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  1. I'm fully convinced that if the Lions are picking in the top 10 that a new regime will be in place and they'll be selecting their QBOTF. If Wilson is considered to be a 1st round guy, he is probably the pick there. I don't know if they would hold onto Stafford for yet another year or do the right thing by him and trade him to a better team. Either way, they will be turning a page at the QB spot sooner rather than later. Teams tend to add weapons on the offensive side of the ball when they bring in a new QB and it just so happens that Detroit also badly needs WR's. Sage Surratt in the 2nd. The Lions have like one WR under contract next season. No idea what will happen with Kenny G, maybe a franchise tag. This will help the new guy under center and provide some KG insurance. I know the defense is a total mess but if you're bringing in a new QB you're better to try and prop up one side of the ball and give him the tools to try and be successful. It will not be a one year turn around.
  2. I agree on the Stafford trade. I love the guy. He's not been perfect but he has carried this train wreck of a team on his back for 12 years and has the injuries to prove it. I don't know much about the guy from Pittsburgh (Omar Khan) as a GM candidate but if the plan is to bring in someone a) from an organization with a history of success; b) bring in a culture change that will actually work... the Steelers would be a really good organization to try and build off of. Maybe someone like Keith Butler. While a lot of the success probably should go to Tomlin, Butler is the DC for the #1 defense in the NFL YTD. He was the longtime heir to Lebeau. Downside is that he's 64 and has never been a HC.
  3. Being a Lions fan ages you like an artificially created "whisky".
  4. Great... disappointment for everybody. This is shaping up to be a great Festivus. What about Trey Lance?
  5. What are your pro comps for: - Zach Wilson - Kyle Trask - Justin Fields
  6. I don't know if Patricia would be given the chance to come back even if he finishes 8-8. I doubt that he will get there, so it's probably a moot point anyway. However, this last game is indicative of the current state of the team. While no one is going to the pro bowl anytime soon, Marvin Jones, TJ Hockenson, Marvin Hall, Jamal Agnew and Quintez Cephus should be enough to move the chains. Either AP or Kerryon should be able to provide SOMETHING of a run game. The defense should be able to mix things up enough to give a guy in his first start some trouble, yet PJ Walker looked like the 12 year vet out there with a big arm. A meaningless win against the Texans is only going to delay the inevitable. Even if the wins weren't there but you could see things clicking together, guys fighting for each other and the coaching staff you'd have something to hold onto. The offense couldn't make plays, the defense got worn out and they just got steamrolled by a bunch of backups.
  7. Absolutely agree. It's a nice exercise to figure out different perspectives on players, teams, team needs, etc.
  8. He's 32. He has 5-6 really good years of football left in him. This Lions team is going to need yet another rebuild which is a 2-3 year process. At the end of that 3 year process, Stafford is going to be 35 years old going on 36. He costs a lot of money which makes it difficult (but far from impossible) to build a team around. He seems to be more of a guy that can join a team that has all of the pieces and just needs decent QB play to get them over the hump (ex. Rivers and Indy is a good, recent example) as opposed to being a guy you spend the next 3 years rebuilding around. By the time you have the team around him he'll be starting on his decline with a short window.
  9. When the Lions pick in the top 10 (not even a question of it) they're going to be picking a new franchise QB thanks to a regime change.
  10. Websters Dictionary now shows a video clip of this game next to the definition for "quit".
  11. Also FWIW, Tua doesn't look like he would've helped the Lions today either. #burnitalldown #iprevail
  12. There's also the whole 'Lions in primetime for Thanksgiving' thing. Having just fired Patricia and then be in the spotlight as the lone game is going to turn up the intensity. For a team that was in the playoff mix the players must have felt like they weren't going to overcome the missing pieces on offense plus Stafford's injury and just quit.
  13. When I saw that Swift, Golloday, and Amendola were out I made a joke to myself thinking "it would have been easier to just say 'offense'". Little did I know how right I was....
  14. FWIW, Clowney is going on IR during an abysmal season despite getting paid by the Titans. We seemed to have dodged a bullet there.
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