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  1. Favorite Plays In History

  2. Because the longer he plays the longer he remains a spokesman for UGGS and the more free UGG boots he gets.
  3. Well I like to base my opinion on each individual team and not base it on what all teams would do. Based on the expected progression of Mayfield, the success they had after firing Jackson, and the acquisition of ODB in my opinion a 3 win season would very much put Kitchens in the hot seat.Given that the Browns owners fired Shurmur his 2nd year, Chudzinski after only 1 year, Pettine after 2 years, and Jackson after 2 1/2 years it would fit in line with who they have been as owners.
  4. I could see Kitchen being on the hot seat if they regress and *WIN* 5 or less games. My mistake there.
  5. Call Your Shot: Lamar Jackson

    But completing 65% of your passes doesn't identify any issues, that's just an arbitrary number you threw out. Saying QB's who are so so height fail in the NFL or most QB's who have completed 65% of their passes in CFB fail in the NFL is not the same none of those are indicators of any real weakness. QB's who complete under 60% of their passes is a good indicator that they have potential accuracy issues, seeing as how throwing windows get smaller in the NFL that just might be an issue.
  6. Call Your Shot: Lamar Jackson

    Overcoming height or physical limitation is a-lot different than overcoming accuracy issues or a necessary skill. Accuracy is pretty freaking important in the NFL.
  7. Call Your Shot: Lamar Jackson

    Historically most (or maybe all?) college QB's who completed under 60% of their passes go on to be bad starters in the pro's.
  8. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    I'm pretty sure post 2010 numbers have more to do with the after effects of the 2006 AFC Championship game and less to do with Gronk. Numbers for most QB's got significantly better since then. Look at Brees Pre 2010: 64.8% comp 4023 yards, 27 TDs 4.9 TD%, 15 INTs 2.7 INT%, 7.4 YPA, 91.9 QB rating Post 2010: 69.2% comp 4934 yards, 36 TDs 5.7 TD%, 14 INTs 2.2 INT %, 7.8 y/a, 102.0 QB rating Peyton Manning pre 2010: 64.8% comp 4176 yards 31 TDs 5.6 TD%, 15 INTs 2.8 INT%, 7.7 YPA, 94.4 QB rating Peyton Manning post 2010: 67.3% comp 4891 yards, 41 TDs 6.5 TD%, 13 INTS 2.1 INT%, 7.8 YPA, 103.5 QB rating (excluding his last year when he was a zombie) Look at Brett Favre from 1992-2006 he was a career 61.1% comp thrower. All of a sudden in 2007 he completes a career high 66.5% (completed 56% in 2006) of his passes at 38 years old followed up with 65.7% in 2008 which was his 2nd best completion % of his career at 39 years old and then set a new career high (AGAIN) at 40 years old with 68.4%. He set 3 new career highs in completion % directly after the rule enforcement changes due to the AFC championship game in 2006. Having a 90+ QB rating used to mean you had an elite season back in 2006 only 8 QB's had a QB rating of 90+ fast forward to 2018 and now 24 QBs ended the season with a QB rating of 90+. From 2000-2009 the 30 TD mark was eclipsed 24 times by 13 QB's. From 2010-2018 the 30 TD mark was eclipsed 57 times by 22 QBs. Throwing is as easy as it's ever been.
  9. worst: Reshad Jones for a great run support safety with average to below average coverage skills to be that highly paid is just dumb. He'd be perfect if this was the 90's. best: Kenny Stills, since he joined the team in 2015 he has the 15th most TDs in the NFL, not bad for the 3rd most targeted player on the team.
  10. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    The era they both played in is completely different. This is a pass happy era with inflated numbers not just for Gronk but a lot of TE's. If it was just Gronk beasting than one could say he is head and shoulders better than everyone else but it's not just Gronk beasting it's TE's as a whole. Passing is just plain ol easier now than it's ever been. We have guys like Eric Ebron getting 13 TD's which was a TE record the previous decade. From 2000-2009 there were 10 1k seasons from the TE position accomplished by 5 TE's From 2010-2018 there are 18 1k seasons from the TE position accomplished by 9 TE's. From 2000-2009 there were 8 double digit TD seasons from the TE position accomplished by 5 TE's. From 2010-2018 there are 19 double digit TD seasons from the TE position accomplished by 10 TE's. This screams inflated numbers, this decade has double the production at the TE position compared to the previous decade.
  11. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    Gronk is the Shaq of TE's, Shaq was nicknamed and considered to be the most dominant ever but Shaq is not thought to be the best player in NBA history or the best Center in NBA history. That usually goes to Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  12. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    Passer friendly does not just mean passing yards per game. It's easier nowadays due to rule changes favoring the offense, the muggings that DB's put on WRs/TEs back in the 80's are over with. In the 2018 season according to pro football reference Passing League Averages per Team Game the NFL hit an all time high in QB rating with 92.9 compared to the entire decade of the 80's which didn't even see anything above a 76 rating.
  13. Expectations for teams with New Head Coaches

    Next year expectations =Lose enough to get a top 5 draft pick 3-5 year expectations =At least 2 playoff appearances and 1 division title Good or bad hire =Good, just pretty much hoping for the best.
  14. Broncos to sign former Dolphins OT JaWaun James

    As a Dolfan I'm ok with letting him go at that price. He's inconsistent and injury prone, he has never had 2 healthy seasons back to back.