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  1. When he took Barkley #2. I tried to sell myself on the dream. But alas reality has come to slap me in the face
  2. I’ve been a DG apologist for too long. This **** is a joke. Instead of spending huge money on Andrew Norwell who’s been attributed to 8 Sacks since he signed his new deal (average 2 sacks a year). Hernandez has 4 this year. Shane had 5 last year. He instead gave oft injured Solder more per year. Solder played pretty well prior to injuries but we gambled huge on him, and it failed. Then we let Justin Pugh walk without so much as a call from us to try and retain him. Justin Pugh has been better than Norwell since 2018. We could’ve just resigned Pugh for 20m less than Solder, and drafted McGlinch
  3. Whatcha mean. Next seasons finally the year they turn it around /sarcasm
  4. This had to happen. Hopefully Kitchens can make this offense respectful. Still think DJ is toward the end of his rope. Really liking Desmond from Cincinnati.
  5. Okay so I have a problem and simmed the next season to see my draftees Dev traits. Defense and our passing attack (that saw Ridley go down for 7 games and (still had 62 Catches for 889 yards and 4 TDs) were dominate. Franks suffered a sophomore slump. Throwing for only 4467 Yards and 29 TDs to 13 INTs. However his completion percentage went up to 62%. And the passing attack was good for 13th in the league and the rushing attack improved from dead last the year (82.2 YPG) before to 27th (94.4 YPG). Royce Freeman also was a go to guy on the goal line finishing with 9 TDs for the season on on
  6. Decided to do the Draft anyways only notable player I signed was Zach Ertz for back up TE role everyone else was a backup or John Ross III I have a plan and hopefully I can execute it - Pick Round 1 #4 - Rudy Strickland - RE - Northwestern This was a no brainer. Needed a stud EDGE rusher and he checked all the madden Boxes. Got a 88 Speed 87 Agility and 91 Acceleration 84 Change of Direction 91 Jumping (how much does that matter) and 89 strength. F and P move only at 71 but 79 Block Shedding and 72 Play Recognition. Hidden Dev Trait - 78 Overall. Pick #12 - Matt
  7. Another note to add - Even with the above 3 guys combining for 29 Sacks the team still only had a total of 37 sacks. (5 from the linebacker spots 1 from AJ Terrell and 2 from Dante Fowler Jr(cmon man)). So if you’re wondering why I am so eager to add Strickland that’s why. EDIT: Oh yeah, Kyle Pitts is a Superstar X-Factor and got the Double Me Badge. Whoop
  8. Season 1 Recap Today was a day off so I had free time. Below are some notes from the first season (I got some prospect news articles which is weird, since some people are reporting not getting them). Since trading two of their championship run cornerstone pieces, many expected the Falcons to win maybe 3 games (me included). The original plan was to suck and take the best QB on the Board; I had no idea Feleipe would be a bonafide starter and lead us to a 6-11 record (respectable for a rebuilding squad at the beginning of their rebuild). This gave us Picks # 4 & #19 (
  9. So I saw @MKnight82 do his franchise and I’d thought I’d give it a whirl with the Falcons since I live in Atlanta. first order of business is to get rid of Granpapi Matt (no disrespect but I wanna lose a lot and he might be too good for Madden purposes (I sometimes think this game doesn’t want me to do a full rebuild)). below are my settings: Skill Level - All Madden (does it matter if I’m simming every game) Trade Deadline - On Coach Firing - CPU Only (my rebuild could take a long time and with me typing up all of this it would suck for it to collapse after
  10. That was def the plan with Martinez was hoping drop his cap hit to at least 5-6 mil. I'm fine with giving Hernandez the min too. I just think a youngish former second round pick who has played solidly this season will command more in the open market. There aren't a lot of "just solid" Lineman in the NFL.
  11. Trade Jones to NO for a Second & Fourth This Year with a future pick (either a third or fourth) Trade Barkley to whatever buyer we can find (who knows if he'll ever be 100% again). Hire Joe Brady, Find him a DC he wants (sorry Graham and his supporters, no carryovers) switch back to a 4-3 base but try and keep some Hybrid Principles. Extend Martinez, Trade Jones to NO Saints(2022 2nd & 4th 2023 3rd (turns into 2nd if he passes for at least 4.5k Yards and 35TDs) & Barkley (2023 3rd (turns into a 2nd if he plays at least 14 games AND eclipses 1.5K Yards from Scrimm
  12. RJ Barrett makes an All Defensive Team.
  13. Idk if a complete regime change will happen unless that absolutely adore a coaching prospect. My hope is Judge and Graham will be back again and Garrett is the one that is axed. To be Frank, I haven’t really been sold this year by Judge so if we can find a replacement it should be fine.
  14. I always thought he was too fast and quick to not be good with good coaching. I thought it was a blessing for his career to be drafted by the Ravens and I’m glad he’s doing well for you guys this year.
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