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  1. After the doctors in Chicago told Mitch he might need surgery, he went out to LA and got a second opinion. The other doctors said he didn't need surgery, and Mitch hasn't practiced in about four weeks, so it's conceivable. It's still possible that they are shielding Foles though and hiding from more negative press
  2. I don't want a new quarterback until they have a new offense. This proves its not the just quarterback, it's not just the OL, receivers or backs. It's the entire scheme itself that's awful. I have a feeling we're about to find out it wasn't Trubisky who sucked it was Nagy
  3. I'm at work and it sounds like it's as ugly on television as it is on the radio
  4. I agree ability wise, but with the prospects of a possible playoff team, it will buy both Pace and Nagy 1 or 2 more years probably
  5. Another QB to look at is Ridder out of Cincy. Seems like the style of QB that Nagy would love
  6. Everyone is forgetting how average the Chiefs offense was when Reid took over. Only when Mahomes took over did the offense start to look explosive, and I would argue that Smith had an above average year the year before. I'm too lazy to look, but until Mahomes showed up I don't think Reid had a top ten offense. His years in Philly were good, but he never had a juggernaut of an offense. I think this system is pedestrian and as usual it all depends on the talent of the quarterback, or the talent of the players around him.
  7. No offense to A Rob but Watson played with probably the best receiver in the game Deandre Hopkins in his first three years. That guy can cover up a lot of bad decisions and bad plays
  8. I figured Minnesota might be the third best team in the division, hovering around .500 this year, but this acquisition makes them more dangerous, and back in the playoff picture in my book.
  9. Best game was the Carolina game in Trubisky's rookie season when Jackson scored twice, and the worst was a game in maybe 92 against Washington. I went with a couple of buddies who wore their Washington gear and they just blew the doors off the Bears that day. My buddies got pelted with beer, food, wrappers, you name it, and unfortunately the fans had as much aim as Harbaugh did that day, and I got hit with a bunch of stuff.
  10. You see I think you're wrong. I think this fanbase would find something wrong with any quarterback we would have chose and choose. History had proven that.
  11. I think that's my point. No matter who is the quarterback the fan base will never be satisfied and blame the qb, coach and GM. Hated Harbaugh when he was drafted and "Captain Comeback" was beloved in Indy until a guy named Manning came. A successful GM staked his job on Cutler and when were found out he was an aloof borderline anti social person he was criticized and again ran out of town. Now we are arguing over if Trubisky was or is the right guy for the job. With this organization I contend that whomever they pick it will always be the wrong pick in the fan's eyes
  12. We had quality qb play for years with Cutler and the fan base couldn't wait to run him out of town
  13. It's been widely acknowledged that the Bears went to Watson's pro day. Pace, Fox, Loggins, Ragone and their head scout were there. I find it hard to believe that with that contingency of personnel that they would not have a sit down conversation with Watson. The bottom line is I feel like Pace did exactly what he said. He researched all three top quarterbacks in that draft, and eventually narrowed it down to two possibilites, Trubisky and Mahomes. He had a private workout and dinner with each, and decided on Trubisky, arguably the top rated quarterback. The rest of this is nonsense and innuendo, nothing more.
  14. Hate to say it but Erik Kramer was the best FA QB. Unfortunately injuries shorten his career
  15. The difference in this and AR back in '05 is Rodgers was considered possibly as the number one pick. He free fell and the Packers chose him to stop the slide. This is a reach on potential, and could backfire in the Packers face two fold
  16. With all the talent still available at 43 I can really see the Bears trade out of that spot and take the BPA at 50 in order to get back into the third and or the fourth round.
  17. Looks like Bobby Wagner is on the way out
  18. Burton just signed with the Colts for 4 mil guaranteed. Cap guys does that change the dead money for the Bears?
  19. Something about the whole Jimmy Graham signing said that this was going to happen. I won't be surprised that the Bears trade down in the second to get the TE they want
  20. This means a draft pick. They're not going to trade a draft pick now with the draft a week away
  21. The Eagles trade would hands down be the best for the Bears
  22. Unless someone like Delpit falls into the Bears laps I think both picks should be for sale for more draft capital.
  23. That's the guy I've been looking at for awhile. Unfortunately everyone else has caught on to him and he'll probably surprise a few and go in round 4
  24. I'm still a big fan of Hopkins in this draft. I think he is a perfect fit for this type of offense. Even though the Bears signed Graham, I believed they are still very interested in Hopkins, and he might be a candidate if/when the Bears trade down in round two. My gut tells me that Burton still might be a post June 1 cut if Hopkins is drafted.
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