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  1. Bill Keenist fired... Best thing to happen Yet!!

    I doubt we'll see anything significant come out on Facetweet or Snapgram
  2. Bill Keenist fired... Best thing to happen Yet!!

    I don't really pay too much attention to something like this but it will be interesting to see if the difference is noticeable.
  3. Offseason trades and signings

    If Bawden plays an H-Back role, then it's possible. The Lions could be looking to add draft capital with more of a focus on the 2019 draft. I believe we have 9 picks in that draft already.
  4. Offseason trades and signings

    Absolutely agree. He's frustrated with his role in the offense, the team is frustrated with his play, he's in a crowded backfield. He's not as good of a receiver as Riddick; he doesn't have the size and power of Blount; they just drafted Kerryon Johnson to be that middle ground guy and this is a pass-first offense looking for balance. I can see us getting a late 6th later on in camp.
  5. Offseason trades and signings

    And win multiple Super Bowls with his brother
  6. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    I guess you could look at it this way - a positive of Bo Davis having coached him at Bama (and seeing his lack of success firsthand) would mean that he might look at different ways to help him start to take advantage of those gifts and be productive. A new coach that just sees what he was pre-Bama might not fully understand what his issues were there and as a result try things that were already tried at Bama. This way Davis and Patricia aren't going to be covering the same ground. This is totally just a theory but it can be helpful to have more in depth knowledge on things when trying to solve a problem.
  7. Round 4, Pick 114: Da'Shawn Hand DE

    Which isn't the worst thing if you're taking him in the 4th round vs a top 10 pick. The podcast I was listening to was discussing the Lions using him as a 3rd down DT (as opposed to DE) with some pass-rushing ability. It's possible he was misused at Bama or maybe isn't going to be a well rounded player.
  8. Who would you take... Hankins or Francois

    Someone got the wrong Kool-Aid.
  9. Offseason trades and signings

    Since Hankins won't impact this, it seems more likely that RSJ would be the signing. Otherwise there isn't a reason to really wait (if the comp selection formula is the issue at hand)

    #motorcitypatriots #ipadgate
  11. Offseason trades and signings

    I guess it's something instead of just cutting him. Hopefully it means that we are bringing someone else on in his stead.
  12. 2018 NFL Redraft

    It really just comes down to whether there was information that the people in the know have that we don't related to it. If it's a matter that the teams just weren't comfortable taking it on despite being cleared, then I'm with you. He'd be an incredible value and boost to that DL. If it's worse than what we know then it's not worth the risk to me. Some people consider 3rd round picks as high while others consider them middle round. I like Ballage and don't think that he's going to be 2 rounds worse than Johnson, especially in a RBBC situation. I expect Kerryon to be the better player when all is said and done but to what extent is the question.
  13. 2018 NFL Redraft

    The only pick that is questionable for me is Hurst. We were all beating the drum for him and were not pleased he was passed over multiple times. According to BR's Matt Miller he has received notes from several scouts who were upset at the Raiders for the pick. Their opinion is that Hurst should never see the field as it could put his life in jeopardy. He was cleared by Michigan and Harvard, so it's hard to say without knowing why these scouts would take that position.
  14. Offseason trades and signings

    Maybe he wasn't a fit with the new defense but that's a crap deal for a guy coming off a career year. Will be interesting to see what we get back.
  15. Round 3, Pick 82- S Tracy Walker

    None of us will ever know the whole story. Teams don't give that kind of information away. They had offers on the table and they opted to take the guy they wanted in Ragnow. Same with Walker (since this is actually Walkers thread). Quinn said that he had 5-6 guys in mind a little while ago before the draft. Again - they have their board lined up and Ragnow must have been hands down the top guy still available for them when pick 20 rolled around. If Stafford doesn't get sacked a million times, we improve our run game to at least 20th in the league with Ragnow as a PB Center.. I'm ok not getting another 1st next year. We'll see how this pick looks in 3 years but it is pointing in the right direction for me now that it has been made. If his production matches his grade, then we were lucky to get a stud and plug him in there for 10 years.