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  1. Oh I don't know. I'm not on twitter. B/R's livestream is minutes ahead of ESPN though
  2. How is Bleacher Report getting picks before everyone else? They've already called 9
  3. Surprising with Simmons
  4. That ain't happening. I would be surprised if we have more than 3 trades all night
  5. Wtf is on Drew Rosenhaus' head? Looks like a giant tarantula
  6. Derrick Brown with the most calm celebration ever haha
  7. My point exactly...thanks
  8. 6/6 so far in my mock. I bet it ends here though. I have Simmons going to Carolina
  9. You must not have seen the montage that ESPN had showing a history of quarterbacks slipping in the draft after Tua was selected...i.e., Rogers, Manziel, Geno...
  10. Why the hell are we looking at quarterbacks dropping in the draft at PICK SIX?
  11. Is it a requirement that all left handed quarterbacks have to be compared to each other?
  12. It feels like this year is going to have very few trades. Amazing how important a war room and draft location personnel are proving to be.
  13. Has Mike Irvin talked at all on ESPN? haha
  14. Nailed it! 4/4 so far
  15. Why does Matt Patricia need the damn pencil?!
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