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  1. Can PJ Walker be a starting QB gor these teams

    He's a 3rd string QB in the NFL.
  2. The Myles Garrett incident

    Lmao I'm done with this thread
  3. The Myles Garrett incident

    Garrett should be out for the year and charged with assault.
  4. TNF GDT - Chargers (4-5) @ Raiders (4-4)

    Dammit Carlson
  5. TNF GDT - Chargers (4-5) @ Raiders (4-4)

    Why is an NFL halftime show telling me about some crappy john cena movie?
  6. Colts WR Parris Campbell has surgery today for fractured hand

    Dare ye underestimate the Brian Hoyer - Chester Rogers connection?
  7. Official 2020 TE Thread

    The horror!
  8. NE trades DE Michael Bennett to DAL for a conditional 6th/7th

    One of the biggest dbags in the league.
  9. 2019-2020 NCAAB Discussion Thread 1.0: VCJ for NCAA POY

    Wish Matt Painter would get some more credit.
  10. Top 10 SG's of all time

    Allen over MIller is a travesty and you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  11. NY Trouble: Giants or Jets, which team has the worse future

    I prefer Darnold to Jones and Douglas to Gettleman. So the Jets have the advantage in the two biggest factors here. I dont care that Gase sucks, the question is about the future and I cant see him hanging around long. I also prefer the Jets' young talent. That said I dont feel great about either team's future.
  12. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    It's time we start exploring policies regarding the redistribution of likes.
  13. Good stuff as always, I've been really busy this season so these posts help a lot in keeping up with things. For Purdue, WR David Bell and DE George Karlaftis are two true freshmen you should keep your eye on. Jeff Brohm is bringing in so much talent I don't know what to do with myself. Too bad injuries have derailed this season.
  14. Raiders LB Vontaze Burfiict suspended for season

    This idiot shouldnt be allowed to play again.
  15. Week 2 Heroes and Goats

    344 yards through 2 games. The guy is just unfair.
  16. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    This isnt funny guys
  17. I cannot believe some people are still on this. It's time to get over it.
  18. Training Camp Buzz

    Fellow 2nd rounder Rock Ya-Sin has been equally impressive in camp.
  19. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    I'm assuming you're referring to the Chiefs game where the Colts D got exposed? I know the broadcast showed a montage of Leonard getting beat in coverage, and certainly his awareness in zone is the one aspect that he must improve on if he wants to be considered an elite LB (though he's already really good in man which tends to get overlooked). But in spite of that, he still had 14 tackles and one of his signature clutch FFs in that game. Sack production for off ball LBs is hard to maintain but I don't see his production slowing down anywhere else. He doesn't have to be Kuechly for that to be the case.
  20. Madden Ratings(Your own)

    I found the Colts ratings to be pretty fair. Only a few minor gripes: 1) Leonard (84). I understand being cautious with 2nd year players, but then I look at other rookie standouts like Barkley (91), Ward (88), Nelson (87), James (86), and LVE (86). I think Leonard should be an 86 given these other ratings. 2) Interior DL (Autry 76 and Hunt 75). While Autry's 9 sacks may be a bit misleading, he was still an above average 3T. He took over a couple games with his interior pressure. Then with Hunt, he really found a home in this system as a NT. I would probably add 2-3 to both of their ratings. 3) Anthony Walker (69). He had a breakout year but was overshadowed by Darius Leonard. He is far from irreplaceable but a 69 ignores his really solid play.
  21. That is one of the dumbest ideas I've heard.
  22. Great Colts report. Only issue I see is that you said we were last with 18 sacks, while that is actually the number of sacks allowed. We were tied for 19th with 38 sacks on defense. Doesn't really change your point though because we were terrible at getting pressure with the DL. Houston should help a ton.
  23. Official 2020 TE Thread

    @Ozzy Any opinion on Brycen Hopkins?