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  1. I just don't know how you assumed he sold it these are elite athletes is someone gets an extended push off can't be surprised at a guy stumbling. I follow Iowa football to an extent because the players that come out of there seem so pro ready and finish plays always was an excellent program.
  2. I think head coaches or coaches In general get way too much criticism and praise tbh. John Harbaugh was on the hot seat two years ago and Lamar Jackson literally saved his Job. Do I think Kliff Kingsbury is some next generation head coach no but Kyler Murray is dangerous as a passer and is a threat to run for 100 every game. Brian Schottenheimer got bashed as OC as the Jets was considered one of the worst in the league if I recall haven't heard a peep about him last three years in Seattle. Vic reminds me of Tomlin in a ton of ways but Lock is hurt and isn't the Qb Big Ben is yet or ever if he gets there. This team never Quits on this staff I want that continuity for 4 years until I decide to make a change.
  3. Giants without Barkley are pretty bad their oline sucks Slayton is good and promising Evan Engram is a walking injury Golden Tate is old. Sterling Sheppard never put it all together.
  4. I watch way too much football and Everytime I see a game you're right they rarely get called unless the wr completely extends his arm which Claypool did to create speration. I don't know what you expect OJ to do Claypool is a big wr almost te like you get arm barred by him it's gonna definitely kill your ability to make the play. It sucks Claypool had a free release off the line especially since OJ was playing so close idk what the call was but that play is almost impossible to make even for the best corners the push off is an opi. Refs missed it
  5. It was the same call on Gallop last Sunday night full extension gets called 95 percent of the time. Look on brandon marshalls twitter he posted push off and it's clear as day ref was right there you can't miss those calls . I swear the leagues fixed to an extent they have a narrative of who they want in the playoffs and big bens swan song is up there.
  6. That was a blatant push off on him for the 84 yard Td absolutely shocked the refs didn't call that on claypool you have to be better than that at officiating. Full arm extension. That second big Ben td on him was non defensible. I mean perfect throw on the run he had tight coverage too.
  7. He was with 3 and out or td drive lol I'd like a guy that can manage a game tbh. Heck I'd take nick Foles lol
  8. Didn't Big Ben have the same injury in 2015 and play the next week in the playoffs? Man that guy is as tough as they come. We're like 4th in the league of getting the qb hit so I can't blame the team to be cautious .
  9. I never lost interest in a Broncos season so quickly Idk how I'm gonna stay engaged.
  10. Number corner out Number 1 wr out Number one pass rusher out Number one rb out Number one qb out Dremont jones a second year break out candidate last year hurt his knee today as well Not sure what people expect from Fangio his team covered the spread losing their number one qb not many teams can do that. I think most fans expected 0-2
  11. Wilkinson is a turnstile lol I don't see it getting any better to be honest . And where there really people on here who thought he could replace Bolles? What were they watching
  12. I completely agree with you it's crazy people are writing Lock off after one fluky play he was stumbling as he was escaping pressure and Dupree hit him in the perfect spot I saw three times today where Dak Prescott took similar hits someone who has 4 years experience
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