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  1. Compare the teams position by position, analyze, tell which team is better
  2. Everyone can agree that the best Celtics teams of the decade was the 86 version and the best lakers team of the decade was the 87 version. After that, for each team, who was their 2nd best version from their remaining championship teams in the decade?
  3. Compare and contrast the two teams, pick who you think is better and why
  4. Nowadays, the Rockets and Warriors always shoot the 3, no matter who it is, at a high rate. Looking at past NBA teams, talk about teams that always was about the midrange game, no matter the player. Not just having one player like Reggie Miller or Rip Hamilton shooting the midrange shot, I mean the whole team was a Midrange jump shooting team. No matter who it is, the team always took midrange jumpers as frequent as today's warriors and rockets shoot the 3.
  5. Looking to create a modern day Steel Curtain of players in cartoon form as in the 1970s.I gathered photos of players as well as their stances/poses. Just like the 1st image of cartoon players lined up under the block lettering Steel Curtain I'd like the same done with these linebacker and secondary players. Thank for anyone that is kind and talented!
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