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  1. The defense was instrumental that year I mean that Dallas game was a snooze fest them woodyard seals the deal and picks Romo smh .
  2. Nah man where would Peyton of been without Rahim the dream Moore. Guy showed flashes of ed freaking Reed.
  3. I think he's just Hall of Very good never got what people saw in him. I have no clue why his nickname was called the sheriff.
  4. Can't disagree with your other points but Jared Goff had the same arc the year before after his awful 2016.
  5. It's exactly were I stand if he keeps playing like Sunday given how cheap he is I can't see us moving on. That said having Jeff Driskel as your primary backup never felt like a proper plan.
  6. All I'm saying is I watched miami a ton this year they were my sleeper team. They made Herbert, Goff, Jimmy G either look bad or pedestrian. You turn to the opening of this thread and Lock was dead in the water going 0-6 with a pick the Narrative was written. I expected another week of Lock bashing. Then something happened idk what it was. If I had to guess it was resiliency but that's too big of a word for this forum. I Know I'll get killed if I use that word because I feel that's a trait of a franchise qb and I see on here he's showed no flashes so I'll just say something happened. The following 24 attempts he completed 18-24 attempts. After going 0-6 and having the narrative written for him I'll take it.
  7. Do you give drew no credit for showing up playing decent against miami with injured ribs and all the noise? Lock is the worst starter in the league yet Jimmy G basically had his season end with poor play against miami
  8. Whattt??? So falsified lol and you have been a Schurmer fan boy. Other than Miami I haven't been impressed I think the new running plays were the difference I'll give Shurmer that.
  9. Oh so bc Drew doesn't Have his rushing ability yet has a better record as a starter his first 13 games makes giving up on Drew Lock ok
  10. Never said anything like this but don't call yourself objective because that's laughable. I simply share the exact same thoughts as the head coach. "I think Drew comes back from bad plays," Head Coach Vic Fangio said after the game. "I think that's one of his good qualities. I don't think he lets it linger and has a hangover from it. Again, getting the running game going helps the boot game and having the defense play well alongside that turns it to where it's not a game where you have to throw it every play and they can tee off on the rush."
  11. That's what you're doing lol I'm not moving on from a guy just cause he's not an elite runner at qb. Josh Allen first 12 games: 52.8% passing 10 TDs 12 INTs 2074 yards 5 -6 as a starter. Drew Lock first 12 games: 58.6% passing 14 TDs 13 TDs 2517 yards 6-6 as a starter.
  12. I have no clue what this means lol. I wouldn't say myself to him at all. I just am starting to get Browns Jersey with long names at QB going down it vibes from this team.
  13. No I am looking at his play objectively he hasn't made the grade period. But also hasn't had a good ground game, and the put all the pressure on the Qb to get to 30 points so we have a chance to win is a recipe for disaster. Idc about allen's running Lock has been as good or better his final 12 games it's still their first 12 starts as professionals.
  14. I think they would to an extent. I mean you're constantly adjusting as a player. I don't think that's fair
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