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  1. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    That's not to say Bosa doesn't have an enormous ceiling, it just pails in comparison to Oliver. He's a Warren Sapp clone, last guy anyone said that about was Suh. And he's been pretty good.
  2. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    So much of this. Don’t overthink it. Take Oliver #1 and know you got a HoF potential player.
  3. Looking to the future draft.. (yes already)

    I'd rather pass on the until the rest of our roster is decent. Our O-Line is terri-bad, we have zero pass rush to speak of, we are super inconsistent in covering the middle half of the field, and we can't score in the redzone to save our lives. We are bad, and QB is the most important position on the field; however, putting a rookie behind our Line is a cry for disaster considering how much work each of the top prospects need before they are even viable starters. If we decide to pick one of these guys in 2019, I feel like we're looking for another one by 2021/2022. The group reminds me of the Christian Ponder-led class from a few years ago.
  4. Does Your OL Suck? Your Coaching? How About a Certain DB?

    But the Right side of the Giants' O-Line is deplorable. But they've played well in last week's game against the Panthers. Coaching hasn't been terrible, the play calling is getting guys open Eli just isn't throwing to them. They are getting Barkley his touches, and finally looked to involve OBJ a lot last week. We were mediocre on offense against good defensive teams to start the year, but with a half-okay half-gonnagetyourQB/RBkilled O-Line that is to be expected. I just hope we don't take Herbert and look to add more help on both sides of the line and EDGE. Our pass rush is awful and is the true worry for me.
  5. Does Your OL Suck? Your Coaching? How About a Certain DB?

    Outside of your loss to Pittsburgh you were sacked 10 times in 4 games. They are not terrible. Relax. And maybe. just maybe, those players are bad? And Quinn needs to play those other bad players cause the alternative is worse.
  6. Pat Shurmur Scheme

    Shurmur isn't the issue. Eli is just missing receivers that have been obviously schemed open. Could just be due to unfamiliarity of the system, but he just looks washed in the going through his progressions. This is probably because how much he gets hit and since he can't avoid pressure on his own, he needs the o-line to step up but they just haven't
  7. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    I can see how you can say the tape can be issue. He has the tools.
  8. Literally at a loss for words.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    Okay? I feel like Phil Rivers is a more apt comparison than McNabb at least through 5 games. They have similar throwing motions and from early looks. Looks to be good in the short game like Rivers was, and he has an unnatural ability to always throw a good catch-able ball
  10. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    Gosh dang. Someone call the extreme Hyperbole police. He’ll run in the 4.8s at least.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Comparisons Thread

    Why cause he doesn’t run?
  12. CW21's 2019 NFL Draft Thread (Bring On Questions)

    Do you think Haskins is a one and done? If so what kinda system would he be best in. I’m not sold on him, but I can’t really say that since I have yet to do advanced work on any QB’s not named Finley or Stidham and that was for last year.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Someone is going to convince themselves to take Dwayne Haskins in the top 10.
  14. Why is Ronald Jones a bust?

    This. He just made bad defenses look bad in college.