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  1. So gunna try and clear up some of these questions that ppl have brought up from my point of view. Clark - not trying to take him off the nose for ever play.... your reading way to much into that. All I am stating it would be nice to move him around and maybe put him on the B gap for 15 snaps a game. Let him eat in a variety of areas. I agree with everyone that our d line is rough. I think with the two rookie additions plus hopefully keke taking a step forward we improve. Plus switching to a 4-3 puts Z and Gary into what I think is a better suited position. Whether they both stand up or pu
  2. Offensive FA Defensive Mock Gutey and Matt know they need to go all in for one more Super Bowl for Aaron. But they won’t mortgage the future to make it happen but make some smart moves for long term success. First Matt hires his defensive guy and he gets a guy that runs the system that McVay runs in LA well the one that McVay hires a defensive coach to run. Ejiro Evero Secondary Coach Runs a 4-3 which I actually think we are set up pretty good to run plus now the NFL is a lot of sub packages. But think about it Clark can play the Donald spot. Z a
  3. Cut: Christian Kirksey Dean Lowry Devin Funchess Rick Wagner Josh Jackson Restructures: Aaron Rodgers - quit the nonsense 5 more years retires the packers goat. Love with be traded next year hopefully for a 1st after a good preseason. D. Adams - keeps Rodgers happy and the best packer receiver ever with the team. Preston Smith - takes a pay cut to stay with this team and is a true leader even if the stats are done. New Defensive Coordinator Ejiro Evero Resign: Dav
  4. I know. I read on bleacher report about trade spot for Love got me thinking. It is all just for fun. Wasn’t a real life prediction or what I think could happen
  5. Let me start by saying this: THIS IS JUST FOR FUN AND WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN!!!!! BUT IT WILL BE A RIDE. Cut: Christian Kirksey Dean Lowry Resign: David Bahktari Jamal Williams Mercedes Lewis Allen Lazard Robert Tonyan Rick Wagner Storyline: Aaron Rodgers walks into a meeting with Gutey and Matt with a couple of demands. He really wants another ring and we are so so close. So Gutey starts on his plan to get Aaron a ring and show him that we are all in.
  6. Draft 1: Stay Put!!! D’Andre Swift RB/Weapon 2: Jeremy Chinn S/LB 3: Troy Pride Jr CB 4: Tyler Biadasz C 5: Donovan Peoples-Jones WR 6: Jon Runyon OL 6: KJ Hill WR 6: Eno Benjamin RB 7: Tommie Stevens QB 7: Jonathan Garvin DE HATED our draft. But the board didn’t fall great either but looking back I would have done this.
  7. I was playing around on Fanspeak and came up with this scenario. Again I know it’s not real but I am bored without sports. So rip it apart I don’t care. Enjoy Gutey needs money as players are still out there for him to grab. Restructures Adams and Bahk. No brainers long time PACKERS we need them. Cut Lane Taylor Free Agents: Everyone we already brought back. Demarcus Robinson WR Rashard Higgins WR Ronald Darby CB Extensions: DT Kenny Clark Big time money for Clark he earned it RB Aaron Jones A raise for our offense but no where near top m
  8. Y’All Going To Hate it Mock So pretty much everyday I wake up and do a Fanspeak mock draft while I drink my Morning coffee or at least read about the NFL offseason. I mean it’s 4:30 am and I don’t wanna wake anyone so I read on my phone with my pup next to me. Today I did one and it got me thinking about a crazy off season idea. For everyone out there I know that this will not and can not happen it’s just for phone but it’s an idea in my head.... so here it is rip it at the end. —— On the team plane after the NFC Championship game Gutey is mad but can’t show it. He
  9. And I am cutting Corey to lock up the best player not named Adams on our offense. Jones carried us this year and in my mind we need to lock him up. He is too valuable to this team and how the offense needs to look to be successful. And if a 2nd pick gets me a pro bowl caliber C in a couple years damn right I will make that selection. Tyler is going to be a beast.
  10. Billings saw the field on 61.5 percent of Bengals Defense plays last year and played pretty damn well as a run stuffer. Never going to put sack numbers but the San Francisco game pretty much showed us we need someone in the middle that won’t get pushed around.
  11. How you don’t think a Dline of Clark, jerrigan, Billings and David O is not better then Clark Lancaster and lowry is beyond me
  12. I would hardly say McCaffrey and Zeke were the reason there teams didn’t make the playoffs. Gurley and Johnson and bell were all stupid for either health reasons or in the case of bell he is a me first guy but Jones has none of that. He is a great runner and weapon in the pass catching game. great backs do not grow on trees and Jones fits our scheme perfect. And say what you want about wearing the G everywhere you go but he does it perfectly. He is a must and in my eyes the cornerstone of our team with Adams on offense
  13. How do we not want to extend Jones? Him and Adams are our offense. I want to keep Jones more then anything. He is a free agent next year just like Clark. I work on both right now. Jones is the type of player we need, selfless and team first guy. If we let him walk that will be a hole we can’t plug for awhile
  14. My Offseason as Gutey Let’s start by saying hell of a season by the Pack.... to be honest I thought 8 and 8 or 9 and 7. To go 13 and 3 and get to the NFC championship is awesome but that game has got to leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth because I know it did for me even on the rewatch it was painful. Let’s start with who I am not bringing back: Blake Allison Goodson Grant Fackrell Cuts: Jimmy Graham Lane Taylor Corey Linsley All these cuts are designed to create cap space to maximize Arods
  15. If we fire Pettine I vote for hiring Kris Richard. I don’t believe the Cowboys have given him a contract and from what I have read he is a leader and not afraid to get after his players. We need that we need fire. Been around a lot of great defenses.
  16. 13 and 3 is nothing to over look and it’s been a hell of a season. I don’t think we are done I think we can get to the ultimate prize and win the Super Bowl. But I also think this team needs more playmakers and speed. Let’s be honest maybe #12 has lost some magic. He needs help and speed. Adams and Jones are it and Lazard has been nice. TE is a black hole but the special ones are hard to find. I hope Tonyan can be that guy but I also don’t see a guy in the draft that gets me excited maybe the combine will shed some light on the prospects. Lets get going on the Offseason: LETS DO OUR G
  17. I didn’t even know then yeah I don’t want him.... I might go Grady Jarrett and shaq Barrett together all pash rush
  18. Coaching: Head Coach- Josh Daniels Brings his own staff who knows who is on it. Free Agents: Grady Jarrett Tre Boston Shaquil Barrett Cut/Not Brought Back: Nick Perry Randall Cobb M. Wilkerson Tramon Williams Brought Back: Clay Matthews B. Breeland Restructure: Mason Crosby Brian Buluga Jimmy Graham THE DRAFT: 1: Jachai Polite OLB Florida Finally an athlete that can challenge the edge and win one on one blocks haven’t had that since early Clay.
  19. Draft crush: Nasir Adderley S Delaware Free Agent: Frank Clark
  20. Now this team is making me believe again.... maybe not sign Fowler and Fitz bring back Cobb and Clay where was this team all year
  21. He doesn’t call plays in KC and never will with Reid but here it’s his offense. It’s a lateral move in title but not in responsibility
  22. So again I want to state this will not happen but it’s what I would try to get done. I believe we need a big shake up but with that said we have talent just need to maximize it and hope guys can stay healthy. We all know Mike is gone. Mike was a great coach but I do believe it was time for a different leader. So let’s pick one..... I have done a ton of reading on this and have decided on Brian Flores. He is the defensive coordinator from New England. Pettine is gone. New England may never have the top defense but they are always well coached and get the best out of their players. New
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