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  1. This defense is atrocious. If these first two weeks are a taste of things to come, this year is a wrap.
  2. It’s like the doomsday clock, how close to midnight.
  3. He’s been showing his age for a few years now. I mean, it might not be the end, but the end isn’t doing anything but getting closer.
  4. Thomas out is gonna hurt what might be an already cooked Brees. Game is on the road too, wouldn’t be surprised to drop this one. Really need a win though, because next week we have the Packers and could easily be sitting at 1-2 in a few weeks.
  5. His arm will be a problem for sure. I did see him drive one ball pretty good. On a consistent basis he’s just weak though and getting weaker.
  6. umm yes. There were some jabs at the Saints, I took a jab back. That's literally all it was. You must be bored, but in any case I've devoted far too much time to this already, so goobye.
  7. I'm reading the posts in the thread, on exactly the same subject.
  8. Well, we've beaten them 3 times in the postseason since 2006. There was also that blowout game we ran the score up.
  9. Prime Brees had a good arm. I haven't seen Brees make a throw like this in a long time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VWV_-devqQ
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