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  1. Enjoy the NFL but tired of your team?

    I'm not tired of my team specifically always will be a fan. I'm most tired of the polarity of the players, and media. Big plays are dramatic, big moments are dramatic, Football will always be a team sport. I understand it's a business and livelihoods are on the line, and I understand it's a platform for a brand. I just think a lot of times the focus is on the wrong thing. There should not be as much drama between media and the players. There's a disconnect media used to be more regulated and the things were factual most of the time. Now everyone wants to be first with the news it dissolves trust between the players and what gets lost is the GAME.
  2. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    No trades especially for a guy not in the long term plans at that position.
  3. Random Thoughts

    @AnAngryAmerican was the bet before they picked Oakland for Hard Knocks? As soon as I saw the trade got nixed to Buffalo I had a feeling it would be AB. Kay Adams said it best once you start to self sabotaging yourself the end is near.
  4. The only reason Dak being over paid is a discussion is because they had him for a bargain production wise since his rookie year . Kirk Cousins is the closest example and even that isn't exactly apples too apples. I question whether Mahomes would even want the extra years given the state of the cba.
  5. Jeff Holland was just released for Rashard Causey. Really thought Holland looked good last year in limited action.
  6. Lions sign Josh Johnson

    He's a creator he won some games last year not even knowing the play book.
  7. I honestly didn't hear about this whenever someone referred to homeless and the Browns I immediately thought of Haslam getting advice on drafting Manziel. I guess that story to me was so tired and old to me I subconsciously blocked it out. This resolve is impressive thankyou for sharing.
  8. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    That's all completely fair I don't think Daniel Jones will fall flat on his face I actually see him being a decent point guard for that offense.Saquan is going to do his things he's a generational talent no question he's box office. Darnold also in my opinion had a solid year for a year 1 rookie qb in his situation. He had better numbers than Goff year one, comparable numbers to Wentz. Context matters. Giants the arrow is definitely pointing up not disputing that. The crux of this argument basically is do you think that Sam Darnolds ceiling is significantly higher than Jones? Which you don't believe so. Is a commitee of decent rbs on the cheap better than one dominant RB generational franchise rb over the short term and long term of team building? Which I buy based on past contracts, players, injuries in the playoffs.
  9. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Here's the deal from an unbiased perceptive. Darnold finished the year strong with the 6 tds and 0 picks. That's why everyone is so high on him and his trajectory he also seems to have the mentality of a franchise QB. Barkley is a phenomenal talent I believe he's the best rb in the league already. But the people against the pick are looking at roster building and what wins titles. The challenge you run into drafting Saquan is keeping him fresh year in and year out. Managing workload for the long haul so hes still the guy when the Giants window opens again. The general questions an outsider looks at due to the type of position is. Can the Giants get good enough quickly enough for Barkley to add to a Championship contender? The investment in the position is it proven long term to build around one guy? The Rams ran into the same issue with Gurley they drafted him at the beginning of that rebuild and they have to keep him fresher due to wear and tear. The Panthers drafted McCaffrey when they had not much else on offense and now that Cam is having wear and tear even though McCaffrey is instant offense how sustainable is that long term to win a Championship? You aren't questioning the talent of the player your questioning the volatility of the position due to the physical demands of it. It's why New England has a comity, Philly, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chiefs,
  10. John Beck was pretty forgetful. I think the emergency 3rd qb rule chahge really influences this. In today's NFL I'm not sure Becks makes it two years in the league. 2007 pick 40
  11. Is Antonio Brown a Hall of Famer if he never plays again?

    He's in but it wont be first Ballot.
  12. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Your other 2 points were valid. I do think Watson could of developed a heck of a lot better learning for a year. But, a coaches job was on the line, they had no oline, had no viable starter. Watson is headed to be a superstar no question. I just think learning behind a vet for a full year or most of one is so beneficial for sustainable play and winning. A player as gifted as Watson long term can't take that punishment. Wentz another example of a guy that would of done better learning for a year this answer I'm supremely confident in saying. Not because he couldn't do the job he was on pace for an MVP like year. It's about not feeling like you have to make the game winning play every play. Wentz sitting behind foles the last 2 years for spurts paid dividends.
  13. Awesome writeup !!
  14. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    You honestly believe Newton, Wentz, and Watson are as far along as they could have been had they sat?
  15. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I agree with this take. I was always partial to corners who have that type of personality more than a diva wr. I guess because corners who are great trash talkers get the number 1 wr off his game causing the wr to complain to the qb. Which eventually gets the qb to test the corner to keep the number 1 wr mentally still focused on the game.