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  1. 4 Round mock: Team by team

    I'm a bit behind on prospects for this year, so I can't say much there. Position wise though, I think you've made good selections for the first 2-3 picks for the Lions. However, I don't agree that we would take a QB in the 4th round. Mid-round QB's rarely pan out and we have at least 1-2 years with Stafford still at the helm. We have other needs that will likely need to be addressed in round 4. A developmental QB could be drafted in rounds 6 - 7 as we have multiple picks in those rounds.
  2. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I don't have a specific source but I think I heard or read something to that effect. If he had been honest with them about it from the start they would have helped him work through it. The fact that he lied about what went down killed his chances to stay with them.
  3. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I think it was just a combination of 1) Lying to them about the incident and b) Video coming out. Not sure if there was any video on Hill's situation but being able to see what happened has to make a difference. Watching Ray Rice drag his wife around by the hair was just a gross visual that you can't grasp unless you see it firsthand. I'm torn as I do think people should have an opportunity at a second chance. However, it is a longstanding issue with the league and there appears to be no fix in sight. I don't think a simple accusation without proof means we should just suspend everyone. There has to be some sort of red line and when an investigation is completed, you're either in or you're out. Up until the line, we talk suspension. You cross that line - and you're done.
  4. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    Fair enough but we've also been FAR too reliant on the passing game in the past. Our offense has lacked balance. We've had more success this year when we've consistently run the ball. We can't telegraph a rush on 1st and 2nd down every series. We do need to be creative and add some wrinkles. My concern with Kingsbury is that he hasn't been an OC or even a position coach at the NFL level. I'd love to see him come in as a QB coach and develop into the guy. He isn't leaving Texas Tech by his own choice, so there are some question marks there.
  5. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    I don't think the Steelers would take him on. I think they're pretty satisfied with Conner and they don't tend to stretch on the character guys too often. Definitely could see the Patriots make a move. I wonder if the Vikings would make that move. Cook is a good RB but he has injury issues. Murray isn't going to be around forever.
  6. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I'm not too familiar with him. However, he seems to have done a decent job with the talentless Bortles. He was getting rave reviews for his scheme vs the Steelers last year. I've been pretty disconnected the last year so I'm mainly just going on hearsay.
  7. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    What about Nathaniel Hackett?
  8. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    I had a much longer message but somehow it got deleted. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing what you've worked out.
  9. Should the Lions trade Stafford?

    What would you do to make the Lions a contender for the next 5 years?
  10. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Signing Hunt would only happen with two types of teams: ones that are just in such desperate order that they'll do anything with the purpose of winning... Oakland could fit into that category; or teams that have a strong coach/front office/ownership situation where they could sustain the backlash if it doesn't work out. The Patriots are the prime example. I don't see Hunt being signed by any team before the end of this season unless the league is leaning towards a minor suspension. Assuming that this falls somewhere between Zeke Elliott and Ray Rice, I have to figure he's suspended for the rest of this season. Possibly even next year.
  11. Tis The Season Draft

    You only have so many pieces,. We are a passing offense that is lacking in passing options. We're paying Stafford a buttload of money for him to pass to receivers. We need to ensure we have guys that can actually catch the ball and make plays. If we could find 5 guys through UDFA that could do that, then let's grab another RB in rounds 2 or 3. That seems highly unlikely to me. Despite being a bit of a plodder, Blount filled in pretty well for KJ last time. We could have similar success with some pieces on the OL despite a lesser talent.
  12. Tis The Season Draft

    You're not wrong but I suspect we should be able to add someone later in the draft or UDFA who can be the 3rd or 4th RB. We have Riddick, who is a reliable pass-catching back.
  13. Tis The Season Draft

    If you address the #3 spot with a FA guy like Bryant or Benjamin, sure.. maybe that makes sense. The cupboard is pretty bare right now with MJJ out. We've seen what one injury can do to our WR corp.
  14. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Right... that's a shame.
  15. The Lions Den: The Anything Thread

    Does anyone remember why we let Larry Warford walk?