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  1. 5 Jamal Adams Draft Day Trade Scenarios

    Here's something to ponder, first the Jets are in no hurry to sign Adams long term. Why? Because they hold the advantage in negotiations and time. Should the Jets decide to franchise him, then he is under contract for the next 3 years. But I see another scenario playing out, and it is this, Adams will demand a trade. The Jets will oblige him and get good compensation for him, for all his good, his leadership, and intangibles. He is a distraction as well, and if the Jets cave, you can see this scenario playing out over and over again. I believe Adams will demand to be traded.
  2. Potential Midseason Trades

    Given that he had the suckiest line in all of football, a below average WR corps, lost his TE in year 2, his OC in year 2. I think he has done reasonably well. Remember also Bell had no OL either. This year the OL is lightyears better, and opposing teams will not be able to flood the box or the backfield. MB is going to open up some running lanes and protect Darnold's right side. Lets see what this year brings and then you will have a better grasp on what this team can do going forward.
  3. Potential Midseason Trades

    Just going by what's on BNDR.
  4. Potential Midseason Trades

    a 5th from the Giants and a 7th from Seattle
  5. Potential Midseason Trades

    The Jets have a conditional pick from the Giants a 5th rounder, which if he signs a contract turns into a 4th rounder. The Jets also have a pick from Seattle for Parry Nickerson...a 7th rounder
  6. The Frank Gore signing could be an ominous sign that Bell's days are coming to an end. Lets face it, Gore was Gase's choice last year and Bell wasn't. Furthermore if the line holds up, and Bell is having a good season, knowing that the Jets are not beholding to him in 2021. He becomes a very tradable chip for a team looking for an edge going into the playoffs. The Jets had discussions about trading Bell last year, who knows how close they came, or in fact perhaps the compensation wasn't worth it. But should Bell be moving the chains and the Jets still are struggling to make it to the playoffs, then Bell could fetch a reasonable draft pick in exchange for his services. Marcus Maye could also find himself a half season bargaining chip seeing as they drafted Davis. Davis could find himself being seasoned by the midseason point then take over for Maye. These two moves prior to the 2021 draft would give the Jets much needed draft capital. The Jets already have 9 picks for 2021 and if things go the way I think. That sum could go up to 12. Perine also factors into this move. The Jets will more than likely add a RB next year on the second day of the draft as well as a Center perphaps in the first round. I believe Bell's days are numbered, and the haul for the Jets if all goes well could wind up being a couple of day 2 picks.
  7. Jets 2020 Draft Grade

    First I think this draft can turn out to be very special and I think barring injuries it will be one that Jets fans can look back on and say JD hit a home run. A+ Meckhi will be special. A = Mims his upside is only limited by his desire to be exceptional A+ Davis, because he can do so many things good on a football field, but lets not forget this is a guy who faced adversity throughout his life, this kid is a champion of life. and it translates to his game. C+=B Jabari, this is interesting because this could turn out to be an A+. Its interesting because he went back to college because he thought he could better his draft stock and show the NFL that he was deserving of a first round grade. His high ankle sprain derailed his plans. But should he be the person/player he thinks he is and drafted in the 3rd round, Jabari could be the steal of this draft. C/B + Perine, He's a serviceable back, and career backup, but he can catch out of the backfield, and could be on the Jets for 7 years. B/A+ Morgan if he is as smart as everyone says, a cerebral player with a rifle arm, who can make all the throws and eliminate forcing the ball, he not only can be an exceptional backup. But should Darnald have to sit out a few games, this guy can come in and be effective. B+ Clark I believe can be moved to the inside and become a starter in year 2, the talent is there to excel at guard. C/B+ Hall, This pick is intriguing because he's coming off a serious ankle injury. There is no denying that he was a major talent prior to his injury, and would have gone late first round early second round. The injury must have been bad enough that the entire league passed on him. The upside is if he can return to form, he would be one of the biggest steals of the draft. A+ Mann The pick of Mann was genius , this is a player who has the potential to put teams on their heels and to rescue his team with booming punts. Not only so but the guy can place the punt which is amazing. Mann could have a pro bowl calibre career and can find himself on the Jets for the next 15 years if he wants. Phenom of a pick at 6 .....Amazing. So on the whole, a very good draft, filled a lot of holes with quality players, quality individuals, who have high character traits. Can't ask for more. Over all I'd say a B+
  8. State Of The Roster

    Okay here we are basically one week removed from the draft. Some beat writers are critical of the Jets not tabbing more than one WR in a class of WR's that was historically deep. Okay, I will not argue the point, its is valid. But to say, that they could have gone in other directions, picked this player or that player etc. is just plain stupid. Then they attack JD on his first draft,"well we won't know what this draft will look like a few years from now". It all depends on if this guy is is a bust or that guy is a bust. Then they bring up the past failures of former GM's....REALLY? Now a new twist, Adam Gase has no excuses this year! EXCUSE ME? Did these so called experts even read their own columns? HEADLINE: The Jets draft filled a number of holes on the roster. HOLES....meaning they were woefully needed to be filled. OT/WR/S/CB/QB/DE and they still need to hit home runs next year at positions of need. Forget that Gase had the worse OL in football, forget that they couldn't open up a hole for Bell. Forget that they lost their top TE for the year, and QE with a neck injury. That the backup QB's averaged 3 points a game while Darnald and his backup missed more games than I can remember. That the Defense under our new DC played miraculously, otherwise who knows how bad we could have been. But now Darnold has to take a leap. A leap, one year actually less than one year under Gase. Now Darnold has to become Brady, he has to take the Jets to the promised land, there are no excuses. Thats the new mantra, "Gase and Darnold have no excuses". Now that the draft is over, the Jets filled holes, expect those players to come in start immediately and transform the worse offense in football into a powerhouse. If the Jets have a good year 8-8, if they have a better than expected year 10-6, if they hit on all cylinders 11-5 considering the current roster. But darn, give me a break, it took Belacheat almost 15 years to become the coach he was and had the NFL's best QB in history to do it with. What say you?
  9. 2020 UDFA Thread

    Huff is making this team as a situational pass rusher/LB/special teams player. He has as much up side as Baun and he was a URFA signing. If you look at tape of this guy, you get excited that as a URFA he could be one of the steals of URFA class. Remember, the Jets as an organization has a history of signing players who turn out and make the team.
  10. Jets 2020 Draft Grade

    No, the contingency in the pick depended upon him signing a contract before FA
  11. Jets 2020 Draft Grade

    I guess if your looking at everything JD has done this year, then don't forget what he's already done for next years draft, a 5 from the Giants and a 7th from KC I think. Which gives us 9 going into next year and that number could grow depending on how our team shapes up. I didn't count the 6th rounder from N.E.because we owed a 6th.
  12. 4(125). James Morgan, QB, FIU

    You won't believe this but I thought so too, this guy got a ton of buzz leading up to the draft
  13. 6(191). Braden Mann, P, Texas A&M

    All I can say is DANG!!!!!!! This guy is going to give the opposition fits.....YEA JETS!!!!!
  14. 2.59: WR Denzel Mims

    Mims impressed at the Senior Bowl. Everyone was raving about him! A steal at this point in the draft
  15. 3.68 Ashtyn Davis

    I dug a little deeper on this guy, track star, fast, Swiss army knife player, returns punts. Saw an article on him that said he is an under the radar talent (20 guys to watch for in the NFL Draft) I'm very happy with all the picks