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  1. 10 predictions heading into pre-season:

    No way I see two Saints running backs hitting 1k yards in the same season. I do agree with you that I think we're going to see a more balanced offensive attack, and will likely see a lot of rushing yards. Hopefully we take some of the bulk load off Brees and he comes out very efficient. However, this all depends on having a defense that isn't garbage. If we're giving up 30 points in the first half, Brees will hit 5k yards again and throw the ball 650 times like always. This also depends on Ted Ginn and Coby Fleener not dropping passes all season. And lastly, it depends on our starters staying healthy because I don't like what I see from our depth players.
  2. Greatest single game performance

    That Warner game was in 2009
  3. NFL players do get disgruntled with their teams. Look at the Brandon Cooks trade to New England. While the situation probably worked out well for Cooks, it wasn't guaranteed too. NFL players have less control over what happens to them once the team finds out they are disgruntled. It also seems like NFL views disgruntlement and large egos in a more negative light than NBA. A player can get the reputation of locker room cancer relatively easy, while in the NBA, ridiculous egos are an expected way of life.
  4. Only if his field goal unit figures out how to stop getting kicks blocked and returned for game losing scores. If none of his kicks got blocked alone, we would have been 10-6 last year. He got better later in the year, so maybe they've figured it out.
  5. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    Realistically, I will simply turn off the TV and go find something else to do.
  6. Poll o' the day - Best Fighter Edition

    Yes, well, it's a fighting award not a good human award.
  7. This wasn't just any mistake, this was a mistake born from either an unacceptable level of incompetence, laziness, or both.
  8. How to deal with a scammer

    Tell her she's not hot enough to be scamming people on facebook.
  9. Poll o' the day - Best Fighter Edition

    Where is Jon Jones?
  10. Mississippi is...who gives a ****
  11. Overrated/Underrated

    I agree that clutchness gets thrown around far too carelessly, and should not be used to give a free pass to a QB that sucked for 3 quarters. But performance under pressure is a real thing, some guys are terrible when the game is on the line, and some guys stay calm and do their jobs.
  12. Best QB's Ever

    I acknowledged that about Montana, but he also won four Super Bowls with his team, which isn't out of Brady's league by any stretch. Peyton's entire body of work certainly puts him in the conversation, and deservedly so.
  13. Anyone ever try to watch every game in a season?

    God no. Every single game? You mean, including the Browns and the Jags? I'd rather watch every single episode of honey boo boo.
  14. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    Well, I mean, I wanna be fair to Sean Payton, how much control has he had over this? Does he really deserve the blame for doctor incompetency? Maybe he does, I don't know. I don't really keep up with the inner workings of the medical staff. I simply assume doctors should be able to diagnose broken legs.
  15. Well glad they were fired. This is gonna be a long season guys. The incompetency is just laughable at this point.