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  1. Saints CB Breaux out 4-6 weeks, 2 doctors fired for misdiagnosis

    Why would it not be serious? What doctor is never going to make a mistake?
  2. Saints CB Breaux out 4-6 weeks, 2 doctors fired for misdiagnosis

    Firing the doctors for making a mistake, brilliant.
  3. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    I think they're pretty comfortable with their group (for this year). Gore is the workhorse, Turbin is the short yardage guy, and Mack is the change of pace + developmental guy. It makes sense on the surface since it's not an overly talented group, but I don't know where the touches would come from.
  4. Kelly out approx 3 weeks / foot injury

    Yesterday's game just made more clear how badly this offense needs Kelly to be healthy. Our depth is really bad.
  5. Saturday Night Preseason Games

    Rams have like 9 fumbles
  6. Swap 1 O. and D. player with each team in your division

    Don't make me beat you. Vontae Davis, Malik Hooker, Johnathan Hankins.
  7. NFL Suspends Zeke Elliot 6 games

    Clearly a PR move considering the lack of evidence. They dont care if he's guilty or not, it's just about perception.
  8. Colt's Madden Ratings

    Swoope being rated lower than a UDFA tight end (who I think we already cut?) is hilarious. I have a lot of manual editing to do.
  9. Colts release "unofficial" depth chart

    I've been hearing Hairston has been getting reps with the first team over Wilson. Thats a big surprise, I considered Hairston a practice squad candidate.
  10. Colt's Madden Ratings

    These are terrible. Most egregious is probably Hankins. Apparently Mingo is a better player than him lol Hooker should not be that low relative to other rookies.. the dude was a potential top 5 pick Hilton's 88 doesnt sound that bad until you see all the WRs rated above him around the league. Kelly deserves to be a good 5-6 pts higher, he;s our best OLman. There are too many other bad ratings (too high and too low) to list. They did very little research for these, that much is clear.