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  1. That INT call was too close. On the reverse view it looked like he had control a split second and the other views he didn't. I don't know how they could reverse it with clear evidence
  2. I hope that the Titans Dline keep Burrow in the pocket, because when he breaks contain is when the shots downfield happen. You can't ask DBs to cover their weapons an extra 2-3 seconds.
  3. I think there is a lot of truth to this because I've seen the same issues with other teams. Is the 17th game that much of a factor? It's not like Buffalo was the only inconsistent team. Basically, everyone but GB had issues
  4. I am surprised that the Bills have won all their games by double digits. That is really impressive, and I think it tells us that the Bills are an elite upper echelon team. I don't understand some of their losses, and part of me would worry if they could squeeze out a tight wins
  5. Burrow is excellent in diagnosing the blitz and getting the ball out. I think Mixon helps here because I've seen numerous times he is communicating with Burrow. The Titans simulate pressure, so we will see if Mixon/Burrow can identify who is dropping off because if they do consistently, they will have an advantage.
  6. I don't see the Titans having a suspect pass defence. I keep hearing people mention that we are 25th in pass yards, but it is misleading. All the credit goes to the pass rush, but a fair share of the Dline production is because of the secondary. On the video, the Titans do an excellent job of marrying coverages and what they do upfront, and the key is that the disguises are buying time for their loops and twists to develop. The CBs are a relative weakness in the defence, but the overall pass defence isn't as suspect as I hear from others.
  7. I think we are 3-2 in those games. But I like they only had 5 teams out of 17 score 30 or more
  8. I'm confused to what is going on here seems like you are trolling because Cincinnati also loss to NYJ. Why does that even matter??!!
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