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  1. If this team meets Rodgers (who is the MVP) in the next round in Green Bay, plays a competive game and loses... Id understand. If they reach the Superbowl and lose to the AFC champs... Id understand. If they lose to a divisional rival who they already beat twice (blew out last time) in the divisional round this season will be a failure.
  2. I have a feeling the Saints are gonna show up and perform really well tommorow. I don't think its going to be a blowout like last meeting but i do believe it will be a more decisive victory than the 1st meeting. I say this because the Saints are the better team and should win and they have absolutely zero excuses. Yes I know anything can happen especially with Tom Brady accross the field but the time has come for this Saints squad to put up or shut up.
  3. I agree here... Some of us are down on Lattimore due to inconsistency but he has good production, elite traits and is 24 years old. He's worth a 1st plus a conditional 4th IMO. Eventually I feel the Saints keep him but I do think they will listen to offers on many of thier players this offseason. NFL teams will smell blood in the water looking at their cap situation and will come calling for players hoping to take advantage of a desperate situation.
  4. Lately I've been thinking of ways Loomis will try to manage the cap this offseason and cut down the ridiculas 95 million the Saints are projected to be over. When you began to break down the roster you eventually realize that something will have to be done with both Ryan Ramczyk and Marshon Lattimore's current contracts. Ramczyk in my opinion is a shoe in for an extention and I believe he and the Saints will come to terms on one with little to no haggle. Lattimore on the other hand might eventually end up being an entirely different story. Despite being somewhat inconsistant,
  5. It is a part of Brees game that uhas clearly diminished, however hes so good at diagnosing defenses and presnap aglinments that he excels at the dink and dunk game. The Saints realized this when they began rebuilding the team around him which is why the skill sets of Thomas and Kamara fit so perfectly and these players have excelled here with Brees accuracy.
  6. To me this game always comes down to 1 match up... Lattimore vs Evans When Lattimore wins this matchup... we typically win big. If Lattimore can hold Evans in check and if the Saints get after Tom Brady its a 3 sweep, if not it will be a close contested battle (likely a shootout) and the last team with the ball will likely win.
  7. I love Harris... great weapon, Payton utilizes him well but I think we need a Robert Meacham/Devery Henderson type. A pure receiver with a big body that can stretch the field while Harris works underneath and Thomas and a TE in the seams. Recently teams do not respect the deep ball against the Saints because they know Brees can't stretch the field with his arm. Winston would be a different story, T. Smith was suppose to be that deep speed guy but he simply hasn't worked out... or has he not worked out because we didn't have a QB that could take advantage of his skill set?
  8. Your exactly right... Remember reports around I think the Bucs bye week Arians and Brady had tension and reportedly had a "come to Jesus" moment. After that they began sinking on offense and most reported that it was due to Arians relenting a lot of sway within the offense to Tom. We'd have to get a Bucs fan that knows and followed this to give his input but I do remember reading about this somewhere. I also remember after the first quarter of the season reports were all over Brady's INT total and linking it to Arians offense, media even questioning was it really Winston's fault (those 30 INT'
  9. I also have never been a fan of Winston the individual but ive always respected his talent. No doubt if Winston truly has matured and is finnally serious about turing his career around, he and Sean Payton could be a dynamic pairing moving forward and he has the weapons around him and the offensive line to truly explode in 2021 offensively... All they need to find is a speed deep threat to stretch the field.
  10. I agree with Winston's INT increase having something to do with Arians system. In his 1st 4 years he avarged 14.5 ints per year so he basically doubled his average in 1 year under Arains which isn't shocking as it seems all QBs under Arains do so. I also agree that Payton can coach and scheme alot of that out of Winston. Payton is one of the absoulte best play desginers in the NFL and understands how to build a offense around his players where Arians has a system and expect you to conform to it. Then you add all the personal issuse Winston had in Tampa... This is a diff
  11. Let me ask you a question… How did you view Drew Brees before he came to New Orleans? As a player? Was he considered a future Hall of Famer? No right, if he was then why would he have come here or even been available. Did you view him as a can’t miss signee? Nope, wrong again. Many of us were dreaming of Vince Young, Matt Leinhart or Jay Cutler in the black and gold around that time. What he was, was a solid NFL starter coming off a serious shoulder injury who just got replaced by Philip Rivers… but way better than what we had. Now on
  12. I do think Jones stock will rise the closer the draft gets but like always... Once people stop watching game film and focus more on workouts in shorts and shirts, prospects like Fields, Wilson and Lance will seprate themselves from Jones. A little dirty secret in the NFL scouting comunity is that many offensive coaches are lazy. Funny but its a term used by scouts as to why coaches perfer the more athletic player because those guys can save a coach from a bad play or a GM from a bad oline. Players like Jones are still valued but only once the athletic guys are off the board.
  13. Brees will be a post June 1 retiree... There is a loophole the Saints can use to drop his cap hit to the minimum (1.1 mil i think) then designate him a post June 1 retired player which has been the plan all along IMO. After that most Saints fans will realize what the Saints front office has been knowing all along and thats they have to strip down the roster and reallocate thier money. Players that were signed to help make this run like Brown, Alexander, Jenkins, etc will be released in cap cutting moves as the team reallocates their money into thier younger core into moves like ext
  14. Help me understand something... Why is it that Jones get knocked for the talent around him but Fields and Lawrence do not? Yes its Alabama but this is also Clemson and Ohio State were talking about. All 3 are basically top 5 in recruiting each year. So sorry, im not buying that argument. Burrow had a ton of talent around him and he was doing fine in the NFL. Also this myth that Jones wasnt rushed this year is false and is made by people who really didnot watch Alabama all year. Many times Jones was rushed and moved off his spot. The difference... He didnt take off for a 8 yard run,
  15. Ive watched Jones all year... Hes a 1st round QB if you value accuracy, anticipation, ability to manipulate the pocket, distribution of the football and are ok with a lack of athleticism at the QB position.
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