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  1. Well Leonard was a guy who many thought Indy reached on, only to bloom into the DRoY. Perhaps Phillips could take that leap. He is a year younger than Malik, and even though it isn't his strong suit, I can the upside in his coverage ability. FWIW, DePodesta said a team called him after the pick and said "that was our guy" Feel the same way. As someone in the business, I was taught to be concise. I get why some would wanna add context but sheesh have a plan, don't go in there swingin' blindly
  2. Well we paid AJ Green, and then this guy seems incredibly promising (relative to UDFA's). All our CBs are either on rookie deals or 1-yr deals outside of Money Mitch. I would imagine they'll have some healthy open competition there.
  3. I decided to watch some youtube film today. Will report back edit: me gusta
  4. I really didn't watch a lot of Princeton this year, but Davidson stood out to me specifically at the combine because he was nearly as good as Herbert in the drills. His balls had zip and accuracy. I really like that they're giving him a chance and I hope he makes the roster as QB3 Well I'll be a monkeys uncle, sounds like the kinda WR I can get behind. LFG the fact that he could out produce Shenault, who played in 11 games last yr, says something about his talent and ability to command consistently productive targets
  5. Intrigued by Tony Brown. Wasn't there someone here super high on him?
  6. Give me Zane Lewis CB outta Air Force, did anyone draft Chris Orr? EDIT: Binjamin Victor is flyer-worthy
  7. Thoughts on Chris Orr? And I saw a leak guys...Plenty of concerns with their pick, but I can't say I hate it...Berry is swinging for the fences
  8. AND they did it for Jonathan Taylor. Love it. Have to think JK goes off the board soon now
  9. A 5th rounder to move down 3 spots in the 2nd round certainly seems reasonable
  10. TRADE!!!!! WHAT INDY EDIT: Browns get: 44, 160 Indy gets: 41
  11. And there goes Hunt. Great pick by MIA...I'd put more stock in him starting in Year 1 than Austin Jackson
  12. Gotta say I am absolutely SHOCKED that Kyle Duggar ends up being the 2nd Safety off the board in this class...What does this suggest about Winfield? I could see age weighing on Chinn and Davis perhaps
  13. He's got Miami written all over him if they don't pull the trigger on McKinney (Watch it be neither)
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