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  1. Around the NFL and General discussion

    His lateral skills are pretty insane for a man his size. He is a bigger version of Joshua Cribbs. He puts his foot in the ground and explodes gaining ground quickly. He fights and scraps for yards after contact and runs through arm tackles with powerful strides. I think he is a bonafide stud.
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I disagree. I rated him according to what I saw on film and did not take into account injuries. He was the 5th best OT I have seen behind Jackson, Cajuste, Williams and Edwards with or without the injuries. I have admitted numerous times that I have not watched enough of these prospects yet so it could change but right now I see a mid-late 2nd round OT from Adams.
  3. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Yeah, I have no idea why losing Collins would cause us to need another linebacker. At this point Collins is the 4th best linebacker on the team. We can find a replacement for him at a fraction of the cost.
  4. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    I may be bitter but I assure you it has nothing to do with LeBron leaving. I wouldn't watch basketball if the Cavs had 5 Lebrons in the starting lineup and 2 coming off the bench.
  5. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Mediocrity

    People still care about the Cavs? I was amused at how much people cared about basketball when Lebron was here. Seriously what is the reason now?
  6. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Offensive Tackle Rankings 1. Alaric Jackson Top 7 Not nearly as refined as Casjuste and Williams and I need more 2018 film before I concrete any opinion about him but his upside is much great than those other two and franchise LT types don't fall in the draft. He is certainly better than Mike McGlinchey who went 9th. 2. Yodny Casjuste 1st (16-30) Would like to see him smooth it out, but has very quick feet. Will put head down and lunge for contact when asked to get to the second level. Very quick to recognize and shut down 2nd level blitzers. Very aware lineman. Doesn't panic when he is initially beat and continues to work hard to recover. Not a devastating run blocker but is aggressive whistle to whistle. Got to stop putting head down on his punch or NFL pass rushers will use it against him and eat him up. Has the tools though. 3. Jonah Williams 1st (16-30) Very quick in kickslide when he wants to be but will get bored and slows down. It is good to know he can do it though. Nice hand placement. One of the few lineman I've seen this year that will bring his hips with him to generate power/drive. Solid run blocker, not a killer but still very good. Redirects very well against counters. 4. David Edwards 2nd (40-64) Surprisingly a better pass protector than run blocker. Not aggressive in run game and plays too high with no hips. Quick in his kickslide but leans too much when delivering his punch and defenders use it against him to get him off balance. 5. Trey Adams 2nd-3rd Good size. More aggressive in the ground game than most college tackles. Moves well for his size but not elite. I see a RT who could possible play LT in a pinch. Injury concerns are going to drop him. 6. Andre Dillard 2nd-3rd Good quick feet. Too high in pass set at times. Absorbs the blow instead of delivering punch. Has balance to absorb and keep feet under him though. Doesn't get impatient and lunge. Soft in the run game. Not the longest of arms and doesn't use them much anyway. Struggled with wide blitzers. 7. Bobby Evans 4th Not great at anything. Not a great run blocker. Not powerful. Don't have a shocking punch. Doesn't have top notch feet. He is not bad at anything either and thats what keeps him afloat as a prospect. Valuable depth swing T possible starter. 8. Mitch Hyatt 4th-5th Balance Issues. No killer instinct. Lower body doesn't always keep up with his upper body. 9. Greg Little 5th-7th Does not play through whistle. Sluggish feet. Weight in front of himself too often. Lunges badly. Waist bender. Will Struggle to get off ball in 3 point stance. Gathers himself to get moving - very small school HS like. No mean streak. Very Lazy. Will struggle with effort. Leans on defender in run and pass game. More so in run game. Does not drive his hips through and does not run his feet to the defender. Terrible hand placement. Nick Coe embarrassed him. 10. Kaleb McGary 6th-7th Not quick enough to play on the edge. Gives away assignment with his stance. At time extremely slow out of stance as if he didn't know it/day dreaming. Gets weight out in front of him. Decent run blocker. Interior Lineman Rankins 1. Dalton Risner 2nd Plays with too narrow base to be on edge. Almost crosses his feet at times. Upper body gets ahead of lower body when moving backward. Excellent puller. Keeps his center of gravity on the move to second level. Doesn't lunge to make contact but once he is locked on will get too far in front of hips. 2. Beau Benzschawel 2nd-3rd 3. Conner McGovern 2nd-3rd 4. Martez Ivey 3rd Slow kickslide. Gets off balance. Looks to have good arm length but defenders get into his chest way too easily and get him on his heels. Good when pulling. Blocks to whistle. Good effort in run game. Guard all the way. 5. Michael Deiter 3rd-4th 6. Chris Lindstrom 4th-5th 7. Ross Pierschbacher 4th-5th I'm not going to watch many more interior lineman prospect because I don't think it will be of high value for us in the draft and I don't think I will have the time to watch much this year. I may take a week or two off because honestly I am burnt out on football film haha, but I am going to start looking at the linebackers next. I watched some highlights last night just to get an idea and Vosean Joseph and T.J. Edwards stood out. Any other names I should watch let me know. Thanks.
  7. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Goff took a huge step forward in year 2 despite a staff change. Also, look at Mitch Trubisky. Obviously not on the same level as those two right now but he has clearly taken a huge step forward in year 2 and he too had a staff change.
  8. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Chubb does not have elite bend say Von Miller or DeMarcus Ware type stuff but he is far better than Ferrell and he plays with great lateral lean that Ferrell doesn't. It is how he generated so much more power. This entire class for the most part lacks either the ability or instinct to do it. Ferrell, Burns and Jackson have great length but they don't use it to there advantage and they play upright. The best pass rushers in the NFL can play with exceptional lean. I haven't seen it from this class yet.
  9. 2019 Draft Prospects

