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  1. Mariota benched

    No Tannehill was not making us look better. With Tannehill (between 2012-2016) we averaged around 7 wins. In 2011 before Tannehill we won 6 games with Matt Moore, in 2017 w/o Tannehill we won 6 games with Jay Cutler. We look god awful because we cut or traded a significant amount of starter's and role players. Our 2 best pass rushers gone, our top TD scorer (Stills) gone, our 2 best lineman gone, our starting FS gone, last years leading rusher and leading receiver gone. About 90% of our current roster will be replaced in the next 2 years.
  2. Have you given up on Winston?

    Maybe they should put a bucket of crab legs in the end zone to motivate him.
  3. What's wrong with the Eagles?

    Nick Foles was the heart and soul of the team.
  4. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    Bad enough to win the Tua bowl!
  5. Notable Stats and Observations

    The worst QB of all time is better than Luke Falk.
  6. Does Nick Foles Get His Job Back?

    Yes the same job he had in Philly.
  7. Notable Stats and Observations

    What? This is not accurate at all unless he means something else by accurate. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/passing.htm#passing::10
  8. ESPN Pass Block Win Rate and QBs Who Avoid Sacks

    Whats the difference between sack rate and QB sack rate?
  9. head coach power rankings?

    He won 5 games with Allen and 1 with Barkeley so saying he won 6 with Peterman is inaccurate.
  10. Calvin Johnson had 5 TD's Calvin Johnson had 5 TD's the year he had 1964 yards.
  11. Is Jalen Ramsey holding out right now?

    Yep the this is 100% because of the power NBA players wield. This could get ugly the more new generation NFL players phase out the old generation.
  12. How bad are the Miami Dolphins?

    Our leading rusher( Gore) is gone, our starting Tackles from last year are gone, our leading receiver (Amendola) is gone, last year top tackler is gone (Kiko), and Kenny Stills the guy who has scored the most TD's for us from 2015-2018 is gone.