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  1. Hey Buck, always good to see you. What are your thoughts on Lawrence/Meyer 3 games in?
  2. Somehow my rag tag bunch is 3-0. My Stafford trade last year is starting to pay off nicely. Denzel Mims is a dumpster fire inside of another dumpster fire.
  3. I should just cut and paste this. Feel the same. It would have been nice to see Campbell and Co. get their first W over a team that many (myself included) expected would just steamroll us. The league absolutely needs to do a better job at communicating potential discrepancies with the game clock/tv clock. The guys are fighting hard for this staff. There are hiccups but they generally seem to be moving things in the right direction in play-calling. We are seeing the right steps forward but it's very difficult to overcome major talent deficiencies every week.
  4. This season. The OTC calculator is funny (at least for me) when it comes to completing post-June 1st trades. I can see the impact but it won't let me process it (to see future impacts).
  5. You guys might already be aware of this dude but I just discovered him on YT. It's a pretty good look/breakdown on some of our key issues. Not a good look for Tracy Walker but it does give me hope for the former Orange CB when he returns back from injury. I don't know if I totally buy in on Valenti's rant about 11 new starters on defense but we probably need at least 8 or 9.
  6. According to OTC, Collins (post-June 1 Trade) = $4M Cap Gain ($3.33M Dead Cap) Flowers (post-June 1 Trade) = $14M Cap Gain ($5.61M Dead Cap)
  7. I just don't see the Jags pulling that kind of a move. A team that needs help and is somewhere in the Rams category COULD consider it but I really can't see us getting multiple top 10 picks (without trade up and/or a Rams total meltdown).
  8. Unless you estimate they're going to be a top 10 or top 12 guy, build out the roster, adding depth and talent. We can then draft someone or trade for a proven guy and plug him in to a solid roster (as the Rams did with Stafford).
  9. The team put up a good first half fight. Unfortunately, they don't have the starting talent to overcome mistakes let alone the depth to overcome injuries. I could be in the minority but I believe that even if we finish with a top 3 pick, we should be targeting someone like Thibodeaux as opposed to drafting a Rattler/Howell/insert QB here. Goff was playing well enough to show that he isn't the biggest issue on the roster. The return of Decker and some WR's should help the offense become that much better. We're down to PS guys all throughout the secondary.
  10. If I recall correctly, it was really between Brown and Okudah. Patricia wanted DB while Quinn wanted Okudah. In hindsight, Herbert would have been the better option, followed by Brown and then Simmons IMO. Okduah was getting a ton of hype as the consensus CB1 in draft circles. His NFL.com draft profile - score of 7.15 (between Pro Bowl Talent and Perennial All Pro). The next guy drafted, CJ Henderson was rated 6.72 (Year 1 Starter). Between bad scheme/coaching, no off-season and back-to-back years with injuries, Okudah could wind up being a huge bust. Some of it his fault
  11. Woot! A close one with my man, @TL-TwoWinsAway. I leave with a W unless D'Andre Swift just totally melts down.
  12. Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn aren't here for a reason. They couldn't get it done and their approach was clearly not the right one. I wanted to see the Lions have success in the short and long-term, avoid a full on rebuild (yet again) and give the regime at the time the ability to make the moves they felt were necessary in order to do that. This was with the understanding that 2020 was their last chance to prove they were on the right path. Slay wanted out. He was no longer going to be a part of the regime's plans. It is what it is. They had a need at CB and took someone who was viewed hig
  13. He might be a complete bust when all is said and done but Okudah was the near consensus CB1 for the 2020 draft season. If you weren't pro-Okudah, you would have been one of the few. Just because you were right in this case doesn't mean anything. A broken clock is right twice a day. Herbert was not as highly regarded during the draft process as he is now viewed. Stafford had also not indicated he wanted out. It is really easy to be right in hindsight. None of this held true at the time.
  14. All of our hopes and dreams of a Lions W died on Sunday.
  15. Calvin did not seem to be hampered by the lack of success in his HOF induction. Stafford has thrown a ton of yards and TD's in a Lions uniform, which would make a larger part of the basis for his consideration. Playing on a team with McVay at the helm and guys like Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey is only going to come with high expectations. He'd have 15 accrued years in the NFL - 12 as a Lion; 3 as a Ram. The bulk of his career would be in Detroit while the bulk of his post-season success would be in LA. It's an intriguing question.
  16. Let's just say it's 3 years. He wins a SB and then retires.
  17. Let's say that Stafford wins a SB with the Rams in the next 3 years (with perennial deep playoff appearances). He is voted into the HOF. Does he go in as a Ram or a Lion?
  18. Welcome to your first game action as a Lions fan @jrry32.
  19. So what do you make of it? Likely baseless? Potential to lead into something? Indicates something we should be weary of?
  20. The green could be argued as "self-defense" while the red could be argued as murder (probably 2nd degree although I think you could argue 1st degree). However, all of those are very valid questions and don't seem to make a ton of sense.
  21. Let's pretend what is laid out in the "tip" actually happened. There is zero chance that the police are just going to let Swift live like nothing else happened. There would be some sort of an investigation that would then lead to them either clearing him of wrongdoing or filing charges. I can't imagine that someone could be murdered, whether it was malicious or in self-defense, and it gets about as much attention as a speeding ticket.
  22. Interesting.... not sure what to make out of all of that.
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