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  1. 7 Rounds in 7 Days

    The draft is a week away. This will likely be my last mock unless something significant comes out that is intriguing. FREE AGENCY I think the Lions are done for the time being adding any free agents of prominence. There will be some camp bodies or unknown guys that might be added/subtracted in the meantime. Don't expect to see Dez Bryant, Hankins or anyone else. TRADES Lions trade #20, 2019 4th to Patriots for #23 and 2018 3rd There are rumours surrounding Tom Brady and the Patriots finding their future QB. They have been linked to Lamar Jackson. The Patriots move up to ensure they get their guy while the Lions add another upper level pick in the process. Lions acquire an additional lower level 5th round pick in exchange for Ameer Abdullah or Jake Rudock There are some that hold out hope Abdullah comes around and becomes a viable RB for the Lions. Assuming the Lions add another RB in the draft, it is difficult to see exactly what kind of role he might play. We add an extra pick while Abdullah gets a change of scenery. The Lions drafted Rudock in the 6th round. They just signed Matt Cassell as a veteran back up QB to Matthew Stafford. It is possible they look to move Rudock and get a bump in their investment. He hasn't shown a ton to warrant a 2nd or 3rd round pick but a jump up a round will help to add some pieces. If Rudock is traded a QB is likely to be brought in with a 6th (trade) or 7th round pick DRAFT 1 Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama Evans is versatile as he can play inside and outside. He brings an aggressiveness that would help bring some teeth to this defense. 2 Will Hernandez, G, UTEP The Lions are looking to improve their run game and have a huge hole at LG. Hernandez is a mauler that should plug in at either LG or RG (depending on what they want to do with Lang). 3 Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia The Lions have been linked to a 1st or 2nd round RB in a bunch of mock drafts. They have already said they will run with a RBBC, it's a deep RB class and they have more pressing needs. Chubb is a great value here and is a bit overlooked compared to his teammate Sony Michel. Blount won't be on the team forever and Chubb has a nice blend of speed/power 3 Ian Thomas, TE, Indiana The Lions have had visits with a number of TE's after releasing Ebron. Thomas won't be relied upon as a starter but should be able to develop and contribute. 4 Foloruso Fatusaki, NT, UCONN A big body that will be the back up to Sylvester Williams and be the possible successor next season. Assuming the Lions start to run more 3 man fronts. Depth at DL is important 5 Andrew Brown, DE/DT, Virginia The Lions will be fortunate to have Kerry Hyder return. However we need more depth at the position. Brown is versatile and can play inside and outside 5 William Clapp, OG/OC, LSU TJ Lang is on borrowed time so the Lions bring in a young, versatile player as a back up and potential starter down the road. With the ability to play OG and OC, he can be moved around the line. 7 Damon Webb, S, Ohio State The Lions are likely going to run a few more 3 safety looks with Patricia. A young, developmental guy that can play in sub-packages. Potential to develop into something more.
  2. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    This is the level of bitterness that I have to look forward to as a Lions fan. My wife is going to have a lot to look forward to over the years lol I totally get it after being a fan for the last 12 years. There have been years with a lot of hope and promise only to have it all come crashing down. We've also had years where we've exceeded my very low expectations. My only reason for real hope is that we now have a highly sought after coach who has a long track record with our GM. Both come from an organization with a history of success. They come from a school of similar thought and should be able to work together much closer than other coach/GM relationships. I don't know when other teams brought on a NE coach if the GM also was from the Patriots background. If so, hopefully we can be the exception to the rule. If not, then maybe this is the missing piece to make that work.
  3. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    Add more pieces and expect to be a 10-6+ team the year after. I don't expect any significant changes until 2020/2021. The Lions will give Bob Quinn some room and Matt Patricia will have 3 seasons to implement his plan. They would have to really meltdown to blow it up before 2021 season. A healthy Rodgers, an improved Vikings squad, a slightly feistier Bears squad could all make the initial season a bit more challenging. One off year adjusting to a new coach, system, etc. isn't the end of the world. Two mediocre years, etc. is a concerning sign. A third year like that and it means the Patriots - Motor City Edition experiment didn't work. Bob Quinn will have been building that roster for 5 years by then. I expect he'd be out first depending on what happens.
  4. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    I'm more cautiously optimistic and haven't packed things in just yet. The Lions have surprised me in good and bad ways. I don't expect us to step back any worse than 8-8. We still have a lot of the pieces that brought us to 9-7 last year and we could have had a better record with a few other breaks. Continuity does help - Stafford and Jim Bob are a good pairing. Run game should be improved. Defense should be fairly similar or a touch better. The rest of the division has improved so it'll be a tough go. What should happen vs what actually happens isn't the same thing. We shall see what happens.
  5. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    According to reports, they view Ansah as their splash signing of the off-season. They must be hoping to get him re-signed without totally blowing the bank. I think they'll let the season play out and either tag and trade for the 2019 draft or let him walk and get a 3rd comp pick for 2020 if they can't re-sign him. If the Lions are looking to trade Ansah in October, it has definitely not been a good start for the Matty P and Bob Q show.
  6. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    I don't disagree with you. I don't think that we HAVE to take two OL back to back. We probably don't even have to take two OL in the entire draft. If the value is there and we have extra picks, it is possible that we do that. Lang isn't going to be around forever. I just don't see the two rookie picks being starters over Glasgow in one of those positions. Agree that a RB is a much bigger priority than double dipping on OL.
  7. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    I'm not thrilled with the Houston trade, just didn't get a chance to put all of my comments in line. I would prefer to trade down and grab some extra picks for this draft. The fact that you're getting a future year 1st doesn't hurt and does make the trade more palatable. I'm not opposed to McDowell provided that he's healthy enough to get on the field. I have no issues with trying to grab him as a cheap option to address our problems on the DL. I wouldn't rely on him being the fix so I would expect that we'd still draft DL and take whatever he can give us as a bonus. On further review, while I like adding to the OL I don't like the idea of two rookie starters in Price and Ragnow. I think Glasgow would likely start over Ragnow. If Ragnow is the heir apparent then I can work with that.
  8. Mock offseason ( less than 2 weeks till draft! )

