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  1. I've been driving for 50 years, and not just as an every day driver with skills needed to be a competent driver. I've driven cabs in N.Y.C. for a private cab co. and was a letter carrier for the postal service for 18 years. I have seen terrible decisions made by people who were oblivious to their surroundings ignorantly put others in harms way. Just "plain bad drivers" while others were casual dangerous drivers, likewise I have seen good drivers. Now to put into perspective my driving education, when you are a postal employee almost on a monthly basis you are reminded to keep t
  2. I wanted to say a bad choice, we would have had 2 Centers (Okay) but one is a rental and played poorly last year. Since Mangold we haven't addressed the position positively (as in drafting his replacement).
  3. According to the OC, Mims has to expand his repertoire if he want's to have a bigger role in the offense. As for Moore he has already made his presence felt on the team and his speed will effect Crowders touches and perhaps midseason Crowder could be traded. Mims may not fit the OC scheme and could find himself playing somewhere else. But he does have this upside, he is tall, has good hands and good speed. He only has to expand his game. I used to play basket ball, and I was always picked to play pickup games on the streets of the Bronx. Why? I could rebound, I could pass, I could shoot,
  4. Moses surely makes the OL better and it is light years better than Darnold ever had to work with. The same could be said about the receiving corps the Jets now have. Joe D. has in 2 years done a good job of shoring up the OL. But IMHO could have done more and added more pieces and made the OL even stronger in 2021. Moses is a placeholder for things to come, J.D. had the opportunity to draft Cosmi who is penciled in at RT for Washington, same could be said at the Center position where they could have drafted Creed Humphrey who could play G in a pinch. They could have kept the 2
  5. Lets be honest here, the views of the many hold a lot of weight as far as OROY goes. I think the obvious factor here is that he who gets the most touches probably will win OROY. While I think Carter and Moore have a good chance, because of the talent surrounding the team this year. I suspect their impact will be big, they will put up impressive numbers and going forward become major pieces to the Jets puzzle. Wilson could surprise us, and I think and rightfully so, we're cautiously optimistic about what he will do or not. For the most part reports of his touch on the ball, ball
  6. Recently there have been articles about who would be OROY and per the usual it is everyone but a Jet's player. The Jets have 3 possible OROY candidates in Wilson, Carter, and Moore. Wilson for obvious reasons, Carter because of the holes our right side of the OL will open up for him, and Moore because of the opportunities he will garner with Wilson throwing to him. Where the hell is Joe Namath? Since the draft he has been conspicuously quiet. What a punk he's become, he doesn't like Wilson? Darn look at all the QB's he has liked and none of them added up to much of anything. N
  7. A glimmer of hope in an otherwise somewhat predictable 2021 for the Jets franchise. The N.Y.KNICKS were slated to win about 22 games and miss the playoffs yet again. The roster wasn't overly impressive and they lacked a good "qb" at guard, they hired a defensive minded coach and transformed a rag tag bunch of players into a cohesive unit. While the Knicks are not what you would call elite by any stretch of the imagination, they are a solid team and no easy win. They are in the top 5 for most of the year in defense. So how does this translate to the Jets? Anything is possible when yo
  8. Okay, we've just been given a glimpse of the Jets schedule of who and where they play. Along with the schedule, every know it all and their mother gives there two cents about how poorly the Jets will do and what their win/loss record will be. Not only that but all the downside of every draft pick this year and how poorly the Jets will do against the competition. The result is the Jets at best will win 6 games, after all they are starting a rookie QB and for all the changes on the OL there is still a weak side to it. The most obvious of all is the first game of the season where Sam D
  9. Let me be clear on this, the Jets first 4 picks were major pickups, and from then on the draft really becomes about transitional type players i.e. safeties which transition to LB. It is abundantly clear that the Jets want the future LB corps to be fast and hard hitting, moving on from lumbering slow moving LB types. So here you have an opportunity to voice who you would have drafted in rounds 2-6 or perhaps you like the draft and would have just made a change here and there. In any event I would have drafted a bit differently but the outcome I believe would have been just as beneficial.
  10. This guy makes the Jets all day, he is a major hitting machine, start off on ST, but this guy looks like he is going to be around for a long time. You can't teach fierceness.
  11. Hybrid, great pick this late in the draft. Had he been injury free it is possible he could have been taken in round 2 and was projected to be taken in round 3. Great pick for so late in the draft.
  12. 1 A+ Wilson, 1b A+ Tucker, 2 A+Moore, 4 B+Carter, 5 C+b-Sherwood, 5 C+Carter, 5 C+Pinnock, 6 B+Nasirildeen, 6 C+-B Echols, 6 D-C+Marshall. All in all the top 5 players will make an impact, Nasirildeen was a steal in the 6th round, the CB position on the Jets at best is in flux or should I say the secondary. Maye is solid, I expect Davis to step up this year, Hall is the only CB I have any confidence in, Austin is up and down. So the infusion of talented CB's coming in at best are question marks which could pan out, I like the Sherwood and Nasirildeen picks, Echols could be a late ro
  13. I see the Jets trading back from the 2nd pick on day 2. I think they try to recoup some draft capitol. They can still pick up a quality player later in the day. But if for some reason they stay put then complete the line by drafting Humphrey.
  14. They say there is risk with Zack, but really, isn't there risk with any player? So many great QB's came from small schools, in fact a HOF QB was stocking shelves at a grocery store before being contacted to play football. Still others were playing football in Canada. Wilson has plenty, plenty to like, the Jets threw the book at him, and his football I.Q is off the charts. The guy is a worker, don't get fooled by his youthful looks because the kid can sling the rock. He has the fastest release out of any QB coming out and I guarantee will be one the few in the NFL who has that talent.
  15. Here's a rumor, Micah Parsons is falling. If he falls to the Jets can they pass on him? That would be crazy!
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