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  1. Oh I don't know. I'm not on twitter. B/R's livestream is minutes ahead of ESPN though
  2. How is Bleacher Report getting picks before everyone else? They've already called 9
  3. Surprising with Simmons
  4. That ain't happening. I would be surprised if we have more than 3 trades all night
  5. Wtf is on Drew Rosenhaus' head? Looks like a giant tarantula
  6. Derrick Brown with the most calm celebration ever haha
  7. My point exactly...thanks
  8. 6/6 so far in my mock. I bet it ends here though. I have Simmons going to Carolina
  9. You must not have seen the montage that ESPN had showing a history of quarterbacks slipping in the draft after Tua was selected...i.e., Rogers, Manziel, Geno...
  10. Why the hell are we looking at quarterbacks dropping in the draft at PICK SIX?
  11. Is it a requirement that all left handed quarterbacks have to be compared to each other?
  12. It feels like this year is going to have very few trades. Amazing how important a war room and draft location personnel are proving to be.
  13. Has Mike Irvin talked at all on ESPN? haha
  14. Nailed it! 4/4 so far
  15. Why does Matt Patricia need the damn pencil?!
  16. Stellar pick in Okudah
  17. No trade by Detroit apparently....
  18. It's amazing how much of a difference the crowd and background noise make in the draft. Also, wtf is ESPN/NFLN thinking letting Booger be a part of this?
  19. I'm kinda tired of the media portraying Athens, OH like it's a disgusting pit. It's not fancy by any means but it's not nearly as bad as people are making it out to be.
  20. Do me a solid and assume the trades work 1. Cincinnati Bengals - Joe Burrow // Quarterback // Louisiana State Nothing more to say here. 2. Washington Redskins - Chase Young // Edge Defender // Ohio State Same. I think they've listened and considered more offers than they're letting on but it's had to pass on an immense talent in Young. 3. Los Angeles Chargers (via DET) - Justin Herbert // Quarterback // Oregon A little bit of a twist here. I believe that Anthony Lynn does want Tyrod to excel given their past together but he and Tom Tolesco both are on the hot seat and will need to put some new options in at QB to save their jobs. 4. New York Giants - Andrew Thomas // Offensive Tackle // Georgia I genuinely think this has a serious chance of happening. Thomas is a vastly underrated athlete and is the most pro-ready tackle in the class. 5. Miami Dolphins - Tua Tagovailoa // Quarterback // Alabama Not sure if I've ever bought into the Dolphins like Herbert more. I think they've had it has Burrow, Tua and Love before Herbert. Tua's predicted slide doesn't happen. 6. Detroit Lions (via LAC) - Jeff Okudah // Cornerback // Ohio State A steal here if you ask me and an instant starter. 7. Carolina Panthers - Isaiah Simmons // Linebacker (Safety) // Clemson I'm sure they're getting some trade offers here but replacing Kuechly will a player like Simmons is something that Carolina may not be able to do if they risk trading back. 8. Arizona Cardinals - Tristan Wirfs // Offensive Tackle // Iowa A match made in heaven here. 9. New York Jets (via JAX) - Jedrick Wills // Offensive Tackle // Alabama New York jumps ahead of Cleveland to get the guy they want protecting Darnold. 10. Atlanta Falcons (via CLE) - C.J. Henderson // Cornerback // Florida I'm not often a buyer into trades that are publicized this much pre-draft but Atlanta is typically very transparent with their intentions 11. Jacksonville Jaguars (via NYJ) - Derrick Brown // Defensive Lineman // Auburn This trade ends up working out for Jacksonville. They can most likely get a receiver at 20 or trade back up to get the man they want. They have plenty of draft capital this year. 12. Las Vegas Raiders - CeeDee Lamb // Wide Receiver // Oklahoma I'm interested to know if Gruden and Mayock are on the same page with receivers. I envision Lamb being Gruden's guy which means that is the pick. 13. San Francisco 49ers - Javon Kinlaw // Defensive Lineman // South Carolina A trade could obviously happen here but I'm going with Kinlaw headed to the Bay Area. 14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mekhi Becton // Offensive Tackle // Louisville I'd be willing to bet that TB wants to trade up but that other teams in the league are hesitant to work with them seeing as how much better they've gotten in the last month. 15. Denver Broncos - Jerry Jeudy // Wide Receiver // Alabama Jeudy is still my 4th overall player so to get him here is very fortunate. 16. Cleveland Browns (via ATL) - Josh Jones // Offensive Tackle // Houston I could be dead wrong here. I know everyone and their mother is slotting Ezra Cleveland to the Browns but Josh Jones, IMO, fits Kevin Stefanski's scheme a little better. 