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  1. Saints were essentially the worst franchise in the league since forever, and were reluctant to start firing people that made that not true anymore.
  2. Well, if the Lions lose today it wasn't for lack of trying.
  3. Lol, BB running up the score like a boss.
  4. I said this also. It feels like damn near every team has a QB.
  5. Jlowe22


    Yea everyone needs supporting cast, doesnt matter how great you are. The greats may never look flat out bad, but they wont exactly light the scoreboard up with garbage support.
  6. Jlowe22


    I wouldn't have minded having him with Sean Payton to be honest. Would have been an interesting experiment, could still happen at some point down the road.
  7. Jlowe22


    Detroit is terrible, don't know what anyone expected of him. With the right guys surrounding him, he can be a very effective QB though.
  8. MVP should be a QB award, OPOY should be the best non -QB offensive player. They'll get recognition without being silly and pretending any position is more valuable than a QB.
  9. Its hard for me to give MVP to anyone other than a QB.
  10. I haven't watched Kyler much, but he looks damn good.
  11. Yes, I don't mind counting tipped INTs, because there are usually many more dropped INTs anyway.
  12. Yea, those were hardly bad defenses.
  13. Eh, i spend less renting than i did when i owned. Less maintenance, less headache, less stress.
  14. They were also top 3 in takeaways, which matters a lot more than yards.
  15. Yea bad defense is bad. There's tons of examples of crap offenses with great defenses and vice versa. You can help them out sure, but bad is bad.
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