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  1. 💯 I don't get the hate... guy is amazing at the position.
  2. 9-8 is me being optimistic... I'm really not buying alot of what the Saints are selling right now. I don't buy into Winston (as much as I'd like too) I don't care how many more push ups he can do now, or how much Jay Glazer pushes him in the gym or how much he says he matured. Its his mental aspect of the game that is the issue so he's got a lot to prove. I also look at that secondary and cringe a little bit. Is Lattimore gonna be suspended the 1st 4 games? Whos the other starter at corner? P-Rob getting significant playing time? How is Payton going to handle the quarterback posit
  3. Looks like Winston will get his shot to prove to the world that all his physical offseason work will translate to better mental production on the field. If not, Hill might be the starter by week 6 and if it really goes off the rails after that we might even see Book out thier by week 16. I'm predicting 9-8
  4. Saints aren't in a position to give Aaron what he wants... yes we have the roster but what players would have to be included within the package to get him? Also our draft picks would get depleted limiting our ability to add or restock peices around him to put us over the top. Finally and most importantly, Aaron is in this situation because he wants his franchise to commit to him and go all in like the Bucs did with Brady. Just like the Saints did with Brees. The problem is that by going all in with Brees we pushed our cap to the breaking point which coincided with many of our young core player
  5. Another thing I'll say about Book... if their was ever a draft pick I wish could have sat behind Brees for a year its him.. Book possesses alot of the same leadership and character qualities as Brees did and I think if any prospect would have benefited from sitting behind Brees it is Book, despite the fact that I think that sitting behind a guy is kinda overrated. For example, Winston may have learned how to be more mature sitting and watching Brees but thats not going to all of a sudden help his decision making in pressure situations. Just like Hill sitting behind Brees didn't mak
  6. This is what I've been saying... Books floor is a solid career backup with multiple wins as a starter in spot duty. Thats the floor, so if Book excels his ceiling is an above average starter. My scouting report on Book was very similar to that of Dak Prescott coming out of Mississippi State. Physical they were different but once I got past that those two prospects were very similar from a scouting perspective. Need to remember what was being said about Prescott when he was drafted. Book has a shot here... let's see.
  7. This could be true... I was not high on Browning. Great size and athleticism but watching the film it was clear Ohio State didn't trust him to do more than the role he was in. I also questioned his instincts. I think he'll be a solid pro as long as he's in the right situation and package but he's not a 3 down linebacker in the NFL like Werner is.
  8. A classic case of not getting uber aggressive and trusting in your board and allowing the draft to come to you. Ditka fell in love and moved up then paid the price... a couple years later Ditka is fired, Mueller, Loomis and Hasslet is hired and they let the draft fall to them, trusted in their board and drafted Deuce McAllister, another running back who became one of the most beloved Saints of all time and eventually made Rickey Williams expendable. A major trade for major draft assets should only be made for a potential franchise QB you have a absolute conviction on.
  9. I only watched a few games live of Ohio State but I did study 4 games of Werners film. I don't know the inteaceies of their defense but it appeared to me that Werner was asked to do alot more than other linebackers likely due to his athleticism. He was moved around and even played a hybrid safety at times showcasing his range. He made alot of tackles across the field from where he started which shows his effort but a casual fan will only see it as "this guy is always late" when the truth is that he was bailing out his teammates whom the runner got past. I had Werner as a top 50 prospect on my
  10. I take everything Mike Lombardi says with a grain of salt... hes a mouthpiece for the Patriots who might be trying to drum up the Jones selection by the Pats. Not saying their was no interest and even if they had a deal in place with Arizona at 16... it obviously wasn't the massive draft day trade that happens on QB's. Mac falling shows not many valued him as a can't miss franchise guy. Honestly fit was always gonna be what drove Mac's selection and I always felt the Saints and Patriots were his best fits. The Pats got him at 15 without trading making Mac a great pick for them. If the Saints w
  11. All that tells me is that they liked him... didn't love him. I mean let's face it, if your convinced he's the next franchise guy you pull the trigger with the Broncos at 9 but then according to reports if they did that they would have taken Surtain over Jones so what does that say about their conviction on Mac? They liked him, didn't love him and because of that they had a price limit. It does however tell us what they really think of Hill and Winston's future with the team beyond 2021. Kinda makes you wonder... if Payton will ever put his reputation on the line for a quarterback
  12. Interesting question about something that kinda was forgotten… With everything that went down in the 1st round of the 2021 NFL draft, everything kinda went silent after the Payton Turner selection and once the Saints passed on the corner position at pick 60 things really got uncomfortable around NOLA but something struck me after the dust settled on the 2021 draft and I’m not sure if anyone has brought it up yet… Despite what you may think of Payton Turner at 28. How would you have felt if the Saints gave up 3 1st round picks plus 2 3rd rounders to move up and draft a
  13. Very true... also fans need to understand draft picks aren't just players, their multi year multi million dollar investments for these teams. Medical conditions are a major part of the evaluation. Take Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah for example. He may have not been a prototype linebacker for the Saints but he actually played a rover / big nickel position at ND and at 6'1" 217 lbs JOK was prototype for the Saints as a possible replacement for Malcolm Jenkins down the road as a hybrid defender but his underlying medical (heart) condition likely took him off the Saints board. They took a similar chance
  14. We all know this... the Saints have a prototype at certain positions but also the front office took a lot of heat (medical staff as well) after the Nick Fairley fiasco and since then the team has really cracked down on medical issues. Just think about how many times Payton mentioned that or 2021 draft class is "CLEAN" medically. Its definitely a point of enfacence for them these days.
  15. Both Hill and Book are great athletes at the quarterback position. Watch Books feet and excapability on tape, he's got alot of similarities to Hill when the pocket breaks down and he's forced to go off script. The difference comes in the physicality of Taysom and the Shiftyness of Book but both get the job done in a similar fashion. As I said, I know I'll be in the minority on this one but Payton always seems to leave little tells that let you know what he's thinking. Hes a terrible poker player, and its my belief that Hill will be the starter unless he completely falls off a clif
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