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  1. I don't find him all that entertaining to be honest, although the silly arguments between him and Shannon are sometimes worth a clip or two.
  2. And that's with zombie Brees and Michael Thomas hurt all season. I think a fully healthy Saints offense will surprise people if Jameis or Taysom can be the least bit decent.
  3. I'd take Rodgers on the Bucs. Packers do have a good team, don't know why Rodgers was carrying garbage to some, but even still, it isn't Bucs good. I'd like to see Rodgers with the Bucs, if he can't get it done then, he's just not gonna get it done anymore.
  4. The dollar value matters also in determining felony from misdemeanor. Although in Cleveland, receiving stolen firearm is 4th degree felony regardless.
  5. Rodgers deserves the MVP that year for sure. However, another thing to consider, Saints defense was bottom of the league in takeaways while Packers were top of the league. Packers defense got 22 more takeways than the Saints. That many takeaways makes a significant difference and does effect the offense efficiency.
  6. I wont speculate on why they couldnt have firearms, but the fact they were charged with what they were charged for and only Marshon got charged with possessing stolen property makes it sound to me like there were multiple weapons and Marshon's was either stolen, or he took the rap for it. I mean, if there was only one weapon, and it was stolen, why would only Marshon get charged with stolen property? In any case, im tired of speculating on this, it is what it is, hopefully he'll learn from it and move on.
  7. Seems like he had the gun on him, because everyone else in the car was charged for having their own weapons. Two because of some disability(which I didn't even know that law existed...maybe certain disabilities I could see, but seems strange at first glance), and the driver was improperly handling his own firearm or something, I assume maybe had it loaded and in a dangerous spot. Bottom line, seems like they were all being idiots, and it does sound like Marshon did have the stolen gun in his possession. Combine this with the fact they didn't even have working tailights, and I mean
  8. There's no evidence anyone in that car thought anything through in the slightest.
  9. Well yes, but the stolen part is what makes it bad. He would never admit to knowing it was stolen, but at the least, like you said, he shouldn't be hanging out with people that will sell him a stolen handgun. And I'm still trying to figure out why a millionaire would be riding around at night, with a stolen handgun, in a car with no taillights. It's like he was trying to get arrested.
  10. This paragraph from profootballtalk: "Lattimore was a passenger in a car stopped by police for “multiple traffic violations.” Two other passengers were arrested for having weapons while under disability. The driver was arrested for improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and issued a citation for driving without working taillights. Sounds like a car load of dummies.
  11. In and of itself, it's minor, but I'm more concerned about why he has a stolen handgun to begin with. Apparently the other people in the car also had weapons, but Marshon's was stolen. This tells me that this wasn't just a stolen gun in the car that maybe possibly wasn't his, it was a stolen weapon actually in his possession. The optics of that are pretty bad. I don't know what the misunderstanding is, unless he honestly didn't know it was stolen. I mean, I can think of several reasons you'd want a stolen handgun, and all of them are shady as ****.
  12. Having a solid corner is very valuable, but he is inconsistent and maybe has some gang banger in him, so it wouldn't necessarily hurt my feelings if we moved on. Like I said though, details matter here, so maybe it isn't as bad as it potentially could be.
  13. I’d like to know the details, but at the very least he was being a dumbass.
  14. He isn’t the brightest person himself, so not all that surprising.
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