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  1. The more I think about it the more Minshew makes sense
  2. Unfortunately Dustin Crum is not coming out. I took a look at him too. You're right though after the first 5 or 6 then it's pretty bare this year
  3. Apparently you guys aren't old enough to remember Jim Plunkett lol
  4. A couple of years ago Pittsburgh traded up from 20 to like 10 to grab a linebacker and it cost them a second that year. If a qb is sliding it might be worth it to move up
  5. I was hoping to trade back and grab him to maybe late 2 or early 3. Well if they blow this team up next year he might be a name worth considering again.
  6. Crap but don't blame the kid. He has the potential for being a top ten pick next year. Could have a college career arc like Josh Allen
  7. I guess my point is before Pace got here they were a bad team, now they're a mediocre team. I don't want to argue the past but we've been here before during Angelo's regime. They fired him and eventually Smith and became a bad team. What proof do we have that this scenario doesn't play out again? The only difference in this scenario is Pace might arguably be a better late round drafter than Angelo
  8. Sorry meant Gase. Forgot the guy's name. I don't know if it's mutually exclusive but it's definitely impressive that is the case. I don't recall any Bear executive being hired away based on the resume
  9. Based on your arguments about good organization's, which you guys included the 49ers and the Saints (where Brady is really tied to) you can't say they're on bad teams. They just had bad records this year
  10. That's may be true with Kelly and Fangio, BUT again bad teams don't get their coordinators promoted and that doesn't explain Carolina, and Fangio didn't get the Denver job until the Bears were successful. No one called when they were 6-10. Also that doesn't explain Douglas getting the Jets job. If you bring up Gates, then why does Douglas still have the gig since Gates was fired? Bad head coaches get fired and their coodinators rehired in the same positions or have to take a step down. Sorry I don't think your reasons hold merit.
  11. For me it's the Bills and unfortunately the Saints (meaning bears lose this week). After four failures, Buffalo the city needs a SB, and I would like to see Brees ride off in the sunset with another ring. Always liked that guy.
  12. Here's a question I don't think has been answered. Usually successful coaching staffs have their coordinators up for head coaching jobs and that's the standard practice. Well there's information that Champ Kelly is being looked at for two GM positions, Carolina and Denver. My question is if Pace is looked at as someone on the hot seat and should be fired, how is it that this is the second person from his front office with the possibility of being promoted to run their own team with the first one being Joe Douglas? Maybe this is all media and fan driven hyperbole and he is well respected in
  13. I think you can add Amos and Floyd to that list... just not with the Bears
  14. I'm pretty sure that if we look at other teams spending in 2022 you'll find the same thing. The salary cap was growing exponentially with a possibility of a 200 million dollar cap in 2021 and a new television contract in 2022. I'm sorry you tally can't throw this albatross around his neck. No one knew covid would come and shrink the salary cap. Alot of teams have issues or will have issues not only the Bears
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