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  1. They would have to fall in love with Corral, Willis or someone else to take a QB near the top. With all of the future draft capital they already have, I think they could trade up and get their guy if they really felt the need to do that. I also expect that Sheila would probably want to see a plan more like I'm proposing because she has seen firsthand what happened with Stafford when they couldn't build the team around him. As long as she's committed to a long-term rebuild and they have that certainty, then I feel like this is the way they'll go. Goff has been bad but he has had some flashes he
  2. Ah ok, that's all I was curious about since it was Liberty specific (not religious schools on a broad basis). I mean - there's a ton of guys who have gone to/graduated from major colleges who can barely string together a proper sentence but excel in sports. I can appreciate that someone would go where there is an opportunity to try and achieve their dream playing professional sports.
  3. I actually really like this idea a lot. We've seen a few guys like Fitzpatrick and Foles move around the league and have some levels of success (usually short term) with their teams before moving on. It wouldn't hurt to take a shot at someone else and see if they can improve the position to be a capable bridge starter. Campbell and Holmes have 5+ years. I suspect they'll get the full 3 years to make their impact and determine whether the team is moving in the right direction. Year 1 - 2021 - Goff Year 2 - 2022 - Goff/TBD? Year 3 - 2023 - TBD/Rookie QB <<< Keyston
  4. Never heard of anything regarding Liberty before - what is your concern specifically with Liberty (as compared to other religious schools)?
  5. I don't know what LA/Rams fans are like but it would not shock me if someone bought you a "I'm sorry you are a fan of such a terrible team and we now have your QB" beer.
  6. I was cheering for Jake Fromm and had hoped he would be something in the pro ranks. Same with Sam Hartman (Wake Forest). Both seemed like really good guys and good leaders on their team. Rattler, Martell and Fields really did not come across very well IMO.
  7. I watched Rattler on that QB1 show on Netflix. I was really not a big fan of him as a person, at least based on how he was portrayed on the show. Has he been a leader on the Sooners and would you be happy with him as the QB of the Lions (say he wasn't a 1st rounder or he did transfer and then entered the draft)?
  8. I actually wanted to ask you, as you are the intersection of Sooners/Lions in our little group, what your thoughts were on Rattler. Outside of pure football, what has been your thoughts on him as the face of Sooner football and has anything changed since he has been replaced?
  9. Sorry fellas, my kid has just started escaping from his crib at 5:30 am and coming in to say hello. Based on the mock, the scenario would be: Pittsburgh trading us #12 (2022) 1st Round (2023) 1st Round (2024) + a 2nd and a 3rd in there. So we would be swapping 2022 1st's and then obtaining 2x future 1st's along the way from them. This goes with the 2x future 1st's we have from the Rams in addition to our own picks. In this scenario, we would have: 2022 - Steelers (#12); Ram (#29) 2023 - Lions, Rams, Steelers 2024 - Lions, Steelers
  10. Maybe it was the lack of coffee, but you're right... I was forgetting that the next draft (which that is being traded) was in 2022 vs future (future) draft being in 2023+. Should have been: 2022 #2 to Steelers in exchange for #12 and #29 Will take another look and clean that up.
  11. Trade down with Pittsburgh (who then draft Corral to replace Roethlisberger).
  12. I'm fine taking a mid-round guy (4th-6th) and letting him compete with Blough for the back up role or hope that we find a Russell Wilson/Dak Prescott type/diamond in the rough kind of guy. I definitely don't want to add someone early on this year.
  13. Me either - I still think he'll be a top 12 guy.
  14. He has been in discussions as of late as one of the top QB prospects and a likely 1st rounder. Even if he was available towards the end of round 1, I just don't see value in spending the draft capital on a QB this year. We still have Goff under contract and have major holes in other areas of the roster - WR, OG, Edge, LB, CB, S. There's always room for improvement in some other key areas. With the amount of draft picks that we have between 2022 - 2024, I would rather wait until 2023 or 2024 to select our QBOTF while building up the roster in the meantime. We could always sign a sto
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