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  1. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

  2. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Brown has been the best WR in the NFL for several years now.... I still wouldn't have made that move myself. Not sure what else you're getting at. Calvin was paid what he was paid a) because he came in before the whole rookie salary cap deal and b) he was a generational player at a key position that you could build an offense around. The Lions should be blamed as an organization for wasting his talent and not putting the right pieces around him. It's not like they didn't try but results do matter. Either way, not sure what makes you think that anyone is getting shipped off to London or Mexico. However, if I did work for an NFL team and wound up in London.. there are worse places to wind up and get paid well to do something you love.
  3. Raiders suspend their scouting staff?

    This is pretty much my thinking. Not a Raider fan but this seems like a nothingburger.

    There's a few boxes that you can check off to get some idea - Press Man Corner's - 3C: 7.00 or less - 20Y Short Shuttle: 4.28 or less - Likes to tackle - Playmaker with on field production (PBU's/INT's) Look at the pre-draft visits. Look at how they've drafted in the past. Some of these guys will wind up as targets and potential draft picks. Majority of the guys they brought in were around 6'0 or more and near 200 lbs. The smaller guys are Bunting, Love and Long are all around 5'11 or 6'0 and 195ish lbs. The other guys are 6'1 or 6'2 200+ lbs.
  5. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Hunt would be a calculated risk if you're ok with a) his character (if you figure that this is something he can get over and not repeat) b) the blowback from the general public. It's a low risk, high reward move if you're good with those two things. He's not far removed from being the league's rushing leader and the contract was minimal. If he hits, you have one of the best RB's in the game on the cheap. If he fails, you can cut him for nothing. You've also given up absolutely nothing for him in draft capital. With Brown, the contract is big. That's what - $15M? He's also a bit older (in his 30's). You also have to give up some draft capital. Not as much as it should have been... but it's still something. The Colts and the Jets both had a TON of cap space and could have made the move. The contract wasn't a factor for them. They decided against making the trade. That has to count for something. It could work out really well for the Raiders. It could also blow up in their face.
  6. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Calculated risks, sure. They aren't in a position to take a wild risk, going for broke.
  7. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Just because a team makes a move doesn't mean it's the right one or will work out. The Raiders took a huge risk. They have a ton of draft capital and got it done at a reduced cost. Gruden has a 10 year contract so he has the clout to make a move like that. If Carr is more the QB he has been lately, AB could throw a tantrum and really put that team into a bad spot. If Carr looks more like he did earlier in his career, this move could pay off big time for them. This is a significant year for the Lions. We had a big step back last season going from 9-7 to 6 -10. If we have another season like that, the rope is going to be very very short in 2020. If they have a slow start again in 2020 then we'll be looking at a mid-season firing of HC and GM and en-route to a rebuild. If the Raiders take that same position, they'll be paying Gruden like $100M to go back to TV. That isn't going to happen, at least not yet.
  8. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    By the time they made the Randy Moss trade, they already had 3 titles in the Bellichick era. Coaches are expected to win games. Players don't have to love their coach. It becomes a problem when players don't want to play for said coach and they aren't winning. Patricia and Quinn don't have the same amount of rope that Bellichick does. Quinn fired a coach with a winning record to replace him with MP. If this move backfires, they're both gone. MP and BQ can cut players (this seems obvious) but they don't have the established culture to bring in a guy like an Antonio Brown and make it work.

    The draft is just around the corner. Lets see your pre-draft rankings, specifically for guys that the Lions would like and target. If you think that the Lions have a chance at a player like Bosa (if you figure he could drop and be there at #8), throw him in. I'm working on some of my rankings and have things figured out on a couple positions. Let's see who you think the Lions could pick. CB Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky (Late 1st) Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State (1st to 3rd Round) Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan (2nd Round) Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State (2nd to 3rd round) David Long, CB, Michigan (3rd Round) JoeJuan Williams, CB/S, Vanderbilt (3rd to 4th Round) Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston (3rd to 4th Round) Kris Boyd, CB, Texas (3rd to 4th Round) Corey Ballantine, CB Washburn (5th Round) TE Noah Fant, TE, Iowa (1st Round) TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa (1st Round) Dawson Knox, TE, Ole Miss (2nd to 3rd Round) Foster Moreau, TE, LSU (3rd to 5th Round) Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose State (4th to 5th) Kahale Warring, TE, San Diego State (4th to 5th)
  10. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Exactly to Slims point, Bellichick is the guy that makes the Patriots different. 1) The Championships: When you have won as much as they have, they have a LOT more room to take chances, make mistakes and have a down year without having to worry about a regime change. Most coaches get about 3 years to implement their plan before the GM and/or ownership decide to move on. We've seen situations where it has been less than this but this is what you're typically looking at. When you've won as much as the Pats have they can take chances on those troubled guys because ownership has faith that they're making the right move more often than not. Players want two things - 1) to win and 2) to get paid. Most of these guys have made more money than they ever would or ever had and come from competitive backgrounds. It's a big deal when you have a chance to go to a team with a winning pedigree, you expect a chance to finish off your career potentially with a ring (or several). These guys will try to be on their best behavior in order to remain a part of that group. A lot of those guys also have come from a different situation and understand that it's a red flag if the Pats get rid of you for non-football reasons. 2) Player Management: Bellichick is one of the best at getting the most out of his players. They're able to identify traits that will work in their scheme and put guys in places in order to be successful. There are TONS of guys that have left the Patriots and been less successful on their new teams. A lot of those guys were paid big money. Bellichick has earned his reputation as one of, if not the best, coach/GM of all time.
  11. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Win Superbowls? Just because they don't draft guys that make us say "they won the draft", the whole point in all of this is to win championships. They bring guys in, get the most out of them, let them walk and replace them with another guy without a huge drop off. They do all of that and win in the double digits and bring home the hardware. I hate them, especially Brady, but they make it all work.
  12. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    My expectation is that we'll be drafting both of these positions in the 2nd and/or 3rd round. Depending on what happens with a trade down, we could have multiple picks in either round. I don't expect for us to address this in round 1.
  13. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    The understanding that I have of the Patriots style defense is that they aren't looking for a double digit sack artist. They're looking for a bunch of guys that can get 6 or 7 sacks, generate pressure and allow the DB's to cover. If a guy like Oliver or Allen are sitting there at 8 and wind up with 10 sacks, I don't think they'll complain. I just don't think that they'll be trading up. In his press conference today, he was talking about so called "undersized OL who people think should be kicked inside". He was using Matt Light as an example but clearly was referencing Jonah Williams.
  14. 2019 Schedule

    IF we were to sweep one of them, which of the three is the most likely for you?
  15. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    They're dwarves...