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  1. Broncos to sign former Dolphins OT JaWaun James

    As a Dolfan I'm ok with letting him go at that price. He's inconsistent and injury prone, he has never had 2 healthy seasons back to back.
  2. Who are the greatest never was' of the NFL?

    Holmes didn't break down because of age and certainly not at 30 years of age. At 30 years old he just broke the record for most TD's in a season, at 31 before his freak injury he had 1079 yards from scrimmage and 15 TD's in 8 games. Unfortunately a hip injury ended his season and his career.
  3. RYAN TANNEHILL appreciation thread

    He was tough and that's about the only positive thing I can say about him. I'd rather have a good QB as oppose to a tough QB but that's just me, I've never seen any player ever get 7 years of prove yourself years it's amazing. I'm sure he'll be a backup somewhere since a good backup is hard to find. If a team signs him to be their starter I'm sure he'll string together some good games to give them hope until they realize he's never going to give you more than that.
  4. Rumor: Wilson to the Giants

    A quick google search tells me the student population at Wisconsin is 43,820. You knew some guys on the football team, but never anyone who hung out with him. Could it be possible that out of 43,820 people you simply didn't know the people that Russell Wilson knows? I mean how much of your time did you devote to finding out information on whereabouts of Russel Wilson?
  5. And the NFL full of parity? New England has been in the super bowl 9 times in the last 18 years.
  6. I voted for Rice, he was like Wayne Gretzky in his dominance. He owns the record book for receiving, and 2nd place isn't even close. He has 224 more reception than the next guy, 6,616 more yds than the next guy, 41 more TD's than the next guy. He did this in an era where passing wasn't the cake walk it is today. People say if Dan Marino played in this era he throws for 6k easy, well if Rice played in this era he probably eclipses 2k easy and maybe has a 25-30 TD season.
  7. My understanding is we're no going to lose on purpose like this is the NBA or something, we're just going to stop putting bandaids on issues that haven't been fixed in years. We're going to stop paying big for free agents like we're one player away from competing like when we signed Mike Wallace, Suh, Brandon Albert, Josh Sitton etc. We're going to build through the draft like we should have been doing all these years.
  8. No Tannehill is the worst kind of QB. Good enough where you can win 6-8 games maybe the occasional 10 with a favorable schedule with him thus giving you some hope but not outright bad enough that you feel he needs to be replaced immediately.
  9. The Packers, at least the NFC was loaded in the 80's so the Bears have some leeway. The NFC is weak in the 2010's.
  10. Not in our lifetime, not only do they have the GOAT QB and HC but they have gotten some incredibly lucky breaks.
  11. Peak Shaq...nick named most dominant ever for a reason.
  12. Most important attributes for NFL positions

    QB: Intelligence, "IT", Accuracy HB: Acceleration, vision, ball security WR: route running, agility/quickness, hands TE: Hands, blocking, toughness OL: Quick feet, strenght , awareness/head on a swivel DT: Strength, Gap Disciplined, Quickness EDGE: Explosive, quick hands, variety of moves LB: Instincts, intelligence, block shedding DB: Change of direction, technician, speed
  13. When will Andy Reid win a SB with the Chiefs?

    He needs to find another Jim Johnson type DC again.
  14. Mahomes is gonna be a $200M QB

    How many TD's you figure you could throw?