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  1. Oh I know that was an issue as well but apparently when Detroit made a counter offer with Lock involved that was a problem too. Well see a couple more months till TC. I wouldn't be shocked to land Rodgers while still grooming Lock for post Rodgers. Apparently NFL took the Mahomes vs Rodgers to open the season off the table and is replacing it with ravens chiefs. So I don't think it's a matter of it Rodgers is traded but when and where.
  2. Albright has mentioned multiple times the fact that Detroit wanted Lock in a counter offer was the deal breaker so I'm not spinning it how I wanna spin it.
  3. I look at two big things this off-season and it screams they're big on Drew one the fact that we wouldn't include Drew in a trade for Stafford that kinda raised my eyebrows they definitely view Drew as part of the future. The second point is passing up qb all together in the draft Fields, Jones and so fourth.
  4. See Lock is one of the best off play action in the NFL that's why he reminds me so much of Ryan tanehill from Tennessee a more wreckless version but probably a more lively arm. I just think the Javonte Williams pairing with Lock is gonna be huge and I see empty boxes with all the weapons we got it's also gonna be year two in the Shurmer system Lock has had a new oc every year since he so it's hard to be critical of him lacking the protect the football traits. I think Lock is gonna shock some people if we don't make any more moves at qb that is. Franchise qb is such an overused ter
  5. I find it interesting everyone wants to go all in on Arod can't blame them at all but the same people who wanna go all in on that move say they have no hope for Lock that's what throws me off. Arod didn't play until what year 4? Sutton is coming back Jeudy and Hamler are year two now, Fant is healthy. Got my favorite rb in the last couple of drafts I'm expecting big things from Drew if they decide to stay the course but if we get Arod I legit think we're in the Superbowl convo I mean Rodgers even in green bay hasn't had this kind of talent on offense and a top 5 d potentially wow.
  6. You know what I'm intrigued to follow Miami and Philly. Miami basically valued Waddle as two first by trading up to pick 6 with Philly while philly got the extra first and sent and third to Dallas to get Smith I'll be interested to see if waddle is that much better.
  7. Drinking doesn't go with my meds I smoke the gange that's one of the funniest 13 second movie scenes of all time
  8. Huh? I was watching wedding singer when John lovitz is creeping after he sings the song .
  9. Opens the curtain he's losing his mind and I'm reaping all the benefits 🤣
  10. I never had a problem with bolles because it never had to do with effort it was literally all on his head. He prob got a sports psychologist and it worked. That chicago game two years ago was brutal but I never saw that team doing anything now if it was a playoff team may of bothered me more.
  11. Didn't you guys get him from philadelphia from the dgb trade crazy steal.
  12. All season I heard comparing Rodgers to Wentz oh Rodgers can handle a drafted qb in the first he only had an mvp season lol. Hmmm where are they now like Wentz Rodgers was not informed of the love pick neither was the coach.
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