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  1. What players come to mind when you hear “coach killer”

    Ryan TANNEhill.
  2. Greatest seasons ever per position

    Why not his 1987 season he had 21 sacks in 12 games 4 ff and 1 TD compared to 18 sacks in 1988 1 ff and no TD's.
  3. But I heard there was parity in the NFL.
  4. Thoughts on Josh Allen

    But they both came out the same year. Isn't Lamar Jackson the Lamar Jackson of his own draft class?
  5. Is Russell Wilson on a HOF pace?

    Lol defense has been trash this year? They are currently ranked 11th....I wish we had the same trash defense. How exactly has he succeeded without a great team? Division titles? Playoff wins? All Pro's? MVP's? We'll see how he does in the playoffs.
  6. Best All Time Offense?

    Dolphins QB-Dan Marino HB-Ricky Williams/Larry Csonka/Mercury Morris WR-Paul Warfield/ Mark Duper/ Mark Clayton/ Wes Welker/ Brandon Marshall TE-Keith Jackson/ Randy McMichael LT-Richmond Webb LG-Bob Kuechenberg C-Dwight Stephenson RG-Larry Little RT-Jake Long
  7. Is Russell Wilson on a HOF pace?

    I'm not saying he wasn't good but the team success the Seahawks had as far as SB wins and regular season wins definitely has more to do with the defense and run game than Wilson himself. For argument sake I'm going to use my dolphins as an example. From 2012-2016 the Dolphins had 24 games where the defense allowed 18 or less points and had a win% of .917-during that time the Seahawks had 48 such games and had a win% of .906 From 2012-2016 the Dolphins had 19 games where the defense allowed 30 or more points and had a win% of .105-while the Seahawks had 8 such games and had a win% of .125 From 2012-2016 the Dolphins had 14 games where a runner had 100+ rushing yards and had a win% of .857-while the Seahawks had 28 such games with a win% of .750 Given this I can safely assume that if we simply had more games where the defense played like a top 5 unit we would have won a lot more. Maybe not a SB or even a playoff game but a lot more games seeing as how we won .917 of our games when they did. Now pair that with a consistent run game that gives us a .857 win% when going over 100 yards and now maybe we're winning playoff games. You don't find it a bit odd that the year the defense stopped being a top 10 unit is the same year the Seahawks missed the playoffs? I really don't think that's a coincidence. Now like I said Wilson is a great but lets not act like he didn't have a lot of help when he was accumulating all those wins and winning the SB because there is no version of Wilson that wins a SB had he been paired with a 20+ scoring defense. As we see with the Seahawks win% when the defense gives up 30 or more points now imagine if he had to deal with that more consistently than just 8 times in those 1st 5 years. At the end of the day it's ok that he had help, everyone needs help it's a team game. If it was just about the individual talent of the QB Aaron Rodgers would have more than 1 SB and Dan Marino would have more than 0.
  8. Is Russell Wilson on a HOF pace?

    SB win is a team accomplishment, I'm sure if Dan Marino's defense held his opponent to 8 point he woulda won SB XIX handily. Dan Marino held NFL records by his 2nd year 5k season and 48 TD season he had pro bowls/all pros and MVP. Dan Marino had a 6.8 TD% compared to Wilson's 6.6 TD% as a rookie. He only started 9 games and threw 20 TD's, I would say that's just as impressive if not mores. Marino 1st 7 years 27853 yards 220 TD's 125 INT's 89.3 QBR and 83 sacks with 670 yards lost Wilson 1st 7 years 25472 yards 195 TD's 62 INT's 100.5 QBR and 293 sacks with 1909 yards lost Given the era Marino played in and how easy it is to pass nowadays I would say Marino more than holds his own compared to Wilson.Who's better? Well I guess it depends what you want out of your QB, for my money give me Marino who I suspect would do just fine if he had the defense and run game Wilson had the luxury of playing with early in his career. Wilson is a great QB but nowhere near as elite as you're hyping him to be.
  9. Is Russell Wilson on a HOF pace?

    Winning super bowls and winning regular season games are a team accomplishment. It's not like Wilson carried them, they had a great defense and run game.
  10. Something is wrong with Luck

    Looks like his luck..........................has run out.
  11. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Last year we didn't have our starting QB, they took away our bye week because of the hurricane, we had a coke sniffing coach, a malcontent HB, our starting MLB injured for the season, the guy we signed to replace him went AWOL, didn't have our 1st home game until October 8th. With all that we still somehow won 6 games with Jay freaking Cutler at QB. But nobody took any of that into account and we were labeled one of the worst teams coming into this season and many Titan fans marked us as an easy win on the schedule. So I'm not saying he's lying, I just don't care about excuses. Nobody made excuses for us last year, nor should they. Prove it on the field. I'm not saying we're winning the SB or even making the playoffs but we are definitely not one of the worst teams in the NFL as many media outlets claimed and we are definitely capable of hanging with a fully healthy Titans team.
  12. Do You Care About the Dolphins' 2-0 Start?

    Wow I really like your excuses, I have a feeling you're going to need them.
  13. lol plenty of great defenses? really? he had a top 5 defense a total of 3 times in his 17 year career. Montana had a top 5 defense 8 times with the 49ers out of 10 years. The one year the defense was bad it ranked 23rd in points the 49ers went 3-6. Montana had a top 10 rush offense 6 out of 10 years with the 49ers. Marino had a 20 or worse ranked rushing offense 12 of 17 years and his best ranked rush offense was 13th. Saying Marino had the #1 defense his rookie year and when he was way past his prime and a shell of himself doesn't prove anything except that rookie QB's don't generally win Super Bowls no matter how good they are. I'm not taking away anything from Montana he is a top 5 QB along with Marino, but it's not like you can drop him on any team and get guaranteed a SB there is no such player.
  14. Well seeing as how teams win Super Bowls and this is in fact a team game, I'm confident if you gave Marino the defense and run game the 49ers had for their Super Bowl years he too would win a SB.
  15. Which quarterback has the hottest seat in 2018?

    Wait I thought this was a team game not singles tennis. So when the Saints went 7-9 three years in a row from 2014-2016, should they have cut Drew Brees? Drew Brees wasn't doing enough? The Chargers with Rivers are 60-68 from 2010-2017, or another way to say it would be the Chargers are 60-68 since Tomlinson left the team after the 2009 season. It's almost as if QB's need help and are more successful in the win column when they have a good team around them. Otherwise Aaron Rodgers would have more than 1 SB appearance and win.