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    Would you feel the same way if the target was Herbert instead of Tua? I'm seeing reports that the Dolphins may be leaning towards him although this could be a smokescreen to try and bring the cost of trading up to #3 down.
  2. Lions shopping Darius Slay

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2876742-darius-slay-trade-rumors-lions-have-spoken-to-multiple-teams-about-deal-for-cb It seems like the contract talks aren't going the right way and the team is shopping Slay to any potential suitors. Any new team is going to have to include a new contract starting around $15M APY. I also have to imagine after years of being on teams watching the playoffs at home Slay is going to want a team in the hunt. The likely candidates are going to be a) team with cap space; b) need CB help These are the teams listed in order of cap space available that have CB as either a Primary or Secondary need according to TDN. https://thedraftnetwork.com/team-needs MIA BUF DAL HOU SEA NYG NYJ DEN LAC ARI LVR WAS
  3. The Dolphins and the Lions are being linked for obvious reasons in trade scenarios. Assuming that the Dolphins do in fact want to trade up to #3 to select their QB (Tua or Herbert), what would be the maximum amount of compensation that you would consider to be acceptable for such a trade? As a Lions fan, I've seen a number of different scenarios. Some involving pick # 18, some involving pick #26, some involving both 2nd's and others involving less. I am curious to see what the other side of these deals would think if the trigger was pulled.
  4. The Argument for a 2nd Round WR

    That doesn't leave a lot of room for error. Assuming we trade down, I still don't see us having multiple 1sts unless we REALLY trade back (or Miami gets super desperate).
  5. Trading Stafford

    Stafford is not going to be traded this off-season. I wouldn't rule it out entirely if he's healthy, the season goes down like the Hindenburg and there is a regime change. Some of the scenarios and the capital in return are laughable. I just saw a thing about the Bears trading him for a 2nd round pick. A top level QB being traded to a division rival for pennies on the dollar. And we're the ones that drink the kool-aid? The only way that this could happen is if Stafford is trying to force himself out and he agrees to something financially where it wouldn't totally handcuff the Lions this season. There is no chance they're eating a $32M cap hit.
  6. Picking #3

    I'm not a twitter guy. I think it was a YouTube channel (ChatSports?)
  7. Picking #3

    Oh and on the Williams situation, at least the medical situation is sorted. Agree that there is a money element here. I have to think they bite the bullet. He's a good player when he's on the field and organizationally, they messed things up in a big way. Protect your young QB, whether it's Haskins or Tua with a proven guy.
  8. Picking #3

    Yeah, I've seen something about Chicago trading up for Burrow which would include Khalil Mack... because you give away the future of your franchise to acquire a guy, then trade him away and the rest of your future to get a rookie QB. I'd love to see that happen as a Lions fan. Let Chicago burn the team down just to add Burrow.
  9. The Argument for a 2nd Round WR

    I know @HTTRDynasty disagrees but I do wonder whether a) they take Tua on the basis he's a better QB prospect than Haskins and is healthy; b) can trade down and build out the roster if they keep Haskins. Let's assume that Young is equivalent to a young Suh coming out of Nebraska. How much better are the 2020 Redskins vs the 2010 Detroit Lions?
  10. Picking #3

    Fair enough. There are still rumours of a trade out from #2 so it'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. Is Trent Williams the LT starting in September or does he get traded?
  11. Picking #3

    Oh I get that. Which is why Haskins would net more than a 2nd like Rosen did. It's just a matter of a healthy Tua being that much better than Haskins and being able to add pieces around him with the 1st + you'd get for Haskins.
  12. Picking #3

    Even if Tua is back at 100% and is the guy they expect him to be? I have to imagine Haskins would generate at least a 1st round pick in a trade.
  13. Picking #3

    On a scale of 1 - 10, with this news and a new coaching staff, what is probability of Washington taking Tua at #2?
  14. The draft guys are talking about him as Beast Mode 2.0. It sounds like he's a one dimensional guy but is a strong and sturdy runner with size. Definitely interested in digging into him some more. Can't wait to do a statistical analysis of his 10 yard split.
  15. The Argument for a 2nd Round WR

    BR just popped up with a notification saying that his medicals checked out positively. He hasn't resumed football activities yet but he's trending upwards in a big way. All we need is for Herbert to wow at the combine and we are in great shape for the draft.