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  1. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Drew Lock should start as soon as James can play and some big pieces are moved.
  2. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Go back to the old forums I wanted Kittle in 2017. Fants young he will get it together this isn't the finish product.
  3. Chris Harris Jr Trade?

    The next two weeks are gonna feel like Christmas. What's under the tree coal or have we been good? As far as Drew Lock don't turn into a pumpkin I hope Elway pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that pick.
  4. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    I don't understand the drops these gloves now a days have damn near stick em on them. It's nerves Tony Gonzalez went through it early in KC.
  5. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    No I see a rich mans lj smith to an Aaron Hernandez he will be a decent pick.
  6. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Fant really let me down tonight both fantasy wise. And he had so many opportunities for huge plays.
  7. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Serious question what did you expect post Peyton Manning? You have to overpay on the oline unless there's a ring on the table or you're a Huge market team aka. Dallas.
  8. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    I honestly love this outcome even if I lost focus in the second half like the team did. Elways going to sell, drew locks gonna play, sling shot engaged.
  9. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    I wanna see what the young lineman we have can do before the year is out. The last 5 games if leary isn't playing here next year why not move McGovern over to rg and play that versatile guy at center.
  10. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    They play as a unit lol Leary is ancient and is going to be replaced, McGovern is playing out of position. It's year 1 you know how dumb Elway would look if he fired Munchak you're making me feel crazy for entertaining such a thought. You credited Elway for landing Munchak don't be a turncoat.
  11. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    We need @germ-x drunk predictions more often.
  12. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Like Taylor Swift has they cant all be first round picks.
  13. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Because we haven't given Munchak anything to work with so far jeez loueeezz. James are 50 million dollar investment is out is that Munchaks fault?
  14. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    You know the answer lmao. No but the tackle situation is killing this offense.
  15. Week 7 (TNF) GDT: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Depends on what he does with trades. If he doesn't sell sure.