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  1. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Though I like Corbin, I feel like his skill set is similar to Cohen's. Robinson has the height/weight combo the coaches looks for (510 215 lbs) and while not having gamebreaker speed, he seems to run away from the opposition. He reminds me of a poor man's Kareem Hunt. If I remember correctly you had him in one of your draft threads
  2. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Watching replay of the East West shrine game and James Robinson from ISU looks like a back the Bears could grab in the later rounds and would help the running game. Been a big fan of his for awhile.
  3. The 2020 Draft Thread

    Looks like James Morgan is attracting too much attention at the East West Shrine game for the Bears to get him under the radar. I really like this kid as a 5th round option, but at this rate he will be moving up people's boards
  4. Bears hire John DeFlippo as QB Coach

    I recently said pass on Fillipo as OC BUT, kinda like this move as QB coach. I thought Nagy really liked Ragone, and that is evident with the promotion. Seems like he is grooming Ragone for an OC or head coaching job for the future. Fillipo can resurrect his career by making Trubisky in a better QB. If that doesn't happen then it doesn't fall back on him, and would probably get a job somewhere else.
  5. Bears hire Bill Lazor as OC

    I think the medical histories of Burton and Sheehan will make Pace balk at Henry. I think you will see a unsexy boring pickup at TE, and use one of the second round picks for another TE.
  6. Bears fire a bunch of coaches (Mostly offense)

    I think Defillipo getting axed twice in two years is a red flag for something...think I'll pass
  7. If you were the GM, what you do with 24M right now?

    Here's the thing the Bears ESPECIALLY under Pagano runs the old Ravens 3-4 system. Mack plays the role of T Sizzle, Smith plays the role of Ray Lewis, and Jackson plays the role of Ed Reed. In this system Floyd plays the role of Jarret Johnson...don't remember him? He was the OLB on the other side of Suggs who did most of the dirty work. Johnson played a long time and I don't think he ever had over 10 sacks for the season. They are not asking Floyd to just rush the passer, they are asking him to do everything else, and according to Pace, Nagy, Pagano, and the OLB coach they all love what he is doing. Floyd isn't going anywhere, and we might have to get use to that
  8. Your #1 FA Target

    I think a guy like him or Su-aFilo from Dallas are realistic options for the RG spot for the Bears
  9. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I would think that they keep Fitzgerald around to maybe start for the kid or at least be a mentor for him. By the time they need a good backup Rosen would be getting close to coming a free agent.
  10. The 2020 Draft Thread

    I'm starting to get on the Rosen train with you...it'll only cost a late round draft pick and he has potential
  11. Your #1 FA Target

    This draft is deep in OT. You can find a replacement for Massie as late as the fourth round, and then grab your future LT next year when it makes sense to get rid of Leno's contract. With the Bears cap situation finding a starting guard will be cheaper and more effective.
  12. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    In Bridgewater's case the injury came AFTER a couple of years of mediocrity. Bridgewater was under gun with a make it or break it year when he torn his knee to shreds. Granted Taneyhill was injured alot but that just prolonged Miami making a decision on him. Either way these guys got another chance to prove themselves and I'm saying that maybe, just maybe Trubisky might need more time like these guys to produce.
  13. Ryan Pace Presser

    In these pressers people hear what they want to hear. You take these with a grain of salt
  14. How do we fix the QB in 2020

    I'm going to throw out something crazy. We're pining for Bridgewater, and hoping for someone's castoff for a Taneyhill like resurrection. The connection here is Bridgewater in Minnesota was almost ran out of town like Mitch, and Taneyhill was an inexperienced college quarterback that was released from Miami. There could be an argument of these teams gave up on these guys too quickly. Even San Diego gave up on Brees too quickly when they drafted Rivers. What if we are giving up too quickly on Trubisky? I'm not saying he doesn't need competition but let's see how Trubisky plays at the start of next year.
  15. 2019 Season Thoughts

    I wouldn't cut anyone until I had someone to replace him. As bad as Leno has played I would need that 2nd round rookie to show they can play... not just the promise he could play before I let anyone just walk away. Let the kid or Bars compete in training camp and if they are better let him go after that, or make him a swing tackle for the year and get him off the books for 2021