    At the end of last season I thought he would be better than Chubb but he's simply not. I have had more time to watch him and he doesn't have the same violence. He doesn't have as refined hard combat skills. He doesn't play with as much lean and doesn't bend the edge as well as Chubb. He's a fine prospect but he is not a Top 5 guy and I don't think he does Top 10 in this draft.
  10. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Alaric Jackson, Yodney Cajuste, Derrick Brown, JJ Arcega Whiteside or Rashan Gary.
  11. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Here is my initial rankings on the 2018 WRs. Harry and Butler are at the top of my list with no round/range grade because I have not seen anything from 2018 yet. N'Keal Harry Hakeem Butler J.J. Arcega Whiteside 1st(12-25) Marquise Brown 1st (15-25) Great feet. Very creative route runner. Changes his pace on routes to keep DBs on their toes. With help from pros this guy can be untouchable in his routes IMO. Speed to burn. Not a great hands catcher but I haven't noticed many drops. Some compared him to Antonio Brown and some Tyreek Hill but I see neither because he doesn't have the balance or solid frame to shake tackles the way those two guys do. He goes down or stumbles until help gets there every time someone is able to get a arm on his thigh. Denzel Mims 2nd (35-50) D.K. Metcalf 2nd (35-50) Deep ball ability. Doesn't test the middle of the field. Doesn't win the contested ball enough. Lets the ball get into his body entirely too much. Emmanuel Hall 2nd (35-50) Collin Johnson 2nd-3rd A.J. Brown 2nd-3rd I don't like his route tree at Ole Miss. Product of volume/safety net. Doesn't create on his own. Will attack the same areas of the field as Njoku, Landry, Duke and DeValve and would be way too redundant for Cleveland to draft. Not overly explosive and not much wiggle. Big body but not overly physical to match his size. Kelvin Harmon 2nd Lil'Jordan Humphrey 3rd Deebo Samuels 3rd Parris Campbell 4th Emmanuel Butler 4th Phenomenal contested ball winner. Best in the draft by a wide margin. I do not have a good gauge on his speed yet. Jalen Hurd 4th-5th Love this guy but I think I like him as a RB prospect still. Without the past baggage I would have a high round grade Andy Isabella 5th Stanley Morgan 5th Riley Ridley 5th Jamarious Way 5th-6th Anthony Johnson 6th-7th TJ Vasher 7th Olamide Zaccheaus 7th Let me know if there are any other names I should look into. Thanks.
  12. 2019 Draft Prospects

    He won't get into the Top 3 rounds let alone sniff where Davenport went in the draft. Stiff hips, uncontrolled, doesn't change direction with burst, doesn't play with very good lean at all. Doesn't bend the edge well. Is not even in the same realm with his get off as the Top 10 DEs in this draft. He does play more violent with his hands than most college pass rushers. I have seen other post about him on this forum and I don't see it at all. At best he is the 15th best DE behind Carl Granderson.
  13. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I'd give up two 1st for Odell in a heartbeat, but it ain't happing. The Giants are not going to trade him anywhere.
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Why? Marcus Peters was easily one of the two best corners in the league heading into year 3 as well. If Jacksonville wants more then fine I am not paying it. We already have Denzel Ward
  15. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Marcus Peters was traded for a 4th the offseason he was traded In and a 2nd round pick the following offseason. I wouldn't trade much more for Jalen Ramsey. The multiple high picks talk is garbage. You can't just look at the player you have to look at the market value and it was very clearly set. I don't want to be the team resetting market values in a negative way. My top offer would be New England 3rd and a 2020 2nd round pick