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  1. Absurd lol. There is 0 chance someone as powerful, disruptive, and techincally sound as Karlaftis falls out of the first
  2. Yeah, that sort of speed is just ridiculous and unacceptable. The "we were all young once" doesn't really fly if you kill someone.
  3. It might honestly be Eric Fisher lol. If we had to start Tevi our season is toast.
  4. Not worried about David Bell's speed/separation concerns? Would also like to hear your thoughts on Cory Trice.
  5. We were on the verge of starting Sam Tevi.
  6. I'm better than Tevi Cmon Ballard make it happen
  7. Thanks for the spoiler Rapaport. God why do they do that? No one cares about your scoop.
  8. Thats gotta be a QB reaction right lol
  9. No real surprises yet, cmon lets spice this up
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