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  1. ownership and gm wanted to get involved with his staffing selections pederson said no he's a superbowl winning coach kinda never had management support Howie and laurie. I'd be so worried about his staff all the guys he brought to Philly seemed to be let go.
  2. idk how people can say Paton made mediocrity a priority I mean Fields for Surtain doesn't make us marginally improved or Jones I'd like to see Lock get more wear I mean there is a peak on this team with Teddy but a higher floor I still think there's a higher ceiling but a lower floor . unless drew is basically Brock osweiler.
  3. I think we take it that win from Detroit took alot out of bmore can they ride the momentum i like our actual run game and trenches are looking nice
  4. I'm so proud I had that father son talk tonight I needed the truth not the half truth of how my grandfather lost a multimillionaire company and my Dad's story never added up lmfao. proudest talk I've ever had proudest moment of how my grandfather handled it. he lost the war with the insurance company procrastination was happening for health reasons had his priorities straight. you learn the most from what a man is made up in their darkest hrs bc that's when you see what that man is made of. and sure I should be a millionaire but sometimes not everything is about money lol.
  5. My friend is so good at fantasy football but has me help him every year lmao. I tried to retire bc I got him too final two last 6 years I consider that winning bc he splits pot just plays for pride in championship. I tried to retire this year said I given this organization everything and he said I'll never see his dogs again lmfao. I love those Pits haha he's really not bad idk why he thinks he sucks I overthought James Robinson last year and he picked him up super fast lol. He just knows football I overthought that situation he knew minshew would take what d gives him I thought they'd be do
  6. I'm on record that if lock doesn't hit a switch this year in relief or something the guy we will regret passing on is mac Jones he's a poor man's tom Brady in my opinion and he throws guy open and him and Jeudy would probably be a top 5 duo in the league.
  7. I know yall will view this post as spinning the narrative but isn't it entirely possible the qb broncos need rn to start is Teddy. But you got that feeling Drew will be needed at some point? I feel that.
  8. Do we have deepest secondary in the league feels like it probably are the deepest at wr no question. Rbs are nice too with Teddy starting I think both rbs have a shot at a 1000 yards. I see Lock going in as soon as Williams gets hot and the offense is already a well oiled machine until then Teddy can be the catalyst just how I see it playing out .
  9. This is where I fall players having same systems the first 3 years is critical for success historically. Was fields a generational talent to overcome that well see because both naggy and paces jobs are at stake.
  10. I don't think it's in stone love post thanks for being voice of reason lol
  11. I'm over the fields bs but I've always felt like playing Teddy a month or two made sense kinda like the reverse Philly 2017 situation. Not saying lock plays due to injury or Denver wins the title this year. I'm just saying offense is green it always made sense to go vet leader stabilize the o than when the team needs juice and guys are doing their job Lock having no pressure being the franchise qb now he's already written off he may surprise some people. I've seen this story before.
  12. Seriously I'm I on crack to think this was the plan all along? Ben allbright is glued in and said Lock outplayed him and in his opinion it was heavy leaned at the start. Someone I think it was funny comment guy he had a great point that with the young offense it make sense to pair with a vet leader lime Teddy b. It makes sense I think that was the plan all along. I think Vic wants to maximize the efficiency of the units and if the team hits a plateuh I believe Lock coming in with mental reps prep and understanding the way Teddy operates things may surprise people.
  13. I don't think his story is written easier to go from Teddy to him with no pressure after he's been written off. Let's see how this team maximizes under Teddy.
  14. Thats why I think the offer would have to be a second or conditional 3 that can become a 2 otherwise keep him
  15. My mom's legs are always open can I call her Jerry jeudy?
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