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  1. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    I am sure this is how Redskins' fans feel.
  2. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    Would they though? At that point, the value that was in the Lions pick is essentially (ESSENTIAL) doubled.
  3. Do the Redskins do the unthinkable?

    If this happens. The number three pick will then become a literal gold mind for every other team wanting Herbert. Would the Lions pass on a bevy of picks?
  4. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    Where was it leaked this season? If it was I missed it completely. Also it was leaked last year that they would take Jones at 17 not 6.
  5. Yeah giving up two thirds (one of which is a comp pick) to move up and get your guy. I think Gladney is a lot better than Fulton, and the drop off to Fulton/Henderson to the round 2 guys is even more. I also figured Eagles fans wouldn't like a CB who couldn't tackle at 21 with Barkley and Elliot in the division. Also for my Broncos fans, do you really think anyone in the position to take one of their bookend tackles of the Future will just give the pick away? What that team, their value will not match up with an ancient valuation chart created 30 years ago that has yet to update with the rapidly changing landscape in the sport. Elway has always been one of the more aggressive executives in the league, sometimes to a fault. Sure he makes good deals all of the time, but he also makes mind boggling decisions as well. If he wants his guy, I have no doubt in my mind that Elway will go after him hard. Yes 3 WR who grade similar, but these guys each have completely different play styles. I also think Ruggs is the best of the bunch, but I digress on this point. While adding Lamb, or Jeudy would still improve your offense it wouldn't have the same impact as getting a guy who is one of, if not, the best deep threat in the draft. OH BTW that same guy doubles as the WR who ran the most diverse route tree (per PFF) in this draft. Also he had only 1 drop in more than 150 targets (can't remember the exact number off the top of my head), so yeah this guy is pretty good.
  6. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    You obviously under estimate DG's love of HOGS. cough
  7. The Giants need Baun, and I'm sure the Vikings would like accumulate as many assets as possible since you guys always seem to be strapped for cash.
  8. I was torn with a trade back for them; I don't see many teams that want to jump Indy or Cincy other than Detroit. I could I was trying to figure out adequate value for Ruggs, and in a vacuum, he isn't worth those picks like you said. That's not the way I was thinking about it though. I think that the Broncos are a lot closer to competing for a playoff spot than people give them credit for. Their O-Line will be improved, and they potentially have their QB in Lock. Sutton is on an island by himself in the receiving corps, and this team desperately needs a viable deep threat to make people terrified of doubling Sutton. I think Ruggs takes your offense from alright to very very good. You pay the premium to get who you want. Or, that's my line of thinking at least.
  9. How many first rounders by position.

