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  1. We know Teddy wont throw 30 picks, but then Jameis may have a higher ceiling. I think the risk of having a disastrous season is low with Teddy, but maybe we’d rather have a disastrous season than an average one.
  2. I think Payton values pass rushers more than any other position. Hes been on record saying so for years. And of course, they just spent two firsts on a pass rusher. If Payton feels Hendrickson will continue to play at a high level, I bet they sign him first.
  3. I don't think Hendrickson will have top 3 pass rush numbers next year. He'll remain a solid pass rusher, and I'd like to re-sign him, but I' rather not pay him elite money. I'm not all that high on Williams either. He's a good player, but I won't lose sleep over not being able to sign him.
  4. Not to mention 3 or 4 dropped picks, penalty taking away a punt return, the list goes on. IMO we blew that game more than the Bucs went out and won it.
  5. Bucs weren't all that great against the Saints. Saints beat themselves, specifically Brees was a warm body taking snaps, but other than that, we blew every major opportunity we had all game long. We play a clean game, we probably win.
  6. I think the roster will still be good enough for a 10-6 type season. We won’t lose THAT many people.
  7. That’s another point. 2020 Bucs did it against the best QB in the league in an era with arcade mode offense.
  8. 10-6. Any worse, we may need to question our choice of QB. Any better, pleasant surprise.
  9. Feel like some people aren't reading the thread title. Chiefs may well not even trotted an oline out there. That was an impressive performance by the Bucs D.
  10. He’s great and all, but I’m not gonna say he was better than Aaron Donald. Teams focus entire game plans around trying to slow down Aaron Donald and he still produces at that level. Hendrickson kinda caught the league by surprise. I think he’ll remain a solid pass rusher worth re signing, but tops in the league probably not. If it turns out I’m wrong, well then I guess I was wrong.
  11. It's not that big of a deal. No one is worried about this except a few random internet people. I mean, we don't expect to have the best roster in the league and sign a bunch of free agents. We know we had our window, and we know we can't keep everybody every year forever.
  12. There’s nothing you could say. His resume would either speak for itself or it won’t. No one cares about old people.
  13. Yes, and of the few exceptions I can think of, all upped their game tremendously in the postseason. Foles and Flacco both played at an MVP level head and shoulders better than they normally would. Eli upped his game considerably, but his defenses straight up started dominating in the postseason. They held the 07 Pats to 14 points, demolished the 15-1 Packers in 2011, and **** out the Falcons, all on the road.
  14. Thats a hard question to answer. If Winston can play at that level and continue progressing throughout his prime, I maybe take that option. But it’s hard to turn Watson down if the trade presented itself, he’s just too good. In both cases, whatever decision I made would be based on my faith in the QB playing at a high level rather than trying all that hard to keep Thomas. I don’t mean to say he’s not a great player and can’t help a team win a Super Bowl, he certainly can do that. I just value QB so much higher. Saints defense has been a hard one to rank. They’re inconsistent t
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