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  1. Yo Momma's Mock #2 with a 2nd Round added

    Chubb is nice but taking him over Barkley makes me sad. You clearly like Kolton Miller more than I do so I'll just say it's a good pick as far as position is concerned. Our hole at G is arguably larger though so in this scenario I think Billy Price would be a better choice.
  2. Mock Free Agency/Draft 1.0

    This is my nightmare I guess Chubb is a good pick for the Colts in this scenario. He's a beast but I worry about fit. I'd be much more comfortable with it if we switched to a 4-3.
  3. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as HC

    That he prefers a top 5 QB over an above average one?
  4. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as HC

    Our offense has been consistently held back by incompetent OCs. McDaniels wouldnt be my choice but I'm okay with it for that reason.
  5. 2018 NFL Draft Prospect Pro Comps

    I often see Stefon Diggs as a comparison for Ridley, which isn't a bad one. But as a Colts fan I cant help but be reminded of Reggie Wayne.
  6. Most safe bet sure thing player in this draft?

    This is terrifying. I didn't follow the draft that year and had no idea people were so high on Warmack. It's almost as if they're talking about Nelson in those threads. Time to revisit the tape..
  7. National Championship Game | #4 Alabama vs #3 Georgia

    Better than showing Bryce Love bleeding to death through the crack in the medical tent
  8. National Championship Game | #4 Alabama vs #3 Georgia

    Anyone who is a fan of both the Falcons and the Dawgs... I feel for you
  9. Wild Card Week Mock Draft. 2nd round added Jan 6th

    Would be ecstatic with Barkley. Not a fan of Bryant though. With how your draft shakes out I'd prefer Tremaine Edmunds, Brian O'Neill, or Braden Smith there.
  10. D82's 2018 7 Rd Mock Draft w/ (some) Trades *REDUX*

    I don't get that at all. Peppers is not a single high guy, they were just forcing him to play there for some reason. Minkah fits that role much, much better.
  11. Staying or Going - The 2018 Early Entry or Not Thread

    Anyone know the general accuracy of the advisory board?
  12. Most safe bet sure thing player in this draft?

    I can't envision a world in which Saquon Barkley is not a good NFL player. Worthy of #1 overall IMO
  13. Your Draft Hot Takes

    Have you, erm... watched Barkley?
  14. 2018 Mock 1st w/ Trades

    Gore is a FA anyway, can't see him returning. I'd love to go OL but there's no one worth it that high. As much as I love Nelson, I just can't get behind taking a guard at 3. With a trade down I'd be all over him though. Chubb is beast, but unless our new coach switches us to a 4-3, I'd rather just stick with our already solid players (Simon and Sheard) for another year.
  15. 2018 Mock 1st w/ Trades

    Barkley is the BPA no question. I know everyone has their heart set on giving us Chubb but I think Ballard is smart enough to go with Barkley or trade down if he's not there.