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  1. FWIW, PFF's Mike Renner has the Lions as his 4th best draft. It's an interesting video. Because it's the Lions, they don't spend a TON of time on it but a good take.
  2. I mean.... I can't really slam this for anything. I would be thrilled with this draft class.
  3. This was thanks to @Louis Friend. I might have made the call but it came on good advice.
  4. I feel like the Lions could snag a couple key UDFA WR's. Opportunity is key and the Lions WR room offers a lot of opportunity.
  5. I'm not against a CB but do we really not need a coverage LB?
  6. Myles Garrett looks like he's wearing a muscle suit over a muscle suit under that suit... Jesus.
  7. They drafted another "A Rodgers" so they can keep selling those #12 jerseys one way or another
  8. We trade down Then take Marvin Wilson and Twyman. Don't want too many guys at one position.
  9. Either Mosterts fantasy stock is going to drop or Sermon is going to disappoint a lot of fantasy owners
  10. Don't tempt me like that. Im big on Sermon but don't see him as a big need.
  11. Fml...Now I have to cheer against Amari Rodgers.
  12. Thanks for coming around Buck. I am liking the Jags moves. You guys are building something. I do hope Meyer works out for you guys. I am still a big Bevell fan. But you gotta do something about those jerseys.
  13. I had two Leffe Blonde's and moved to a new Tangueray gin.
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