    QB - 3 (Burrow, Tagovailoa, Herbert)RB - 1 (Swift)WR - 4 (Ruggs III, Lamb, Jeudy, Jefferson)TE - 0OT - 7 (Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills Jr., Mekhi Becton, Josh Jones, Isaiah Wilson, Lucas Niang)OG - 1 (Netane Muti)OC - 1 (Cesar Ruiz) Offense: 17 IDL: 1 (Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw, Ross Blacklock) DL: 1 (AJ Epenesa) EDGE: 4 (Chase Young, K'Lavon Chaisson, Zack Baun, Yetur Gross-Matos) LB: 2 (Patrick Queen, Kenneth Murray) LB/S: 1 (Isaiah Simmons) CB: 4 (Jefferey Okudah, Jeff Gladney, Kristian Fulton, Chris Henderson Jr.)
  10. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    He won't make it past 26.
  11. Cincinnati Bengals - QB, Joe Burrow, Louisiana State Tigers Washington Redskins - EDGE, Chase Young, Ohio State Buckeyes Detroit Lions - LB/S, Isaiah Simmons, Clemson Tigers ****Trade**** The Los Angeles Chargers trade picks # 6, 37, and a 2021 Second Round Pick to the New York Giants for Pick #4, and 2021 Fifth Round Pick Los Angeles Chargers (via NYG) - QB, Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama Crimson Tide Miami Dolphins - OT, Tristan Wirfs, Iowa Hawkeyes ****Trade**** The Jacksonville Jaguars trade picks # 9, 42, 137, and a 2021 Fourth Round Pick to the New York Giants for Pick # 6, and 183. Jacksonville Jaguars (via NYG via LAC) - CB, Jeffery Okudah, Ohio State Buckeyes Carolina Panthers - IDL, Derrick Brown, Auburn Tigers ****Trade**** The Denver Broncos trade picks # 15, 46, 83 and a 2021 Second Round Pick to the Arizona Cardinals for pick #8 Denver Broncos (via ARI) - WR, Henry Ruggs III, Alabama Crimson Tide New York Giants (via JAX) - OT, Mekhi Becton, Louisville Cardinals Cleveland Browns - OT, Andrew Thomas, Georgia Bulldogs New York Jets - EDGE, K'Lavon Chaisson, Louisiana State Tigers Las Vegas Raiders - WR, CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma Sooners San Francisco 49ers (via IND) - WR, Jerry Jeudy, Alabama Crimson Tide Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT, Jedrick Wills Jr., Alabama Crimson Tide Arizona Cardinals (via DEN) - OC, Cesar Ruiz, Michigan Wolverines Atlanta Falcons - IDL, Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina Gamecocks ****Trade**** The New England Patriots trade picks # 23, 83, and 2021 Second & Fourth Round Picks to Dallas Cowboys for pick # 17 New England Patriots (via DAL) - QB, Justin Herbert, Oregon Ducks ****Trade**** The Philadelphia Eagles trade picks # 21,103 and a 2021 Third Round Pick to the Miami Dolphins for pick # 18 and a 2021 Seventh Round Pick. Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA) - CB, Jeff Gladney, Texas Christian Horned Frogs Las Vegas Raiders (via CHI) - CB, Kristian Fulton, Louisiana State Tigers Jacksonville Jaguars (via LAR) - WR, Justin Jefferson, Louisiana State Tigers Miami Dolphins (via PHI) - RB, D'Andre Swift, Georgia Bulldogs Minnesota Vikings - OT, Josh Jones, Houston Cougars Dallas Cowboys (via NE) - CB, Chris Henderson Jr. Florida Gators New Orleans Saints - LB, Patrick Queen, Louisiana State Tigers ****Trade**** The New York Giants trade picks # 36, 137, and a 2021 Second Round Pick (via LAC) to the Minnesota Vikings for pick # 25. New York Giants (via MIN) - EDGE, Zack Baun, Wisconsin Badgers Miami Dolphins - EDGE, Yetur Gross-Matos, Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions Seattle Seahawks - OT, Lucas Niang, Texas Christian Horned Frogs Baltimore Ravens - OG, Netane Muti, Fresno State Bulldogs Tennessee Titans - OT, Isaiah Wilson, Georgia Bulldogs Green Bay Packers - LB, Kenneth Murray, Oklahoma Sooners ****Trade**** The San Francisco 49ers trade pick # 31 to the Detroit Lions for picks # 35, 85, and 149. Detroit Lions (via SF) - DL, Andrew Jared Epenesa, Iowa Hawkeyes Kansas City Chiefs - IDL, Ross Blacklock, Texas Christian Horned Frogs
  12. Those are some very interesting numbers. If we do pick a deep threat in the first four rounds, Brandon Ayiuk fits the bill. Donovan People-Jones is another guy who should be available rounds three and four thanks to this guys depth. I think DPJ is a better fit than Ayiuk because DPJ is a bigger target who does better in the short-intermediate game. He runs a lot of routes well, which surprised me cause of how tight he is in the ankles. He does have above average hip movement. Another guy in the later rounds who has all the tools to succeed, but was very limited by their offense is Trishton Jackson. He's a playmaker and can get down the field in a heart beat or with moves to shake his defender. Also he doesn't suffer from drops, so there is that plus.
  13. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    You’re really not though. Your argument is entirely subjective (you know based on opinion, not fact. You’ve been using this word liberally and I’m not sure you know what it means). You called stats such as passing yards, passing tds, 3rd down conversion %, etc. subjective. You have really big bias blinders on when bringing up any data or column explaining QBR. The stat is actually pretty telling. QB’s that do stuff to help their team win typically have good QBR’s, and QB’s who contribute to loosing have bad QBR’s. Not really that difficult to wrap your head around.
  14. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    I kind of want this to fall through. Just so BOB has to deal with the Nuk-lear fallout from the way he has handled this. I wonder if Hop can convince JJ to request a trade too. That guy deserves to play in Green Bay.
  15. Cowboys re-sign WR Amari Cooper (5 years, $100M, $60M gt'd)

    Is Jones really the type of person who wants "just save face" if things go south? History points to him doubling down on every single one of his decisions no matter how wrong they are.