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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    He moved up like five spots in this draft and I still got who I was targeting. Just consider it complete without any additional changes. Remove the 2019 stipulations and let’s move on.
  2. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    @CalLionsFan otc
  3. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (2018 Draft Thread)

    Daniel Carlson, MIN K
  4. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    Trade announcement: I send: Kamara, Ingram, 1.6, 2019 3rd** @Bigbear72 send: Henry, Keelan Cole, 1.2, 2019 1st 2019 3rd is conditional on Cole finishing with 45 or greater catches, if less, becomes 2019 4th.
  5. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    With guice out I can’t wait to have another top pick next year
  6. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Trades 2/3 should not be a conflict, if you look at trade #1 you can see it had been adjusted to Honolulu receiving a 4th instead of 5th
  7. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    My 6th and his 4th. This change is necessitated because my 6th was committed in another deal. Have made a lot of deals this offseason, and that, combined with RL responsibilities, has made it difficult to keep track of what assets I have.
  8. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Usmc and I are revising the trade that we made where he moved from 3.4 to 2.16. There will be no swap of 2019 picks, and instead there will be a future swap of players to be named later.
  9. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

  10. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    QB - Rivers, Mariota RB - KJohnson, Chubb, Coleman, Ekeler, Edmonds WR - Jeffery, Agholor, Thielen, Anderson, Godwin, Taylor, Richardson, Kirk TE - Ebron DEF - Ravens D/ST K - TBD Future Assets: 2019 1st (Chisoxguy) 2019 1st (Honolulu) 2019 1st (USMC) 2019 1st (Cal) 2019 2nd (USMC) 2019 2nd (Chisoxguy)
  11. Bears Forum Fantasy Football 2018

    Last call if anyone else wants in!
  12. 2018 Scrubs League! - 2 Owners Needed!

  13. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Still looking to acquire a pick!
  14. The SuperFlex Syndicate (Dynasty Discussion Thread)

    @JaguarCrazy2832 saw you mentioned me and came here all excited expecting to see my team writeup!