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  1. I agree with you with firing Gase, and bringing on a whole new crew. But I guess it was just a bad time to be drafted by the Jets for Darnold. Having never given him the tools to succeed. Last year, late in the year he came on, with a worse OL if you can believe it, than this years bunch. All his wideouts from last year are gone, except for Crowder. But now we're ready to move on with Lawrence/Fields and surround them with the very things Darnold was denied. There is no denying that Lawrence is a top prospect and future star in the league, not to mention this years QB class. But I think Darnold has the right stuff to be a top QB in the league. Will he ever be a Mahomes, no, but give him the tools needed to excel. Then if he flops move on, the Jets can do this.
  2. I have no issue agreeing with you.
  3. As for click bate, you could not be any further from the truth. There are to an extent lesser known QB's who are going in the first round not called Lawrence or Fields. They likewise are highly regarded and top picks come the draft. Wilson, Trask, Lance and Mac Jones. How is it, that QB's that fall further down are the ones who excel and the top picks for the most part are underwhelming. This is not to say that Lawrence and Fields have their respective place, but many of the QB's mentioned are rising up the boards, who the hell was doing the evaluating when Mahomes or Prescott came out of college? McCagnan thought so much of the draft class that produced Darnold, Mayfield, etc. that he passed on Mahomes, Prescott before him, and Watson. So I don't buy into the can't miss scenario, again I think that Lawrence and Fields will probably go on to have fine careers. But lets not throw a damper on QB's taken after all the hoopla, that they actually in most cases excelled in the pro game.
  4. I guess your posts are all that ever REALLY matter huh?
  5. Here's the truth of the matter T Law may very well return to play another year, which would leave the Jets with the only other choice which would be Fields. But if its not T Law, there are other QB's which will go in the top 10. This leaves the Jets in a quandary, especially if they believe in Darnold. Presume for a second that the Jets lose out on T Law, and they believe Darnold is the man. They are positioned to pick up some major draft capital in 2020 and beyond, because Fields is next up, and the Jets if they feel otherwise could still pick up a QB who is ascending in the draft. Consider if you will what could be, if your really hyped about seeing the Jets make the playoffs and stop being a laughing stock, this is a great scenario. The Jets still need to solidify the OL including the C position, a solid RB, 2 game changing WR's, not to mention CB's and perhaps a S. I know, I know we could fill many of those holes in FA, but FA never works unless it is a key guy, a singular key guy, who can be a difference maker. FA has shown, that otherwise, you build though the draft. The possibility exists, and you should prepare for it. But what say you, take Fields? Pass on Fields? Trade the pick, get some more draft capitol? Heck the Jets if they don't draft well this year, make the right player personal moves, could be vying for the number one pick next year as well.
  6. Most of the guy's you listed in the draft are high on my draft list too, with the exception of Pennai and Humphrey . Jets have a way of winning 2-3 games.
  7. Pennei OT, and Humphrey C, WR, CB, CB, TE, RB, S, etc.
  8. There is no guarantee that the first QB off the board will develop into the type of generational talent being touted. The truth of the matter is most of the QB's don't live up to the hype, QB's it seems that fall out of that category are the ones that excel. Perhaps its because there is less pressure. A.Luck was not all he was supposed to be, yes a good QB, but he was prone to mistakes and was a hair over average. While the first 2 Qb's off the board could be TL and Fields, don't sleep on Trask he's being mentioned as a Heisman hopeful. Habits seem to follow QB's into the NFL, TL, Fields and Trask are not QB's prone to INT's. If the Jets move on from Darnold, which I think is a mistake, but I've been wrong before, than any of those 3 would be a good start for me.
  9. Man was I wrong, but I don't feel so bad, Joe Douglas was just as wrong 😉
  10. Darnold will never, NEVER, request a trade. He's a young QB who's had to endure 2.5 years of terrible coaching and a terrible roster of players. He has never had a group of WR's that he could tap into as go to guys, and when he did (Robbie Anderson) he preformed well. Last years group of WR's are by far a better group than this years. Be it because they were healthy or they were experienced vets. The OL with the exception of Fact and Bekton has been porous not to mention perhaps the worse group of CB, DB, in the league. Do I have to point to the fact the Jets haven't had a good pass rush since John Abraham? Darnold is not the issue, the Jets are a result of poor GM's who have sunk this franchise over the past 7 years with poor draft choices. Darnold for all his flaws is the best player on the team.
  11. Injuries have decimated the Jets. But I think the mistake that management made is that what they got at the end of last year from the team was an honest indicator of the talent the Jets had on the team. First, lets start with our DL, Anderson has disappeared, Shepard has disappeared, Fotukasi has not lived up to the hype of last year, our D line has been Swiss cheese. This was the unit which was touted as being its strongest unit. The defense has put the offense behind and in catchup mode the entire year. Now, mix that in with an offense which had 3 of its potential starters on the sidelines in Perriman, Crowder, and Mims, not to mention Bell at RB, and having to depend on Gore and having Peline shelved with an injury. Well it doesn't set up much of an opportunity for the Offense to put points on the board. The offensive line outside of Fant and Bekton has not jelled and Darnold has been sacked 3 times a game at an average. We knew coming in that our CB's was a weak sister and it has not disappointed us, it is terrible. The tight ends? I know we have some, but they are terrible or they are being underutilized. Blame all you want on Gase, and with good reason, but Gase and Darnold have not been given the horses to succeed. Is it a terrible team, YES, does it lack talent to win, No. Lastly many of the guy's drafted this year were injured, OL, Safety, DE, WR,RB, this has been a terrible year for injuries, ask the 49ers. Bill Parcells when he became the HC of the Jets sent 50% of the team packing, he did the same thing in Dallas. The Jets have come to the point where they are saying to the current team, you don't play right, and you will be replaced. Yes its one of the worse teams, but it is much deeper than just saying they are bad.
  12. I think we can all agree, even if Gase could eek out 8 wins, he's still a dead man walking. Gase IMHO, should the Jets go 0-8, Gase will be fired mid season. However 0-6 could be enough to have him replaced. That is of course except if they are tanking for Trevor and they have a legitimate shot at him. There are teams which are more talented, yet have the same record as the Jets. Heck Dallas would be 0-4 if not for a fluke onside kick.
  13. Jets are desperate in three areas, all three need to be addressed in the draft and in this order, DE/OLB, CB, WR,. First things, DE has more priority than CB or WR with the first pick, CB should come with the other first round pick, than having a top 2nd rounder grab yourself a WR. 1. Joe Tryon or Rousseau DE for my money I like Tryon . 2. Shawn Wade CB or Caleb Farley 3. FA/ Draft, if FA Then best RB available with the 2nd rounder. Which for me would be Travis Etinene. 4. Here is where we become deep S/CB Elijah Moulden CB and Caden Sterns S Note: Look for Bell either to be traded or next year released, Jenkins probably will move on, the other running backs are over the hill or just minor role players. The Jets need to address this need in the draft again, and perhaps in FA as well.
  14. Jets grab WR and CB in round 1 and another WR in round 2. The caveat to the first round is the Jets trade back in round 1and pick up an additional 2nd round pick and 4th rounder.
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