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  1. During the 2018 season, I frequented every DROY debate I could find. By far the #1 criticism of Leonard in such discussions was his inability in coverage, and I saw people citing PFF numerous times. Maybe his grade improved throughout the year, or maybe they revised it. But that I doubt because I watch both of their major NFL podcasts, and they have said the same thing regarding his coverage. Hell, I even attended their live show in Indy for the combine and Leonard was a guest. For about 10 minutes they debated whether PFF graders understood his defensive assignments or not, because they docked him for missing coverage assignments. This has been an idea I have seen parroted all over the place. Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, you name it. Edit: and to be fair, his biggest weakness since entering the league has been his zone awareness. His length, athleticism, and ball skills have served him well in man coverage since day 1, but his zone coverage has needed some development.
  2. Colts Overrated: As mentioned this is a tough one for small markets. I dont think the OL is as elite as perceived, Malik Hooker is still living off draft hype for some, and Jack Doyle probably shouldnt be a two time probowler. Mark Glowinksi gets a pass as part of a great OL, but he stinks. I'd imagine many outsiders would say Philip Rivers or Darius Leonard. I often hear that the former is washed up and that the latter can't cover (thanks PFF). Underrated: C Ryan Kelly, LB Anthony Walker. Best: G Quenton Nelson. Worst: 1T Grover Stewart, RG Mark Glowinski, the DE opposite Houston in base. New key: DeForest Buckner in terms of highest impact. Instantly our 2nd best player if you ask me. But Xavier Rhodes might be the biggest x-factor. Could surprise: DE Kemoko Turay. Truly believe he has double digit sack potential if he can stay healthy. He's a passing-down-only guy but is a pressure machine when he can tee off. Prove it year: Malik Hooker. His 5th year option was declined. If he doesnt step up his play, he will be gone after this season.
  3. Seems about right. Pittman and Taylor should make an impact from day 1, and Eason was a nice 'steal' for a project QB, but other than that not a lot that stands out. Lol. Common theme among all fan bases. "Our worst positions are A, B, and C. We will surely not pick anything outside of those!"
  4. No one has said that.
  5. He kinda lightheartedly said "I'm not sure hes not the best WR in the draft!" after wildly gushing about him. I highly doubt he actually had him ranked #1.
  6. Bengals got a steal in Bailey.
  7. Man, Markus Bailey really isnt gonna get drafted is he
  8. Proche is a nice pick this late
  9. Trying to placate the fans that wanted Lamb?
  10. Whats up with DPJ still being available
  11. Please talk about the picks ESPN, I beg of you
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