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  1. HB Larry Johnson was an absolute monster for 2 season. FS Deron Cherry 6x Pro Bow 3x 1st team All pro 2x 2nd team All Pro and 1980s All Decade team. No one ever talks about him not even chief fans. Robert Mathis 123 sacks which is 2 less than Dwight Freeney Corey Dillon 6 straight seasons of 1100+ rushing yards on a bad Bengals team. 1600 yards on the Pats en route to a SB win. DE Robert Porcher had 95.5 sacks for the Lions which is 2nd most in team history. From his 1st year in 1992 to his last year in 2003 he had the 5th most sacks in the NFL.
  2. I hope wherever he goes he's able to assemble a better staff than the one he assembled in Miami. 4 OC's in 3 years and hiring an OL coach with no experience to coach an OL made up mostly of rookie and 2nd year players was not the smartest move. Good at coaching defense though.
  3. Well I went to karate class for 3 months as a kid so I would disarm the robber pretty handily than have my way with Samantha...consensually of course no Watson. Than when I'm done with Samantha I'll visit the robber in jail and whisper in his ear...Chase.
  4. As long it's what we truly wanted as an organization? So these last 40 years we haven't truly wanted to to get an elite QB and build a SB caliber roster? What did we really want this whole time then? If the front office could do it they would have been did it. Grier has been in charge of since 2016 and hasn't done it. I don't think it's because he just decided not to but now he will really try. I am suggesting that we will not win consistently with the worst OL in football especially if we pair it with the 2nd worst run game in football. I am suggesting Grier has not been able
  5. Tampa's line was ranked 7th in 2019 a year before Brady arrived and then they drafted a pro bowl Tackle in Tristan Wirfs to an already good line.
  6. We just have to emulate success? So we just have to build a SB caliber team? IS that all? It's so easy I'm surprised we didn't think of that back during the Marino years. 5 picks to find 2 quality starters? Again is that all? It's so easy I'm surprised we haven't done it these last 10 years. Here's the last 5 picks we used on lineman let me know who the quality starters are. 2-42-Liam Eichenburg 7-231-Larnel Coleman 1-18-Austin Jackson 2-39-Robert Hunt 4-111-Solomon Kindley Watson and Wilson have had bad lines yes....but have they had the worst OL in th
  7. Our defense is capable of dominating the weak QB's. The second they face middle tier QBs or better not so much. Tampa Bay has a top 10 OL, we've been trying to fix the OL for over a decade. Tampa Bay has really good weapons, we have Waddle and sometimes Gesicki. You can't replicate something if you have nowhere near the same talent.
  8. Lol at thinking we're one elite QB away from winning a SB let alone being a dynasty. I wonder how many SB winners had an OL rank dead last and a run game ranked dead last. We haven't fixed the OL dating back to the Tannehill years but a QB is going to make everything better right? Thats why we have all these super bowl trophies from the Marino years.
  9. Dolphins its 2020...a wildcard playoff spot is on the line. The defense you know the part of the team where most of our resources went to and the part of the team the HC is supposed to be good at gives up 56 points to the Bills. Dolphins its 2021....a wildcard playoff spot is on the line. The defense you know the strongest unit on the team gives up 198 yards on the ground to a backup HB and 34 points. Maybe Flores should be held accountable for his defense falling apart 2 years in a row maybe the blame should go to HC and his staff the GM the OL the QB the defense. Nah lets ju
  10. Ideally you want to build a good team around your franchise QB because 1 player cannot carry a team. Go ask Dan Marino if you don't believe me.
  11. If Bill can just make HOF Goat level QB's then why waste a 1st round pick on Jones? Why not just draft a QB in round 4-7 and use that 1st round pick on other needs? You didn't see the Bronco's using many 1st round picks on HB's back int he Shanahan days.
  12. I’m going to assume you mean some time this decade.
  13. Javon Walker 2004 season 89 catch 1382 yards and 12 TDs Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila from 2001-2004--had 49 sacks-11 FF-1 INT- 1 TD Kevin Carter 1999 season 17 sacks-4 FF-2 FR-15 TFL Jevon Kearse 1999-2001--36 sacks-15 FF-1 TD-35 TFL-17 PD
  14. His career high in rushing yards was 1514 yards which is good but the 2nd highest of his career was 1070 which is average and he never rushed for over 1k again which is bad.
  15. Don't draft CB Jamar Fletcher who was a zone CB to play in our man to man defense especially when we already had 2 All Pro CB's in Surtain and Madison. Take that Brees kid which is the pick most Dolphin fans wanted.
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