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  1. So let's say it's $8M... I'd take Davis + Samuel for $18M vs KG for $18M.
  2. Hmmm...alright. How about Curtis Samuel for 3 years x $6M instead? I'm looking at Davis as 1A with Samuel at 1B but neither guy is a true WR1 but both are high end WR2's. Maybe I'm in the minority on this (and I'm open to hearing your thoughts) but I see Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp in that mold. I don't know if we need a true WR1 if we have 4-5 WR2's who can all make plays.
  3. OFFENSE With the Stafford/Goff trade and the Lions offense now under Anthony Lynn, we are going to see some significant changes. Kenny Golloday - franchise tagged and traded to Indianapolis for 2021 5th and 2022 2nd Corey Davis signs 5 year x $10M apy Curtis Samuel signs 3 year x $8M apy QB - Goff RB - Swift, Stevenson WR 1 - Davis WR 2 - St. Brown, Cephus WR3 - Samuel, Rodgers, Agnew TE1 - Hockenson TE2 - LT - Decker LG - Jackson OC - Ragnow RG - Vaitai RT - Radunz DEFENSE - WIP **I'll fill th
  4. I figure we could get about 6 starters out of that mix (maybe even 7). 2021 is a lost year. Let the young guys step in, get valuable game time experience, fight through adversity and figure out who you have on the roster going into (hopefully) a more traditional scouting/draft season in 2022. - Barmore - Moehrig (Expect we'll move to more 3 safety looks) - Radunz - Starts at RT. Could become LTOTF if the Lions want to move off of Decker in a couple years. Move Vaitai inside and shore up the right side - Cox - Ballhawk LB, great in coverage - St.Brown - We need good WR
  5. Used the TDN simulator for draft and prospect rankings. Not going too crazy or in depth. TRADES Cowboys trade #10, #44, #99 for #7 WFT trades #19, #51, #74, #82 for #10 Starter #19 - Christian Barmore, 3T, Alabama #41 - Trevon Moehrig, S, TCU #44 - Dillon Radunz, RT, North Dakota State #51 - Jabril Cox, WLB, LSU #72 - Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR2, USC #74 - Jay Tufele, 1T, USC #82 - Amari Rodgers, SWR, Clemson #88 - Peter Werner, SLB, Ohio State #99 - Shaun Wade, SCB, Ohio State #112 - Benjamin St-Juste, CB (Developmental outside
  6. Do you think he just didn't want to re-sign under Quintirica or do you think it's because he won't accept $16M? Maybe both?
  7. Colts could also manipulate things to ensure they don't pay that out too. Will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  8. Buck, what are your thoughts on someone who is in the HOF but is then found out to be a horrible person. A great example is someone like OJ Simpson. If we're considering character coming into the HOF, do you feel that character should be considered in keeping someone IN the HOF? Once you're in, you're in? The HOF should be dictated by what they do on the field alone? Should only include football related activities on and off the field (which is where TO would get nailed)?
  9. Interesting... so basically.. nobody really knows what is up with Romeo's contract. This seems specific enough to be more likely/highly plausible.
  10. I'd be open to adding a 3rd - 5th (maybe even as a future pick) for Flowers if the team decided he isn't going to fit the scheme this year or isn't a part of the team's plans moving forward. He's a lot more valuable to a NE style team, he was highly rated by PFF despite our historically bad defense.
  11. This blew up over the weekend... holy catching up on reading, Batman! I'm on the "let's take the BPA unless we have two guys who are closely rated and one is at a much greater position of need" train. I think it was @Sllim Pickens who made that point about a guy at like an 89 vs a 91. In that case and if the 89 is a pass-rushing DT vs a CB then that's who I'll lean towards. The other element is the strength of the draft class. If there's a strong position group vs a weak position group, I'll take the best guy (assuming rated similarly) in the weak position group knowing I can land a guy w
  12. Interesting it says "notable departures" and has Owkara but he isn't gone yet. He's actually a RFA, so the Lions could choose to sign him to whatever deal he can get elsewhere.
  13. I'm not opposed to adding in another young CB. We need either Okudah or Oruwariye to develop into a starting outside guy (hopefully both). We also need to have someone in as a starting SCB. I'd rather not use the #3 overall pick in the slot but if we're playing the bulk of our defensive snaps with a slot guy instead of a LB (whether it's a 3rd CB, a 3rd safety, etc.) then who cares. Put the best guys on the field.
  14. It sounds good in theory but Walker struggled last year at SS and has even said his preferred position is FS. He does offer up some flexibility but if a guy is telling you "I am at my best in this role" and they had a history of success, I'd rather lean into that. If we brought in another guy with some positional versatility then I'm cool with both guys splitting time at either safety spot. If we're going to play more defined roles, then I'd rather we bring in someone like John Johnson at SS and let Walker do his thing.
  15. All of that is fair - I just find it hard to believe that Stafford and McVay just "happened to run into each other" despite previous connections. Because the story has changed a bit and become less believable, it feels like either side (or both sides) are massaging the story so that it's a bit less blatant. I've never been to Cabo but I have been to a resort town (Punta Cana). The probability of me just "running into someone" that I knew would have been quite slim unless we were staying at the same resort. Even then, the resorts are just so big. Either way, not making a big deal out of i
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