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  1. Divisional Round! Saints @ Vikings! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    Insult to injury... Rewatched the final quarter, on 3rd and 1 right before Lutz go ahead FG. Vikings DT Tom Johnson is CLEARLY lined up in the netural zone. Missed call that would have changed the outcome of the game... What it tells me is that sometimes its just your year and sometimes its not.
  2. Here's our future.

    That's just... Thats just wrong. Lol
  3. Divisional Round! Saints @ Vikings! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    I really have no issue with wjat either Case or Payton did... Both felt they had game in hand and its a emotional roller coaster in these games. A little classic ribbing to a bunch of heckling fans or joining in with a hometown celebration after a miraculous last minute win dosent make either a bad guy. Just clean fun IMO.
  4. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    Jackson is my #1 corner... I like Ward but not keen on another 1st round corner. If hes the BPA im ok with it but id rather a veteran in FA if we opt to make a move oppsite Lattimore.
  5. Question about brees

    Dont sleep on Carolina... Im curious to see what Norv does with Cam.
  6. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    If your looking for that Eric Kendricks, Sean Lee type of guy... A guy that is an excellent player but just dosent have the 1st round measureables that goes somewhere in the 2nd round but ends up out performing most of the guys that go in the first. Josey Jowell of Iowa is your guy. The kid has some of the best instincts ive seen on film and his effort is second to none. He is a limited athlete but he plays like his hair is on fire and is extremely smart and underatands the game. Taking him at 27 would be a reach but maybe trading out of the 1st and taking him in the 2nd while adding anothet pick could be a win for us.
  7. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    He very well could be.
  8. Divisional Round! Saints @ Vikings! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    Your right They were fired shortly afterwards
  9. 2018 Free Agency - Who's available?

    Richardson is not an option... Loomis been down that rabbit hole before with Gallette. In the end, someone is gonna pay Butler and Payton has an affinity for him. Niw that was before he drafted Lattimore so things may have changed but looking at the FA class in 2018 there really wont be much to have in all honesty. I do like the TE from Philly tho, you may be onto something there.
  10. Question about brees

    I agree but make no mistake here... Brees is one of the richest players in the NFL with about a 2-3 year window left. Legacy will be a MAJOR factor in his contract negotiations. Brees is chasing another ring before its over and he kniws he has the team that can do it but he also knows they have to get better. Yes I believe Brees will give a discount but he will be smart about it... He will want assurance that the money he leaves on the table goes to improving the roster. Just like he was willing to do had we signed Josh Norman. Look for Brees to leave money on the table but believe that he will want immediate help with that money.
  11. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    All right... My kinda talk!!! First ill stick to linebacker prospects since it appears thats what most feel is our biggest need (I agree as well). 2 things needed to know... 1. This FA linebacker class is pathetic so help will have to come through the draft. 2. While the draft has IMO 4 off ball linebackers with 1st round potential, after that the position is pretty bleak & thin so with no 2nd round pick I simply cannot see the Saints going anywhere else at 27 other than linebacker unless they trade for someone. Having said all that, here are the 4 off ball backers I have with first round grades... 1. Tremaine Edmounds, Virginia Tech Most have Roquan Smith as their #1 but not me. At 6'4" 250 lbs. Edmounds is veraatile and extremly athletic. Hes fluid in coverage anx stout aganist the run. His instincts are top notch and he has the potential to be a difference maker at the next level. Perdiction: Top 15 2. RoQuan Smith, Georgia Smith is an excellent player but his size limitations limt him in scheme and position on thr next level. Smith is dynamic in pursuit and closes in a hurry. Hes solid in coverage and has superb instincts. Smith will likley end up as a weak side LB in a 43 defense limiting his options to teams but he'll be a fantastic player in that role in the NFL much like a devante david or debo Jones. Perdiction: Top 20 3. Rashaan Evans, Alabama Evans is big, physical, athletic and versatile. Hes a dynamic player with relentless pursuit and a above average blitzer. The biggest knock on Evans is like many defenders from Alabama. He plays a specific role on the Tides defense and its tough to just exactly how good he is based on all the talent that surrounds him. Still he possesses NFL measurables of a 1st round prospect and is a difference maker when on the field. Prediction: Top 25 4. Malik Jefferson, Texas Jefferson is big and highly athletic... Maybe the most gifted athlete of this bunch. He hits like a truck and possesses great versitility. Jefferson also might be the best coverage LB of this group as well. His instincts are solid but his aggressiveness tends to cause him to overpursue at times. Prediction: Top 32 So there are my guys... IMO its highly plausible that the Saints will select one of these 4 with the 27th pick. An interesting foot note to remember ia that Saints LB coach Mike Nolan values size, speed and versatility in his group.
  12. Divisional Round! Saints @ Vikings! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    Jeff was part of that draft... All be it his first draft and he came in on the back end and he had Rob Ryan on the staff. Rumor has it that the Saints really like Preston Smith from Mississippi State with that selection (who is a really good player for Washington now) who would have been great oppsite Jordan but Ryan was banging the table for Anthony whom he liked for his defense and knew through his brothers connection to the Clemson program. This is why Ryan ran the pro day at Clemson that year. So had the Saints taken Smith and not Anthony at 31 they get a young talented bookend to Jordan, then they dont need to take Kikaha at 44... Guess who went 45th? Eric Kendricks! My what could have been.
  13. 2018 Free Agency - Who's available?

    A few things here... 1. Sean Payton always seems to get "his guy" eventually. Vilma, Shockey, etc. Payton had connections to them well before landing them and Butler falls into that category. 2. Brees will resign but understand hes chasing championships only. He has a 2-3 year window and while drafting has been stellar I can bet you Brees will be looking to excellerate the process. Yes Butler will be pricy but Brees is in position to help facilitate a deal if he feels it improves his odds of getting to the Superbowl. 3. Crawley was ok but he was also #1 on the team in penalties. Hes very mistake prone and handzy. I like him more as a 3rd or 4th depth player and there is nothing wrong with that. Breaux is a wildcard who cant stay healthy but is big and physical enough to play in the slot and Nickel if the Saints let Vaccaro walk. Butler is a very very good player that competes his tail off and never gives up. Hed be an excellent counterpart to Lattimore giving the Saints two starting physical corners that can cover and tackle.
  14. Divisional Round! Saints @ Vikings! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

    Tell me about it... The kid was a monstet at UCLA but because he was slightly undersized and Anthony was 6'3" 250 they went with potential over production. POTENTIAL gets you fired in this league!