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  1. 2019 free agency targets

    I get the feeling that Pace will be bargain shopping this year, with no big splashes. I'm interested in retreads like Shane Ray, or Vic Beasley both of them flamed out with their teams and will be free agents. They might be good reclimation projects as the third OLB
  2. Chuck Pagano Hired as DC

    I was hoping for a possible in house hire, but Pagano has a strong resume and his players seem to love him. Nice work again from Pace/Nagy
  3. Vic Fangio hired by Broncos

    I'd like to see Jay Rodgers promoted to DC. He has done an amazing job with the guys he has been given. Hicks when he signed wasn't a coveted free agent, now he could be a perennial pro bowler, and Goldman has turned into a linchpin of this defense. Robertson-Harris was a free agent, and Nichols was a late round pick, now both are solid starters/rotational guys. Pace always talks about rewarding the guys from within, and I think this well liked coach should get rewarded for what he has done with this defense along with Vic.
  4. Bears Vs 49ers GDT Sunday Dec 23 3:00 CST

    Honestly looking at the game last night. The niners with a couple of more pieces could be 2019 Bears like we are the 2018 Rams. A worse to first record for them would be very possible
  5. The Bears Biggest Need: OLB

    As far as Coward I think he had a year of learning with Hiestand and not to mention one on one competition and scout team with Mack in front of him. I think he will be in competition for the RT spot. As far as Floyd goes I think Pace has a number in mind with him and if Floyd wants more he'll use the transaction tag again. Irving in the little time he has been has impressed me with his pass rush and he might be able to fill in as that 3rd OLB In my opinion that 3rd OLB isn't that important, we only took a chance on Lynch, and it was before the deal for Mack. Let's look how Irving and Fitts have developed before we devote more money to that position besides Floyd's deal
  6. First 2019 Mock

    I like the Stick pick, and get him groomed to be a backup. If we picked up Fitzgerald as a free agent I would like to see them try to make a receiving tight end with him. Burton was a quarterback in college, and Fitzgerald has good size and speed to him. I don't think he'll make the league as a quarterback.
  7. 2018 NFC North Champions---Daaaa Bears!

    A buddy of mine went to Vegas in April, and I had him put $25.00 bucks on the Bears making the playoffs for me. Needless to say this has been the best season I can remember!!! It's been fun and I'm $600.00 bucks richer!!! GO BEARS!!!!
  8. Lions @ Bears GDT

    It's funny that Lombardi is saying that we are the benefactors of an easy schedule but NO ONE says anything that the Pats gets to play these dumpster fire of teams twice a year for the last twenty years. That's six wins automatically and no wonder they have won their division every year. These pundits spin things whatever way they want to make themselves sound credible.
  9. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    Glad Nagy stopped being cute in goal line and gave it to #24
  10. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    You can't give another team another set of downs. Uncharacteristic mistake by Jackson
  11. Jets @ Bears Game Day Thread

    You can't blame Howard, Every time he gets the ball there's at least one defender in his face.
  12. NFC North 2018 Thread

    I think this week defensive gameplan will be much different from the one with the Pats. Although we could have blitzed more, if we lived on blitzing Brady he would have eventually KILLED the defense. The book on Brady is try to get him with the front four, and blitz him occasionally. He's seen every defensive front imaginable and has been working in the same offense his entire 20 year career. I think/hope this week we try to confuse the rookie QB with looks and more blitzes. If that doesn't happen then we can start grabbing the pitchforks and torches.
  13. Bears @ Dolphins, 10/14/18, 12 CT, GAME THREAD

    Something I noticed and it's gonna be something that Fangio needs to fix is the controlling the dink and dunk style of offense. We were killing GB until Rodgers got hurt, and he went to the quick passes and pick plays. We didn't stop them in the second half, and no one touched the quarterback. Yesterday Osweiler threw the same type of passes ALL day, and with the same results and what do we expect Brady and the Pats to do? Heck they perfected that style of offense. Unless something is changed we are gonna see that style of offense for the rest of the season.
  14. Bears @ Cardinals, 9/23/18, 3:25 CT, GAME THREAD

    I was wondering when the last time the Bears were over .500. Thanks for the info.
  15. Bears Sign TE Zach Miller to 1 year deal

    Classy move by the Bears, but if you remember they also did the same for Johnny Knox when he suffered his catastrophic injury. The money isn't as important as the access to medical treatment and physical therapy he will receive.