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  1. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    Yeah but Braylon was so bad you'd expect Jarvis to match his numbers in less than 1/4th the time.
  2. Rosie Jones Thread

    do u like scrubs
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    That's a pretty loaded question lol Here's how I would expect various receivers to fall, off the top of my head: Round 1: DK Metcalf, N'Keal Harry, Kelvin Harmon, Hollywood Brown Round 2: AJ Brown, Antoine Wesley, Denzel Mims, Riley Ridley, Deebo Samuel, JJ Arcega-Whiteside Round 3: Hakeem Butler, Collin Johnson, Emmanuel Hall, Damarkus Lodge, Anthony Johnson, Jaylen Smith Obviously, plenty of factors can occur to change these, but I think these feel pretty right. Interestingly, for this class, I think the most likely players to slip are ones who lacked production: DaMarkus Lodge, Riley Ridley, Emmanuel Hall, etc. It's not necessarily the faults of these prospects, but it's the reality, their numbers will raise questions, whether it's warranted or not. I wouldn't say Hollywood is overhyped, the potential is clear. Rather, the question is whether he can last in this league with such a small frame. Even Tyreek Hill had 15-20 pounds on him at this point. One more name I want to throw into the ring for TE's, Dawson Knox. Much like DaMarkus Lodge, Knox did not have as many opportunities to shine as I would have liked. He's going to be a playmaker in the league @Mind Character
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I do.
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Speaking of big receivers, Antoine Wesley declared. He's around 6'5" and has some big play potential. To be honest, one of my faves right now may be Riley Ridley. He's not like HUGE, but he has WR1 upside and already seems relatively refined. He was massively misused at Georgia so that could hurt his stock but he's worth a 2nd round pick, no question.
  6. 2019 Draft Prospects

    There's a few red flag guys stashed in this class. I think Gerald Willis and Jeffery Simmons may be the most notable, since they didn't transfer to small schools. Colorado State's Preston Williams is a guy who held offers from schools like Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State before ultimately choosing Tennessee. In 2016, he transferred to Colorado St., I'm not sure what the cause was behind it, but he has been flying lower under the radar as a result. That's for damn sure.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    This class is LOADED with great TE talent. I think Dorsey could try to find a gem like Albert OK, Irv Smith or Jace Sternberger in late day 2. Gotta go with the best talent on the board man. If Jeffery Simmons is staring you in the face at pick 18, tell how you could justify passing that up. Defense matters, and this defensive line is one dominant DT away from shredding opposing offensive lines. Throw in some more pass rush depth, and hot damn, you've got yo-self one helluva dominant D-front. I'm also okay with taking a CB, maybe LB, but the value of another dominant DT like Simmons or Jerry Tillery in this defense is undeniable. Maybe DK Metcalf will be available at our pick, and while I love him, I don't think Dorsey would take a receiver in round 1. I believe that John Dorsey is confident he can fill more important needs (WR, RT, CB, TE, etc) with later picks. In that first round, you've gotta go with the best talent you can get your hands on.
  8. The Ohio State Buckeyes Thread v.12 — 7 in a row

    Urban was asked about it and said "No comment."
  9. Guess who's number ONE?

    I came here to make the Schmitty Werbenjagermenjensen post.
  10. Baker Mayfield 4x Rookie of the Week

    Then put on your LGB mask and start a twitter. I probably post on facebook less than you but Twitter is the ultimate social media for sports fans. I'm envisioning the LGB alter ego receiving frequent retweets.
  11. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    It will pay dividends against Houston. I expect some new looks to be seen that will keep them on their heels.
  12. Tracking Baker Mayfield VS. Sam Darnold's 1st Yr Play

    There's reason to believe things will continue to improve with Baker. Sure, he may hit a wall, but he can break thru it. Give the guy some more weapons and a shored up O-line, and tell me he'll plateau. The biggest question mark is the coach. What happens against Houston is going to be a major indication of what happens with Kitchens and Gregg, IMO.
  13. Baker Mayfield 4x Rookie of the Week

    If you were on twitter I'd definitely have been following you by now
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I'm seeing mocks have him as the first TE off the board now. He's a redshirt sophomore, and may be a bit more complete than Fant, but Noah has been doing it for much longer and I think it'll take one clearly outperforming the other at the combine in order for things to shake up. I'm not sure if the Browns would take a TE in round 1, but it's fun to imagine. Hockenson can block extremely well, and open up defenses. The ultimate TE. Fant has elements of it too, but not quite the blocker or deep threat imo.
  15. Will Dorsey grab hunt?

    My old HS teacher is also a football coach at Willoughby South. We still keep in touch. He told me he learned about the Hunt news not long after it happened back in February, as did the Chiefs. He was only released because of the bad publicity from the video being made public. He told me that "the girls were told to leave them alone multiple times." The video clearly doesn't have all the context, but I think we'll see this information come out as time goes on.