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  1. They wouldn't want to, but what else do they have to offer? Anyways I'd keep Brown and just roll with Brown+Tatum for the next half decade and build around it.
  2. My mans Sharife Cooper coming in at just under 6'4" Here is a link to the measurements: https://www.nba.com/stats/draft/combine-anthro/
  3. Simmons should just play Point Center for whatever team he plays for next.
  4. Was gonna say the same about Jazz fan but they are slick my second favorite team. Thought this was their year
  5. Imagine not having any plays run for your best player to give him easy buckets from the CoTY. God that series was infuriating.
  6. He should’ve forced his way to Dallas lol before he signed his deal.
  7. Imagine going 39/9/9 in the biggest game of your season to only find that your Robin isn’t the guy that makes $40M+/year but Royce O’Neale
  8. I wouldn’t hate it. But god idk if we can survive with another lead guard who can’t shoot league average.
  9. They still have to be able to bang down low with the bigger guys in the league, but yes. Guys who can protect the rim and then switch on D are invaluable in the league now imo. They also have to add something other than rim running (ie become a good passer/respectable shooter). Gone are the days where the centers who just attack of Lobs and offer nothing else.
  10. And honestly. Talent wise we are a bottom three four team in the league
  11. Johnathan Macri said apparently the Knicks are the team that promised Duarte because of his connection with World Wide Wes which for the life of me I can't find proof of any where. EDIT: About the connection, not the Macri quote.
  12. Another thing, Vrenz Bleijenbergh needs more love on this forum. 6'10 Playmaker who plays stout defense, finish, and can shoot well. Really good athlete too. For the life of me, I cannot see why a guy like him would be rated under other guys who are projected to be role players. As a floor I think Vrenz is a starting glue guy who can get you 12-7-5-1-1 on good splits. Def my draft crush this time around.
  13. I could see it, but he's a Nerlens Noel clone and I would rather not spend a first on a guy who is likely a career back up. Still, some teams hold value in getting good value in those 12-20 mins a back up rim runner is on the court.
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