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  1. As much as I was hoping for Eskridge got to be excited about Jenkins. If the Bears stayed at 20 he was my choice
  2. Guess he does everything once... now I'm gonna go to Vegas!!!!!
  3. For example if the Giants at 11 is looking for an edge rusher, offensive tackle and maybe a corner and they're still 8 players they like still on the board why not move nine spots. More than likely someone they like will still be on the board and they just got another first round pick next year.
  4. I don't think that's alot for a one year experiment. If Darnold proves to be a good quarterback you're set and you have a commodity to trade, but if sucks then you already have his replacement in training. I personally think they will go a different direction, but it's certainly plausible they grab a QB
  5. If Fields gets passed #9 you could slide down to 11 or 12 and pick him up. Out of the top ten is less expensive, and it might only cost a 1st rounder next year
  6. Or does that open up Carolina to draft a QB?
  7. Hands down my favorite guy in this draft Eskridge. I think he has that ability that could change this offense and give them that true home run threat it desperately needs.
  8. Like everyone else I've been playing around with simulators for the last month or so. I try to pick up the same three I think will help the Bears next year -D'wayne Eskridge WR West Mich -Patrick Johnson OLB Tulane -Davis Mills When I get a draft that falls my way I'll post it
  9. Most of the draft sites have him a late 2nd/ early 3rd so hopefully he'll be there
  10. I really like that Eskridge kid. He could be a true big play specialist, and he has what this team needs, a person who can take a short pass and make a long run or even a house call.
  11. I still think we're gonna hear the Bears are going to sign Alex Smith sometime in the near future. They'll end up drafting a QB also while trying to solidify the OL. That's coming down as maybe their best option.
  12. If that was the case in Minnesota, why did they let him go? I'm not sure of the timeline, but Cousins was not there yet, and Bradford was the quarterback at that time when Bridgewater was up for a new contract, and they let him walk. I would think that if they had hope for him they would have signed him to a one year prove it contract. I appreciate the fact that you come in here trying to help out with this dilemma and always respected your opinion. Keep spit-balling, we need all the resources we can mustard lol.
  13. I was against signing Bridgewater last year, and still against it this year. Before his injury he wasn't good in Minnesota, and he wasn't good in Carolina last year. That's why they are trying to replace him now.
  14. Off the Darnell topic I'll throw out a name of a better bridge quarterback. How about Alex Smith on a team friendly deal? He still wants to play, got Washington in the playoffs last year, and he buys time and it doesn't rule out moving up to draft a qb
  15. It's good to see that Pace isn't let his desperation cloud his judgment too much
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