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  1. Brockers talking to Talib about several things including the Lions culture change. Skip to 8:50 for the Lions specific content.
  2. I'm going to take the over but only by 1 (6 - 11). Goff is probably somewhere in the middle of SB appearing QB and the guy that was walked out like Jazz from Fresh Prince. He'll be a lot better than the trash heap he's been made out to be. A change in scenery, a change in team philosophy, the energy of the coaches, etc. will help push things along for him (and many others on the roster).
  3. That is a really good point. Teams aren't doing the joint training camps either, so we won't really get an inkling of the truth until pre-season.
  4. Maybe it's not my place as a newish guy, but why not force the roster limits after the draft but before the season? If I spend a pick on a guy I now have to drop, it's my fault. To find out that the guy I just selected is now available for anyone else to draft forces a bad trade. You don't know who will be available in your draft spot, so keepers are going to be your best collection of misfits. Maybe there are logistical reasons but it feels like this would be a welcome move by at least 2 owners (possibly more).
  5. You only put up 20 points even with my team having the performance of an East German art film. If my offense could do ANYTHING then it's a possibility.
  6. Pick. 2.10, LionsPride select Pat Freiermuth, TE @Oregon Ducks is OTC
  7. @TheKillerNacho Fire: Jim Harbaugh Hire: Vance Joseph, move to DC Move Robert Saleh to HC
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