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  1. Also brings back a championship mentality to the program... Strief been there and done that. As I said, made his way up through the ranks and knows what it takes to succeed and develop. Also... Armstead and Ramczyk both whom Strief mentored are in charge of the o-line room (Armstead mostly) and I can guarantee you those guys will demand the respect of the rest of the room for Strief. This is going to be one of the smoothest coaching transitions ever.
  2. I think the Saints will focus on bringing Winston back due to his upside, if Winston signs elsewhere I feel the Saints will get aggressive to sign a veteran quarterback to compete with Hill for the job. In any case (Winston, Hill or a free agent) I do not think any of them is honestly viewed as the quarterback of the future, only the quarterback of right now. I don't know when the Saints will actively and aggressivly pursue their quarterback of the future, could be this year or next but at some point they will. Payton has said the next guy is in the building but the next guy isn't necessarily
  3. Big kid, tough... average arm and his accuracy is overrated. Reminds me alot of Mason Rudolph coming out of Oklahoma State. Big college numbers, borderline fringe starter or quality backup in the NFL. Likely to go round 2 due to the position he plays, more of a 3rd - 4th round prospect for me.
  4. Pretty smart move... Strief is a very smart guy, was a smart player. Got the most out of his ability, delivered a 12 year career after being a 7th round pick. He'll be a well respected coach by the current and future o-lineman for the Saints.
  5. I think alot of people are going to be shocked at how high Mac Jones goes and who he goes ahead of. Personally I think he goes off the board at 8th to Carolina unless someone jumps to 7th ahead of them and I could see Washington, New England and San Francisco all tempted to do it.
  6. Yep and also the fact is that the only reason Jenkins will be on this team in 2021 is because of the ridiculous contract they gave him. He will either retire after this season of be released and Williams and Lattimore run this secondary.
  7. Jordan will soon realize that he's been paid and many on that defense wants to be paid. Can't pay everyone so until he agrees to take a massive pay cut hes just giving you lip service.
  8. Thats actually not entirely true... Loomis was on record with the Davenport pick about how they valued his size, traits but most importantly his overall game vs the run and pass. They felt his upside was worth the investment. They didn't draft Davenport to simply be a edge rusher... they drafted him to be a complete defensive end like Cameron Jordan.
  9. Cameron Jordan was also a Senior bowl standout which is where the Saints really zeroed in on him.
  10. The Saints staff always seem to fall in love with a particular prospect during senior bowl week... Jones shined that week and showcased his leadership ability. I don't know how anyone in our front office cannot evaluate Jones and not compare him to a young Drew Brees. I will be shocked if this organization does not at least attempt to try and make a deal to acquire him.
  11. The guy I see Jones ceiling as is Drew Brees... good but not great arm, uncanny accuracy and anticipation, great touch, smart with the ability to process quickly and a underrated athlete inside the pocket. I see a lot of traits and similarities to Brees coming out of Purdue in Jones but remember Brees was the 1st pick in round 2. That does not mean that is where Jones has to be drafted, its just how this league views guys like Jones coming out. Hindsight is always 20/20 and with the league valuing athleticism at the quarterback position more and more these days, Jones might slip a
  12. Personally... 10 for me, I just think the kid is an absolute perfect fit in this offense. I think he's smart, accurate and poise. Will he ever be the best quarterback in the NFL no but can he be the Saints franchise quarterback for the next 15 years and win a superbowl, absolutely. The issue is that I understand Jones isn't a guy to carry you to a championship... he's the guy to lead you to one. Meaning you can't give up the farm for Jones, you have to be able to build around him. If he were to fall into an area of the draft that wouldn't cost a future 1st to move up and get him i
  13. Resigning Jameis Winston likely easier said than done for Saints: So Sean Payton wants Jameis Winston back in 2021… that’s great, but in what capacity? Of course Payton wants Winston back but what he neglects to mention is exactly how the team views Winston. Payton speaks of how talented Winston is and how impressive he is from a physical standpoint but that isn’t anything most of us didn’t know already. When pressed about whether or not Winston would enter camp as the likely starter, Payton hits the breaks… “he'll have a chance to compete for that job" is typically the
  14. Remeber... #5 was also kinda the Saints doing Jordan a solid as well. Jordan will never demand a trade hes above that I believe but the truth is that his best years left is over the next two years and the Saints will be in cap restraints during that time IMO. Can he help the team chace a playoff spot... maybe, maybe not but I look at his situation similar to Rickey Jacksons towards the end of his career when he went to the 49ers and got a ring and retired two years later. I know Jacksons Saints sack record is important to Jordan so I doubt he'd sign off on a trade but it was worth tossing it o
  15. So the Giants got the 17th overall pick, a 2nd rounder (late) and a quality defensive starter in Safety Jabrill Peppers. My current trade scenario is Thomas for the 25th pick, a 3rd rounder (high) and how about Myles Jack? A starting LB the Jaguars signed to an extension coming off a down season and might not fit Myers defense moving forward.
