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  1. 4th Best WR In The League?

    Production is a combination of many things. What I'm more saying, is that Thomas does what he does so well, that he can be relied on nearly every snap. Whereas another receiver may beat you in several different ways, Thomas will just beat you in his own way. Either way, you get beat. At leas thus far. He may get shut down one day, and his weakness exposed. But it hasn't really happened yet. And I've seen other elite receivers get shut down as well, so it wouldn't be the end of the world unless it becomes a pattern defenses start exposing.
  2. 4th Best WR In The League?

    I mean sure, you can compare strengths and weaknesses between players. But if the end result is the same, can you say one is better than the other? One may be more versatile, but that versatility doesn't necessarily translate to more production. If not 4th best, I don't think it's a stretch at all to put Thomas in the top 5.
  3. Better cool your own boy off before he gets thumped on the noggin
  4. Lol, kinda like you all before you got trounced? You guys got Goff and McVay's entire career to be good. We have 1-2 years left with Brees at max. May as well enjoy it.
  5. 4th Best WR In The League?

    If he does his job well enough to move the chains and score TDs does it matter?
  6. MVP Race

    I agree, and Brees losing the MVP in 2011 didn't bother me. 2009 was worse, and it sucks his 2011 season was the same year as Rodgers.
  7. Yea, I have no doubt the legal repercussions will be mild at worst, but I'm just curious as to what he could be potentially be charged with if they wanted to throw the book at him. I'll also be surprised if Goodell doesn't fine him many times more than any legal fine.
  8. Only thing is, it was clear there was no fire because nobody had to evacuate. But a real fire could have broken out afterwards, and you're down a fire alarm. Although there are a bunch of them around the stadium.
  9. Yea they're trying to sell a service, but would they blatantly lie about vandalism being a felony? Maybe they would, I mean, it wouldn't be the first lie told by a lawyer. Then the question becomes can Sean Payton be charged with vandalism, or is a fire alarm necessarily covered under something else.
  10. Saints sign Brandon Marshall

    I'm always available.
  11. Is this page correct, and could he be charged with Vandalism? https://www.koffellaw.com/vandalism/ Not a lawyer I know. I hate the law, specifically for these reasons. Overly complex and loopholes/technicalities everywhere.
  12. Saints sign Brandon Marshall

    I liked the practice squad guy we just brought up. Keith something or Kirk something. He had a few catches against the Bengals. Not nearly as excited for the Brandon Marshall signing as I was for Dez. But he's a warm body, and if he can catchy a ball still, we'll put him to use.
  13. Kupp out for the year(sorry Rammy)

    That sucks. Never fear though, it's not like we can cover anybody else on the team.
  14. Andrew Luck has quietly put up 26 TD's this season.

    That may be true, but you have several QBs on mediocre or bad teams putting up MVP like numbers. Like Andrew Luck, or even Rodgers, who everyone is crapping on, but he's actually at 17 TDs 1 INT. Matt Ryan also. And Cam is at his highest comp% of his career. Even Derek Carr has a high comp%. Everyone's comp% seems inflated this year, with multiple guys at 70 and Brees, who's normally at 70, close to 80. Everyone except Rodgers, who never really has great comp%. Then there's Rivers, who's also having an MVP year being overshadowed by Mahomes/Brees/Goff/Gurley.
  15. Not a lawyer either, but I thought it was a felony in Ohio. I doubt anyone pursues felony charges if it's not a real fire. It gets more serious if a fire alarm is destroyed while an actual fire is going on. Still, it's a dumb thing to do, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he gets a hefty fine. Edit: Maybe the felony part is Vandalism over a certain dollar amount. How much is a fire alarm worth?