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  1. NFL draft 2020

    i also view RB as a darkhorse need... This team missed Mark Ingram, especially in pass pro this year. Muarry was ok and Kamara didnt hold up. A more traditional one cut downfield power runner with young legs that has pass pro potential is a sneeky need for us.
  2. NFL draft 2020

    Bottom line is that we lost in the playoffs due to poor guard play and zero pass rush. 2 years in a row Davenport watched the playoffs from the sideline and Peat was annihilated on the inside. Football is still football in the post season. Refs hold flags and the game gets more physical. What wins for the Saints in the regular season wont win in the post season. The offensive line needs to be more stout and physical on the interior (Eason is not the answer) while we need much more edge rush production than what we been getting.
  3. NFL draft 2020

    I see our needs as follows... CB, WR, EDGE, LB, OG & TE
  4. I think what you will see is the Saints and Jenkins agree to an extension that lowers that 11 million cap number for next season. Jenkins has said he wants to stay and he did play at a high level in the playoff loss. With the likely hood of seeing P-Rob, Apple and PJ all shown the door this offseason, I doubt they let Jackrabbit walk too.
  5. Joe Burrow

    It was a special season lead by a special quarterback for sure. I’m happy for Joe as he’s an Ohio kid and I know that area means a lot to him. My only worry is Mike Brown, Bengals owner. He’s getting a cash cow in Burrow and will play off the home town kid returning as a savior bit... I just hope Brown is finally willing to give his franchise the resources it needs to be competitive and not just expect this kid to signal handily do it on his own.
  6. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    As a Saints fan, Kuechly was one of the best I ever watched do it. His cat and mouse chess moves between he and Brees was something to watch. I’ll miss seeing him on the field but I’m happy he’s made the right decision for him.
  7. Former LSU Joe Brady signs with Carolina Panthers as OC

    As an LSU fan I’m sad to see him go but we fully expected the NFL to lure him back. Very happy for him and appreciate all he did at LSU this year. Panther got a good one, he’s a rising star... wont be a OC for long!
  8. Draft Talk 2020

    He’s gonna be a great fit in Cincy... He an Ohio kid and outside of all of his qualities one of Joes best attributes is that he’s tougher than a $2 steak!!! Joe will succeed in that division, the only person that can derail Joes NFL career is Mike Brown. Time will tell
  9. Draft Talk 2020

    So it sounds like you draft will be... 1. Draft Joe 2. Protect Joe 3. Repeat
  10. Draft Talk 2020

    Not being a homer here... Been a very long time (maybe ever) since I’ve seen a college quarterback with Burrows touch, accuracy and anticipation. He’s so athletic inside the pocket and can extend/make plays outside the pocket when the play breaks down. His leadership, character and intangibles are through the roof... coaches son who’s a football junkie and one of the most confident human beings I’ve ever seen. Bengals fans... Joe dosent have a rocket arm like Mahomes or Lawerence but it’s plenty strong enough to make all the NFL throws. Take it from a lifelong LSU fan, what Burrow did in transforming this LSU offense since his arrival is nothing short of masterful. This kid is the real deal and I’m sure he’s looking fwd to heading back to his home state and helping you guys rebuild. Be excited... this is a rare talent!!!
  11. Joe Burrow

    Wow... Just WOW!!! Take care of him Cincy
  12. What I’m hoping for now is that Payton can convince Teddy to stick with us 1 more year... this next season is setting up for the Saints to have a much easier road to the playoffs as their schedule on paper will be one of the easiest in the NFL. Maybe Sean convinces all parties to run it back 1 more year and make that run and hopefully get all the breaks like Green Bay did this year. Still, I think Payton would have to give Teddy a guarantee that the Saints will move on from Drew after next season if he doesn’t retire to get him to reup for another season and bypass big money in the offseason. Teddy’s value is as about as high as it’s going to be right now.
  13. Well according to Sean Payton today he fully expects Brees to be back next season and he even mentioned Hill being restricted which means he’s confident he’ll be back as well. I fully expect Teddy Bridgewater to be playing for another franchise in 2020.
  14. I have little doubt that your right. Payton went on NFL countdown and said that he feels like Brees will come back which tells you that its really Brees decision and that Loomis and Payton are in no way trying to move on.