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  1. Joe Memetana played in a weak era of football with the greatest skill player ever at his disposal
  2. lol you want to consolidate? sorry we’re having fun discussing the greatest franchise of all time
  3. I seriously don’t think anyone else compares. Maybe heat check Steph Curry or HGH Barry Bonds? Where a player is in that zone that you have no idea how to stop? Falcons, Jaguars, Chargers, Colts, Seahawks, Ravens and now Chiefs fans; is there anyone you think compares?
  4. JC Jackson has actually been pretty good this year, pennywise
  5. Kay z


    It tells part of the story buddy
  6. Kay z


    Ah a numbers boy you clearly don’t understand the impact sony had on the super bowl champions silly guy
  7. Kay z


    Michel put up ridiculous stats given the opportunities he had he's going to win a ring too
  8. dread it... run from it... Brady still arrives and now he's here
  9. “Opinions” are what people who are wrong call facts they don’t like
  10. This guy just sent me a message saying I’m a joke put in on the board coward!
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