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  1. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Honestly if I was LA I would be spending my cap space on high quality role players.
  2. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    As a Knicks fan I wouldn’t mind Russell and Randle at all. It wouldn’t actually be so bad. We’d still have around 15mil+ to add other free agents/role players. It wouldn’t be the haul we wanted, but it’s still a good one. Imo sets us up better for future. Randle/Russell since are still under 24 and can grow and develop with the rest of our roster.
  3. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Would a Russell-Barrett Backcourt work. They would have to invest heavily in defense. In the front court. But could that backcourt work. As a Knicks fan right now, I am so blowed.
  4. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Very nice. Was I the only person thrown off guard by Liana’s rag doll as she fought the Giant. Also when the NK raised the dead again I was like dang John dead too. But that man was just like “hol’ Up imma slay all 3K of these people like a ******* boss and get to you in a second NK”. It was all very tragic, and intense. Also Arya ran off like She was a gazelle, had me rolling. I was like where you going girl. But Very well done.
  5. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    More importantly did Rhaegon survive?
  6. Dexter Lawrence was a top 25 guy in February had an above average combine and just started falling. To be able to generate manufactured pressure (I.e through a blitz), teams need big bodies upfront to eat up Blocks and open lanes for blitzers. Dexter Lawrence is elite in that regard and is exactly what Bettcher is looking for out of his Nose tackle. Tomlinson is above average in that regard, but Lawrence is elite. What exactly did Sweat accomplish in college to make you think he would have been viable there? He was the best player at EDGE on the board so I assume you wanted him at 17. I agree Jones was a reach, but if they believe he is the franchise guy then you get him as early as possible.
  7. Never said I wouldn’t have preferred a pass rusher. And I was just saying it makes sense why he was the selection over Haskins. So I tell you why two players wouldn’t be a good fit and you immediately jump to the fact “stop protecting Getty like his mom.” You’re overreacting but I’m honestly not surprised. You’re probably one of the most immature posters on here who always ends up eating his words because he always lets his emotions get the better of him. Getty was right last year when we improved two games with his additions. as a REBUILDING (not competing which is what you seem to think is the only thing we are doing) he has made right move after right move and now we’re in line to have a complete O-Line/an offense with young talent that will grow/one of the biggest cap space numbers next year. But hey he’s an idiot that doesn’t know what he’s doing. It’s always funny to see when podcasts and radio hosts invite an actual NFL mind for an interview and they try to bash the Giants the NFL guy is like no, it makes complete sense why the giants made that choice.
  8. CB Deandre Baker selected by Giants @ 1.30

    Its because Baker can actually cover and doesn’t get bullied by smaller receivers. He’s also the best Corner in the class and the Murphy/Greedy aren’t even 2/3. If it wasn’t for Baker having terrible interviews, he would have been a top 20 Pick.
  9. Greedy Williams gets bullied by halfway physical receivers and at his size that’s who he’s going to be covering more often than not. I wanted Jawaan Taylor also, and Sweat has no pass rush plan. Ever. If he can’t run over or past his blocker, he doesn’t get to the QB. So when all our first round picks contribute and Greedy is fighting for a roster spot and Sweat is still stuck in a rotation, will you still find a reason to dislike whatever Gettleman does?
  10. No three times the athlete Tomlinson is.
  11. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    The Redskins are a mess I honestly feel bad for Haskins having to throw footballs to the ghost of Crowder, some JV middle schoolers and the broken down shell of Jordan Reed. Can’t forget him checking down to the retirement home resident in their backfield. As much as I like Haskins, he got ****ed and will probably not develop how he should in WAS. You take your guy always at QB. Jones is Gettleman’s guy. I honestly want to hear why you dislike the pick other than it’s not who you wanted. Like what don’t you like about Jones?
  12. QB Daniel Jones selected by Giants @ 1.6

    Doesn’t elevate talent around, the I see how not a single Duke offensive player hasn’t been drafted since he took over as a starter. Then sees he basically carried the offense. And Daniel Jones is honestly the perfect Shurmur QB, I didn’t want to admit the likelihood we would take him over Haskins, but I’m fine with it. Especially considering Haskins is going to one of the worst places for a QB to play next year. In terms of fit, Jones is like a glove. His main issue is his lower body. All of his arm strength is coming from his upper body. If he gets coached up properly, are any of us really going to complain?
  13. Hot Take Thread

    DeAndre Baker will be the fifth CB taken, but will be an All-Pro by year three.

    I've been hearing on podcasts covering the draft that if ARI doesn't take Murray #1, that Lock will be the first QB taken by DEN some point in the top 10.
  15. Current Hot Takes That Will Just Be Self-Evident in 3 Years

    Haskins dropping to 17 Costs some GM’s their jobs. Brain Burns turned out to be the best EDGE rusher in this class. Devin White struggles to see the field during his third and final season with the team that drafts him top 5. (Bucs)