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  1. Lets start off with this tidbit, the Jets are in need of a complete overhaul on the offensive side of the ball. Keeping in mind that as bad as the secondary was, and we were without a pass rush specialist for a years now. We can be more competitive with more offense, so I say lets go more offense in the first 3 rounds, then from round 4-7 BPA on defense. Because there are no trades and FA signings keep in mind that adding players will only make the team that much more relevant going into 2020. 1. Walker Little OT (considering where the Jets are #11) 2. Justin Jefferson WR (Jets need to shore up the WR's) 3. Jake Hanson C (need I say anything) 4. J.K. Dobbins RB ( Jets RB's need an infusion of excitement and talent) 5. A.J. Terrell CB (another badly needed position) 6. Chase Claypool WR ( speed kills and this kid has it) 7. Darrell Taylor OLB (Jets need to develop players who can rotate in, our LB's corps was depleted last year) 8. Jaris Davis CB (more help for the position) Understand, if we can upgrade to a great extent the OL, RB, and WR positions, then next year we can focus more on quality CB's, Pass Rushers, etc. We have talent on the D line, our safety position seems to be pretty much set, less the Jets trade Adams. But going by our most pressing needs, and the fact that our top TE will be back next year. Having more weapons for Darnald and more time to throw makes all the sense in the world.
  2. I find it crazy that the Jets spend millions of dollars on FA and the team continues to be a portrait of futility. Granted the Johnsons have tried to bring in quality people, but the fact of the matter is they have gone down the wrong road every 3 years or since Mike T was let go. He at least did much better than those who followed after him. So Idzik and Mike Mac were terrible and this is their doing and should take all the responsibility for the state of the Jets franchise. So where do we go from here? Either trade Bell (were going to have to eat some of his contract and Gase has no use for him) bowling didn't endear him to mgmt. or the fanbase, or build up the OL and see if he is the player we all hoped he would be. The problem with that scenario is if he has lost a step, were stuck another year with another failed FA signing. Trade Bell see if you can garner a third rounder for him, and move on. The Jets have already put the FA CB Johnson on notice that he will be gone at the end of the year and should be. The Jets have to make a decision on Robbie Anderson I would put a 2nd round tag on him if possible or tag him for another year if possible because in his mind he wants to be paid like a top 5 WR, YEAH RIGHT!!! So where is the glaring needs besides pass rusher, which Mike Mac passed on and we drafted Williams and passed on Allen, don't get me started. The Jets have the most glaring need on the offensive line, and to that end, this is the most important position on the team as far as need goes. If Darnold is not protected his longevity and health and future Jets wins are in jeopardy. The Jets in my humble onion in the first two picks must address the OL, then draft for another pressing need and that is CB. If the Jets are to address other needs they have to trade other assets in order to have a better rounded team. Look for the Jets to move Adam's who is elite and wears his emotions on his sleeve, but I believe because of that can be a negative influence as well. I see the Jets trading Adams to the Cowboys for at the minimum a number 1, 3, and a number 2 the following year. The Cowboys should have pulled the trigger at the trading deadline, I believe Adams would have gotten them a win or two with his play and pass rushing ability. So apart from what the Jets have currently and I am projecting here because we don't know where they will be in the final standings, I believe they will be 5-11 and will fail to win another game finishing on a 3 game losing streak. Here is my 3 round Mock (a per need draft) 9th pick of the draft Tristian Wirfs OT Iowa 40-43 pick Creed Humphrey C Oklahoma or Tyler Biadasz 66th pick from the Giants Lamar Jackson CB Nebraska 70th pick Paris Ford S Pittsburg While it is not perfect, it fills many needs both defensively and offensively. If the Jets can parlay a few more picks with Bell and Adams they can put themselves in a position to be more competitive sooner than later.
  3. Should the Jets re-sign Robby Anderson?

    Tag him, because he's going to be asking for big money. Then lets see what he does the following year. If someone wants him, let them cough up a 2nd rounder. Were in desperate need of players on the Jets. I would also inquire about OBJ who is lightyears better than Anderson. Maybe the Jets can swing the newly acquired 3rd rounder(66) to Cleveland for him. How insulting it would be to the Giants if OBJ came back only to haunt the Giants for trading him.
  4. Lets get something straight, I'm a Jets fan, but I also happen to be a N.Y. fan. That being said and rooting for the Giants if they are in the playoffs is a no brainer for me. But going forward, what are the Giants to do with this draft? Do they move up and grab a QB, do they stay put and grab the best defensive player on the board and one IMHO will fall to them or should they draft down. To be honest the draft is deep on defensive linemen, but what are the needs for the Giants outside of the obvious need for a QB for the future. Here is what I believe, I believe the Giants (if I were running the show) should find a player who can be a difference maker on offense to replace OBJ and at the same time be able to do other things besides catch the ball. The person who comes to mind is the TE -TJ Hockenson, who can not only block, but is great at helping the run game besides catching the ball. This would be the first guy I would draft. He would be able to protect Manning, open holes for Barkley and be the next coming of Gronk or better yet Bravaro. This guy is going to be a star and open up the offense for the Giants and with the second pick in the first round Jonah Williams. Manning has been a punching bag the past few years and IMHO these 2 guys would immediately pay dividends both could come in and start and give the in coming future QB a foundation for the future. As for the QB of the future, I believe the Giants are going to play out the season with Manning especially in light of the fact that next years QB class is light years better than this years batch. Perhaps better than 2018's class of QB's. Lets face it, the Giants are in rebuilding mode. Again, an outside perspective, as for the rest of the draft, the Giants can add a quality D lineman, ER, S, later in the draft with BPA.
