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  1. Holy crap. Disappointing as a Colts fan but I would have felt worse if we gave up that kind of value.
  2. So tiptoe around everyone at all times on the off chance you might find someone who gets offended too easily. Got it.
  3. Time to stop taking the internet so seriously
  4. You guys need some tinfoil hats. This was simple incompetence.
  5. I am a Covid survivor. I had to work from home for a while. I had to go without tasting my red bulls and pizzas for over a week. I had to force my family to delay Thanksgiving by 1 day so I could join them. Learn from my story.
  6. One of the worst calls I've seen lol
  7. Yeah I get that. Maybe try reddit, they have a pretty big draft community who appreciate that level of effort and research. But my guess is that you had more lurkers like me reading it than you realized. I'm really excited about Karlaftis. Thibodeaux got all the hype last year, but Karlaftis was a monster as well. 55 pressures, 17 TFL, 7.5 Sacks as a true freshman. Then he opens this season against Iowa with 6 pressures and a sack against guys like Alaric Jackson and Coy Cronk. Just ate their lunch several times. Also kicked inside at times and was a nightmare for their guards
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