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  1. Bowser's WAAAAY-TOO-EARLY 2019 Mock

    I feel like the Giants would be stupid not to pick Gary (even though I really like the Thorson pick).
  2. Early 2019 NFL Mock Draft

    I don't think Gettlemen would forgo other high needs (like CB, FS, EDGE, or RT) to take one of many extremely flawed QB's in 2019 when he's quite consistently gone the BPA route and left much better prospects on the board at the QB spot this year. If he did go QB, give us Thorson > anyone else in this class.
  3. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    If it's true the Grizzlies want to compete would they take this trade: SG Tim Hardaway JR SF Lance Thomas PG Emmanuel Mudiay Pick #9 2020 Top 12 Protected (2021 Top 7 Protected Draft Pick) (Top 3 in 2022) (If not conveyed by 2023, turns into 2 Second Rounders) for SF Chandler Parsons Pick #4 Would give them the chance to still grab Mikal Bridges or whatever guy they have their eye on by staying in the top 10, get a back up PG, and two wings that can shoot the 3. Add in the other pick(s) and it looks sweet enough to entice them to me. For the Knicks, it would give them a higher chance to grab a star caliber player at the top of the draft. IMO the only way they should do this trade is if Luka Doncic is sitting at #4. Jaren Jackson Jr. wouldn't be bad either
  4. 2018 NBA Draft Prospects

    I almost lost it EDIT: On topic I am starting to come around to Knox > Mikal for the Knicks. We aren't competing any time soon, I don't mind swinging for the fences on a player with a lot of potential. If nothing else he would develop into a competent front court partner for Kristaps. I just want to to be bad enough to draft Sekou Doumbouya next year.
  5. Elusive_Tiger's Mock Draft v 1.0

    Why is Shea Patterson rated so highly?
  6. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    Knicks fan hoping they settle for Courtney Lee, Lance Thomas, and two unprotected first rounders. /lol
  7. NBA Top 50 Players: Who Is #42

    It's Gordon or Conley for me
  8. Madden 19

    They do, If you don't know how to play the game. Your team is screwed. You have always been the coach....
  9. Fortnite

    Builder Pro negates most of the building advantage. IDK why are people hating on mouse users. Get good and you won't have to worry about their "advantage". Most of the games I play (except for CIV 6) are on my console so yeah.
  10. Fortnite

    Boi I spank my PC friends EDIT: And really, I've only got one friend on PC/uses mouse and Keyboard that routinely hands me the business. That is only because he's better than me.
  11. 2019 Quarterback Class

    Okay but that doesn't forgo his tremendous upside, rocket arm, great speed, good fielding instincts, he swings for power a ton. This is technically his first season of playing baseball since 2014 (and he's still playing part time), and you saw the enormous improvement yourself. He is a really good player right now, just imagine when he will be able to put all of his time to improve himself in baseball.
  12. 2019 Quarterback Class

    TBH I think the only reason he fell to #9 is his commitment to play football this year. He was really top 2 in this years draft in terms of talent.
  13. Better Player: Draymond, John Wall, or Gobert?

    John Wall Draymond Porzin - Ugh I mean Gobert in that order
  14. FIX your team thread.

    I hope by glorified you mean not in the same galaxy as a player? When he wasn't injured in the first part of the season (after his horrid 4 games start), he was pretty above mediocre on during the next 30 (give or take) games scoring more than 19PPG 4RPG 4APG Shooting over 45% overall and above 37% from 3. He's also improved greatly on defense, and wasn't a total sieve defensively. He's a compitent #3 scorer, and can serve as a Scoring Robin in a pinch. If he didn't get injured/forced to become the #1 option, he would have had a much better end to the season.