17. Dallas Cowboys - Jaylon Johnson // Cornerback // Utah I could be wrong but my guess is that Jerry is a little scared of Chaisson here. Taking a defensive back like Johnson is the next best option. 18. Minnesota Vikings (via MIA) - Henry Ruggs III // Wide Receiver // Alabama I was split here. Vikings tend to turn later round receivers into studs but capitalizing on a player like Ruggs rather letting him get by JAX and PHI may be the right move. 19. Philadelphia Eagles (via LVR) - Jordan Jefferson // Wide Receiver // Louisiana State Philly is able to jump up here w/o sacrificing too much to grab the receiver they want. 20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via LAR) - A.J. Terrell // Cornerback // Clemson I won't slot a wide receiver to JAX in the first round until I see it. I agree they should have one but the org needs to prove me wrong. 21. Las Vegas Raiders (via PHI) - Jeff Gladney // Cornerback // Texas Christian I have a feeling the Raiders are going to surprise us with one of these picks so I'm second guessing myself here. 22. Miami Dolphins (via MIN) - Isaiah Wilson // Offensive Tackle // Georgia Sure, this could be high but Wilson is the kind of player that NFL teams fall in love with based on his size and just natural ability. 23. New England Patriots - A.J. Epenesa // Defensive Lineman // Iowa I think Jordan Love could be a real chance here but New England seems to like what they have already and could also make a run at Cam if they'd like. 24. New Orleans Saints - Patrick Queen // Linebacker // Louisiana State I don't think the Saints would've tendered Taysom Hill at a first round if they didn't feel he had some shot at replacing Brees. Instead, they go with the home grown linebacker. 25. Minnesota Vikings - Kristian Fulton // Cornerback // Louisiana State Personally, I've always been higher on Fulton. He's naturally instinctive, underrated versatility in coverage and has high potential. 26. Miami Dolphins (via HOU) - K'Lavon Chaisson // Edge Defender // Louisiana State A little bit of a slide here for the next true Edge guy (not Epenesa) but Chaisson brings good versatility to a Miami defense that relies on being versatile. 27. Seattle Seahawks - Ezra Cleveland // Offensive Tackle // Boise State Odds are Seattle trades this but they need to mold a replacement for Duane Brown and definitely Cedric Ogbuehi. 28. Baltimore Ravens - Zach Baun // Linebacker // Wisconsin Baun, IMO, is a better fit for the Ravens defense than Kenneth Murray. 29. Tennessee Titans - Austin Jackson // Offensive Tackle // Southern California A whopping eight offensive tackles taken in the first round. 30. Indianapolis Colts (via GB) - Jordan Love // Quarterback // Utah State Pretty simple here, Colts trade up to get their QB of the future. 31. San Francisco 49ers - Trevon Diggs // Cornerback // Alabama Diggs is built for the Niners defense and they can get a depth receiver later on. 32. Kansas City Chiefs - Cesar Ruiz // Offensive Lineman // Michigan I'm going safe here with Ruiz but watch out for a player like Jordyn Brooks in this spot.
  21. In order for one to be a breakout player, they must be on the field. It seems pretty simple to me. Treadwell has 56 catches in three seasons, only one of which is a touchdown. I get that he has more catches than every other person on the roster combined but I think it says something when the rest of the receivers on the roster have been in the league for three years max and not given the opportunity that Treadwell has been given and failed to live up to. You may very well be right in stating he'll be on the team next year. However, his lack of results with the opportunity that he's been given compared to players who are coming for his position and frankly could offer more potential will make him worth moving on from.
  22. Salary cap limitations hasn't provided every cut in the past. Not to mention, 3 million dollars, which in the grand picture of it all, is nothing. Treadwell's performance, or lack thereof, doesn't warrant a roster spot at all. Also, I'm not really sure if Cook can qualify as a breakout player. I think he needs to stay healthy before being considered a breakout player
  23. I would agree that Anthony Harris is a candidate for the Vikings but my vote would go towards Brian O'Neill. He actually played better than I had anticipated as a rookie last year. I think with that season of competition plus an offseason of development is going to put him a good spot. RT isn't the sexiest pick for a breakout player but any development along our OL will be much wanted. Otherwise, I would go with one of the late round receivers taken recently. Treadwell is most likely getting finished as a training camp cut and I think someone like Dillon Mitchell can flash some talent early in his career.
  24. Why not Dalton Risner in this case? I don't get it at all.
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