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  1. I'll go pick up Kevin and we can make that trade.
  2. The way they've been pitching this year Trev. But if Danny pitches how he should it would be a toss up.
  3. Thomas do you want to trade Njoku for Hogan?
  4. Shaw carries a huge work load. Hopefully some of the kids step up. But for how many players are injured they are playing lights out.
  5. From what I read it's the Steelers 6th round pick we received in the Justin Gilbert trade.
  6. Sashi just traded for Sammie Coates with the 6th round pick we got for not just cutting a Justin Gilbert. Plus a 7th in 2019. Sashi must worship the many faced god.
  7. Comeon Thomas. It's a new season, we have high hopes for a decent showing and you are too busy fondling the Steelers goods. Our defense is going to hold them to 16 points. Even though we don't know our starting CBs yet. And Thomas is going to issue a public apology when we hold the Steelers to under 17 points.
  8. The opportunity to misspell the word and fit the thread and you let it go.
  9. I expect a long hard fought game. With us pounding it through all the holes. 24-17 Cleveland. I expect Kizer to stand erect in a nice tight pocket and deliver at least two money shots into the end zone. Myles will be riding Big Ben all day. Ensuring he is left flaccid in Pittsburgh's sloppy pocket. Hue will have the golden (yellow Gatorade) shower post game time.
  10. Uh oh. After he nailed a 50 plus FG? I can't get the game so trying to follow online.
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