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  1. The Gnat's Dynasty League

    Pick 1.10 is available, prime position for those low tier 1 and high tier 2 guys.
  2. McCaffrey vs Mixon PPR Dynasty league

    I personally believe that if Mixon can leave his baggage at the airport, he has the talent to be an AD type player... but one with better hands who can catch the ball out of the backfield. I just can't help but think that McCaffery's game relies too much on shiftiness to be a long term contributor.
  3. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Aside from last season, has he missed any significant time? I can't recall.
  4. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Reports on Vereen have been very positive... http://rotoworld.com/player/nfl/6445/shane-vereen
  5. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Even a broken watch tells time twice a day...
  6. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Looking to move walker, rivers, or Matthews for an OTC pick and a move up in next years draft.
  7. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    Gonna take a swing on: Shane Vereen, RB, NYG @sammymvpknight is OTC
  8. Gridiron Greats Dynasty League

    @Morkim is OTC
  9. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Didn't think he would last until my next pick. Glad I snagged him.
  10. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    Jonathan Williams, RB, Buffalo @honolulu2786 is OTC
  11. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    D. Pumphery, RB, PHI @Canadian_Patriot is OTC
  12. Gridiron Greats Dynasty League

    @Oregon Ducks OTC
  13. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    I'd like to acquire a RB. If you have interest in a rostered player, let me know.
  14. USMC's Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Made my pick on this board. @sammymvpknight is up.
  15. USMC's Dynasty Draft Thread

    I'll go ahead and make the inaugural pick on this board. Surprised he's still available: Jamison Crowder, WR, Washington @sammymvpknight is now OTC.