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  1. New 7 Rounder With Comp Picks - Updated 22nd Feb

    Indianapolis Colts 26. Byron Murphy [ CB ] Washington 34. Jeffery Simmons [ DT ] Mississippi State 58. Hakeem Butler [ WR ] Iowa State 90. Benny Snell Jr. [ RB ] Kentucky 129. Jaquan Johnson [ S ] Miami 136. Emmanuel Hall [ WR ] Missouri 167. Ed Alexander [ DT ] LSU 202. Iman Marshall [ CB ] USC 244. BJ Autry [ OG ] Jacksonville State First two picks would make me cry tears of unfathomable joy. The rest is good as well. My only issue I guess would be not adding any DL talent that would actually improve the unit for the coming season. We need pass rush in the worst way.
  2. Colts OG Matt Slauson declares retirement

    Glowinski was gonna be the starter at RG regardless of what happened with Slauson.
  3. Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3-year, $13M deal

    I remember last offseason whenever someone mocked a center to the Bills, it was met with something like "this guy doesnt know anything, we have Ryan Groy!!" I hope we have all learned a valuable lesson.
  4. Free Agency, Trades, 2 Rounds

    59 is ours, which he has us trading to GB. He wrote Los Angeles for some reason though. He didn't say that he wasn't concerned about WR. He just said the emergence of Ebron helped offset the hole at WR2. Sounded to me like he understood the importance of finding another threat but is comfortable enough with where we are if nothing materializes. Well when he talked about our biggest needs he did mention guys who can "lock up and play man to man" right after he talked about edge rushers. Oh and don't forget Tim Jennings and Jerraud Powers. Personally I love this mock. Baker is a great fit in our D and excels in man and zone. Harry is seemingly the perfect compliment to TY in terms of skill set. My biggest gripe is no DL but Fowler is a decent add in FA.
  5. 7 Rounds With Comp Picks Predictions

    Love Harry and Oruwariye, good fits and good value. The rest looks pretty good, would definitely prefer a DE sooner though. Do you think Lawrence would fit in a one gap attacking style D?
  6. Johanns Mock #1

    Perfect. Hoping he or Byron Murphy falls but I doubt it.
  7. Simmons is incredible. Taking Sweat over him would be madness.
  8. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    We have Geathers, more of a box safety, and UDFA Odum starting at safety. We are boned.
  9. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Yup that realllllly hurts us
  10. Divisional Round Scoring Predictions

    Looks like snow in KC tomorrow. Gonna amend my prediction. 27-24 Colts. Honestly if this game were in Indy I would pick the Chiefs.
  11. Goldfish's 2 Rounds - Updated

    Pretty close to ideal. Julian Love would be tough to pass up but I can't argue with Polite or Brown.
  12. Colts raise 1-0 Flag outside stadium

    Why the hell is this a story? "1-0 each week" has been the team's motto all season.
  13. Divisional round

    You know I was gonna be okay with losing to KC this weekend. Still an awesome season with a very bright future. Then I ventured over to "Arrowhead Pride". God I hope we stomp them.
  14. Sooners' Kyler Murray officially declares for NFL draft

    He literally looks like a midget in that picture.
  15. Divisional round

    Take a deep breath.