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  1. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    Ahhh Giants Football is back baby!!!!
  2. OT Ereck Flowers 5th Year option declined

    Also the OL market looks deeper next year anyways. We could find another interior starter in the mid rounds.
  3. NBA Top 75 Players: Who Is #67?

    I'm feeling Hassan here then Jamal
  4. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    Beal > Apple
  5. Sam Beal - Supplemental Draft

    He took too many classes and failed the ones he needed to pass before he hit his desired degree's credits attempted limit.
  6. Free Agency Thread

    I don't know Cousins as a person, but seeing his character through games and through reports. This sounds really likely
  7. Free Agency Thread

    Golden State does it fine. Butler, Irving, and Hayward can co-exist. Especially if Horford is their fourth star. Add in shooting from Tatum/Morris at the four. I would rank that team above Houston.
  8. Free Agency Thread

    Why are you going so hard on Demarcus. Like I am at work, trying not to die of laughter.
  9. Free Agency Thread

    Most slept on post in this thread
  10. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    All that being said most if not all his weakness (injury, defensive ability, and ball handling including) can be corrected by correcting his posture. Again though that is a real hard thing to fix in a player that has played like that to resounding success throughout his entire career. I am very skeptical about MPJ, but I can easily see a future where he turns into a superstar and 12 teams regret not selecting him. EDIT: My overall thoughts on the pick, however, that the Nuggets were the perfect place for him. With all the young talent already on their roster and the fact they're picking at the end of the lottery, missing on this pick doesn't set you back as much as it would have the Knicks or Kings or Mavs or Suns if they had picked him and if he had busted. And if he returns to form, the Nuggets will be a few seasons/minor role players away from truly competing.
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    Once you get better control of your weapon you will be hitting the monster a lot more. Honestly, everyone should be starting the game on GreatSword. It is probably the easiest to hit higher damage numbers, which is really satisfying for most players, and it will help you learn monster attack patterns the most (for dodging effectively) and when to attack because of how much slower it is then most of the other weapons.
  12. Fortnite

    OMG this is gold
  13. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    You.. You... betrayed us for Boston?
  14. 2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Very good chance I'm the only one, but I liked what the Knicks did a lot. Their biggest needs were overall team athleticism, and a wing. They then add two great athletes. We also needed a back-up big, considering we might lose both of our centers in the offseason. They could have played it safe, but they instead swung for the fences, which is good considering their only aim next year should be developing young players. He could very well be the best wing from this draft class. Hopefully Frank sees him playing lackadaisical during a play and rips him a new one.