) and i can tell you from personal experience that both he and his boss were WELL below leauge standords. Payton has embrassed himself more than once so far this season and like i said before, his desperation is being worn on his sleves like a bad scarf and its only gonna get worse in my opinion. However this situation has Benson written all over it... Oschner Hospital is one of the Saints biggest sponsors and these were there go to surgens. The Saints knew for years what the deal was but opted to overlook it due to those endorsment checks.
  15. Just about done with this regime!

    Lack of depth is a result of bad drafts and poor money mangement. As far as overhyped positions... WR: Thomas is a stud but Snead will need to prove himself as more than just a 3rd pocession WR this year. Ginn will cost this team at least 1 game with his drops and that could cost this team a shot at the playoffs. Coleman appears to be one of those camp superstars that will disappear when the lights come on and the game actually means somethjng. Lewis is a ok player but i dont think hes as good as many think he is. Fleener is horrid. OL: Theres no depth and injuries will be a deterent for this unit all year. Pass Rush: Outside of Jordan and some interior push from Rankins, there is none. Kikaha will provide a little but the lack of pass rush will once again hold this team back. DB: This is the unit everyone seems to feel has made a drastic leap but im not seeing it. They wanna trade Breaux cause he cant stay healthy but will replace him with a guy in PJ Williams go played in 1 game of a possible 36 in his career thus far due to injuries. Lattimore cant stay on the field either. Harris and Crawley have improved but there still best suited as 3rd and 4th guys on the depth chart. Moore has regressed. Vaccaro looks like a linebacker now, Bell is solid but could see his time on the field diminish due to Williams ball hawking ability.