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  1. Yea, that was essentially my point. Manning adapted his game like he had to and put up elite production. Didn't need a rocket arm simply from being outdoors, which is what was said. Prime Brees arm weaker than prime Manning arm. Denver Manning arm weaker than prime Brees arm. Current Brees arm weaker than Prime Brees arm .Zombie Manning arm weaker than current Brees arm.
  2. I don’t think it was a joke, Manning was still an elite QB, he just didn’t need elite arm strength to do it. It was a great season, not the greatest ever, but a great season nonetheless.
  3. Manning didn’t have a rocket arm with the Broncos, it was actually weaker than Brees arm.
  4. Same argument goes for Brees though. All his outdoor games with the Saints are also road games. And he was pretty bad his first several years with the Chargers, not venue related, but happened to be an outdoor stadium. Had Brees gone to a stacked outdoor team like Manning with the Broncos, his outdoor rating would have improved. Brady and Manning are both better than Brees regardless, I’m just point this out.
  5. Our schedule doesn’t look all that friendly. We almost certainly split with Bucs and Falcons(who will play us like it’s their super bowl as always). Looking at the rest of the schedule, I can’t see us better than 10-6 or 11-5.
  6. I was sure he would get it. Tampa is too stacked, and Brees has been hovering around a 30 td pace for a few years.
  7. Panthers are a good team, Bridgewater looks great out there. But some context, Saints defense has been atrocious and Saints offense didn't punt all game, going 12-14 on third down attempts. Saint failed to score on only one drive, when Armstead got hurt and his backup immediately got destroyed for a sack/fumble.
  8. Nobody can win without a good QB, it doesn't matter how good of a coach you are. You replace Brady with 0 TDs, 3 INTs and Brian Hoyer, you're simply going to lose games. Meanwhile, Brady went to a loaded team whose only problem was a QB that turned the ball over 17 thousand times.
  9. Heard that game was great, can't believe I missed it.
  10. I saw austin Carr had a reception. Where did he come from?
  11. Callaway was impressive, I hope his injury isn’t serious, or we’ll be screwed at WR of Thomas and Sanders miss more time.
  12. Brees was fine really. Couldn’t have asked for much better being down the top 2 receivers and Armstead.
  13. That wasn't the closest shot, or at least the shot on TV showed it a little closer. Perhaps a different angle, but the TV shot showed it over the front part of the white.
  14. Some WD-40, that might have been good. I just about to comment, Teddy took all kind of sacks with us last year, now he's been avoiding them all day. We finally get him when it counts though.
  15. Yep, offense has been getting better and better, defense is consistently looking like ***.
  16. We may as well just lose every game and get a better draft pick, cause we aint winning **** with this defense. I mean, the offense hasnt been special by any means, but the defense has been atrocious.
  17. Another blown coverage and confused secondary. How surprising.
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