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  1. Cardinals Superbowl? I thought he looked like he was playing 7 on 7 against our defense in that title game? Lebeau who made Tim Tebow look like a Hall of Famer ? Yeah I'm not following.
  2. What if Mac was the next Brady and Easterby got the credit lmao 🤣
  3. It was great lol I've been following that guy's career indefinitely.
  4. Saw a article where bobby Wagner is traded to the raiders for a first and a 4th or 5th. No way at 31 he fetches that is there?
  5. I saw bath and body works abbreviated as BBW and immediately thought of bronco fan 😂
  6. That big Ben part was so interesting he's so right his writers do a great job in creating a narrative.
  7. Oh I agree but I'm saying in general if you ever needed wrs there's no better time than now. You can literally find starters in the 3rd round it's booming.
  8. The further I though the less I believed Tebow would of made it. I mean his questions were like Lamar Jackson times two what honestly was his projectory. Would of had to stack the offense in the trenches, rbs, tes, would of had to been content with crappy wrs because most care about their numbers. For a ceiling that may have just been a couple of playoff births. I get the intangible traits, the handful of plays a game where he's transform from looking like a third string Qb to Superman. But there was no traits that would of been improved upon for him to look more capable of running an of
  9. What's so rare about Chase just curious he missed a year don't know much about him.
  10. I completely agree with you about Watson. I just read the Paton has a plan A, B, C, D so I'm curious to see what routes they go in general. I love the culture guys we have tho on D fresh takent for needs to be brought in asap. I mean a guy like purcell can help mentor some young talent love his attitude .
  11. I'm so curious to see how they factor in Watson and free agency I mean how long do you commit to that don't wanna lose out on markee players. I get his salary is 10.5 mill but that's a contributor. Carolina cleared a ton of cap to take a shot at Watson I wonder if it's bc they wanna frontload some more of the contract. It would make sense for them and us I feel like this team is still in the growth stage.
  12. I agree with you primarily but what I think he means is there is no guarantee that Watson is a QB that changes a culture of a team ala Brady, Favre in Minnesota etc. I think to give up the assets he'd take to grab I'd like to know for certain he does that. Also would love to see his ability to manage a game completely, I mean the Texans D was so bad he had to get into a shootout weekly lol.
  13. They still have a ton of cap room and the draft is loaded so is free agency. I'm sure Reich will be ok with him.
  14. Thank you that's all I was getting at Brandon Marshall on Denver had a significant decline similar after the Superbowl. I can admit it was a bad sentimental signing.
  15. I get the run fans are allowed to be sentimental the gm shouldn't that's howie's second biggest problem to drafting. Also he's not a cap guru
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