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  1. Nice write up on our draft class

    I figured that it's just been so dead on here thought this could be post worthy.
  2. Nice write up on our draft class

    http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/cfb/80921/271/draft-decisions-afc-west My initial thoughts. - they really do believe Lynch can rebound or Kelly can emerge. - Hamilton might be the pick of our class he was the best wr on our roster in mobile. - these words come from executives mouth so I really like there was an emphasis on character hopefully they'll be no 10 game losing streaks anymore.
  3. 2018 OTA's

    Dang lol thought he was in the clear. Whats your thoughts on it ? Does the length of the time it takes the chargers to be filled make it more likely he gets off? I mean without physical evidence it's gonna be hard for a conviction. Especially waiting 5 years to come forward. What was that packers tes name in the 90s whos career ended because of a rape conviction?
  4. 2018 OTA's

    Whats going on with Gotsis? I read on bleacher they have one more day to charge him is this true?
  5. 2018 OTA's

    I think its more to do with keeping the veterans fresh for training camp and the season.
  6. Broncos decline Shane Ray's Option

    No hes thinking about Butts jake Butts, Seymore Butts whatever
  7. Non qb that would help us most

    I think I changed my mind I think an interior d lineman would gelp the most like a Vae or a guy who can fill the Malik roll. A better question is which position is supposed to be upgraded that you just don't buy . I say Walker I'm not sold on him
  8. Non qb that would help us most

    Zack ertz I think hes a great do it all te can move him around and he can stay healthy. Hopefully butt can be something.
  9. 2018 OTA's

    I'm sick of Huerman being so unproductive i hope Butt can be todd Heap level good.
  10. 2018 OTA's

    No one is saying hes the long term guy. I do feel theres good things that make short term success possible.
  11. 2018 OTA's

    I just like how he's putting in the extra film room with the wrs I also like how he's doing things off the field with him.
  12. 2018 OTA's

    Hard not to get excited about Case after reading what the players have to say about him. Am I overreacting?
  13. The Best Super Bowl Victory & Why?

    Its a toss up because in 97 they were double digit underdogs I also wanna say they had the record for point spread. Just the dominance grind it out type team they were in that game.
  14. 2018 OTA's

    I love the 2014 class cant argue with results and rings but as far as completely changing the dynamic of a team of 2018 takes it. Chubb Cravens Sutton Freeman Hamilton Jewell Yiadom Fugamali.

    Just my opinion but I think Chris Harris got that pay bump to stick in the slot. Yiadom is a lengthy sticks to the man glue and he gets physical. I can see him winning the 3rd corner spot. This truly was a great draft I really feel like we can have 3 impact guys on offense and 3 impact guys on defense that's really all you can ask for .