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  1. Senior Bowl Thread

    Skyler Phillips and Colby Gossett are names to watch amongst interior lineman IMO. They will be risers this week.
  2. The Pick-a-nic Rankings (Yogi's Positional BB)

    Sorry I haven't edited my rankings to reflect returning players yet. I have also been researching more on defensive players.
  3. 2018 Draft Eligible RB Thread

    What concerns me about Guice, is he doesn't use his raw power as much as he should and dances too much to the east and west for me. Just what I see when I see the kid. I don't like those types of RBs, nor have I ever. Reminds me more a lot of Ahmad Bradshaw, if you remember did a lot of the same things on offense and was right around the same size and body type. Bradshaw was good for my Giants, but more of a committee back (and more of a complement than the top choice). EDIT: LJ Scott is going to be asked to lose weight, and whoever drafts will have a beast of player. His ability to make people miss, and his overall speed (even though he looks like he's playing too heavy) are just too impressive for a player that size. I don't particularly like comparisons, but he reminds me of Bell coming out (when Bell was playing at about 235lbs almost 240 in college). I don't know what it is with Mich St. but they want their guys to get beefy as hell or something.
  4. Special Teams Coach: Thomas McGaughey

    @bzane you have a way with the words. +10 for great work.
  5. Jack Del Rio favorite to become DC

    >.> I thought the Raiders ran a base 3-4 with Hybrid (4-3 and 46) Concepts. That is how every site I have been looking at lists their depth chart. I could be completely wrong however. I also know for a fact they have lined up in a 3-4 for a large part of Del Rio's career. I do think he can adjust schemes to his personnel, so I don't know why we are having this argument. NVM they were using the Hybrid front to be able to move around Mack and Irving to keep offenses guessing. But still it's an interesting thought.
  6. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Wasn't saying we would take any of those guys at #2, but if we trade down I wouldn't mind grabbing one of these guys with an extra pick. I hope we resign Pugh, but not at $8m/Yr. That's just ridiculous, closer to 5.5/Yr would be easier to stomach. I also don't know how the Pugh would fit into the new system. If they don't resign Pugh, the front office will go all in to resign Fluker. I would prefer him, since he's cheaper. You answered yourself when you said they have a cheaper replacement Brett Jones looks like he can be, at the very least, an average Center. I pray we land Nelson. I doubt we actually do, even if we trade down. I think a more realistic target would be Billy Price/Isiah Wynn in round 2. They can plug in at Guard, but their real value comes with their ability to play Center. I also like Braden Smith, Will Hernandez, Sean Welsh, Skyler Phillips, and Colby Gossett. All OGs to watch at the Senior Bowl. I feel like after a strong week there Phillips and Gossett will skyrocket up boards.
  7. Vikings OC Pat Shurmer hired to be HC

    Shurmur would probably hire a OC who he has absolute faith in. I hope he can find add good OL coach to the staff, this team needs it.
  8. Jack Del Rio favorite to become DC

    So would that mean he'd bring over the 3-4 defense with a little of 4-3 concepts? Or would we stay the same in a 4-3?
  9. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    BTW everyone, I read that if the Knicks do end up trading for Walker they have placed an untouchable tag on the French Prince. Would Kanter, Baker, and a 2018 top 10 protected (if they don't receive this pick, they would receive 2019 first, and 2021 2nd Rounder?) pick be enough for Walker, and MKG/Williams?
  10. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Bye, Bye J-Kidd. We Hardly Knew Ye

    I don't think he's top 5, but I'd place him at or near the top of tier 2 Centers. At this point, I would take Capela over all those guys not named Whiteside (although I haven't really kept up with the heat this season). Drummond Dwight Whiteside Marc Gasol Jordan
  11. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    You also have to remember who he was with the Mavericks (granted he was still pretty young during those times). This seems more so of a perfect fit in Boston in both offensive and defensive systems, than him being a ultra valuable player. He's an above average role player, but this year he hasn't even been that (EDIT:from what others are saying I don't watch too many Cavs games). Although I always felt he was scheme versatile defensively. It could be that all Cavs are just underachievers this season? Or is that too easy a cop out?
  12. Your Draft Hot Takes

  13. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    in other news, does anyone think that the Knicks can get a first for O'Quinn? Like one in the late teen early 20's? Or is that a pipe dream? We will give up Billy if we can get rid of Noah. While I think he can be a 14-10 guy, I think for this team to be truly dangerous is to move Porzingis to the 5 full time. It kind of piss me off that he insists on not playing their. I get he doesn't want to have to play D against those types, but my thing is his skills wouldn't change, he could still play the exact same way, but against slower players, making them way more tired quicker. Just mind boggling to me.
  14. 2018 Tank Watch

    We are coming son #knickstank
  15. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    What's Crowder's value?