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  1. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    Pagano: “no interest in head coaching again. Done it.”
  2. Unless they figure waiting will cost them more in the long run. If they lock him up for 7, 8 years, who are we to call it a bad move. In 7 or 8 years whatever they pay him will probably be cheap for a QB.
  3. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    With him being an impending free agent and how easy it is to simply draft a RB, I see them settling for a 5th and a future 6th or 7th, and that’s only if they’re desperate to get something for him.
  4. 2019 free agency targets

    Could Long be a trade candidate?
  5. Bears interested in Kareem Hunt?

    You already know something irritating is going to happen, like hunt to the packers. Reports are that multiple teams are interested.
  6. The 3rd and 4th Round

    He likely means vs league average in each round. IE round 4 pace 40% hit rate vs league average 30% hit rate and round 5 pace 30% hit rate vs league average 15% hit rate (made up numbers)
  7. 2019 free agency targets

    No doubt they will add a body or two. I think the offense will focus on limiting Jameis’s mistakes. Barber turns out to be a free agent. I think something akin to Mark Ingram and Amber Abdullah makes that offense a lot more well rounded.
  8. 2019 free agency targets

    A lot of people have talked up Tevin Coleman as “this years Jerick McKinnon”. So I don’t see us going that route, and, as you said, durability is an issue. I think he will get a nice deal from someone, I don’t think it will be the Bucs though. While they could use a boost at RB, Barber was serviceable, and they just invested high draft capital into Ronald Jones. I can see Coleman ending up with the Eagles, Raiders, Texans, or Bills. Of those, I think Philly and Buffalo make the most sense.
  9. League 2019 off season

    Former Jags OC. Helped Bortles during his career year, but was fired mid-season this year. "QB Guru" type guy.
  10. Cody Parkey on the Today Show

    The difference is that the FGs being made wouldn’t have won the game
  11. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Pretty sure I have: My first Honolulu's First USMC's First Cal's First My 2nd USMC's 2nd. Also I have the right to swap a second with Cal, naturally I will swap USMC's 2nd for Cal's 2nd. Anyone wanting to move down in round 1, get in touch
  12. GDT Birds at Bears Sun. 3:40

    I’m done with the Bears. Right after the Cohen return I remarked “I’m not getting excited, this is Bears football.” Sad to be right. Bye, football.
  13. Random Bears THOTs

    Bears Chargers is my super bowl prediction