    I always appreciate the effort with a full depth chart and everything. At the same time, I just don't see this being anywhere close to a viable option. Dez: We have two 1,000 yard receivers, a young up and coming 2nd year guy in Golloday and they've tendered TJ Jones. The passing attack has not been our issue, so I don't think that this really fixes our issues on offense. Cassell: I don't love the signing but they obviously wanted to bring in a veteran guy behind Stafford instead of relying soley on Rudock. Barring a total meltdown in camp or Rudock exceeding expectations Cassell is likely going to on the roster
  9. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    I saw an article comparing him to Dion Lewis in terms of age + production who just signed for $19.8M. Hard to say if Anderson would get that kind of money.
  10. 2 Round Mock after Dez Bryant release

    There is zero chance that Detroit takes a TE in Round 1. It's far more likely that Detroit will trade down or select a DT/EDGE/OG than a RB in that spot. Detroit is going with a RBBC approach. The Patriots have not selected a 1st round RB in years.
  11. April 7th 2 Round Mock

    I don't like Arden Key for the Lions in Round 1 at all. Too much of a question mark - we don't need Randy Gregory 2.0.
  12. Forum by forum Mock Draft - Pick 20

    Payne or Wynn
  13. All in Mock

    As soon as we basically traded away the bulk of our draft, the draft is a fail for me. I like both players that you picked up but don't think that we need to make that trade. It's a deep RB class and we are likely to follow the Patriots model of not having a true feature back. It doesn't mean that we aren't going to have talented players but we don't need a Le'Veon Bell/Todd Gurley bellcow. If we can find a guy like that in the 3rd or 4th round, awesome... we just aren't going to pay a king's ransom to get such a player. Landry could definitely be there if there's a run on QB's at the top of the draft. There also always tends to be some player that gets bumped up from out of nowhere.
  14. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    I agree with the premise that the NFL does have a mixed up moral code when it comes to talent vs off-field behavior including a variety of criminal charges. As consumers we have the ability to force action. If we were to emphasize personal accountability over W's/L's for our particular team, then the league would have to adjust. A part of this does fall on the fans as we seem to be forgiving of a guy who can run a 4.3 and score TD's wearing our jersey despite having a criminal record for domestic abuse. If Kaepernick can prove that the owners got together in a room (literally or figuratively) and basically blackballed him, then he would have a case. Having a group of people come to the same conclusion on an individual basis isn't collusion. If I own a business I have the ability to hire and fire anyone that I want to based on the requirements of my business. If we look at the Lions - Rudock is a young guy that has tools the team was looking to develop and possibly trade; Cassell is a veteran guy that has been around, likely has familiarity with some of the concepts Patricia wants to bring to the offense and would be a good person to help break down film with Stafford. Stafford is the unquestioned starter. Kaepernick doesn't fit the system, wants a chance to start and doesn't bring the same ability to breakdown the film as Cassell (based on what Patricia wants to do). If Kaepernick truly wanted to demonstrate collusion, he would play in the Spring League or CFL and show that he has the ability to be a starting option. One factor in the equation is whether he is capable of playing to the level needed to compete for a spot. It doesn't help his case if he's taken a few steps back and just isn't very good. This would be probable cause for the various teams not to sign him and why he isn't on a roster. The last time he was on the field he wasn't all that good and he hasn't been on a roster recently to prove otherwise. Manziel and Kaep are out of the league for different reasons. However, Manziel is at least on the field trying to show that he deserves a shot back in. If it was purely about football, Kaep would do the same thing.
  15. 2018 NFL Free Agency

    Collusion is a group of individuals who communicate together and come to a common end based on mutual decisions. Ex. gas price fixing. If a group of like minded individuals make a decision based on a series of facts and perceived outcomes and come to the same conclusion, it is not necessarily collusion. The political activism is obviously a factor in the equation but contract demands, desire for opportunity to be starter, system, etc. are also boiled into the decision to bring him on or not.