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  1. Random Game Talk

    Not super into platformers but I recently played Hollow Knight and Ori. They were great. Any others like these?
  2. What video game are you playing?

    I started replaying AC Origins/Odyssey on a whim. 140 hours later...
  3. J-Deere almost draft time 2 Rounder

    I find that "Jonah must move inside" narrative to be really strange. I mean he would make an awesome G/C but he has all the requisite tools to succeed on the outside.
  4. Jerry Tillery, Marquise Brown, Dexter Lawrence Tillery reminds me of the Chris Jones pick that Ballard was involved with in KC. A super high potential DT who hasn't quite put it all together yet, but could go much higher if he were to have had another year in college. As long as his character checks out, he seems like the most likely pick here. I see Marquise Brown as the best addition as far as skill players go. He has similarities to Hilton (who is nearing 30) and they would combine to compliment Ebron/Doyle/Funchess perfectly. Right now TY is the only major non-redzone threat and that has gotta change. I'm kind of skeptical about Lawrence's fit in our one gap attacking scheme, but Ballard is all about the trenches and we have only a bandaid at NT right now. Dalton Risner and Johnathan Abram seem like quintessential Ballard picks as well.

    Seems to be a theme here with these guys. I'm always really wary of prospects that are "talked" up the boards. I think Reddick is a prime example. But then again there are some cases where it seems like the community was just sleeping on a guy despite great tape (Ragnow)
  6. Favorite Plays In History

    I won't add to the effort to crash everyone's browsers by posting a video, but Marlin Jackson's INT on Brady to win the 2006 AFCCG remains the best moment of my life. Yes I've led a sad, sad life. But still.
  7. Yeah, I've got Ed Oliver going Number 2...

    A draft like this convince me a higher power exists
  8. J-Deere almost draft time 2 Rounder

    The Josh Jacobs pick would be ridiculed by most Colts fans, but not me. Behind our line he would be so dangerous, and Mack would then become one of the best RB2s in the league. I want our offense to take the next step and Jacobs would help it do that. Tillery and Rapp are great picks.

    I can't believe such a big discussion is being had over someone's political leanings. Man we've gone nutty. Anyway as for DJ's mock, he's not the first person I've heard mention Lonnie Johnson as a potential first round guy. It would seem that the NFL is much higher on him than the draft community is.
  10. If Simmons goes 1 pick in front of us in real life I will die on the spot
  11. Consensus Mock Draft - Post Combine - Pick 19 - Tennessee Titans

    Exactly. Davis / Humphries / Taylor is a decent group but they're really lacking that alpha / downfield threat. Metcalf could open up so much for them.
  12. Consensus Mock Draft - Post Combine - Pick 19 - Tennessee Titans

    1. Metcalf 2. Bradbury 3. Hockenson They better get some help for Mariota. Their interior still needs some help but it would be tough to pass on a big time weapon like Metcalf.
  13. Should the Seahawks trade Russell Wilson?

    Can't believe this is even a discussion. Let's chalk it up to offseason crazy talk.
  14. Four Rds and some trades

    I like it a lot. Hits our pressing needs with solid value at each spot.
  15. 2 Rounds of Fun

    Harry / Simmons / Winovich A+ for the Simmons and Winovich picks. Understand the rationale for the Harry pick as well, just not crazy about him at 26.