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  1. The Question is why would Texas make the trade for an unknown commodity, even if we threw in 2 FRP? With the decisions we have made in the past, it would only come back to bite us, as Wilson develops into the player we all hope he can be and turn around the Texas franchise. No, I believe Wilson is the real deal, unfortunately he is surrounded by a mediocre OL made up of a C who's played poorly the past 2 years, a terrible G, a one year rental at OT and no TE who would be considered a true threat. A poor RB group lead by a 4th round pick who has stepped right in and became the b
  2. Parcels had no love for mediocrity, he had favorites on all of his teams. But Parcels within 2 years of taking over revamped his teams by cutting lose 50 percent of the players and replacing them. After 2-3 years if a player isn't a "player" its time to move on, Shepherd is a prime example of that as is VR. Teams should not be in the business of drafting players they can develop, that is a losing formula. Granted if you can sit a guy and season throughout his 1st year that's great. But positive productivity should be expected in year 2 and have him on the cusp in year 3 in the event
  3. The proof is in the pudding, has N.Y. learned anything from the loss to N.E.? Wilson should know what to expect, and the OC is on the hot seat to produce points in the first half. I don't expect Wilson, a true student of the game, to make the same mistakes as he did the first time around. The D should excel with the return of Maye and the secondary in N.E. is hurting (no one seems to care when its the Jets players who are missing) injuries are part of the game. The Falcon's secondary was supposed to be hurting too, as well as their WR's, but look at how we lost. The Jets ca
  4. We can all agree, that losing is terrible, especially if your a Jet fan. A win for this team is like winning a playoff game, our hopes soar for the next potential victory. Only to be brought down to the reality, that this current team which is still being constructed is a few years away. It really doesn't matter the cap room or the draft choices. Hope springs eternal. But there is somewhat of a silver lining concerning "these Jets", yes they are losing, yes Wilson has thrown too many interceptions (erase the N.E. game and its not as bad). The O line has struggled, does anyone b
  5. If you think for a minute that NFL players don't use homophobic slurs you'er kidding yourself, specially if it begins with the letter "F". I'm from the hood, I heard it used not as a slur, but to disparage someone on account that they were punks, chumps, liars, thieves, couldn't live up to the hype they supposedly we're showered with. And not because of a sexual lifestyle. The issue at hand is not that he said it, and that it was right or wrong, it was to get him fired and destroyed. Maye on the Jets they reported in February that he was arrested for DUI. In February, 8 months later
  6. Sacrificial Lamb.... Jon Gruden, Let's say Gruden is guilty of what is alleged. Was he wrong in saying it? Yes, ELEVEN YEARS AGO! Who was on a mission to take down Gruden? Why is it so significant? Who's looking through your emails, and texts, and social media, to bring you down? Aren't we all guilty of saying, doing or acting foolishly, and perhaps, just perhaps, we've matured. Could it be Gruden was drunk or angry or perhaps frustrated? Let's be clear about the media, be it sports or politics or entertainment, they take sides, the media is no longer objective. It has bec
  7. Imagine having racehorses and using them to pull wagons instead of running in races. Our OC has not utilized what he has effectively. Mim's and Moore are the fastest guys on the team, Moore is a stud, so why is he so little utilized and put into a box offensively. Leflur has to get these guys on the field simultaneously use 4 WR sets, 3 WR set, set one up as a RB. ANYTHING, but get the machine rolling. The O stinks, because its stagnant.
  8. Getting paid millions, and having no guarantees of making the team next year will do that. 15 new players will be on the Jets next year. Yeah they don't quit, not if they want food on the table.
  9. Wow, you called it perfectly, except you have to switch the teams around.
  10. Okay 5 games into the season, so what is the issue or issues with THIS Jets team? The fact of the matter is not only do we have the youngest team in the NFL and many of them first year players. But our coaching staff are a bunch of rookies too, all of them to the best of my knowledge have never been a DC, OC, or HC. That in itself tells you, we're going to experience growing pains. JU defense scheme against Atlanta was poorly executed especially when you see D lineman covering TE's! ML offensive scheme's and lack of thinking outside of the box is glaring, it doesn't matter
  11. Could wind up outside of Wilson, the steal of the Jets draft. The guy is playing lights out for a rookie. Guidry as well has been an absolute steal as a FA signing. Even Dunn has seen playing time. Where is Pinnot?
  12. Players the Jets have to pay are the foundation pieces, players the Jets could lose because they are replaceable are players we may even like and don't want to lose. So here is the question, do you sign a guy like Fatukasi or invest in Q Williams? Fatukasi is going to ask for a good payday, Q by far is going to be getting a big payday and paying Zac in 3-4 more years has to be figured in. Is Becton worthy of a killer contract considering his injury history and missing games last year?Is his weight an issue and can he bounce back and will he become a good player, but not elite?
  13. Maye is going to be a casualty of being older, not because he is not a good player. But do you want to invest in an older player who by next year will be 29 or do you draft a player who has a ton of upside in the draft who is 5 years younger who will not demand a kings ransom for 5 years? Kyle Hamilton could be a Jet next year replacing Maye and Hamilton is considered a major top 5 player, for sure the Jets have to address the position in the draft. Unless a top DE is available in round 1. I look for Maye to be traded and Davis to step in at S. Look at all the cash Jamal Adams got pa
  14. Seattle is exposed as not a very good team. They improved the OL, but the CB's and S were exposed yesterday. Stafford went almost the entire length of the field within 3 minutes and scored easily. Stafford who was under throwing most of the night, but was killing them on short passes. I think it is possible that the Seahawks could wind up 9-8 or less 8-9 depending upon Wilson's recovery. Like others who post here, we are not rooting for Wilson or any player to be hurt, but we are rooting for a subpar year and only so the Jets could get a better number 1 come 2022. I constantly
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