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  1. I hated the McDaniels hire, thank god he backed out. I still can't understand what Ballard was thinking there. Reich has been a godsend. He's what the Colts are all about and have always been all about. McDaniels is the polar opposite.
  2. Browns interviewing Rice for HC job

    Well arent you just ****ing hilarious.
  3. Joe Thomas; Sam Darnold IS a BUST

    Darnold has an absolute trash offense around him. Neglecting that side of the ball for so long is really coming back to bite them.
  4. Pro Bowl predictions

    Since this has turned into a "for my team" thread... Colts: Andrew Luck, Eric Ebron, Darius Leonard, Ryan Kelly, and Quenton Nelson should be in the conversation based on their play. I haven't followed the rest of the league enough to know if they are realistic or not.
  5. Antonio Brown gets a ticket

    AB is such a clown
  6. MNF GDT: Titans vs. Cowboys

    I'd be surprised if Tennessee scores 10 points tonight.
  7. Week 9 GDT

    I feel like the Jets have played a mediocre to bad team in every single game this year
  8. 2018 Draft Class Progress: Mid-Season Edition

    1. Quenton Nelson G: Very good. Has a couple lowlight reel plays but otherwise has been extremely consistent and dependable. Just won offensive rookie of the month. 2. Darius Leonard LB: Has to be top 3 for DROY. Has the production of an all pro. Is all over the field and makes impact plays every week. 2. Braden Smith OL: Was drafted as a guard but has been forced to play RT due to injuries. Looks good so far, should keep his starting spot for the foreseeable future. 2. Kemoko Turay DE: Developmental pass rusher who has been hot and cold. 3 sacks so far. 2. Tyquan Lewis DL: Got hurt in camp but should be returning in the coming weeks. 4. Nyheim Hines RB: Early on he seemed like a WR playing RB, but has really been coming on as a runner lately. 5. Reece Fountain WR: Practice squad. Has not been able to crack the active roster despite a bleak WR situation. 5. Jordan Wilkins RB: A capable runner with pretty good vision, but he's nothing special. 3rd on the depth chart behind Mack and Hines. 6. Deon Cain WR: Was one of the main recipients of training camp hype, but got hurt in the first preseason game and was placed on IR. 7. Matthew Adams LB: Good special teamer, a few snaps here and there on D. 7. Zaire Franklin LB: Plays some on run downs. Not atrocious. What I thought was an underwhelming class has been great so far. Fountain is the only one I would consider a flat out miss to this point with Lewis and Cain as unknowns due to injury. It still pains me to have passed on Harold Landry and Maurice Hurst, but I can't argue with the results.
  9. I'm ashamed that my team only beat them by 2 TDs honestly
  10. This is.. something else
  11. Man both of these teams desperately need Bosa.
  12. Bills sign QB Matt Barkley

    Do not sully his good name with your sarcasm. He got us Andrew Luck.
  13. Nathan Pinterman starting next week against Chicago

    God's a chick now?
  14. Raiders place RB Marshawn Lynch on IR

    Quit winnin for Quinnen.