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  1. Bowser's 3 Rounds Mock (without Tua)

    BTW - Thanks for putting this together. I know it's a ton of work and I always enjoy reading different mocks. Even if it's from a so-called expert, they're never that accurate anyway. It always helps to learn about the new guys coming and about the different teams around the league.
  2. Mock Draft 5.0 / 2 Rounds / 1 trade

    A part of the issue with being bad at the run is we're even worse at rushing the passer. A part of that was only rushing 3 and dropping 8 on a consistent basis. Another part was that Flowers was shaking off the rust from injury. He also doesn't have a proper running mate. Okwara has regressed and is really more of a depth guy than the starter they were hoping for him to be. Not against Brown at all.
  3. Bowser's 3 Rounds Mock (without Tua)

    The Lions aren't going to take Simmons. He's probably a really good player but he doesn't fit the scheme. They want LB's that are 240-250 lbs +. Round 1: I'd probably go with Andrew Thomas or Jerry Jeudy if we're sitting there with those guys on the board. Let's go with Thomas and sliding Decker over to RT. Two birds with one stone. Pick - Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia Round 2: Pass-rusher is really our biggest gap on the whole team. If we don't address it in Rd 1 (and I didn't because the value wasn't there based on how your board is falling), I'd be looking at a guy like Weaver. Pick- Curtis Weaver, Edge, Boise State Round 3: I don't hate the Tylan Wallace pick at all. However, the Lions have always struggled at running the ball. Kerryon can't stay healthy. We've had our best success as of late with UDFA RB and former Tide RB Bo Scarborough. Najee Harris is an upgraded version of Scarborough. A mix of Kerryon, Najee, Bo, Ty and JD with improved OL play should help this offense do what it wants to do. Run the ball and control the clock. Pick - Najee Harris, RB, Alabama
  4. Mock Draft 5.0 / 2 Rounds / 1 trade

    Alright, Zappa my friend. Always enjoy the efforts. I have two scenarios for my Lions. Scenario A - Lions are likely going to lose out and probably in that #3 spot. They lost to Washington and the Giants/Dolphins/Redskins all have some games that somebody has to win. I'll come back to what you've actually laid out in scenario B. Lions at #3 - do the trade down with the Chargers for their new QB. Whether it's Herbert or Tua, there is some value there. 9 - AJ Epenesa, DE, Iowa: Trey Flowers is showing flashes as the guy that the Lions signed after shaking off the rust due to injury. However, the rest of the DL has struggled. The Lions have not been able to put together a couple book ends at DE for a long time. Epenesa is another guy that is versatile and fits the scheme 39 - Terrell Lewis, OLB/Edge, Alabama: The Patriots and their ilk are big fans of the SEC. We've had major issues at rushing the passer and need an upgrade at LB. 41 - Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama: The Lions need to get younger and deeper at CB. I'm not convinced that Slay is going to even be on the roster this time next year. Diggs fits with what they want in a variety of ways Our offense hasn't been the issue at all, even with Stafford's injury. The defense needs an injection of life into it. All three guys could get playing time early but are also key pieces moving forward. Scenario B Lions are sitting there at #7 #7 - Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama - This is a complete luxury pick but there is still some value here. Jeudy is probably WR1. Marvin Jones isn't getting any younger and the team has been its most successful with the offense. Jeudy is BPA here and really does round out the WR corp of Golladay, Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola and Marvin Hall. Okudah is a great player but the Patriots and Lions don't tend to take CB's high and start them as rookies with significant roles. It could be because the top guys are always taken near the top of the draft (and Patriots are usually selecting near the bottom). It could also be team building philosophy. They just don't do it and if you're taking a guy at #7, you're expecting him to have an instant impact. Unless he plays TE. Then you want to wait 3 years. #39 - Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia - Hall was projected to be a 1st round pick. He fits a lot of the qualities that the Lions look for. Slay is probably not going to be on the roster. So we'll need to address this at some point. I do like your pick of Wilson and I'd even be good with Prince as well. Keep rolling these out, my man. Always enjoy the thought provoking read.
  5. Mock offseason

    It wouldn't shock me to see the draft order go 1) Bengals - Joe Burrow - They REALLY need a QB 2) Lions via Giants - Chase Young 3) Insert QB Needy team via Giants via Lions - Tua (assuming he's healthy) With a new HC in New York, they would be adding multiple first round picks to compliment Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley.
  6. Mock offseason

