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  1. Who do we select at pick 11?

    Well than I stand corrected, I guess if James can lock down TE's like Ramsay locks down WR's it'll be worth it.
  2. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I'm not saying this in a condescending way but wouldn't a great CB have less INT's due to less throws coming their way? Great safeties well at least coverage safeties should have higher INT's no? Ala Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, Earl Thomas, and Eric Berry all having between 10 and 21 ints in their college career.
  3. Chambers or Landry

    Chris Chambers was one of the most frustrating WR's we've ever had. He easily had the talent to be an 80 catch 1100-1200yds 8-10 td kind of guy but was so damn inconsistent. Landry all the way.
  4. Who do we select at pick 11?

    The one player I dont want is Derwin James...i just dont see the appeal plus only 3 career INT!
  5. I was going to vote Manning but changed my mind after reading this.
  6. What players on each team would you consider elite

    Patriots: Brady, Gronk Jets: Dolphins: Suh Bills: McCoy Colts: Jaguars: Ramsey Titans: Lewan Texans: Hopkins Chargers: Bosa Broncos: Miller, Talib, Harris Chiefs: Kelce Raiders: Mack Steelers: Brown, Bell Bengals: Green Browns: Joe Thomas Ravens: Yanda Eagles: Lane Johnson Giants: OBJ Redskins: Cowboys: Tyron Smith, Martin Vikings: Smith, Rhodes Packers: Rodgers Bears: Lions: Panthers: Keuchly Saints: Brees Buccaneers: McCoy Falcons: Julio Seahawks: Wilson Rams: Donald 49ers: Cardinals: Peterson
  7. 1. Woodson 2. Revis 3. Bailey 4. Peterson 5. Sherman 6. Law 7. Talib 8. Asomugha 9. Surtain 10. Madison Sorry I'm a dolphin fan and I miss Sam and Pat, underrated duo.
  8. Better WR? Odell Beckham Jr or DeAndre Hopkins

    Yet Odell averages 94.1 yards per game to Hopkins 74.4 for their career.
  9. Better WR? Odell Beckham Jr or DeAndre Hopkins

    Great players can put-up big numbers despite their supporting cast to a certain extent. 1995 Isaac Bruce put up career numbers with Chris Miller as his QB. 1998 Randall Cunningham had a career year with Randy Moss/-heck Moss had double digit TD's 9 of his first 12 years playing with the likes of Jeff George, Culpepper, Cunningham...besides 2 years of Brady he never had a great QB. 1986 Jerry Rice had the second most yards and TD's of his career with Montana out half the season with Jeff Kemp and Mike Moroski he had 40 catches for 820 yds and 9 ads in 8 games. With Grbac (9), Kemp (6), Bono (6), Moroski (2) and Cavanugh (1) starting 24 games for the 49ers. Rice caught 134 passes for 2,177 yards and 23 TDs, and ran for 1 TD. Larry Fitzgerald has caught 109 TD's so far and that's with garbage QB besides Warner for basically 3.5 years. Obviously TD's isn't the only metric to look at when evaluating QB's but when one player has 38 in 3 years and another 35 in 5. Thats too big a discrepancy to not take note. Also you could say that about every stat a WR earns being dependent on the offense he plays in and the QB he has. It's probably the skill position most dependent on other factors. Unfortunately theres no way to know which WR's will do what with so and so at QB or if every WR played in the exact same offense with the same caliber of QB whose numbers would explode. Who knows maybe Hines Ward would of had Jerry Rice type numbers if he played with Peyton Manning his entire career, maybe he would have been a first ballot HOF player. Unfortunately he didn't so we judge him based on what he did accomplish with the QB he had and the offense he played. Same with Hopkins right or wrong all I can do is judge him based on what he's done with the QB's he's had and the offense he plays in.
  10. Give me Ed Reed, I'm a big fan of the Hurricanes so I won't deny I'm biased. To me he is the best Safety of all time, and played the middle of the field like no other. Even before he became confined to just pass coverage due to injuries he was a good all around safety, Maybe he didn't lay the wood like Lott but he certainly was no slouch against the run. In the era of the pass give me the guy who is the best center fielder of all time.
  11. Better WR? Odell Beckham Jr or DeAndre Hopkins

    I'm taking Odell I feel like he's more dynamic. Hopkins has 35 TD's compared to Odell's 38 even though Odell has essentially played 2 less years.
  12. Is Megatron the clear cut #4 WR All-Time?

    Fitzgerald is 332 catches away from tying Rice's all time catch record. At 34 he is on pace for his 3rd straight 100 catch season. I think you have to move him in the top 3 which means Megatron is not #4 as that would be Owens or Moss.
  13. Do you like your team name?

    I don't really like the dolphins i mean i know they're supposed to be smart and all but so are chimps and wouldn't want to be the miami chimps either. sucks because football is my number 1 but out of the heat and panthers we have the weakest name. the marlins are dead to me so they don't count.
  14. Swap Marino with...

    49ers- I say wins at least 3 super bowls Cowboys- 4 superbowls Broncos- super bowls Current Steelers- At least a couple AFC championships Current Dolphins- 1-2 losses behind Pats and Divisional round losses Current Browns- 8-8 or 9-7 finishes