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  1. I'm a Vegas resident and was hoping to catch one game this year. When I saw the prices I knew that wasn't happening. My only chance is to travel to LA when we play the Chargers and go during that game. With my luck I would shell out 700 bucks and then we would play a terrible game. Not taking that chance with this team at those prices.
  2. We could go 0-17 and gruden could take a dookie on the 50 yard line before every game and he would still have the job next year.
  3. About to watch Swiss Army Man
  4. I'm all for adding one more WR to our group.
  5. Anybody like Shi Smith at WR? I'm still not completely sold on our group
  6. remember it's mothers day coming up, go get something for your mothers
  7. Mayock: "He was the highest rated player on our board, offense or defense"
  8. I thought Jaryd Jones-Smith had potential to be a really good player though? I was expecting a tackle all day and I'm still disappointed
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