  16. I tend to agree... I think the Saints really value Williams more so than most realize. I think they view him as a young Darren Sharper who can seal games with timely INTs. Malcolm Jenkins will come off the books next year when the Saints release him. I feel the Saints view Williams and Lattimore as the mainstays in their defensive secondary the question is are they willing to make Williams the highest paid safety in the NFL or is Williams willing to give the Saints a smidge of a hometown discount to remain here?
  17. Yeah the 13th overall pick is rich for Armstead but he's still worth a 1st rounder. I might be willing to give up a 4th as a Kicker but no higher. Was OBJ coming off surgery then? Not sure and Thomas isn't as explosive. I personally don't think Thomas is worth 2 1st rounders. A 1st and a 3rd seems fair to me. I agree on Cam but if I'm offered a 1st rounder I think I have to pull the trigger.
  18. Is it because you don't think its enough in return or do you just not want to move Thomas?
  19. Which one of these trades would you sign off on? #1. Saints trade Marshon Lattimore to Arizona for the 16th overall selection plus the Cardinals 4th round pick in 2021. When Jalen Ramsey was traded by the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Los Angeles Rams the compensation was for two 1st round selections plus a 4th rounder and the situation was very similar as Lattimore like Ramsey had 1 year left on his deal but was do a long-term lucrative contract extension. Lattimore now is the same age (24) as Ramsey was then when traded by Jacksonville and while Lattimore isn’t q
  20. Might be inevitable... we been knowing for years that there would be a price to kicking the can down the road on not just Brees deal but with our all in mentality. The Saints have racked up a ton of dead money not just now but in the future, they also have a few deals currently in the books that they are stuck with for at least a year or two. They could likely get Williams or Hendrickson extended but how do the numbers lineup in future years and at what cost? The fact is that the Saints need to restructure their base payments of how they invest into players / positions when it come
  21. Hendrickson’s lack of ability in run support is why I would not pay him elite money... just like Williams poor tackling is why I wouldn't make him the leagues highest paid safety but some teams out there will be willing to do both on the open market. My guess... Hendrickson signs with the Jets. Williams signs with the Lions.
  22. I really like Hendrickson... but I'm not paying a END 15+ million a year as a 1 trick pony! You got to be able to play both the run and pass at a high level. Hendrickson may be a lot of things but a stout run defender he is not. I understand his skill is valuable but I'd rather invest in defensive line depth over putting that much cap space into a singular skill. If your one of the top 8 paid players on the roster you must be able to affect the game in multiple ways.
  23. Guys... I think cap space and team building is going to make this a mute point.
  24. Then again... considering the cap situation, the open market value of pass rushers and the Saints tendency to never resign safeties in their second contract there is a better than good chance that both Hendrickson and Williams are playing for other teams next season. Actually its looking more and more likley... Someone is going to make Williams the NFLs highest paid safety while Hendrickson will get priced out of the Saints range once he hits the open market.
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