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  1. Cole Beaseley To sign with Bills

    Also, can somebody tell me why I am unable to create a topic in the NFL news, comparisons and General Threads? Those options are grayed out for me.
  2. Cole Beaseley To sign with Bills


  4. This is going to be super random....but I dont know where else to post this question... So I am trying to create a new topic in the NFL General thread, but it is grayed out so I am not able to. Is there a setting I need to change...can anybody tell me why this is?
  5. [IMPORTANT] Please post & vote all cowboy fans!

    Na you guys didn't scare me away. Dude I have been a part of this forum since around 2004...I enjoy reading more than posting. Some of you might remember me...I am the guy that posted a thread about Miles Austin making the pro-bowl...it was like only week 3 or 4 but that was the year he was blowing up with Dallas...Everybody thought I was nuts....then he made the pro-bowl as a starter. I am not one to believe in luck and stuff though...but I will still read and post even if the GDT is posted after the game is already over...