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  1. Jimmy says no.

    I don't think Haslam is in the wrong here. Nor do I think ESPN deserves to be trashed for this piece. The Cleveland.com article you posted even confirms the Obama anecdote that it references to show how Wickersham portrayed Haslam. I'm not saying I agree with everything ESPN does, but this is one thing that I honestly didn't have an issue with. If it was about any other team, I'd be loving it. Regardless, I appreciate having this sort of inside peak into just how ridiculous things once became. If anything, it confirms our beliefs that, yes, some members of the organization were actually as outrageous as we thought.
  2. Trading Down

    You of all people should know that fairy tales endings aren't real.
  3. 2019 Schedule Discussion

    So um...I didn't see any mention of the Browns/Cards opening weekend thing in here
  4. Jimmy says no.

    Right said Fred.
  5. Trading Down

    Make me an offer I can't refuse
  6. The 2019 CHIAVERTINI Award Show

    Hell yeah they do
  7. The 2019 CHIAVERTINI Award Show

    Saw Metallica. They were excellent. Was still more awestruck watching Rainbow Bridge on YouTube before Janie Hendrix removed it. When they transition right from "Hey Baby" into "In From The Storm" it's like GOT DAMN SON IS THIS WHAT AN EARGASM FEELS LIKE It rotates from month to month depending what phase I'm going through. But right now it's Band of Gypsies
  8. Tayne's Womp Womp Combine Thread

    Yeah all I can do is speculate, but in his case, that was how he earned his buzz, he's a blazer. I still believe he can be effective even if he's not as fast/quick as we thought. The tape doesn't lie. If he runs a 4.4, idk how he could possibly go before Late Round 2. But it seems unlikely this would happen. I think the whole point of the combine is to reaffirm the things that are seen on tape. In Brown's case, it almost seems like a given that he'll run well under 4.4 - but if guys leave unanswered questions in Indy, that's when we can really start to embrace the chaos. Until then, much like criminals are innocent until proven guilty, I think Marquise Brown is criminally fast until proven slow.
  9. The 2019 CHIAVERTINI Award Show

    The single most revolutionary musician of all time. The one and only complete package. NOBODY put on a show like Hendrix. Every aspiring musician wishes they can try to capture that emotion and soulfulness that Hendrix conveyed with every single note he played. His talents were other-worldly. The English language does not do justice to how impactful Hendrix was to the world in so many different facets. The only other thing I'll say - There will never be another, and no one ever has, nor ever will come close to doing what Jimi once did.
  10. The 2019 CHIAVERTINI Award Show

    @Kiwibrown I hope you're joking.
  11. Tayne's Womp Womp Combine Thread

    Ideally, yes. He's definitely the kinda guy Dorsey would swoon over. People that call him a burner are selling him short. He's not just a vertical threat, he can embarrass an entire secondary on any level of the field. Remarkable talent. I think the combine could be interesting for him. Personally, I am holding him to very high expectations. I think it'd be disappointing if he doesn't at least run below 4.35. If he were to run slower than that, I'm not saying I'd be less interested, but my thought is that could be enough to allow him to fall into Day 2.
  12. The 2019 CHIAVERTINI Award Show

    And today, I am once again reminded how much Hendrix is disrespected. Taken for granted. Thrown aside like some street peasant you all pass by on the sidewalk without any sense of acknowledgement out of fear that they will beg you for crack money. The other day, I saw someone call Joe Thomas the Jimi Hendrix of Left Tackles. I was appalled. To think someone actually views Hendrix at that low of a level...WHAT HAS OUR SOCIETY COME TO?! Sigh. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." When's the last time you heard Homer Simpson say something that was even a fraction as evocative as that? Let alone with a god damn bucket on his head Today, our forum took a step back. Regretfully, @JimiHendrix_Rocks024
  13. Tayne's Womp Womp Combine Thread

    I am a little concerned with Hollywood Brown tbh. He's more than 15 pounds lighter than Tyreek Hill entering the draft. Being undersized is one thing, a line needs to be drawn somewhere. I think he can be a phenomenal player in the league, but I don't know how long it will last. But yeah Dorsey loves the guys that get value like Callaway and Hill. I think that's how he's made his living. Players who are doubted because they are lacking in certain areas or have question marks surrounding them, and proceed to fall.
  14. Tayne's Womp Womp Combine Thread

    @NudeTayne The only slow 40 times you should be rooting for are the players you don't want the Browns to take lol...Dorsey's track record suggests that he'd take guys with great athleticism.
  15. The 2019 CHIAVERTINI Award Show

    Get a profile pic you bum