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  1. Colts release Hankins

    What in gods name? He's one of the few good players we have.
  2. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Wow I never expected that kind of return for dropping 3 spots. Seems odd for the Jets though, they must be going after someone in particular but who says he'll be there?
  3. I'm sorry for questioning you Lord Ballard
  4. Cardinals sign Justin Pugh

    See, that's the problem. Neglecting the line now means being forced to address it in the early rounds instead of acquiring difference makers at other positions. And this roster needs a lot of em. I know there is still time. But damn is this frustrating. Anyway, back to Pugh and the Cardinals. I'll go cry in the corner.
  5. Cardinals sign Justin Pugh

    I can understand the hesitance to overspend, especially with such a weak FA crop this year. But not when it comes to the OL. Andrew could be dead by weak 6 at this rate.
  6. Cardinals sign Justin Pugh

    3rd most cap space in the league, and what do we have to show for it? Denico Autry.
  7. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Autry any good?
  8. Draft Rumors

    I don't understand why the Jets signed both Bridgewater and McCown. They are in good position to get their next franchise guy and they certainly don't need 2 bridge QBs.
  9. Offseason Discussion

    You just want us to pass on Chubb, stop being so selfish
  10. Offseason Discussion

    Cmon guys. let the Colts have this one. For Andrew.
  11. Colts will carryover $16.8 million from 2017

    Well we have our answer. This FA period has been so frustrating. I do not agree with Ballard's philosophy.
  12. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    I'd be cool with taking him due to his versatility in the secondary. But if we're looking for a pure corner I'd actually prefer Ward at 12.
  13. FA Frenzy Mock Draft

    Probably the bare minimum in terms of compensation the Colts would receive, but I'd still be really tempted to take it. Not sure we have a great spot for Minkah but his value would be too much to pass up there, good pick. Love the LVE pick. However Josh Jackson would be tempting considering we'll probably be playing primarily zone now. (Edit: unless you have Minkah playing CB like you listed, I missed that the first time)
  14. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    That is correct. Ballard is a draft + bargain bin FA only kind of GM. Frustrating as hell this time of year when we have such a barren roster.
  15. Jags sign Moncrief WR

    Showed potential with Luck, especially as a redzone performer. Was lazy and useless with Brissett. Still, would have rather brought him back than be forced to fill another damn hole.