  5. We all know that the Jets weak spot is and has been for years ER. So here they are with the 3rd pick in the draft and it is highly likely that 2 elite prospects will be available for them to draft. Of the 2 Bosa and Allen I would lean more toward Allen. Just my preference, I like what I see from him in space and I believe the upside from him is unlimited. The Jets should not in my opinion draft down, not unless it is within a few picks, say the Giants and only if one of the said ER are available. Stupid is as stupid does, the Jets would be stupid to pass up on a need they have lacked for a decade or more. The Jets also since the retirement or should I say the forced retirement of Mangold have passed the past few years on the center position which IMHO has been a grave mistake. Mangold was the General of the OL. The Jets desperately need to fill this hole as well as other positions along the OL. Big Mac has had a poor record when drafting or should I say neglecting the OL, this needs to be remedied asap, I'm ready to give him credit for the FA OL he has dealt for as well as some trades. But on the whole he has neglected the OL in the draft. Not to mention his draft record is poor with the exception of last years class which has had some positive returns. So here's the mock draft without trading down, one last item, if the Jets want to acquire future picks or a 4th or 5th rounder, let them pack up Lee or other so called assets which have not lived up to their hype and move on. Winning teams don't draft with the idea that one day some prospect will turn out to be a NFL player, winning teams draft players who they believe can step right in, the Jets have no need of projects or diamonds in the rough, B.S. 3. Josh Allen ER 68.Elgton Jenkins C 93.Beau Benzschawel OG /Yodny Cajuste OL / Andy Isabella WR (I Love this guy, and I think he will be a star in the NFL, he killed it at the SB) Note the following picks will depend on what the Jets do at 93, but if the Jets go WR, than I can see OL at 4 if not we draft for need. 105 Kendall Sheffield CB 196 Ryquell Armstead. RB (The Jets have been all over the RB class during the draft process so I think they will bring one in having spoken to about 15 of them) 217 Marquise Blair S (The Jets will look to add some special teams talent and someone to play safety as well, but I wouldn't be surprised if Safety went in the 3rd round depending how the draft falls)
  6. Mike Maccagnan Thread

    The truth of the matter is that Big Mac is terrible. He passed on Mahomes, passed on Watson, passed on Prescott, had his best picks fall to him in Adams, and Williams. His drafts have been terrible and his FA signings have backfired. After 4 years of draft choices more than half are not on the team. Big Mac should have been fired with the coach. If anything his position on the Jets should be hot as on fire. Not to mention his 72 million spent on a CB who is average at best and has issues with discipline. OHHHHH But wait, he did draft Darnold (HURRAAHHHH), but passed on so many others, yes he draft Darnold who fell to us at the 3rd pick in the draft and gave up 3 number 2 draft choices (as though the Jets had that luxury to waste draft choices). McCagnan needs to be held accountable because part of Bowels failure is not having the talent to compete. Going forward, the Jets need OL help, needs a pass rusher, need WR's, and instead of signing FA running backs passed on RB's who are stars on other teams. He should have been fired along with Bowels, who was a failure as a coach in N.Y., but the record is a reflection of the GM and Coach, not the coach alone.
  7. The Jets never seem to learn. Here we are a few years removed from the resigning of Fitz after a career year. Than bang he's terrible, the players whom we used all that cap money crapped out. Here we are again, with the same scenario. Again were hearing "were that close", "all we need", "5 wins a moral victory". Get real!!!! We need game changers on offense, We need, neeeeeedddd a QB, FOR YEARS!!!! Should the Jets not sign Cousins, you can bet it will be a kings ransom to go up to the number 3 spot if all of the QB's come out. Either that or grab Mayfield somewhere in the later rounds. The offensive line is in dire need of good fresh gamers. The running game is passable, how about it change to wonderful, WONDERFUL! Don't get me started, FA is not a cure all, never has been, and I believe if we don't make major strides this year, we could be looking at an all new regime in 2018-2019.
  8. As it stands today the Jets have 5 wins and I believe they win no more and finish 5-11. That being said, management has 2 options going forward. 1. Draft a QB OR sign a QB.....the Jets certainly will have enough cap space to sign a QB and it is possible that the Jets sign Cousins. Should the Jets sign Cousins THAN, I believe the Jets will go in this direction. 1. Saquon Barkley If the Jets decide to go into the draft without a QB than the Jets will draft a QB. The question is who? If they want to give a kings ransom for a QB than it will be one of the top 3, if not I can see them drafting Baker Mayfield in the late 1st moving back into the first round. 2. Tarvarus McFadden CB 3. Will Hernandes OG 4.D.J. Moore WR 5 Frank Ragnow C These are the top 4 where I believe the Jets could most improve. As you can see 4 of the top players are Offensive Players with the exception of McFadden. If the Jets sign Cousins, than drafting Barkley would instantly make the offense a major player in the AFL and put the Jets in a position not seen in a decade. Should the Jets have to draft a QB, than it certainly could be 3 or 4 more years before you see a competitive team.