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  1. Hard Knocks Discussion

    Seeing a lot of speculation about Dez signing being announced on Hard Knocks. There's no way that would happen, right? Something would have leaked by now. I think RapSheet just likes to stir the pot. I am eager to see the visit tonight though. From what I saw in the teaser, it seems to show a side of him that few have seen.
  2. The official training camp thread

    If I'm being honest, the practice session between he and Joe Thomas on the day of Thomas' retirement left me feeling optimistic. But yes, he's being outshined at every waking opportunity. Dude's gotta go.
  3. Dez off to meet with the Browns

    Every time I read this thread title, The Wizard of Oz theme pops into my head. Make it stahp plz
  4. The official training camp thread

    This is good. I was just going to stop by this thread and complain about the unofficial depth chart listing Harrison as the third LT behind Robinson. Fortunately for me, you came along and reported facts that prevented me from making myself look like an idiot. P.S. - Bring back Lemmy

    He played catch with Baker. It was orgasmic.
  6. Hard Knocks Discussion

    NGL I thought you'd be all over Nicky Chubb after Bae...err...Bake called him "Chubber"

    Guess who's back (back back) Back again ('gain 'gain) JG's back (back back) tell a friend
  8. The official training camp thread

    Was apparently a bad day for the offense today, but that Gaines injury is the toughest part of all. Feel for the guy.

    This thread is making me give away digital footballs like Corey Coleman gives away shoes.
  10. Peppers and Randall both thought the first team D played "dominant" football. I'm wondering if Gregg may have switched up his schemes between the second and first defenses due to lack of trust for his backups. Either way, I'm pretty sure anyone could look dominant when AJ is the opposing QB.
  11. Stopping in Cleveland

    It's better than Chipotle. When I was down at OSU, there was a food truck that absolutely blows Barrio outta the water. Nothing will compare, but I think it's a solid spot for a taco fix and it's unique to Cleveland.
  12. I'm cool with it. Gave the offense another chance to overcome adversity, be it minor. And, Chubb got a moment to shine.
  13. Stopping in Cleveland

    Depends on what kinda food you like. Can't go wrong with Little Italy, and we have our own version of China Town too, both of which are great. If you like Mexican, try Barrio. Aside from those, there's a number of good spots along the East 4th strip downtown.
  14. BRObie boutta steal that 3rd QB spot ...NOT
  15. Hue be like "If I can't have him, no one can"