    I do agree - I'm not convinced that Kerryon can stay healthy. I expect they're going to be looking at adding a viable guy relatively early in the draft (rounds 2-3), especially if they have multiple picks in any of those rounds. This is a very deep draft for RB and WR, so maybe a couple guys slide further than expected/talented guys are available deeper in the draft. If he's in a RBBC and is able to stay healthier, he could be an effective part of a 3 headed attack mixing in McKissic as a 3rd down option. Detroit could stand pat at #3 and take a player like Derrick Brown. They could also choose to trade down and gather other picks. With the moves that you've made, I feel like we could afford to trade some of that capital for a blue-chip franchise, once in a decade type of player. He should help to elevate that defensive line which in turn helps the secondary. If it all goes bust, we're going to be trading Stafford (IMO) and likely receive another 1st rounder + along the way towards a rebuild.
  7. Raiders rookie TE Foster Moreau out for year

    I was pounding the table on this kid as the third best TE out of the draft class. I really wanted him on the Lions even with the Hockenson selection. Seems like a great dude. He was playing really nice for you guys. Hope he recovers well and comes back.
  8. Mock offseason

    We seem to share a couple ideas. I had some similar moves in my mock from about two or three weeks ago. Whether that's good or bad is hard to say. Trades: These all seem like trades that will be made and for value. Slay has probably lost a step and is getting up there but he's also still one of the best CB's in the league. I doubt he wants to stay here and he'll force a move out. Glover Quin tried to do that when MP first came in but he had less leverage. The Eagles are definitely an option for this kind of trade given how wide open that division is. My only sticking point is that I expect the Lions to keep Marvin Jones on the roster until about two weeks or less away from the trade deadline. The offense hasn't been the issue and Jones has been an effective WR this season. Barring injury, they're going to get a 3rd for him from some team at that time for the 2021 draft. Re-Sign: All good on all of these. FA: This is where we have some more common ground Byron Jones: I do wonder if he's even going to be available. I expected Jones to hit the market because the Cowboys would also have to pay Dak. If Dallas doesn't win their division, they're not in the playoffs. Dak has been good but not great. Jerry isn't a guy that is afraid to sign a cheque or two. So it does make me wonder whether Dallas is satisfied with him and whether they'd consider moving on. Assuming they at least hit him with the franchise tag, Jones could still be here. Rowe: It's already been addressed that Miami has re-signed him but that's besides the point. Oruwariye looks like he deserves more playing time; Coleman was signed to a big free agent deal; we've added Byron Jones into the mix. If Okudah has always been a part of the plan, where do you play Rowe? I'm not against adding to the secondary but it does feel like this could be overkill. Howard: Somewhat like with Rowe, where do you play this guy? Kerryon is the starter, although we all know about his injury questions; Scarborough has played well enough to warrant some more playing time next year; JD McKissic is a really nice receiving option, Ty could be odd man out but he does offer something in terms of speed nobody else does. Then we throw in Dillon who is a one-dimensional bruising back. I'm expecting that the team will either add a vet or draft a guy. Not both. Draft: I'm of the thought that if we're sitting at #3, we move up to #2 and get Chase Young. From this off-season, we have two #1's (ours + Eagles). #2 - Value of 2600 points #3 - Value of 2200 points (-400 points) Lions get #2 (Chase Young) + 2020 4th rounder Giants get #3 (Jerry Jeudy?) + 2020 2nd You could even work out a deal where we give up our two 1st's and get a 2nd back without jeopardizing the future. So that's my starting point - I'd rather trade up than down Okudah - the Lions and Patriots don't draft CB's high and play them early in big roles. It could be because they've always been drafting around the bottom of the draft and the top guys are.. at the top. However, it juts hasn't worked out that way. Reagor - I think Simba said this but the Marvin trade opened up a hole which doesn't allow us to fill other, more pressing holes. This is also a very deep WR class and we've had success in drafting middle round guys like Golladay I like Leatherwood and bringing in Eason as a developmental guy. I have zero complaints on trying to upgrade the LB and pass-rusher spots. I don't believe Fisher is all that great in coverage, so he's likely not the fix. The Lions are on the fast track to nowhere. The off-season is here already to give us hope. Thanks for putting this all together.
  9. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I agree although I don't think he'll even get a full year if things go south quickly.
  10. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    It doesn't cost me anything except for a little aggravation on Sundays. I'm glad to see that I can keep you entertained. The field on the play certainly isn't.
  11. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    It's just a joke. There's not a lot to be happy with at this point other than getting a really good player with a top 3-6 pick. We had a top 10 defense at the end of last season and are near the bottom of the league at this point in the season. There isn't a direct correlation between good play the season before translating to success on the field the following year.
  12. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I was interested to take a look at things and see how many games we've lost to injury. I principally focused on starters and key back ups. Offense - 13 guys x 12 games = 156 Games Games Played = 138 or 88% Defense - 16 guys x 12 games = 192 games Games Played = 165 or 85% This doesn't really dive into quality players (ex. impact of Stafford or Slay's injury) or quality of play while they were in and battling an injury (ex. Snacks). This is a total of 45 games lost. I don't know how Football Outsiders does their calculation. If we gross it up for the rest of the season, we'd be sitting around 10th least injured team in 2018. Assuming that seasons average out similarly and even add in some deviation, we're probably no worse off than the 15th or 16th injured team. So, overall... I guess all of us, including myself, can throw away the narrative on the injuries. Stafford's does hurt but we've seen a few cases where the back-up QB has come in and won some games (NO and CAR are perfect examples).
  13. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    Knocking On Door: Yes, the team was playing better than many of us and the national media expected them to. They would have had sole possession of first place in the NFC North if they were awarded the W in the Packers game for at least the time being. It might not have lasted but the wheels really fell off around that time. At the end of the day, Patricia is the HC. He hired Pasqualoni and it's his job to ensure the defense, the offense and special teams are all playing as well as they should be. We don't know how much game planning and/or game day responsibility that Pasqualoni or Patricia have. Whether it's his fault or not, Pasqualoni is going to be the scapegoat at the end of the season.
  14. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    This is a team that was knocking on the door early on. There were a few questionable calls with significant impact by the refs in some games and we were straight up robbed of a W over Green Bay. I don't know if we're having the same conversation about the team as a whole if things are a bit different. We still could be but it's something to chew on. I'm of the belief that Pasqualoni has been more of a negative on the D than Patricia. There is probably some loyalty or expectation that they can turn things around. It's possible that the game is getting past him at his age. I'm expecting PP is going to either be outright fired or moved into a different position with a new DC being hired + Patricia taking over more of the defensive play-calling duties. I'd be interested in seeing how the Lions compare to the rest of the league in terms of games missed due to injuries from starters. While I agree on the matters related to BQ's commitment to depth, it feels like this team has lost A LOT of starters for a significant period of time, principally on the defense. Then you lose your QB on top of that and it's an uphill battle for any team. I don't think there's a single one of us here who agreed with taking Hockenson at #8. Just like the Lions, you could find a way to justify it after the fact. I still don't think anyone was hoping for that pick to be made. However, they were a top 10 defense and top 5 against the run by seasons end. They were going into 2019 with Snacks as of week 1, draft gem Hand, run stuffer A'Shawn and a better than expected Okwara. Then they go and sign Flowers with high expectations. Clearly the expectation was that they had enough guys on the DL to do what they needed to do. There's 3 TJ Hockensons - the draft prospect, the NFL player and the #8 draft pick. Teams loved the draft prospect and he was expected to go high. The NFL player has showed some flashes and could wind up being a very good player when all is said and done. The #8 overall pick may never live up to that billing... it's an uphill battle and then some. The team felt that they had the talent and depth at DL. They went a different route. Are we complaining as much about not taking a guy like Ed Oliver if our own DL lives up to the pre-season expectations? Even if Hockenson's play/injury stay the same? It's still a TE at 8, so probably yes.
  15. Well does Fatty Patricia get fired?

