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  1. Side mock: Murray #1.

    I'd rather Devin White or Ed Oliver in that spot. LB is an important role in the MP defense. We had terrible production in pass coverage from that group. I'd rather take one of the best players in the draft at a key position in the top 10. TE's usually need time to develop and can be found in rounds 2-4 fairly easily.
  2. The Plunge Mock Draft Version 1- Pre Combine

    I wouldn't be thrilled with Sweat at #8. I'd rather take Devin White or Jawaan Taylor if we had to stay in that spot. My preference would be to move down unless one of the top DL prospects slides down to us.
  3. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    There's a few guys that should be impact players in 2-3 years. I'd like to get a guy like Irv Smith with our 2nd round pick and then another guy like Dawson Knox or Kahale Warring in later rounds.
  4. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    Even if Hockenson is a better prospect than Ebron, I still just don't see the value in drafting a TE in the 1st round let alone in the top 10. If you look at the top 10 guys for the last several years, there's only a few that are first round guys. Ebron is the highest drafted TE in that top 10 by a long shot. Most of the other first round guys were drafted in the 20's and 30's. There is no way that happens.

    You could be right. Either way, I believe that the Cards will take Murray which pushes guys like Bosa and Williams down the board.
  6. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    It's a new scheme and the offense struggled as a whole. We're not going to replace the entire OL minus Ragnow in one swoop. If the season goes the way you're expecting if we don't make the pick, we're probably going to be in line for another top OT next year. With a QB heavy draft next year, there's going to be a bunch of very good players pushed down. It's possible that the Lions move on from Stafford and take another QBOTF (maybe another Georgia guy in Fromm) but we'll leave that for another thread.
  7. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    If that was me, I'd rather get paid $6M and keep my family in a stable situation as opposed to moving for the second time in 2 years and being paid similar money. Decker: Taylor isn't going to play LT... so even if you draft him you're not replacing a guy like Decker. He's a good but not great tackle. He's signed for another 2 years. No team is ever going to be 100%. Decker isn't a problem, so I'm not going to actively look to get rid of him. I might consider it more seriously in the 2020 draft.
  8. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    Lang: He's going to count as $2.66M in dead cap whether he retires or is cut. I think he wants to come back. If we bring him back, restructure his contract to be equal to his dead cap figure. He's a vet guy that does well when healthy. His issue hasn't been about ability but reliability. He's also not the future. If he's back as a stop gap, we can draft a mid-round guy who can fill in if there's an injury or be groomed to take over next year. Opens up $8.8M in cap space Wagner: Restructure his deal to count somewhere between $5M - $6M. If he is a post-June 1 cut, then we're looking at $2.9M in dead cap but opening up about $9M in cap space. This would open up about $5M in cap space. Mike McGlinchey is a very good comparison here. He was taken last year at #9, plays RT and is on a rookie contract. His cap hit is about $4M with a PFF grade of 72 vs Wagner at a 71. I'd take MM 2.0 at a cap hit of $4M vs Wagner at $11M any day of the week. If we can get similar production for a similar cap hit and use that draft capital to address other areas of need, then I think it's worth it to hold put. The principal issue will be whether Wagner is willing to restructure his deal or not. Glasgow: Trade down and grab a guy in rounds 3-5 who can compete or potentially take over that spot. If you wanted to go the FA route, Matt Paradis is an instant upgrade. He's also much older and is going to be costly. He's probably going to fetch $6M/year at age 28 vs Glasgow at $2M at age 26. The next guy is Mitch Morse and he's in the same ballpark as Glasgow but likely to cost $4M. According to PFF's top 10 FA Interior Linemen, 3 x 2nd round, 2x 3rd round, 1x4th round, 1 x 6th round, 3 x UDFA. I'm not going to bank on getting a UDFA guy to step in to be a starter for me but this tells me that we can find some of these guys in the middle rounds. I'm not looking to toss these guys out and replace with just anyone. I'm looking to bring guys in to compete for those spots with an eye towards finding a successor, especially for Lang.
  9. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    Whatever leads to more wins is a good thing. If Taylor is the guy to do it, so be it. I'm skeptical to think that we will actually get Flowers and expect that we will lose/let go Ansah. I view the pass-rush as a significant hole that needs particular attention. We can both agree that RG needs to be addressed (whether for this year or next) and that an upgrade at OC is likely in store (for this year or next). Replacing Wagner with a rookie in the top 10 is the principal issue for me. There's better players at higher positions of need. However, I don't think Wagner is worth an $11M cap hit so there would have to be some reworking there to justify him staying there.
  10. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    I'm not suggesting that we can't find upgrades and some of those decisions might be out of our control. If Lang retires, we have no choice but to find an OG. Even if he wants to come back, we might still decide to move on from him. This also isn't Madden - there is something to an offensive line gelling as a unit. Wagner has played relatively well and we drafted Crosby just last year. Getting rid of Wagner and Lang opens up two huge holes on offense when we have several other holes to address. That's even assuming that Glasgow is our OC which isn't a lock either. If we look to replace him, that's a huge amount of change. This doesn't even account for the issues on the edge, Tight End, WR3-WR5, FS, CB2 - CB3. If we trade down and a guy like Taylor is the BPA in that spot AND we're not staring at major holes at key spots thanks to FA(Flowers at DE, Uzomah and/or Jesse James at TE) then I wouldn't hate the pick. It's just not something that I would consider right now with our current needs and at #8.
  11. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    What do you do with Wagner? More importantly Lang/RG?

    The Patriots reportedly had been very interested in Rosen last year. They always seem to have a multitude of picks. If they think he could be Brady's replacement then it's not a steep price.
  13. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    If we were to miss out on Trey Flowers but bring in Brandon Graham and Dante Fowler (maybe even re-sign Ziggy) to form a rotation, this could be an option. The principal issue is - what do you do with Wagner? Can he play guard? His cap hit is $11M. If we cut him before June 1st, there's $8M of dead money whereas a post-June 1st cut is going to open up $9M in cap space.
  14. Could The Lions Surprise and Take An OT at #8?

    FA is going to play a huge role in this but as things look right now, I would be against it. If you look at the blatant holes on the roster: DE(x2), RG, TE(x2). Then we've got big question marks: CB2, FS, WR3, RB2, OC. There are only so many resources to go around. We're going to have to address DE and TE in free agency and the draft. If we sign a key DE in FA (Flowers) and then trade down from #8 to take a guy like Hockenson, then it's a move that I can at least understand and support. It might not be my favourite move but I can see the point in it. Especially in a draft that is deep in DL talent. If Lang retires or the Lions choose to not bring him back, that is a significant hole. However, there isn't a Quenton Nelson in the draft. #8 would be a huge stretch for an above average OG.

    Even in a new scheme, Ebron's completion percentage wasn't much better than it was in Detroit. The Colts used him effectively in the red zone which helped with the TD's. Otherwise, he was marginally better. Stafford likely would have fed him more targets if he had more faith in him.