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    I've been hearing on podcasts covering the draft that if ARI doesn't take Murray #1, that Lock will be the first QB taken by DEN some point in the top 10.
  2. Current Hot Takes That Will Just Be Self-Evident in 3 Years

    Haskins dropping to 17 Costs some GM’s their jobs. Brain Burns turned out to be the best EDGE rusher in this class. Devin White struggles to see the field during his third and final season with the team that drafts him top 5. (Bucs)
  3. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Yeah he can do everything except consistently catch a football. His hands are just awful. He’s a third rounder.
  4. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Lock is bad tho. He can’t hit a moving target. He doesn’t throw consistently with Anticipation; so rare in fact, you would think it’s a fluke when it shows up in a throw or two on his tape. He couldn’t read a defense even if the defensive coordinator put the Gameplan in front of him. Makes bad decisions like it’s his job to do so. Cannot move around in the pocket and if pressure comes up the middle he turns into a deer in headlights. He can’t diagnose a blitz even if there were 9 guys in a box. If his first read is open he looks like Payton Manning, but his mechanics fall apart on a consistent basis throughout the game. It’s weird because when he’s in rhythm his mechanics look clean, but any other time of the game his release point is all over the place and the ball won’t actually find it’s target in the NFL. He gets Happy Feet when pressure comes and literally back pedals like a rookie madden player. He throws on his back foot consistently. Bad QB is Drew Lock; believe the hype you should not.

    If Haskins falls to #17. 🙏🙏🙏
  6. 2019 Day 3 Gems

    Round 3/4 imo.
  7. 2019 Day 3 Gems

    JoeJuan Williams is going to slip to a team that loves to develop CB’s and he’s gonna sit a year. And year two. He will be a starter. Plays just like Xavien Howard.
  8. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    You still got me manning the sails BtC. In December I was thinking no way he was gonna fall out the top10 like Donald did. But it’s starting to look like it. I think he’s going to be dominate and wouldn’t mind the Giants’ passing Haskins for another guy like him.
  9. What happened to Ed Oliver?

    Prospect exhaustion for most of the Internet. A lot of these guys that have credible NFL sources are thinking the only players going in front of Oliver are Bosa, Williams, and maybe Allen (cause edge is more important than interior DL, but pressure is pressure amiright?).
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Interior Defensive Line

    No I just thought it was hilarious that someone said Wynn guarded interior rushers in college.
  11. Haskins, Jawaan, and Burns. Burns is a close second though
  12. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    If he wants out he will get out. If anything that is what this offseason proved.
  13. 2019 Draft - Edge Rushers

    Or you know he could be s late bloomer physicallly.
  14. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    You will love Taylor once you do some work on him. If we got Rosen for a 2nd that would be an enormous win. Question: What does everyone think of the Russell Wilson rumors?