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  1. It's two years longer since Randle is only guaranteed 4m in year 3 vs Loves 31M and last year of 28M. Also, do they really want two 6'1 Guards in their starting Back court? They get off of the last years of Love's contract by only paying 4M and stay in the top 10 while doing so. I figured as much. I just want the Knicks to steal a prospect from someone.
  2. Does Cleveland say no to: Kevin Love Darius Garland #5 Overall for Julius Randle #8?
  3. Idk. I think his best position will be as a mismatch Point 4, but you guys already have Lauri. He is athletic enough to play the 3, but it would just be a bigger + if he was at the four, allowed to roam on Defense and show off his immense IQ.
  4. Basketball gods, as a Knicks fan I don't ask you for much. But please let Wiseman fall into our lap, and send Robinson out to the highest bidder. Amen.
  5. Yes increase the chances of Hayes, Deni, or Wiseman dropping to 8.
  6. Hey man, you gotta fleece when the fleecing's good.
  7. Apparently from a guy connected to the King's camp, there has been a lot of chatter of NY pushing hard for a trade down. Would the Kings do Hield + 12 + Future Protected first for Randle + 8? Get off Hield's contract and moving up?
  8. So what are the actual chances of Wiseman falling to 8? Asking for a friend who thinks the Knicks can get a trove for Robinson.
  9. Idk I kept reading articles that made it seem like Pelinka wanted Kuzma to stay more than Ingram because trading Ingram would open up more cap room for a potential Kawhi-LeBron-AD trio.
  10. Idk. Thanks to Rillers quickness’s and fluid hips I think he can figure it out and help out on defense as well (not elite but someone you can count on to not get burned repeatedly). He’s also a better passer than Kuzma is a rebounder. I think it was silly to trade Ingram over Kuzma because they valued Kuz more. Wut?
  11. If you think Wiseman is better than Ayton and Embiid. He's a potential perennial All NBA first or second team Center for nearly his entire career, and you still the Avdija is better than that? I am one of the biggest Avdija stan on the Internet. I think he could be Danny Granger with better handles and passing chops, but even I don't think that's better than a guy averaging 25Pts-12Reb-3Ast-2Blks throughout the prime of his career. I just think Avdija caps out around 22-7-5 during his prime, which is elite production, but he wont be as impactful a defender as Wiseman and he won't be hovering around those averages consistently. On a good team I think he'll be your guy who can get buckets, but not a guy you really rely on to get himself consistent shots I even think he'll have trouble getting to the line like Danny did. I do think he could be a real good help defender given his high IQ on rotations and helpside D. I think Deni could be really good, but again not as valuable as a consistent two-way All-NBA Center.
  12. We would have to be trading Mitch if Wiseman falls to #8. No sense of just giving Mitch to the Warriors just to secure Wiseman. Barrett/Wiseman has more potential than Barrett/Robinson, imo. Although, defensively Mitch has DPOY potential, I just don't think he'll ever turn into a competent Robin on offense. Which is my main concern moving forward. Will he have enough game to be able to help on both sides. Wiseman could very well lead the league in blocks while creating his own offense in the post, and elbow. A part of his game that is severely underrated is his passing around the elbows. Very in tune with what is going on on offense which is trait Mitch doesn't have yet or might not ever develop.
  13. Man why didn't you guys believe me about Becton. I knew he was gonna dominate, he's just too gifted.
  14. We could just sign Bertans outright.
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