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  1. I don't think its about how many they or JD can amass but the ability to stock pile say at CB or S seeing we could possibly be adding someone today to replace a player tomorrow. I mean if you think about it, how many of the CB's are irreplaceable? For that matter guy's on the OL? So if JD believes he can add a player to improve the team, a 2-14 team (as Parcells said "you are what your record says you are") then I'm all for it.
  2. I'd have to agree with you, especially if some of the OL are still there at 23 and trading back from 34 if there are multiple players to be had and the value is there. If they trade back say from 34 and they pick up an additional 3rd rounder/4th rounder and could still draft Humphrey at C etc. Yes I can see it.
  3. I think his reply was one of a young kid from another generation. I think to really understand him is to understand his generation. More to the point is his value system. Nothing prior to the draft and during his college football career points to the fact that the kid is a gamer. I just think its just him, its his personality, a man can be who he is and still be the player everyone thinks he is. I really don't think there is anything to be concerned about. If the Jags passed on him, the Jets would pounce on him at number 2.
  4. Would you pass on Lawrence, over his position on life, and football, or family? Heck with all the headaches that currently play in the NFL and are all about the money, its refreshing to see someone who says, hey there are other things in life. He didn't say he didn't love the game or for that matter he is not a competitor and will give his all. He simply said life goes on and I'm not playing the game with a chip on my shoulder. He is the same player he was in college, and only lost 2 games and won a NC. I don't see an issue.
  5. The OL is the priority, CB secondary, OLB could be a surprising pick even as early as round 1. The draft is loaded with talented OL even going into the 3rd round. Walker Little should be available in round 3 and would be a steal. As for what the Jets received for Darnold, the question is how much better does Darnold make Carolina? 3 games, 5 games better ? A 500 team at 8-8? Draft capitol wise I'll take what the Panthers are giving all day long, and should they flop, or Darnold continue without improving (I wish him well) then all the better. Just like Seattle, with all the turm
  6. Much ado about nothing. This is a nothing burger. NOW, had he said he's only going to play for 5 years and retire and football is not his life. Well, then you have to rethink drafting him at all in the first round or trading the pick to a win now team. But that is not what I took from the statements he made. He doesn't have to please anyone, but clearly he loves the game. I wouldn't put too much into it.
  7. From the lone draft class attributed to Joe Douglas, he has made trading down something by which he loads up on draft capitol. The question than arises is or was it a one year happening or can we expect JD to continue that trend? If there is a team to watch in the second round depending on QB's available the Jets could trade back with a QB needy team say for Mills, Trask and or Mond. Could be N.E., Denver, Carolina, and Washington. Interested in knowing who you think may move up or if the Jets could shock the NFL and move up from 23 to grab another premier player.
  8. deep OL class could grab a CB I\in round one and OL in round 3. But on the whole, I wouldn't be unhappy with it. Wilson, CB, Harris/Etinene or Toney in round 2 would be fine with me.
  9. As a side note, according to a draft site BSM the Jets have met with every player at the 2021 Senior Bowl.
  10. Douglas likes to keep things close to the vest when he does anything. Is it any surprise that his trades result in getting a good return for what he gives. If we were to believe the media Douglas should have gotten swindled on draft picks. Other than Wilson at 2, a CB/OL in round 1 or OL/CB in round 2 it could be all over the place as the CB position is deep, the WR position is deep and you can get some good picks on the OL going into round 3. Wilson Humphrey Kelvin Joseph Walker Little (steal of the draft) Alim McNeill Tommy Tremble Divine Deablo
  11. I think a player to watch is Walker Little OT who has dropped and was considered a 1st round pick last year. Injured 2 years ago, opted out this year. But considered a top OT. Could be a steal in round 2-3.
  12. Rondale Moore has had zoom "meetings" with the Jets, while many of the others have had a zoom meeting with the Jets or are scheduled to have one. This would lead me to believe he could be a day 1-and latest day 2 pick if he is still available.
  13. Would love to see Stevens on the Jets the guy is a player, same for Alim McNeiil at DT the guy is a beast and could be had in the 3rd or 4th round the latest. Herbert at RB would be a late round steal.
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