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  1. He defied me his college highlights are amazing but I was shocked Miami picked him so high can't teach hands but you also can't teach speed or being dynamic which he was. It's why Desean Jackson still has a job
  2. I love watching die hard stoned off Bruce banner yippee ki yay mother ffers
  3. I loved Taysom Hill when he was on Green bay thought college injuries robbed him of being a great BYU draft pick he was cut an I looked like an idiot And than Sean Payton got him and I have been doing the Jack Nicholson nodding face since.
  4. I personally think Broncos fans are writing Lock off a bit too soon. There was a pandemic crazy off-season, best wr got injured , Fant was banged up, Albert O a favorite weapon tore his acl, the injury, the mask bs , draft position, No qb since Manning, pro comp was Cutler which it didn't end well and he was kinda a tool so I think we throw Lock in there even though I don't think it's fair at all. What Lock has on his side arm talent, second year in the system first time since sophomore year in college, injuries will eventually balance everything out, he's kind of a quiet leader even with
  5. I still remember a gal I was infatuated with calling me at a CVS because her car died it does feel like yesterday
  6. Guy a work said the girls cooter look like a Demogorgon from stranger things. I really hope I don't have a weird dream tonight lol
  7. Jeudy I agree I don't think an injury plagued rookie year in a complicated offense to learn guys like Reggie Wayne and Chad Johnson struggled in is fair to evaluate the guy and a noddle arm cam Newton whose a hollow shell of mvp 2015. Come on let's be fair here. I agree with Jeudy lay off the devil's lettuce on Hinton. Harry's pro comp was a more potential Kenny Britt which is crazy and he was drafted over guys like AJ Brown for a reason. The fit with New England was terrible it all depends on price to me .
  8. Good teams plan ahead his skill set would fit here and we have one of best wr coaches in the game. I'm saying it should be a topic of convo and wouldn't be opposed of it for the right price.
  9. I know we're loaded at wr but Sutton is in a contract year coming off injury, hamler has been meh so far and Patrick probably walks. Drew can sling it deep and nkeal harry has great deep ball ability untapped in new England. I am super interested depending the price I always admire the anquan boldin deep threat contested catch like ability. Plus the altitude could make that dynamite in the post season.
  10. What do people make of the Packers over under wins being at 9 back on the table that seems too low for a Aaron Rodgers led team granted they have a first place schedule. But, it seems too high for a Love led team. They getting 9 wins with Blake?
  11. Production is so hard to guess for a lot of these guys so that's the tub with this list Andrews is stat machine in that offense. My rankings strictly of who id want on my team for this year. 1)Kelce 2)kittle 3)waller 4) Hockensen 5) Fant fant is a wild card If Lock progresses or teddy b starts I feel confident in this ranking if it doesn't happen I should of went Andrews. I just love Fants athlestism as a move te if he peaks he's a Waller like specimen.
  12. WOW according to off we have the 10th most talented roster in the league it should be a fun season if their prediction holds true
  13. Teams will always hold because of trades like Sam Bradford lol
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