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  1. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    Was just about to say I wouldve rather we just kept Desir. I guess Rhodes offers higher upside but Desir was steady. This feels like a Grigson signing honestly. I will never hate too much on one year prove it deals though.
  2. Rams new logo unveiled

  3. Colts cut CB Pierre Dessir

    Weird. Must have someone else in mind because this kills our depth.
  4. Steelers sign TE Eric Ebron (2 years, $12 M)

    Well he's one hell of a redzone target. That's about the only compliment I'm willing to give him.
  5. Jags trade Foles to Bears for 4th round pick

    Lol what's the point? Foles sucks.
  6. Doom Eternal

    My most anticipated game in months.
  7. Cowboys sign DT Gerald McCoy (3 year deal)

    Thought Trysten Hill might get a look with Collins leaving.
  8. Phillip Rivers signs with Colts - 1 year, 25M

    Glad it's one year. No strong feelings either way about this.
  9. Rivers is close to signing with the Colts

    She couldnt handle our glamour anyway.
  10. Phillip Rivers signs with Colts - 1 year, 25M

    I dont care either way on this one. I've always seen Rivers as a dbag and he could be washed, but going through another season with Brissett would be mindnumbing.
  11. Dolphins sign CB Byron Jones (5 years, $82.5 M, $57 gt'd)

    Paying CBs terrifies me. Such a fickle position.
  12. 49ers trade Buckner to Colts

    How is 13 an overpay lol any team would kill for their first rounder to become Buckner. Would people call Kinlaw a reach if that was the pick?
  13. 49ers trade Buckner to Colts

    I wanted Kinlaw at 13 anyway and we wouldve been super lucky if he turned out to be as good as Buckner. If you dont see Herbert or Love as your guy then this is a no brainer
  14. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    What is happening
  15. Pre FA 7 Rounder With Comp Picks & 1st Rd Explanations

    All great fits. Reich would be foaming at the mouth to get Love and Shenault in the building. Blacklock is just the type of penetrating 3T that Ballard would covet. Hopkins is an ideal complement to Jack Doyle. I have not watched any of the rest past Hopkins, but spending the next 2 picks on OL depth is great as well.