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    Yeah, you're not wrong. I do wonder if guys get gun shy about causing penalties and causing other issues. I'd rather a 15 yard penalty as opposed to letting them score a defensive TD but it seemed like quite the mental lapse. Hopefully it doesn't happen again and the coaches hammer that point.
  2. 1 Round Mock

    Those are both good picks. I also would like to see Wirf thrown into the mix here. OL is a huge issue for us. If Glasgow walks, we'll have a need at OG. I don't have confidence in a Dahl/Wiggins combo as starters. He's currently playing OT at Iowa. He could be a solution at RT to replace Wagner or a flex LT as Decker's situation is unclear. The Lions won't start a rookie CB. The 1st rounder needs to be an impact guy and the regime is all about versatility. A guy that is going to sit on the bench isn't going to do that.
  3. In his prime, this would be a no brainer. What does AJ Green at this point offer what the Lions don't already have? Marvin and Kenny are jump ball guys. Kenny is a big body and we have Hockenson as a H/W/S mismatch. Danny has reliable hands underneath. We really need a guy that has speed for days that can take the top off of a defense with reliable hands. A legitimate threat to just run past everyone and make a big play. While he's a terrible person with a big contract and would be costly to acquire, Tyreek Hill is much closer to the type of player we need IMO. Not suggesting we make a move to get him but a guy in that mold sans the child abuse would make more sense.
  4. You're not wrong about what was here... but now we have guys in place that he's had success with over the last couple of years. That's an entire regime ago. A lot has changed and he'd be getting played very similarly to what he's already doing now.

    What if it's so loud that you can't hear the whistle? I wasn't at the game, so I can't speak ANY truth to it. This is just from different things that I've listened to. If it's too loud then it's understandable that you'd rely on the body language of the ref to communicate what is happening on the field. It's a bad look overall and it killed us when we could have pulled out the W.
  6. Also not a trade, but I am taking a look towards the 2020 off-season while we're waiting on a MNF matchup in Green Bay. We do have a need at LB. What are your thoughts on bringing back Kyle Van Noy? He's excelled in the Patriots defensive scheme. We will have a need at LB. He could help be an upgrade over Christian Jones.
  7. I haven't re-watched the play but a couple Lions-focused podcasts have discussed it in detail. Christian Jones is the likely culprit for the L on the play. (4th and 8 starts at 0:22) - At the snap, Jarrad Davis goes with Kelce, Ford is trailing #81. Jones starts to go with Davis/Kelce but then comes back to the left when he sees Williams coming out - Williams comes out of the backfield, Tavon Wilson is already onto him but Jones is also there - essentially double teaming him. They're in man coverage, so I'm assuming that Williams was Wilson's man. He was initially lined up on the right side and came all the way over. At 1:53 on the clock you can see Mahomes is already starting to run with a wide open lane while we're double teaming the RB. The point of all this - I agree with your position. That was more of a mental error than a lack of talent, unless Patricia called a play that didn't account for someone spying the QB. If that's the case, that was 100% a coaching error but that's not how it looked to me on replay. If we could get Chandler Jones for a 3rd or 4th, I think it would be a Quinn-esque type of move that would help the team without breaking the bank and jeopardizing our future. We'd be getting a guy that knows the scheme from past experience, unlike Ramsey who just fits skills-wise. He's still productive and brings a missing component to the defense.

    When it comes to the fumble, they'd have to be able to see body parts hitting the ground in order to rule him down. So I do understand the part about it being called a fumble. The issue that I have with the refs is that they ran in like it was already called dead, which is why Golladay let up. Breeland picking up the ball and running it back is great coaching, so I would give the Chiefs their due there. However, if the whistle had been blown and Golladay tackles Breeland to avoid giving up the TD he's going to wind up with a penalty. If the Chiefs recover the fumble they're down at the 1 or 2 yard line. The defense has a great chance at making a play and getting some points out of that. Add on a 15 yard penalty and that advantage is gone. So I get why Golladay let up. I do still take issue with the Golladay non-TD but that's long gone.
  9. What do you guys think about the Lions making a trade for current Arizona Cardinal and ex-Patriot Chandler Jones? The Cardinals are a team in rebuilding mode without a ton of cap space. They're likely already looking towards next season (or will be) and building pieces around Kyler Murray. We saw how productive he was against us up close, even at age 29. His cap hit seems pretty high at $16.5M. Either the Cards would be eating some of that or we'd have to bring him in on a restructured deal. He knows the defense, Patricia knows him and he's a guy that can fit at a few different spots.
  10. On a scale of 1 - 10, how likely is it that Diggs gets traded during the season in your opinion?
  11. Agreed on both points. Allen made some plays but Slay had the last laugh. Allen is a top level WR when healthy.
  12. How much of Cousins' struggles are because of the OC or could be managed by the OC? Do you see them being able to overcome the issues he's had as of late and be the QB they expected? Do you see them bringing in a younger guy and giving him competition or maybe even just dropping him altogether?
  13. @Uncle Buck Sorry dude, but this is division rival stuff. We all hate the Packers so there's common ground there.
  14. Essentially replacing Christian Jones with Tavai in the middle?
  15. There's zero chance the Vikings would trade him to us. It's just nice to see them implode.