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  1. Can we please talk about football?

    Hilariously bad timing lol. This was like the game losing pick 6 vs the tipped ball pick when up by 30.
  2. With the 24th pick in the NFL draft...

    More oline options the better IMO. There may have been a better pick to make, but I don’t hate this pick.
  3. Top 10 Statistical QBs 2019-20

    All stats should be taken with context. The better a team is, the easier it is for the QB to be efficient. But then a better QB will make the team better, as they have the largest impact an individual can have on team success. Defense can help or hurt the QB and vice versa. Same with oline, receiver, coach or anything else. It’s all context.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    You get your WoW character to 60.
  5. Brees led the league in picks in 2012. That was the bountygate year, the year he essentially had no head coach and no defense. 5 of those picks came in one bad game, so 43 TDs and 14 picks in 15 games, not bad at all. Now that one game does count, but it doesn't represent the whole season. All in all, a down year for Brees sure. A year without a head coach, a defense that broke records for being bad, and not much offseason practice. But 43 TDs, 19 INTs, 5200 yards would be a career year for some.
  6. If we’re talking right now, I don’t think the answer is so obvious. Brees is old as dirt, and I think people are too low on Goff after a bad year.
  7. Saints re-sign G Andrus Peat (5 year deal)

    Peat does have some upside, and plays well at times. But at other times he’s awful.
  8. Emmanuel Sanders Signs with Saints

    The US government taught me this as well.
  9. Panthers signing QB Teddy Bridgewater (3 years, $60 M)

    That's true, but he also had several sure picks dropped, so I'm calling it even. But yes, he was very safe with the football and you knew he wouldn't lose you the game even if he didn't carry the team.
  10. Sean Payton tests positive for Covid-19

    edit: didnt see the webby post.
  11. Offseason Talk:

    NFC South looks like a meat grinder. And there's no Winston around to make things hilarious anymore.
  12. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    Yea, honestly I probably wouldn't care either if I had all that.
  13. How does Brady's Buccaneers do this season?

    Evans and Godwin can make up for a half *** decline, Brady will need to have completely fallen off a cliff to not be productive.
  14. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Maybe, hope neither are off the cliff yet.
  15. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    I thought this was a joke. If Brady has any gas left in the tank at all, Bucs are gonna be ridiculous. They were competitive even with Jameis 40 turnovers.