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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Not going to happen!
  2. Jordan Howard trade rumors are back

    If Howard continues to show progress as a receiver, I’ll take him on an extension in the 5-7M a year range. That pays him somewhere between duke Johnson and Lamar Miller, and slightly less than jerick McKinnon, who I think got overpaid.
  3. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Going to make a run to contend this year. If you are selling, hit me up. I have very attractive assets next year.
  4. Random Bears THOTs

    Oh lord!
  5. Random Bears THOTs

    Hope you got that for free, ha!
  6. Random Bears THOTs

    Yup! There are some very small imperfections, but for what I paid for them, I'm not upset.
  7. Streams of the Week (Week 7 up!)

    Clement will be the guy in philly, and with the rumors making it seem like they could trade for someone... just don’t see smallwood getting a chance
  8. Streams of the Week (Week 7 up!)

    Powell at this point in time
  9. Random Bears THOTs

    So I received a very special package in the mail today... my first ever Bears jerseys!
  10. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    Eh, rolling the dice on James and Goedert
  11. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    It is therapeutic to see a team other than yours on top Sorry not sorry!
  12. Bye Week Look at the Future

    Exactly. Plus, when you consider that Oakland's 2020 2nd should be early, that gives us a semi-high pick to address a more premium position like CB, or use it to trade down and acquire more mid-round draft capital, which Pace has shown he can capitalize on.
  13. Bye Week Look at the Future

    Which, given that you can find a starting RB in rounds 3-5 of the draft, is not a huge issue.
  14. 2018 Scrubs League! - League Full! Sending Invites

    Ehhh, haven’t seen enough from him to trade for him
  15. USMC's "Dirty Dozen" Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Collins also available.