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  1. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Lol Jimmy g 6/8?
  2. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    49ers just too good. I knew this was their year. No other team in the NFC was on that level this year.
  3. Farewell, Patriots

    I feel the same way. Haven't had nearly the success the Pats had, but I experienced a super bowl win at a time it meant the most, and if we never win another I'm good with that. I don't get too emotionally invested anymore.
  4. Which Saints QB?

    He wasn't Brees, but he was a good game manager who showed ability to open it up at times. He won't ever carry a garbage team, thats not who he is. And while the Saints do have talent, there are more problems with that offense than people think . The oline destroyed drive after drive with holding calls in several games Teddy played, and there's no consistently reliable receiver after Michel Thomas on the team. I think Teddy has earned a chance to start with somebody, and with a full offseason of starter reps might turn out to be a reliable starter.
  5. With few exceptions, most Superbowl winning teams have had a top defense, or a defense that got hot and dominated the playoffs.
  6. NFL draft 2020

    I agree, people looking from the outside in assume we have great OL and great edge rush. But this interior OL gets manhandled way too often, and the pass rush isn't where it needs to be, especially with Davenport hurt. We lost to the Falcons earlier in the year due to turnstile OL, and also to the Vikings, who coincidentally studied the Falcons game and attacked Peat and the interior.
  7. Which Saints QB?

    I think Bridgewater is better than a number of current starters. He protects the ball very well, has shown ability to make great throws, but I still want to see how he handles a shootout. He never had to do much during his stretch because the defense was holding teams to single digit points before garbage tjme.
  8. Isn't that the game Hartley missed a 20 yard field goal in overtime?
  9. Too bad River City Relay and Minneapolis Miracle robbed us of two games deserving of being tops on this list. Two of my favorite are @ Cowboys 2006 because it's always fun to blow out the Cowboys, and @ Bills 2017, which was the game Brees threw for 180 yards and zero TDs and we won 47-10. Was also the game that ushered in the Nathan Peterman era.
  10. Which Saints QB?

    He hasn’t been a playoff choker. He was bad against the Vikings, bad against the Rams late once both teams started getting a lot of pressure. Before that he’s generally been anywhere from good to elite. In 2017 he carried the team against the Panthers and led what should have been comeback win against the Vikings if not for a miracle play at the last second. He went 7 for 7 with a go ahead TD in the fourth quarter of the super bowl in what was the most important drive in Saints history. Also 8 TDs 0 INTs in that postseason. You can say that at this age, he’s going to continue to struggle against the elite defenses in the playoffs and that may be true. But the playoff choker label shouldn’t apply. Id like to see Teddy get a shot, he’s earned it. But the offense wasn’t exactly rolling during his stretch.
  11. Some of Manning’s early years were bad even for that era.
  12. NFL draft 2020

    I do think we could use OG. We regularly get beat inside, and when we do, it's a death sentence for our offense. LB big need. WR and TE.
  13. I do. At least the ones I watch. There was a clear and obvious difference in accuracy between Brees and Bridgewater. Bridgewater would miss wide open guys, or put the ball in a spot that made the receiver work. Brees very rarely missed throws like that. Not that Bridgewater was bad, he wasn't, but with the same supporting cast as Brees had clearly worse accuracy than Brees. I've heard Chiefs fans say similar things they noticed between Matt Cassell and Alex Smith.
  14. Ranking Age 40+ QB Seasons

    His arm has been weak for years, since at least 2014, maybe late 2013. But it started looking consistently weak in 2017, which is when we started running the ball and playing some semblance of defense.
  15. This guy is hilarious. I hope he stays in the league a long time.