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  1. Mine was better but I got paged. 8 boobs > 2 Boobs Upton > Perry
  2. Yeah that is still a risking move and a restructure still isn't on the same level of smarts of what John Dorsey pulled off with the Chiefs. Yes, they were in cap hell just looking at the numbers but Dorsey knew Hali, Johnson and Smith were done. They were not in the long term plans and when those 3 moves by themselves went down suddenly the Kansas City had almost 50 million were able to resign some guys and then go out and spend big on Sammy Watkins. That to me is much more intelligence in working the cap than the GMs who are always reworking deals.
  3. This is becoming the new Bill Cowher as the next Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.
  4. This is the most over blow "flaw" of John Dorsey's. Everyone was worried about how he manages the cap because when he was fired from Kansas City they were going to be up against the cap but no one remembers that they went from up against it to almost 50 million under with 3 moves. Trading Alex Smith, cutting Tamba Hali and cutting Derrick Johnson. They were up against the cap but it was extremely flexible because Dorsey knew that neither of those 3 players were in the long term plans. They cleared enough caps space to not only be able to keep some of their own but then they were able to go ou
  5. Was very serious. Looked him up on pro-football-reference and got nothing and I hadn't heard the name. I consider myself to have a very good knowledge and memory of guys who played in the NFL and I was stumped. I don't follow basketball like at all. I watch about 4 basketball games a year and those are all high school games because I'm watching kids that I coach in football during special events like senior night, home coming, big rival or whatever. That about the extent of my care for basketball. I can honestly say I know one college basketball player and that is Zion Williams only
  6. That makes perfect sense as to why I didn't know. I don't follow basketball in the least.
  7. Hmm not thanks. He's only played 3 games in 2 years. I wouldn't mind signing him on a low end contract like *forgot poster* said, but he's not a "pay him whatever he wants" player anymore.
  8. meh could careless if he is local or not. I root for Ohio kids in the NFL but I root for the Browns even more. I hated Brady Quinn and Charlie Frye as prospects. Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Antonio Calloway, Myles Garrett and Larry Ogunjobi aren't local boys and its working out just fine.
  9. Rumor has it now that the Chiefs added Mathieu that Berry could be on the chopping block.
  10. That vaunted Baltimore defense sure took a ton of shots the last week. -Eric Weddle -C.J. Mosley -Za'Darius Smith -Terrell Suggs I like their backup LBs to replace those three moving on especially Matt Judon but that is at the very least a severe dent in their depth.
  11. New York Jets signed Anthony Barr and C.J. Mosley so I it is more than obvious now they are getting rid of Darron Lee. I would trade our 7th rounder for him even though they may cut him just so we don't have to worry about another team beating us in free agency. We would have to work out and agreement on contract extension before the trade to avoid having to pay his 5th year option at a ridiculously high salary.
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