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  1. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Just beat it u enjoyed Abby I thought it was a worthy sequel and lived up to my expectations just not sure if I wanna playthrough it again not sure if that's bc I beat it in like 3 days or it's a 30 plus he game lol? Or there might be some drop off in the story line I enjoyed it though thought it was predictable.
  2. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I'm done for the night I'm stuck badly on Abby's day two that hallway with the two clickers, bloater , and things that pop out of the wall are impossible have no pipe bombs either you kill a clicker and they pop out wtf
  3. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Have you disiphered the whistle's? I know two means they found you lol what's one long one mean?
  4. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I think it's the pipe bombs lol very cool very terminator 1 esque doesn't help they made her look like Arnold in the game lol.
  5. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Played day one as Abby I'm loving it so far that stadium is pretty advanced. I like how she's built move for gun upgrades where as Ellie is more stealth. Had to stop those people that whistle get on my nerves I get paranoid lol. So far my only complaint about the game is how Joel faces his demise. Just think it's really unplausable after everything everyone's been through in this universe that they'd give their real name to strangers not even saying in hindsight. A better story would of been Abby working her way into the group where they're out clearing areas and run into new mutating spores and Ellie calls him by his real name causing a reaction of Ellie unmasking him turning him into super mutated boss Joel lmao.
  6. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I loved the mines too the proximity ones the sound of them going off is Soo satisfying
  7. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I really think I encountered the issue I'll have with this game it's doom and gloom and the heavier the plot gets the more action and interactive the gameplay gets. That's not original to me feels all too much like a max Payne survival game. Which is cool but it's been done before and I remember loving max Payne three but the plot wasn't memorable years later. I just remembered thinking I killed an entire army lol and the levels were awesome and you were trying to rescue a girl and a good guy was bad. The first tlou was awesome because the gameplay truly felt like a great adventure not getting the same vibes but I am enjoying my playthrough. And Jesse wasn't developed enough to this point feels like a Noah from the walking dead tbh. Kinda think Abby and Ellie is gonna turn into a Rick governor situation lol. They're both wreckless people but who will be humane or have a little humanity left and who will go full out evjl just isn't catching my interest.
  8. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Okay cause I'm at the aquarium and can't get enough
  9. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    At Ellie's sequence in St Mary's hospital when does the game go downhill when is the climax? Best part ? No spoilers just characters and days. I'm loving it I slow play games that take this much out of me I look for everything
  10. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    I think they're going to end up both being classics alien and alien two would be my comp so far first one you felt more second had more **** still loved both so far
  11. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    My expectations are exceeded so far gameplay and maps are phenomenal I feel like Rambo with Ellie hunting down a group of wolves The dream sequences are phenomenal excellent character development in the 7 year hiadus. That bloater was intense. What this game is going to hit or miss on for me will be how well Abby is developed that first sequence where you ran into Joel felt like the opening of the first game how well can they expand on that? Only on Seattle day two or the3e but loving it just finished the sequence strings which was great.
  12. Last of Us 2 - POTENTIAL SPOILERS. Poster Beware

    Game is awesome up to the part where you and Jesse see Mariah it's rare a game encapsulate me to the point where I'm playing for 5 hrs straight but naughty dog does it!
  13. 1980s Drama - Official FF BMET (Poll + Tie Breaker)

    Wanted to vote the thing
  14. Random Thoughts

    Really hard to hate the direction we went on offense I mean you look around there's top 5 potential everywhere . Even top five potential in time of possession which is hugeee.
  15. Random Thoughts

    I love help but I was told I probably had it 10 years I am lacking in success compared to friends a lot of it is the disorder so I'm already having regrets yes time moves one way but if I was medicated managing it where could I be now,? Life would be. Lot easier it already is. Yesterday I had a girl who we both crushed on each other type the nicest kindest messages and she offered therapy o kindly declined statimg k didn't want to get too personal with her. She sent me videos on snap chat lol I was very delighted with excitement of what could it be she looked amazing sounded amazing but my emotional intelligence lacks and it wasn't excitement it was manirfactued uncomfortable ness I took blame for every thing and said I'll never message again after making an excuse the first video saying that was meant for someone else she couldn't lie anymore that was my situation. I was super emotional and it triggered am event which is scary I was uemedicated one day I don't even think they would have stopped it it was traumatic.