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  1. Saints sign Sean Payton to 5 year extension

    I compare him similarly to Reid. Both are hard to let go, because the next coach will almost certainly be worse. But both have some weaknesses that often hold the team back.
  2. Saints sign Sean Payton to 5 year extension

    He has sucked at defense. He does a great job keeping decent at worst offense around Brees, drawing plays, motivating, etc. But his defenses have largely been garbage, and sometimes even historically bad. Not garbage like a 20th ranking, I mean garbage like 32nd ranking with no redeemable qualities. That 2015 defense was the worst in history and gave up the most passing TDs in history at the time.(It might still be, I don't know). Even in years he's had "good" defenses, they've been barely better than average over the course of a full season. Even the 09 defense was very torchable, they just feasted on takeaways. I think he kept the wrong coaches too long, busted on FA and draft picks, and just plain doesn't know how a build a great defense consistently. In contrast, BB knows how to keep consistently good, often great defense around, and that's with a HoF QB. So there's gonna be success in bunches. Other areas, more minor, that tick me off about Payton, is his clock management, and way too cutesy playcalling. Saints have lost numerous games over the years due to not being able to run out the clock, or Payton calling some dumb triple reverse that loses 10 yards when we're up by 3 with a minute left. And, of course, it's just really hard to win a ring.
  3. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    I’m with you but I haven’t found that anywhere except YouTube film studies and such. I turn NFL network on for noise and news more than anything else. It’s not like anything else on TV is much worth watching.
  4. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    And Kay is fun to look at.
  5. The thing about Payton without Brees is, and the reason I have less faith in Payton post Brees than BB post Brady, is that there is no reason to think Payton will be able to keep consistently good defense around given his history. Saints defense has gotten a lot of praise the last couple years, but they’re nowhere near elite territory over the course of a season. They merely look a lot better than normal for the historically bad defense NO fielded before. Payton will need to build another elite offense to have sustained success every year.
  6. New optimism regarding Teddy B.

    I hope for the best, but I’m gonna have to see a lot of progress to be truly optimistic. Not just from Teddy, but the whole team.
  7. I think we have a solid team, but they’re gonna have to play better than they did against the Rams. Looked awful everywhere except dline. If not it’s a mediocre at best year without Brees.
  8. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger done for season

    Fairly high. Getting close to the end of an era here.
  9. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    If Mahomes doesn’t win MVP again, I’ll be shocked.
  10. Well if it is, at least his last full game as a Saint was as a great come back win instead of the NFCCG. But I think he comes back to play a few more games, but it’s getting awfully close to the end.
  11. I’d be surprised if it’s only 6 weeks. I also don’t see him being at 100% for a while after he comes back.
  12. It wasn’t just Brees we lost either. I don’t know the extent of the injuries, but Kirkwood, Smith, Klein, and Peat all went down. Taysom Hill was legit our number 3 receiver. Armstead hasn’t even had his yearly injury yet.
  13. I don’t think we’re good enough to be serious contenders with Teddy. The other NFC South teams will have to be really bad. I hope I’m wrong, but we looked like straight trash yesterday, and the Rams didn’t even look like they were clicking good.
  14. If Brees is Out for the Season/Retires

    7-9 max if Brees misses the rest of the season. Unless Teddy shows us something he hasn't yet.