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  1. Shhhh. He’s falling to the Knicks stop hyping him up
  2. Kinda hoping we get Phillips from Miami dude is a unit and is Uber talented
  3. This is going to be beaten to death until draft time, but his numbers are a direct reflection of his team just not being good/not being able to finish easy shots created off his dribbling and passes/passing up open shots to pass it back to Cade. I don't know how many possessions a game where one of his guys get an open shot on a great read and feed by Cade to, wait for the defense to react to them, just to kick the ball back to Cade. Plus Cade is a better shooter than Doncic was coming into the league while already proving to be a better defensive playmaker (on and off the ball), and a better
  4. Nah. Don't look at his stats when judging his passing acumen. OkSt is absolute garbage and I think him having close to 4 APG is insane.
  5. We don't typically create multiple threads for stuff except game days during the season. We normally just stay in one thread.
  6. So you want a guy who is a good pass rusher, good against the run, and is good in zone coverage. (Cough Zaven Collins Cough) That list is a pretty limited list of high tier players. Probably the only guy I would feel comfortable getting to manage that role would be a Anthony Barr trade, but even then how will he be rushing most of time and not dropping back into man coverage. Another guy I like in that role would be Zaven Collins from Tulsa. But that would require us to trade up back into the early 20's. If the plan is to keep Dalvin and Leonard, we have some of the best run s
  7. But I like discussing Giants with you doggie. You always reel in my homerness
  8. This is just a bad trade. Especially when the Nuggets could just offer MPJ + other assests. MPJ is instantly better than anything the Pelicans could put on the table save Zion and Ingram. For the deal to make sense for Washington, the Pelicans would need to add nearly every first they just acquired in the last two off-seasons plus a few of their own. The deal would probably be, Lonzo, Kira, Hayes, 2021 NOP First, 2022 Lakers' Pick (Since the Lakers aren't picking 1-7 in 2021 this pick turns to a 2022 1st), 2023 1st (More Favorable between Lakers' and Pelicans' picks), 2024 Lakers'
  9. Why are you lying to everyone. We are obviously going to take Roko Prkacin
  10. Feiler played RT for Pittsburgh until injuries to others forced him inside. He was a sneaky good player at RT but serviceable at LG in case we find a different starter at RT. Gates was decent enough this year, but upgrading him to Corey Linsley should be a no brained. Linsley is the best Pass Blocking C in the league and he is really good on run plays. RT is relatively thin in FA this year. Taylor Moton and Daryl Williams are the only elite players at the position. I would offer either player a decently sized contract. Germain Ifedi is another guy who can play RT and LG and
  11. And in terms of replacements we could draft Kyle Pitts at 11 if Smith/Chase are gone. Pitts is a pretty good blocker given his limited reps there. Zeitler isn't a must move and is someone I would only consider moving if we absolutely need the Cap. Top targets for each area should be: O-Line: Corey Linsley OC Green Bay. - He has been an elite center for years now. He's surrendered only 4 pressures all year, and Green Bay is $22M over the Cap. Matt Feiler OL Pittsburgh Steelers - Feiler has been a consistently good player the past four years. He has played at LG and R
  12. So what is Evan Engrams value? Same with Zeitler and Peppers. Gotta save some money TO SPEND IT ALL.
  13. We should trade back into round 1 and grab Terrace Marshall Jr. His game is kinda flawless, I cannot really find anything he doesn't do really well.
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