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  1. Kareem Hunt - Cited for Speeding

    Take it Fwiw have heard from his circle dude was toking heavy during his suspension.
  2. Stefanski’s staff

    At this point we can't be worrying about that. Just land the right coach to establish the proper precedent for the offense. He seems like the perfect candidate to lay the foundation for Kevin Stefanski's offense. Will be fascinating to see what Minnesota does, as one would have to imagine Clint Kubiak being a prime QB coach candidate here jamona
  3. Stefanski’s staff

    Still holding out hope for Mike LeFleur at OC. Will be interesting to see whether he finds someone who he can bow down to for playcalling.
  4. 2020 College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    How crazy would it be if the big 3 OT go before 10 and the Mekhi Becton is the Browns' pick? Cus I'm starting to believe this is becoming a more and more realistic scenario that could be solidified come combine time.
  5. Who do you want as head coach?

    I was told by someone in Berea that a McDaniels/Berry tandem can't be ruled out til after Berry's interview, as in it could work if they see things similarly.
  6. Who do you want as head coach?

    WHY IS NO ONE ELSE FREAKING OUT ABOUT THIS?!?! if McDaniels is on that plane, the Browns executed this to muhfuggin perfection, yo
  7. Who do you want as head coach?

  8. Who do you want as head coach?

  9. Who do you want as head coach?

    Great read up on Ed Dodds who Browns requested to interview for GM. Most assosciate him with Saleh because they both came from SEA, but certain things suggest perhaps he could get along with a McDaniels even though Joshua bailed last yurr. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2019/5/20/18631839/ed-dodds-is-a-top-gm-candidate-so-how-long-can-the-colts-keep-him
  10. Who do you want as head coach?

    It does make sense for Haslam to wait til after the games to leak HC, out of respect to the other teams. However, he could prove his pettiness and leak it while Greg Roman is playing
  11. Who do you want as head coach?

    Don't think Haslam would bite after dealing with Josh Gordon and Antonio Callaway. Substance abuse has plagued this team when taking a chance on it in the past unfortunately. Still intrigued, though. Perhaps they do get LeFleur, in which case I think I would be pretty optimistic
  12. Who do you want as head coach?

  13. Who do you want as head coach?

    Bill either helped align Josh to the Browns or he really doesn't want him to leave. Have to assume the latter. Either way, disregarding the strategy of the guy who's 2 steps ahead of the rest of the NFL seems kinda nonsensical. Either Haslam realizes this or wait it's the Browns
  14. Why sleep like A baby when you can sleep like DaBaby Haven't slept. Delirious. Will see mice elf out
  15. Who do you want as head coach?

    Yes and no. There's still reason to believe it could be McDaniels, even if it isn't announced til Monday. Firstly the NFL doesn't want the news overlapping with the games. Secondly, it reaffirms Jimmy's projected "thorough" image thru this whole process. And above all else, they are alreay working behind the scenes on piecing together the rest of the staff whether we know who they like or don't. Yeaahhh so what would you say about O'Connell going to LA? He wouldn't take over playcalling for McVey, right? Thought a report from Breer suggested that he'd *been* out there interviewing. The timing suggests correlation but perhaps Josh just couldn't give him a better offer than Sean.