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  1. I actually agree... I'm excited to see Winston play too however a zebra don't change his stripes. Having Winston slinging it is a recipe for disaster. Read the tea leaves... 1. Saints sign fullback, 2. Saints sign blocking tight end, 3. Winston speaks of becoming more of a game manager. The Saints and Payton understand that the best way to keep Winston from making bad decisions is to not put him in a position to do so. Its my belief that the Saints will rely HEAVILY on their offensive line and run game in 2021. Sure Thomas will get his catches and Winston will hit some down field s
  2. Imagine for a moment if you will that the 2021 NFL drafts first 7 picks plays out as follows… #1. Jaguars take Trevor Lawrence: No shock here, consensus #1 and has been since his freshman season. #2. Jets take Zach Wilson: This appears more and more a lock with each passing day with even former BYU and Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young saying that the Jets are committed to Wilson at #2. #3. 49ers take Justin Fields: Here’s where the draft takes a little bit of a turn. All of the talk at the moment is of the Nines taking Mac Jones and while
  3. I think Lattimore will be on a year to year deal for the next couple seasons... Loomis will make him prove himself on and off the field.
  4. Not saying their the same but making dumb decisions like this has got to be a red flag. Their were minor red flags like this with Galette early on but the Saints opted to ignore them and they paid for it. Can't make those mistakes again. Might not be popular because Lattimore is a good player and should be a core member of the team moving forward but the Saints need to decide whether of not this is an isolated incident or something that could develop into a pattern. Obviously Lattimore is still close with his boys, the details of the situation appear odd. I question why he'd even put himself i
  5. Not as much as you might think... this is a 2 year drought as far as cap implications go. Lot more dead money coming with Brees final year on the hook in 2022, likely Saints moving on from Malcolm Jenkins, extentions for Armstead, Ram, Williams and Lattimore likely on the franchise tag next year. Saints need to depend heavily on the draft and draft selections in 21 and 22. 23 we will be out of purgatory and that depends on how well Winston plays in 21. So many things can happen, thank Jesus were getting comp picks finally and will get them for Hendrickson and Rankins in 2022... we
  6. At the very least (from the Saints perspective) Lattimore is making some pretty bad decisions for a guy were considering giving 15+ million per year. Is this another Galette situation 🤔? At the very least I say it gives the Saints pause ⏸. Lattimore may have cost himself his security with this mistake. Now the Saints can focus on Ram and Williams extensions and force Lattimore to prove himself both on and off the field for 2 years under his 5th year option and the franchise tag.
  7. So... charged with 4th degree possession of stolen property. 5k bond, lawyer says its a misunderstanding. Not trying to be a homer here but this is sounding pretty minor, yes its still an issue that need to be addressed between the Saints and Lattimore but legally seems pretty mute. Am I wrong?
  8. My list of players id like to see the Saints trade up for is short... 1. Devonte Smith 2. Kwity Paye 3. Jaycee Horn
  9. The defensive line group this year isn't all that impressive. There are a couple linebackers that are impressive but we might have to trade up for them and I doubt the Saints want to lose draft capital for them. The corner position is a cap shoot after the top 3 guys with most of the rest 2nd round talents. Edge is the only position I could see a worthy selection at 28 falling (unless Collins happens to fall) thats why DE at 28 would not shock me in the least. The Saints at 28 will be in a weird spot, if they want a difference making defender they will have to trade up. Or if they just want to
  10. I like Mond... hes not a 1st round pick for me though. I wouldn't be shocked with the reach if the Saints are dead set on getting a quarterback there, I currently have Mond as a top 50 prospect so clearly a mid-2nd round talent on my board.
  11. This.... Now your the Saints, do you give 15-16 mil per year to a player whos talented but inconsistent and allows himself to be caught up in things like this? Or do you consider moving him on draft night for assets after this blows over?
  12. Here we go... wouldn't be shocked to see him moved.
  13. Draft Talk: Saints positioning themselves to draft BPA at 28th overall. We all knew this offseason the Saints would have to bite the bullet after kicking the can down the road in their quest to remain competitive as long as Drew Brees was under center. Those days are gone and the Saints are moving forward, the first step was to get under the salary cap and say goodbye to a slew of quality football players. Next was to resign whom they could for continuity on the cheap. Thirdly the Saints needed to wait until the wee end of the twilight of free agency and be very specific in
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