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  1. Josh Allen

    QB is one of, if not the most, cerebral positions in professional sports. This is an issue people had JaMarcus Russell, Josh Freeman, and Paxton Lynch.
  2. Potential trades in the top 10

    I think Nelson and Denver are a match made in heaven.
  3. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Oh I know. To be honest, that is the only scenario we trade more than 2 selections down.
  4. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    I'm thinking BUF blows us away with an offer. I'm talking three firsts, three seconds, 2 thirds, and later picks. Do we turn that offer down if means moving to #12?
  5. I like how to discredit Zack Martin's value to an offensive line's success, you name a players making 10M/Year, 8M/Year, and 11M/Year respectively. Andrew Norwell, just got paid more than any other offensive lineman on Per Year bases (Not including Solder). If Zach Martin hit free agency, his contract would well exceed Solder's. And you're going to tell me Elite guard play isn't necessary?
  6. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    Then there are the seven or so cases where each team's ownership does go to see the player and do draft him. Just putting it out there that ownership or top brass probably talks to a lot of prospects over the course of the offseason.
  7. Patriots trade WR Brandon Cooks to Rams

    Didn't the Eagles use a ton of picks a few years ago to move up?
  8. Understood. Sorry everybody.
  9. I am no White Knight. I just can't stand when someone talks down to someone. But then says something just as idiotic. HE CAN READ, OBVIOUSLY. I WOULD LIKE IT IF YOU DON'T CALL HIM ILLITERATE JUST CALL HIM STUPID. Christ. That was the main reason for me to comment on the argument after Acgott said not to. And to break apart quotes, just go to the end of the sentence/paragraph that you would like to end your quote on, then press return twice.
  10. Giants to pick #2 in 2018 NFL Draft

    It's Sam Darnold or trade down. At least that's what it feels like.
  11. Lol are you illiterate, or just dyslexic? Because @matt_bags2313 didn't say anything about JPP or his contracts. He must be using invisible font on the computer screen that you can only see. OH WAIT! You must have directed that completely unwarranted personnel attack was directed at @Kip Smithers. Oh man, and also Kip never centered his argument around JPP, he has mentioned him once in this six pages here. The fact that you focused your argument on this (with a different poster no less), kind of makes you look like a moron. Especially after your Straw Man Response. Cool you might be able to read, but your ability to understand what someone reads is fairly lacking You spend most of this post attacking other posters. Yes who exactly appreciates the opinions of someone who belittles his fellow fans? You tried to make a point and it was lost in your childish idiocy. BUT I WILL DISMANTLE YOUR STUPID ARGUMENTS; QUITE EASILY, I MIGHT ADD. IDK why I used caps there, but I did regardless. So your argument is based around a team that has on more than one occasion, wasted a hall-fame career? With awful team building. OH, just for your information the Detroit Lions didn't win anything Barry Saunders, and are on the same course with Matt Stafford. The Vikings didn't win with Adrian Peterson. I'll take it a step further. The Colts have yet to win Andrew Luck. The Redskins never won with Kirk Cousins. If you guessed I'm not done yet, you are correct. The Texans haven't won anything with JJ Watt, or Jadeveon Clowney. Your entire argument is based off a false analogy, no team will ever be the same. But let's stick to your argument. IF A RECEIVER PUTS UP NUMBERS AKIN TO A #1 RECEIVER, THEN HE IS A #1 RECEIVER. I will keep playing your game, for kicks. Of the four teams that made it to the championship games 5 players were pretty good when it came to catching the ball. Adam Thielen, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Bryant, Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffrey? Yes you are right, but you are forgetting that average QB play can be masked by good receivers. I'll leave this here again, " IF A RECEIVER PUTS UP NUMBERS AKIN TO A #1 RECEIVER, THEN HE IS A #1 RECEIVER." Your argument here is just a false alternative. You can't say cause Dak and Dez don't mesh well, that a new QB and OBJ won't work. You have no way of knowing that. You are sounding like it's a guarantee that they won't get along at the beginning. There was also some half-truths thrown in as well, cause looking at Dak does he not have enough comfort with the rest of receivers? You have a lot of insight in how the future plays out. You sound confident in yourself as well that these are the paths that will be walked down. I had no idea I was arguing with God. Sigh, The SS87 (Best Nickname alert) went from catching 8 TD's with OBJ on the field to 2 with him off it. You're worried about getting yards cool; I and pretty much every other fan of any sports team anywhere (except maybe Cricket (never understood this game) and Golf), however, are worried about scoring points. And The SS87, I am loving this nickname, had only 50 more yards receiving this year as "The Number 1 guy" Yeah we need multiple guys, but we also need THE Guy. Every team has a guy they go to when they need a completion. Even if Eli doesn't retire, we will have approximately 52M in cap space. You want to go out an Overpay Robert Quinn (I focused on this cause Barr, and Clowney are not going anywhere) who was traded from a 3-4 Defense because he simply didn't fit? I'm glad you don't run any sports team I am a fan of. Matter of fact, I know a guy in the Eagles FO. I could probably get you the job, if you promise to make the boneheaded signings for them. (this is a joke. I don't know anyone in the Eagles FO). And god damn you are undervaluing the hell out of OBJ. He is on pace to shatter records, that have been in place for two decades. Yet, you only want two picks for him. That isn't just generational talent, this is Once-In-A-Lifetime talent. So your plan is to stay @ #2 pick up a QB. Trade OBJ, and pick up a RB and G? Terrible idea. Oh Boy, Mr. 18 Catches himself, and Jeremy "I can't seem to stay hired anywhere I go because I suck" Maclin. You know how to add to the tool box. How can someone be illiterate if they have been typing, and responding to this conversation? You can say he's stupid. Cause he doesn't understand what he's reading. You're not right about anything you said. I pointed out most of the fallacies in your argument. I didn't feel like continuing. This is probably the rudest, and most ignorant (You conveniently ignore any counter arguement, even though they would fill your argument with holes) post I have ever read on this site. Congratz
  12. 2018 Draft Prospects

    Kyzir White isn't really the rangy fs type. He'd be way better in the role Deon Bucannon played for Bettcher in ARZ.
  13. Bell + 1st for Beckham?

    Yes because replying to someone asking about a players value is shopping him.