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  1. Every other NFC North team lost.
  2. There's a photo circulating the internet of a Hummer that did something similar. The guy went to drive away, lit a cigarette, and that was all she wrote for the vehicle.
  3. Do we save money for Massie too?
  4. On paper, if the Bears can start hitting some plays to the mid and deep parts of the field, in theory, their offense should open up. We have been horrifically incapable on offense largely because defenses have only needed to defend within 10 yards of the LOS. If defenses have to respect us beyond there, we should have more success running the ball and the plays that we do run short should be completed more often and go for more yards. Should. This article from 2018 suggests Dalton grades favorably on deep and outside passes: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/5/31/1741101
  5. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
  6. This sounds eerily similar to a QB that recently operated as starting QB of the Chicago Bears. Regardless, Nagy and Co. aren't going to successfully develop a QB. I'm just hoping we stumble into some building blocks for the next administration.
  7. Wasn't there some kind of controversy with Brown around draft time? I don't remember exactly what it was, I think he may have tested historically poorly at the Combine? Or was it something else?
  8. Guys I'm starting to think if Trevor Lawrence falls, we should draft him
  9. Going to bed with extremely enhanced sobriety due to the cold reality we find ourselves in
  10. With what is left on the FA market, their best on the field product is to keep ARob, even if they sign Golladay.
  11. Golladay/Robinson/Mooney would be a great trio but at the end of the day Andy Dalton is throwing the ball and we still have holes on the OL, a geriatric Jimmy G and a sophomore Kmet. Any money we have for Golladay should have gone to Reilly Reiff. However, Chicago doesn't seem like the most appealing destination for free agents. These players aren't stupid. Why come play for a regime who should be on the way out?
  12. Just do what the Cubs did and market it as a curse to keep people engaged.
  13. Knowing Pace, he would probably send Foles and a first for nothing to clear up cap space to bring back Kevin White on a long term deal
  14. You are giving Ryan Pace a lot of credit he has not earned.
  15. Based on how Pace manages the franchise, probably releasing him for nothing.
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