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  1. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    It wasn't because of Wagner but because of Stafford. Watt came in too hard and was more physical/aggressive with Stafford than (Patricia) preferred. We don't have a great back-up QB situation. I wouldn't want to be Patricia and to lose Stafford in a joint practice for any real amount of time either. As for Wagner and the lack of attention on the OL, they obviously believe they have guys they can win with. Maybe it was a scheme thing and/or maybe a coaching thing. I sure hope that they're right but I have similar concerns as you do.
  2. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    I'm on board with everything that you're selling here. The team is going to lean on the defense and should be back in the top 10. Assuming that we can be there consistently throughout the season, we'll be in decent shape. As long as the offense can be in the top 16-18 (with our top 10 defense) we should be competitive.
  3. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    It took you only 5 years to jump ship? @diehardlionfan has been sticking around for like 40 years. I think everyone here would agree, we all want to see good football in general. It would be even more special to most of us here if those games were by the Lions. Maybe it's just me but that's when things get way more exciting. I can only imagine what it's like being a Browns fan right now as a team that appears to be on the rise.
  4. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    Are you not a Lions fan too?
  5. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    I hear you and I am also frustrated. However, we'll give it a bit more time. You do make some very good points though. We're already going into a season with a presumably difficult schedule ahead of us. Poor showings like this, demonstrating our lack of depth and talent, don't help there.
  6. Lions vs Pat's GDT

  7. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    That (Savage) is what I had read on B/R app. He seemed to hold some promise as the Lions probable back-up. Back to the drawing board now. I didn't watch this in full. A part of the game was being half-watched/listened to as I was putting some furniture together at home. The other part came from reading some articles afterwards. I had lost interest when they were down 20-0 and were being walked all over. PJ Johnson started to show something on the DL. I think he's a PS guy but he stood out positively the last time I was really paying attention. Again, it's the first game of the pre-season. We went 4-0 in 2008, so I'm not going to get too up in arms about it.
  8. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    I was half-watching/listening while doing some work at home. A few thoughts: - Reports were suggesting that Kearse was doing fairly well and probably would have been in the mix to be in the top 5 WR's by cut time. That doesn't help with our depth. Hopefully someone on the roster shows up - A post-game article had highlighted some poor players from last night, including Tyrell Crosby. That doesn't give me a lot of confidence if Decker goes down for any period of time - TY Johnson was up and down but showed some flashes. He's a rookie, so that should be expected - Killebrew played well. I feel like they might be giving him some air time as a trade option - Savage had a concussion and Fales totally whiffed. The search for a decent back-up QB continues. It's one game and it's the pre-season. I'm not going to jump off a cliff but this game left us with more questions than answers.
  9. Lions vs Pat's GDT

    (Ron Howard voice) "They did"
  10. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    I'm sure that I'm not the only one but I've listened to MP talk about the philosophies behind the joint practices. They'll have conversations and because they operate similarly, they usually break around the same time, work on similar drills, have goals for practice around the same time, etc. It never occurred to me before that press conference but it does go to show how deeply the 'Patriots Way' and the team culture goes.
  11. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    For sure. Flowers knows the defense, so it's better they take it easy on him until he's ready. Snacks knows what to do and there's the contract issue to iron out. From what I've read, plays have been made on both sides. It's all too early to panic. I believe we went 4-0 in 2008 in the pre-season. That sure worked out for us.
  12. Detroit Lions Training Camp Thread

    I don't have a whole lot to add. I think most things have been covered. I can't blame Stafford for being less focused. I just hope it doesn't bleed into the season. I like being proven wrong so far about Tavai and Hockenson. I don't care if I'm wrong about player evals if they turn out to be good players and help the team win. Logan Thomas seems to be making plays as well as Nauta. The Patriots are a well-oiled machine with a HOF QB/possible GOAT at the helm. The Lions are installing a new offense and still transitioning their defensive scheme. A number of the starting guys haven't even played. I'm not going to get too bent out of shape over Tom Brady running things over in practice. This is the perfect time to make mistakes and test things out. The Lions are getting deeper into new things while the Pats are just shaking off the rust. If the team looks like this in week 3 of the pre-season, then I'll be a bit worried.
  13. RB Theo Riddick Signs with Broncos

    That is a highly accurate statement. I've appreciated everything he did for us as Lions fans. Very reliable hands and he has made plays for us. However, he is far from a running threat.
  14. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    I had those same thoughts about Sam Darnold last year. Especially after that pick 6. Hoping for a different result this time around.