    I think for anyone wishing that Patricia/Quinn fail out is just a naysayer for naysayers sake. I don't expect this team to overcome all of the injuries and other items that have factored into where they're sitting now. My expectation is that we're going to lose out. I'm expecting and hoping that we get games like the Bears game, where we're competitive but are just missing the difference makers to put things over the hump. If things go the way we are expecting, we are likely seeing the Bengals and Giants at 1 and 2. There's a chance we could be sitting there at #3 or #4. The Bengals are likely going to need a QB for their new regime and Burrow is a prime target. If Tua is showing to be recovered from his injury, it wouldn't shock me to see the Dolphins make a move to trade up for him. This would lead us into a prime spot to take Chase Young. We'd have generational talent as an instant difference maker at a prime position which also happens to be a position of need. I want Patricia and Quinn to succeed. I don't want this team to go through yet another rebuild. I want to see a competitive Lions team with Matthew Stafford at the helm playing in games that truly matter in December and beyond. It might happen and it might not. Losing out this year isn't going to make much of a difference on next year except for putting us in a better draft position. If that's what is going to be the difference maker to right this ship, I'm good with it. It's not so much that I like Patricia or Quinn... I think there has been some highs that give me hope and a lot of lows that leave me with more questions than answers. I just don't think that it's good for an organization to have that much turnover in such a short period of time. With the team that they've assembled, it's very specific to the things that they want to do. So we'd be looking at another 2-3 years of retooling a roster for the next coach, getting pennies on the dollar for FA's and draftees who don't fit the new scheme (see KVN). Bevell has been the best OC Stafford has had in a long time. This offense has been humming. They've had the big play element without a lot of the mistakes that come with a downfield attacking scheme.