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  1. I’d like to see Rivers get into the HoF because I think he’s that quality of a player whether he has the accolades or not. Whether or not he actually does get in is a different story entirely.
  2. Nick Easton signs with saints

    I think it's a bit much but we gotta have somebody. If he is going to succeed anywhere this is as good a place as any.
  3. Max Unger retires

    It’s just that Brees is a year older and last thing he needs is less protection. Hooefully Unger’s replacement will be solid.
  4. Max Unger retires

    Sucks to see him go. Last year was definitely our year, it’s gonna be an uphill battle to have a shot next year.
  5. Who is going to trade for Antonio Brown?

    Have mixed emotions also. I would have loved AB a few years ago or even last year, but Brees is only getting older and I’m not sure it’s worth risking friction with Michael Thomas, who’s a much better stylistic fit for Brees.
  6. Then you must have miss d the Pats fan that wanted to change how we measure stats so Brady could be the passing yards leader.
  7. Fans in general put more emphasis on volume stats than they should. This isn't a Saints fan thing.
  8. I don’t know of any Saints fan that thinks Brees yardage totals make him better than any other QB. We defend it when people act like it means nothing, which isn’t true, it does mean something, but it’s not the primary thing QBs should be judged on.
  9. That Brees sometimes has good stats when the team loses doesn't mean anything. That happens all the time to every QB. He's had worse defenses than most every other HoF QB, and that's by far the primary reason for his fewer wins than other Hof QBs. Despite that, he still has a SB win, which either means something or it doesn't. It can't mean something when talking about one QB and not the other. I can cherry pick 500 yard passing games too, like the one against the Giants in 2015. Brees 505 yards and 7 TDs very much helped the Saints win that game. As far as the games mentioned about 2016, Brees played well against Denver. Denver had the #4 scoring defense that year and the number 1 pass defense by passer rating against. The Saints lost to a blocked and returned extra point which should have been called out of bounds. You can safely box score scout the other two games, he played badly in both. In any case, if we're gonna bring up individual bad games, I can do that for the other QBs mentioned in this thread. Especially Favre and Marino, both of whom people seem to often forget their negatives.
  10. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    I agree, I don’t think a deep playoff run should be considered an underachievement. A one and done with a stacked team sure, but a championship game or super bowl appearance shouldn’t be an underachievement.
  11. If we're talking absolute knowledge of the future, I can see people losing interest. If there's even a little hope though, there will still be fans IMO. I'd watch regardless, because I enjoy the smaller moments like the perfect two minute drive, or a hard fought win in a meaningless late season game. I'm all for selling out the future for the present though, if you have a window.
  12. A lot apparently. The Browns still have fans, and the same was true of the Saints before 09. No shortage of fans despite miserable season after miserable season.
  13. It’s probably our last chance for a while:
  14. I'd like to see Rivers win a superbowl, I just hope it's not next year.
  15. Better Player: Steve Young or Peyton Manning

    Lol, the 2011 Pats defense was not historically bad. They ranked 15th in points and 3rd in takeaways. They gave up a lot of yards, ranked 31st but who cares. The Packers that year were the same story with a bad defense that got a lot of takeaways. By comparison, the Saints defense in 09 ranked 20th in points and 2nd in takeaways, 25th in yards. Takeaways can make up a lot of ground. Especially when you have an offense that can take advantage of the short fields, like 09 Saints and 2011 Packers and Patriots. I wouldn't call a defense ranked top 3 in takeaways historically bad, or anywhere close really.