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  1. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    So I just found out I'm gonna be the only one in the office on Saturday, aside from David Griffin. I'm gonna be helpin him do a national show from our studio. I'll be sure to ask him about the draft!
  2. Greg Williams on Denzel Ward. Lets think about this more

    2016? Why put yourself through this?
  3. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    Fair points, but I just can't see him being a guy that dominates games. Yes, our ends will give him more opportunity to thrive, and perhaps it will make him look a lot better, but he's just not one of those do it all DT's who can take over games and strike fear into opposing OC's.
  4. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    No doubt Brantly will improve going from year one to year two. Even so, he's nowhere near the caliber player of Oliver. He's not going to be the franchise DT that it sounds like you're expecting him to be. He should become a very solid rotational DT, nothing more IMO.
  5. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    Ed Oliver is not a defensive Jake Long. Just watch some of his games dude. He jumps off the tape like no D-lineman I've ever watched, and he does it so consistently it's absurd. Like, he's an athletic freak with elite football IQ and technique. It literally does not get more promising that his skillset.
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I actually am a huge fan of the guy @Bonanza23 has been hyping up from Kentucky. I'm not even gonna try to act like I know his full name off the top of my head, but I've watched him and read about him. He's extremely versatile at 6'6" and he was basically the facilitator of the Kentucky offense. He may not be a true PG, but I think he could thrive in a LeBron James offense. Now Trae Young is interesting. I think he'll fit, but I haven't seen enough of what he can do without the ball in his hands to know whether he'll mesh effectively. I'd be lying, however, if I told you I knew a great deal about Sexton, he intrigues me, but I think I like the other two I mentioned more.
  7. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    I never felt that way about Long, nor do I remember hearing that he was supposed to be better than Joe. I will go on the record as saying that Oliver is as likely to succeed in the league as LeBron James was likely to thrive in the NBA. I'm not saying Oliver is the GOAT, but he is pretty much a no doubter in terms of being a success.
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Ok maybe this draft is gonna be far more unpredictable than previous ones. Trae Young, Wendell Carter...SO many names that could go top 7
  9. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Well, I hope you're wrong.
  10. 2019 Early Mock Drafts

    Is it safe to assume Oliver is the closes thing to a surefire HOF'er as it gets? In my eye's he's as certain of a slam-dunk lineman as Joe Thomas was. Like, there's no doubt he's going to be an absolute FORCE in the league. I'm all in on Oliver.
  11. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Ayton, Doncic, Bagley. That's the top 3. I'm confident in that, barring any sort of damning developments that might affect their stock.
  12. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Those 5-7 picks are going to be key. Mavs could opt for either Porter or Bamba. Magic NEED a PG desperately, and the Bulls should go for a more pure center, but Porter might be too tough to pass up. We'll see.
  13. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    IDK man, I think there's plenty of reason to be optimistic about him lasting til 8. This class is STACKED, and you look at need, or certain facets that some teams value more than others, there's certainly a legitimate possibility Porter will be there. Like Bamba could definitely go ahead of him. Trae Young, Jaren Jackson, Wendell Carter, Mikal Bridges...All guys that could be taken before 8. It will be interesting to see how things play out but the sheer depth of this draft could very well leave Porter sitting in our laps.
  14. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I think he could easily be a lottery pick, but what makes you think he'd be the guy over Porter?
  15. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Seeing a number of mocks with Porter falling to 8. IF that happens, that's a definite win fellas. The only reason he falls that far is the back injury. Dude has an identical skillset to KD. Whether he turns out to be the next KD remains to be seen, but the potential is off the damn charts. Porter would be considered at #1 in many previous drafts, which speaks to the depth of this class. We chose a good year to have a lottery pick. PS - I don't know about this early on in the draft process, but NBA mocks are FAR closer to the real thing than NFL ones, for obvious reasons. Most of the respected analysts nail the top 10 almost to a T.