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  1. Didn't Nick Foles tear apart the 5th ranked defense? a backup QB who besides one spectacular year has been fairly mediocre and was contemplating retirement. Nobody was lining up to offer him a starting job, same as Hoyer. If a guy who's been on 3 teams the last 3 years could tear apart a top D why not a guy who's been on 4 teams in 3 years?
  2. Ryan Tannehill expectations?

    Tannehill from 13-16 has a trend and based on that trend I expect a slow start and mediocre/bad QB play the first 4 games or so. People will mistakenly assume its rust due to being gone so lone when in reality he's following his pattern. Than he's going to play good through 8 games like he has from 13-16. People will say the rust has come off and he's regained in 2016 form. False he's just following his pattern. Than in the last 3-4 games he'll have a mixture of good and bad play, especially if its against a divisional opponent. So his usual 24ish TD 12int season and probably 8-8.
  3. Congrats Philly fans

    is the NFC east the 1st division with 4 super bowl winners?
  4. Foles vs. Wentz - what will the Eagles do??

    I wonder how Wentz would feel if this is the only super bowl win they get during his time.
  5. Best three year run of any team since the merger

    Im going with the 71-73 Dolphins because I'm a dolphin fan and its also the correct answer.
  6. Jared Goff vs Jimmy Garappolo

    I voted for Jimmy G but that could change depending on next season. I need at least 2 years of good play before I believe in you.
  7. If Your Were Kirk Cousins Where Would YOU Go?!

    Vikings, nice dome to play in a potential solid runner in Dalvin cook...good wr's in Diggs and Thielen..really good defense and a top 5 top 10 coach.
  8. Is Drew Brees a Top 10 QB of all time?

    Would have been better to ask if he's top 5.
  9. Who do we select at pick 11?

    Well than I stand corrected, I guess if James can lock down TE's like Ramsay locks down WR's it'll be worth it.
  10. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I'm not saying this in a condescending way but wouldn't a great CB have less INT's due to less throws coming their way? Great safeties well at least coverage safeties should have higher INT's no? Ala Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Earl Thomas, and Eric Berry all having between 10 and 21 ints in their college career.
  11. Chambers or Landry

    Chris Chambers was one of the most frustrating WR's we've ever had. He easily had the talent to be an 80 catch 1100-1200yds 8-10 td kind of guy but was so damn inconsistent. Landry all the way.
  12. Who do we select at pick 11?

    The one player I dont want is Derwin James...i just dont see the appeal plus only 3 career INT!
  13. I was going to vote Manning but changed my mind after reading this.
  14. What players on each team would you consider elite

    Patriots: Brady, Gronk Jets: Dolphins: Suh Bills: McCoy Colts: Jaguars: Ramsey Titans: Lewan Texans: Hopkins Chargers: Bosa Broncos: Miller, Talib, Harris Chiefs: Kelce Raiders: Mack Steelers: Brown, Bell Bengals: Green Browns: Joe Thomas Ravens: Yanda Eagles: Lane Johnson Giants: OBJ Redskins: Cowboys: Tyron Smith, Martin Vikings: Smith, Rhodes Packers: Rodgers Bears: Lions: Panthers: Keuchly Saints: Brees Buccaneers: McCoy Falcons: Julio Seahawks: Wilson Rams: Donald 49ers: Cardinals: Peterson
  15. 1. Woodson 2. Revis 3. Bailey 4. Peterson 5. Sherman 6. Law 7. Talib 8. Asomugha 9. Surtain 10. Madison Sorry I'm a dolphin fan and I miss Sam and Pat, underrated duo.