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  1. Man. The Bubble MVP is Warren. It ain’t close. 😆
  2. Is it really? Two late Firsts and a Second Round Pick. If you think Knox, and Ntilikina are anything other than rehashes then power to you. I just don't think Frank and Kevin are any good. Also stop wishing that evil on us. LaMelo trash.
  3. The Knicks will trade RJ + Randle. That's it. lol (Maybe a few Dallas picks if the ask nice enough)
  4. Should be. He missed his entire rookie season.
  5. So would the Bulls make this trade: Julius Randle, Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox, 2020 Clippers FRP, 2021 Dallas FRP, 2021 Charlotte SRP For Zach LaVine & Christian Felicio? Getting Deni in the draft and going hard after FVV in FA would give the Knicks a core of FVV, LaVine, RJ, Deni, and Mitch. Sign a young stretch four like Juancho (Bertans would be option 1, but Juan is a much better defender and rebounder) so Deni can be eased into the starting line-up. You can bring back Payton to play a back-up PG role. I mean a lineup of PG - VanVleet // Payton SG - LaVine // Bullock SF - Barrett // Avidija PF - Hernangomez // Avdija C - Robinson // Gibson isn't great and def needs more help from the bench.
  6. Outside the Bucs which non-playoff team is gonna break through. The Colts maybe? But Rivers looked washed. Sooooo
  7. IDK this man is pretty good looking.
  8. Good choice for number 1. I just think he's not as good a passer as Bam, and I think is a slightly better rebounder. Hedo Turkoglu with more defensive upside Idk I'm starting to buy into Wiseman's jumpshot. Has a bit more range than Whiteside imo. Best one so far Another good comp. I've come around on Okoro, but I just think Vassell is gonna be better. That's a lot of faith that he will find a way to start making buckets. So Khris Middleton? Lol This is another good one. I see a little more Rubio than Hinrich in Haliburton's game. I just I see more Siakam in him, but still a strong comp. Patrick Williams reminds me more of Wallace tbh.
  9. Fox is a better playmaker and ball handler than Lewis is. Lewis doesn't have an array of dribble moves to get by guys. Using simple crossovers have been effective because of his speed and overall athleticism. I've also seen in a few places that Lewis has a 6'6" wingspan. Also he is a notch slower than Fox, closer to Dennis Schroeder in that regard. I actually think Jeff Teague is a better comp for him overall.
  10. At worst he's a versatile defender with little to zero offensive game. I really like his game, and in the right situation he could be special, but in the wrong one he'll never be better than a bench big that can defend multiple positions. The swing from his good and bad is just too much for me to not place him in that category. I do like him a lot, and think he could turn into Siakam-Lite. But he's got a few years in the NBA before that hits.
  11. So I starting changing all my scouting stuff unto a google docs. It currently only has my new big board (I changed my style to a tier system over the traditional ranking system) and the Mock Draft (Both Rounds). Here you all go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ESVJ-58J-1kwh709hU755iX8l6XWb8BiChzVYCbn7lQ/edit#gid=0 If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  12. Keep playing and you gonna end up looking like the Hawks with Trae. Happy, and really pissed.
  13. JK is so good. Would've been #1 in his class no doubt if he hadn't reclassified. Too bad he joined the Cade Class. Unless Cade falls flat on his face and forgets how to play basketball, he's going to be the best player from this class.
  14. Ehhhhh. The difference is, those guys were elite athletes. LaMelo is an average one. Those guys could finish around the rim pretty well. Also two of those guys were really good defenders coming into the league. LaMelo isn't even good enough to be considered a bad defender: terrible IQ, lazy combating screens, doesn't move well enough laterally, loves contesting without putting his hand up. Also the three guys you used as examples are once in a generation prospects. Outside of Ball's Playmaking what does he do well to be considered in these guys same breath? To piggy back off this. His team was 3-9 in contests he played in. Was one of the worst defensive players in his league, while being one of the 12 tallest players in his entire league. Had some ludicrous turnovers, and when matched up against one of the most athletic guys he will play in the NBL (RJ Hampton) he went 2-9 (two fade away mid range shots with Hampton draped all over him), and 2 of his 6 TO's in the game (one rip by RJ and forced Bad pass in to the stands). RJ also scored all of his points with LaMelo guarding him. The game he's talking about is in that eye test tweet that was posted earlier in this thread. BTW that was a total of 16 mins of action that they were matched up on each other. Ball won't be an offensive star. I just can't see it. He doesn't score the ball well in any way.
  15. Vassell, Nesmith, Kispert, Terry, Bey, Bane, Deni has been drilling threes lately, Woodard are all really good. Deni, Vassell, Nesmith, Bane, and Kispert are elite imo. EDIT: Winston and Pritchard are other guys that are really good from deep. I almost forgot Tillie. A guy, if healthy, will be pretty good offensively.
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