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  1. Free Agent QB Discussion

    If Dalton is going to be the new Case Keenum, let’s get him for that first year.
  2. Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald to return for 17th season

    Everyone saying he won't get a ring, but let's remember the Titans are one game away from being in the Super Bowl
  3. Random Bears THOTs

    Bears announced that Training Camp will no longer be held in Bourbonnais. Instead, it will be held in Lake Forest at Halas Hall.
  4. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    So we were that unattractive to legitimate candidates, huh?
  5. Bears hire Clancy Barone as TE coach

    It's funny because Burton is one of the only reliable weapons on offense for the Bears in Madden 19 haha
  6. Bears hire Clancy Barone as TE coach

    If he made Julius Thomas a pro bowler, maybe he can turn Burton into something, assuming Burton decides he actually wants to participate
  7. Bears hire Clancy Barone as TE coach

    Cal the Vikings. Offer them Trey Burton and Tarik Cohen for Kyle Rudolph and a 4th.
  8. Around the NFL Thread

    With all of Miami's draft capital, if they add a QB who can play mistake-free football, as Brady does, I could see them making a big turnaround next year. They also have close to $100 million in cap space. The fact that Brian Flores is there is just icing on the cake.
  9. Around the NFL Thread

    Reports are that Teddy will only leave NO for a 'special situation'. Anyone wonder if Brady may leave New England, and Teddy goes there? Could see Brady leaving for Miami, Tennessee, Los Angeles (chargers), or Tampa Bay
  10. Around the NFL Thread

    Yeah, with the Browns being the only remaining vacancy (and my personal belief that they go with Roman or Bieniemy), this would be more for a 2021 opening. I think ultimately the Browns will avoid Stefanski. He has created a great run game in Minnesota, but I think Cleveland will prefer the more well rounded results produced by KC and Bal.
  11. When to pick the next QB?

    Right. It's the seagulls that are concerning.
  12. Around the NFL Thread

    Is McDaniels not interviewing anywhere? That would be pretty telling. At the same time, it would also be telling if he took a job with a QB vacancy.
  13. Your #1 FA Target

    TE is the position that Pace Glennon's this offseason. However, with our finances, I'm anticipating one of Vance McDonald, MyCole Pruitt, Seth DeValve, or Charles Clay, in addition to a high draft selection.
  14. Your #1 FA Target

    The time is now. JAKE KIRKPATRICK!

    One thing that I haven't heard mentioned yet is the slight possibility that David Njoku gets released from Cleveland. I know Kitchens is gone now, but they have some other guys there who proved competent, so the new regime may elect to move on.