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  1. Bears trade for Eddy Piniero

    Hopefully this kid can handle the kicking duties, but worse case scenario is we gave away nothing in a future draft (not even next's year's 7th) for him. The part I like is the Raiders were so high on him that they gave up and away on Seabass, possibly their teams greatest field goal kicker.
  2. 2019 Live Draft Chat

    The run on Running backs was starting, so Pace jumped up and grab his guy...excellent work!
  3. 3rd Round Pick

    With Pace I think you need a vote that says other
  4. Best 2019 Small School Prospects

    One guy to keep an eye on is Bruce Anderson from NDSU. He fits the mold of the type of RB Nagy is looking for, and could be a name we hear on Day 3. His pro day numbers are 5'10" 210 and he ran 4.58 in the 40. He's called a natural catcher of the football, and has played on special teams
  5. Bears trade Howard to the Eagles

    Just looking at this trade from that point of view I will try to look at it as I did when we traded Rosie Colvin when he didn't fit in Lovie's scheme.
  6. Bears trade Howard to the Eagles

    This whole situation concerns me. First of all Howard is a mid twenty something year old bell cow running back. For those who want to say he's in decline for the last three years are the same guys that were mad at Fox the unimaginative offense he had and the eight or nine men in a box to stop in the run. Does it bother anyone else that PHILLY traded for Howard and not like Baltimore, Buffalo, or any of the other run first type offenses. Just typing this makes me re think the whole hell how statement. My point originally was obviously he's not a fit in ther coach's opinion but the team the runs the EXACT same offense was willing to give up a pick to get him. This whole situation screams to me Greg Olsen. Productive player just about the only offensive player the Bears had at one point. New offense comes in and all of a sudden he's not a "fit". The bears trade him for a bag of magic beans and Olsen has possibly a HOF career and couldn't find a decent TE for a decade. I gotta feeling this one is gonna bite the Bears in the end
  7. More On Why Pace May Have Passed On Callahan

    As much as we all liked Callahan we are seeing a pattern with Pace when it comes to our free agents. The ones that are injury risks, he seems to offer mostly incentive money, but most likely he will let walk, or get rid of. We need to keep this in mind next off season with this becomes an issue
  8. Free Agent Rumors

    He looked pretty good against us last year. Think he had a sack and a couple of hits on Tru
  9. Free Agent Rumors

    I think he would make a good role player. He doesn't have to be the best player on the defense, he just needs to do his job. Hopefully if he signs he will be able to do that
  10. Bears sign Buster Skrine

    I have to disagree with you about playing the slot vs outside. When you play outside you can dictate and disrupt the receiver's route easier. For instance you can play inside, and force him either to cross your face or take an outside release where you can use the sideline. Same thing applies on playing to the outside, only with an inside release you might be pushing him to your safety for help. When you play the slot, the slot receiver has the advantage. They can release either direction and break open quicker. Guys like Edelman and Amendola have made a career about two way gos and getting open quickly for Brady. A slot corner does more chasing than anything. That's why they prefer quick twitch smaller guys inside, so they can recover quicker to the slot receiver movements.
  11. Free Agent Rumors

    Agreed they should keep their money in the bank until all of the suckers blow their spending on overpriced veterans. The second tier guys will be important for us this year.
  12. Adrian Amos and Bryce Callahan watch

    Legal tampering I think starts tomorrow
  13. Ya' Can't Make Stuff Like This Up

    I'd prefer Chris "hasn't" Blewitt
  14. Free Agent Rumors

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I think one more year of Howard would make the most sense. One of the last "offensive geniuses" came in and forced a trade of one of our most productive players, and the Bears signed a bum to replace him. It took us several years to actually replace the person we had under contract. That guy, Greg Olson, went on and had close to a HOF career, and two years later we were wishing we had anything close to Olson. I'm not saying that history will repeat itself, but before we trade Howard for a bag of magic beans, or whatever late round draft choice we can get, let's give him another year in the scheme, see if Nagy can find a better way to use him (like most geniuses do), and perhaps find his replacement in the draft where next year we can let him walk if it makes sense.
  15. What Would Robbie Gould Cost Us?

    I won't be surprised if Pace uses one of the fifths or sevenths pick on the best kicker available, whether that's Cole Tracy or Matt Gay. He's gone the free agent route more than once now only to see it blow up in his face.