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  1. Team Building the FUTURE is now!

    I want Eric Ebron in a Broncos Jersey
  2. Black Monday

    Drew Lock is interesting to me.
  3. Black Monday

    Heard we can be forced to do hardknocks thoughts?
  4. Random Thoughts

    How much lol can you explain options to me at least.
  5. GDT Game 16: The Raiders at Home! Nuff said.

    I wanted the raiders to win that cost us 5 to 6 draft picks I love the fight though.
  6. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    Yessss take that @BroncoBruin
  7. GDT Game 15: Here come the Lions

    I literally said that to @BroncosFan2010 that Lock had a Jake Plummer fit in this offense loln
  8. We're currently 10th in the draft keep losing lol .
  9. Random Thoughts

    How was star wars!
  10. Random Thoughts

    Already have one and a 401 k now I have a play money fund through Robin hood. Portfolio increased 16% the last year.
  11. Random Thoughts

    Are penny stocks worth it?
  12. Random Thoughts

    Anyone dabble in the stock market? I invested in British tobacco bc of the dividends lol.
  13. Local Xmas Sales

    Anyone know of any local deals besides Amazon?