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  1. Something is wrong with Luck

    Looks like his luck..........................has run out.
  2. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Last year we didn't have our starting QB, they took away our bye week because of the hurricane, we had a coke sniffing coach, a malcontent HB, our starting MLB injured for the season, the guy we signed to replace him went AWOL, didn't have our 1st home game until October 8th. With all that we still somehow won 6 games with Jay freaking Cutler at QB. But nobody took any of that into account and we were labeled one of the worst teams coming into this season and many Titan fans marked us as an easy win on the schedule. So I'm not saying he's lying, I just don't care about excuses. Nobody made excuses for us last year, nor should they. Prove it on the field. I'm not saying we're winning the SB or even making the playoffs but we are definitely not one of the worst teams in the NFL as many media outlets claimed and we are definitely capable of hanging with a fully healthy Titans team.
  3. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Wow I really like your excuses, I have a feeling you're going to need them.
  4. lol plenty of great defenses? really? he had a top 5 defense a total of 3 times in his 17 year career. Montana had a top 5 defense 8 times with the 49ers out of 10 years. The one year the defense was bad it ranked 23rd in points the 49ers went 3-6. Montana had a top 10 rush offense 6 out of 10 years with the 49ers. Marino had a 20 or worse ranked rushing offense 12 of 17 years and his best ranked rush offense was 13th. Saying Marino had the #1 defense his rookie year and when he was way past his prime and a shell of himself doesn't prove anything except that rookie QB's don't generally win Super Bowls no matter how good they are. I'm not taking away anything from Montana he is a top 5 QB along with Marino, but it's not like you can drop him on any team and get guaranteed a SB there is no such player.
  5. Well seeing as how teams win Super Bowls and this is in fact a team game, I'm confident if you gave Marino the defense and run game the 49ers had for their Super Bowl years he too would win a SB.
  6. Which quarterback has the hottest seat in 2018?

    Wait I thought this was a team game not singles tennis. So when the Saints went 7-9 three years in a row from 2014-2016, should they have cut Drew Brees? Drew Brees wasn't doing enough? The Chargers with Rivers are 60-68 from 2010-2017, or another way to say it would be the Chargers are 60-68 since Tomlinson left the team after the 2009 season. It's almost as if QB's need help and are more successful in the win column when they have a good team around them. Otherwise Aaron Rodgers would have more than 1 SB appearance and win.
  7. Greatest Runningback of all time?

    Tomlinson's only played the 2010 and 2011 years of this decade, his prime years were the 2000's.
  8. Which quarterback has the hottest seat in 2018?

    The last time Tannehill played (2016) he was 12th in TD% with 4.9 compared to Daltons 3.2. He was 12th in QB rating with 93.5 compared to Daltons 91.8, he was 7th in y/a with 7.7 compared to Daltons 7.5 y/a, and 6th in comp% with 67.1 compared to Daltons 64.7, and lastly had 1 more TD than Dalton despite only playing 13 games. So exactly how has Dalton played well enough to start but Tannehill has not? I'm certainly not saying Tannehill is a great QB but I would have no problem putting him in the same tier as Andy Dalton. Tannehill was top 12 in most major passing categories, I would say he's played well enough too.
  9. Hall of Fame - Looking Ahead at WRs

    This Fitz is the only one who will probably get in 1st ballot or within a couple years of retiring. When was Jimmy Smith considered an elite WR or Anquan Boldin? Really good WR's sure but not the upper echelon.
  10. All Time Offense?

    QB: Dan Marino HB: Eric Dickerson WR: Randy Moss TE: Rob Gronkowski LT: Jonathan Ogden RT: Willie Roaf LG: Larry Allen RG: Bruce Matthews C: Dwight Stephenson
  11. 2018 Expansion Draft - Dolphins

    1. Andre Branch 2. Devante Parker 3. Kiko Alonso 4. Albert Wilson 5. Reshad Jones
  12. I think he'd be just fine, Barry Sanders would work in any era. He just needs a coach that doesn't abandon the run.
  13. Dez Bryant and Richie Incognito

    Dez is done being a #1 WR maybe even a #2 WR, if he's willing to sign for a significantly reduced role I could see him being picked up. Would his ego allow him to be relegated to just a complimentary piece?
  14. Derek Carr vs Jimmy Garappalo

    Derek Carr...Jimmy G is still an unknown.
  15. 3rd Greatest WR Of All Time.

    Give me Larry Fitz. If he wasn't on some awful Cardinals teams he likely breaks some or all of Rice's prominent records. Hell he's already got more receptions than Rice did at the same age though admittedly Rice did it in fewer games.