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  1. The current standard for top quarterbacks:

    A QB with a defense that allow low points will be way more efficient. Than a Qb who defense who allows a lot of points. I prefer to rank qb my points scored a game than td to int ratio
  2. That just meant they scored other ways. But Jones contributed greatly getting into scoring position. I prefer to look yardage and catches to be honest. They usually don't lie expect for players like Landry, Elderman, Welker. Where would you put R. White before or after Marshal.
  3. Ignoring the number and just going off skill and dominance I have the following above and equal to him Rice Moss Brown Hopkins Owens C.Johnson His game tier Thomas Green Beckham Johnson** Evans Smith Marshall Fitzgerald (I want to put him above him but I don't want to say what if he had a QB.) D. Bryant D. Thomas (prime wasn't as long) Harrison Wayne
  4. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    But he been on some pretty good teams. I think its there coaching.
  5. Top 10 QBs of 2010s

    I honestly can't rank these guys because they excel at different aspects of the game but I will say Rodger has a rightful spot at the number I did not include fumbles because I ran out of time but Rodger by far as the most per game, Brady, Then Brees. Brady QBR 100.29 TD per year 31.6 Ints per yr 8 YPG 280 Comp % 64.33 Brees QBR 103.65 TD per year 34.5 Ints 12.7 YPG 305.6 Comp % 69.91 Rodgers QBR 103.59 TD per year 30.? Ints 6.9 YPG 210 Comp % 64.88
  6. Mahomes vs Wilson

    He already has all the tools to better. Have you ever seen a QB that is even capable of doing the things he is. I am not talking about greatness either I am talking about ability, skills and applying it on the field. Here's my question why does he need more than two years? The best is the best I don't disagree because if I need a win a championship today even though Maholmes just won one I am going with Wilson.
  7. HOF 2020 modern era inductees revealed

    Faneca was never consider the best at his positions. Hutchinson was for quite a few years. This is a no brainer
  8. What should qualify a player for the Hall of Fame?

    I don't know if big Ben is a Hofer.
  9. What should qualify a player for the Hall of Fame?

    Aikman shouldn't be in the Hall of Fame he just happened to be the QB on a Hall of Fame team. Warner was one of the best to every through a football.
  10. Mahomes vs Wilson

    This is an obvious Maholmes. He is the best quarterback you have ever seen. (I don't care what age you are.) At only three years in the NFL you are looking at the best and greatest QB to play the game. When all said and done he will more than likely be the unanimous GOAT of the league.
  11. Dan Marino vs Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning

    I recall Manning arm strength was never in question. Did he have a Farve cannon No. but there wasn't a pass he couldn't make.
  12. How big is the gap between Mahomes and Watson/Jackson?

    Based off his play this year that is being generous.
  13. How big is the gap between Mahomes and Watson/Jackson?

    TD's are just a method of scoring, Wilson is every bit as good at Maholmes even with the having the same talent around him.
  14. What should qualify a player for the Hall of Fame?

    They might be able to sneak in between that gap.