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  1. I had a feeling Baltimore was aiming for Lamar once they signed RGIII. Not to be stupid here but RGIII knows how the league works and he can help develop Lamar from an expectations standpoint.
  2. One of the best corners in the league? He's had good moments but he is in no fashion the best corner in the league.
  3. No chance? Please. Trae's inconsistencies alone give him a chance.
  4. Nice of you to give the kid a chance.
  5. I think he steps in for Trae Waynes Day 1.
  6. Alright Minnesota!! Hernandez, Daniels still on the board but I'm hoping for a CB.
  7. Can I just say, as talented of athletes that the Edmund brothers are, they were not blessed with the best hairlines. Forehead for dayzzz
  8. That's great to see him walking out.
  9. So Seattle decides to add another running back to run behind a line that can't block?
  10. What in the actual hell just happened.
  11. Every white girl in that bar had a Michelob Ultra in their hand.
  12. Really like that pick. Ridley is going to be an underrated player going into his rookie season. He'll take some double teams of of Julio.
  13. I think New England would've considered Evans.