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  1. Some refs probably do this certainly. I highly doubt it's a widespread problem, and there's certainly no organized conspiracy going on.
  2. To be clear, I'm not even saying that Brady's arm strength is declining. The truth is I don't know, I haven't studied his throws, and there wasn't a lot of this type of offense to compare him with in New England. What I am saying, is that it could be declining, and it wouldn't necessarily mean he can't make the throws, it can manifest as poor accuracy on those throws. Not all the time, but consistency would suffer. As far as it being an excuse, well I don't really care about that. You can make whatever excuses you want for Brady's poor play, I don't care. Arm strength is somewhat low on the totem pole for things that matter to begin with.
  3. Yea, another thing people don't realize, when you get old and lose arm strength, it doesn't mean you can't throw the ball hard or far. But it takes more effort to do so, and accuracy suffers as a result.
  4. Yea you do actually, it's consistency. I've recently seen both Rodgers and Brees go through streaks of having very poor accuracy. At 43 years old it's no surprise to have bad nights or bad streaks, regardless of what you're capable of at your best. The more worrying thing for me has been his decision making, which looks worse than it has in a long time honestly. As of right now, I'll chalk that up to growing pains of being in a new offense. Also, there's probably some poor coaching going on, as the Bucs haven't impressed at all in the coaching department. And of course, there has been poor oline play. Yes, every pocket QB is gonna struggle from consistent pressure, especially up the middle, but even from the edges doesn't matter, as long as it's consistent, it's gonna be a major roadblock. If your oline is playing that poorly though, you need to adjust and get the ball out quickly, which probably means not throwing deep all the damn time. In any case, we'll see how the season goes. There's always a lot of overreacting going on around here.
  5. Fan claims hated division rival gets more calls. Most objective thing Ive ever read.
  6. The intermediate passing was better than I expected for sure. He has potential, and his athleticism is certainly an advantage. What we need to see though, is consistency and production against some better defenses. It’s not necessarily criticism, we just need to see more. I’m rooting for the guy and hope he is the QBOTF. As of right now, it was a solid first time start, but also 24 points against a garbage defense at home. Let’s not crown him or write him off yet.
  7. From a casual perspective, It almost looks like Tom stopped taking the game as seriously, and wanted to go have fun and play backyard ball with his bff Gronk and buddy AB down in Tampa, with a coach that’s gonna let them sling it around. I know that isn’t true of course, but he certainly doesn’t look like the Tom from a few years ago, despite being fine physically for the most part.
  8. The Dink and dunk with Brees gets a little extreme sometimes, but it’s not all roses with Hill either. His deep passing looked pretty terrible, and it’s clear he doesn’t process the game as quickly as Brees. If that doesn’t improve, it’s gonna tank us against a team that isn’t a league worst pass defense like the Falcons.
  9. All I'm saying is, Bucs have beaten some good teams. Packers and Raiders are good wins.
  10. They blew out the Packers and Raiders. That's not nothing.
  11. Bucs should be better than they are, I don't know. But I'm happy about it.
  12. Cap is like the national debt, no one gives a ****, let's buy more stuff.
  13. That's impressive in and of itself to an extent. We don't need a hero, just a guy that won't sink the ship. He has a lot of work to do as a passer, but all in all, it was a solid first time start.
  14. We really did hit the lottery that year. It was evident halfway through the season.
  15. I’ll just go ahead and say it, we got Broncos, Falcons and Eagles next. If we lose to one of those teams even without Brees, we don’t deserve the 1 seed.
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